The City Center (Nephilim Territory) (33)

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Deja Vu (Open to Eleanora and Julian)

Since Everectronics had decided to go commercial a few years ago, life had changed drastically for Nora, it had gone from the odd meeting h…

Started by ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem

14 1 hour ago
Reply by ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem

Instar Diviner

Monday Blues (Irene and Leighton)

Irene’s blue hues glared a hole into the papers left scattered like a wind just blew everything to hell on her desk in her office. Today wa…

Started by ✓ Irene Farley

19 1 hour ago
Reply by ✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman


Regular Alignment (Julian and Artemitra)

Day turned to night, and yet Hangar 6 at the west side of the base was still opened. Inside the spacious hangar was Julian, who's occupying…

Started by ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart

28 yesterday
Reply by ✓ Julian Nathaniel Lockhart


Turning A New Leaf (Leighton and Sangeun)

One day in your life. They say that one day in your life could completely change it and Leigh had never really paid mind to that thought be…

Started by ✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman

24 on Sunday
Reply by ✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman


Weapon to siblinghood (Joaquin and Siobhan)

Siobhan looked down to her bow with a slight frown as she ran her fingers along the crack that had finally split the wood saving her for a…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Admin~

5 Oct 16
Reply by ✓ Joaquin Reguel Kenelm


It's Just Us Now, Pet [Clarissa and Jem]

If someone would have told her two years ago that locating her family, and eventually opening up to them emotionally would end the way it h…

Started by ✓ Clarissa Bradford ~Admin~

2 Oct 14
Reply by ✓ Clarissa Bradford ~Admin~


Broken Angel...Again. (Clarissa and Siobhan)

It had been a few days of sleeping and letting her body heal before she opened her eyes looking over to the sun as it shined through the ca…

Started by ✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Admin~

19 Oct 14
Reply by ✓ Clarissa Bradford ~Admin~

Ailward Guard

Words are louder then words (Zandra and Artemitra)

When it comes down to things that only one person witness themselves who would believe you? Being a guard granted her to see the craziest t…

Started by ✓ Zandra Smoke

3 Oct 13
Reply by ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon


Roommate Life [Davis & Rowan]

After a twelve hour shift Davis trudged up the stairs of the apartment building many of the Privus Initia resided in. When he had first arr…

Started by ✓ Davis Costa

13 Oct 13
Reply by ✓ Rowan James McKenzie ~Admin~


More Like Us (Anders + Anivia Only )

The move to Evermore, hadn’t exactly gone the way that Andersen had hoped when he brought up the idea to his siblings. For his sister Josef…

Started by ✓ Andersen Willem Dietrich

4 Oct 13
Reply by ✓ Andersen Willem Dietrich


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