Ray sighed as he moved to the edge of the bed sitting up with a jolt he hated early starts especially when he finished at 3 am in the bar jumping from the bed he motioned to the window gently pulling on the blinds as the sun hit the darkened room squinting he quickly stepped away adjusting his vision before walking into the bathroom smiling as he saw the second toothbrush it made him smile as it reminded him of how good his new life as he had two jobs one was his dream career and a girlfriend who accepted him for him. Ray spent a few minutes getting ready he wore blue jeans brown hiking boots grey T-shirt and a jacket Stretching as walked out into the white kitchen he looked at his blue duffle bag saying Fire department looking up at his clock he knew he still had an hour and a bit till roll call smirking he walked to the table grabbing his bag as he headed towards the door.

Closing his door Ray began to make his way down the flights of stairs it was quiet this time of morning as most weren't needed till 9 am for work, Ray thought about the cheese bread he promised to get Clara when his train of thought was interrupted by his name being called. Ray looked around to see Mrs Matthews from 23 waving to him as he walked over she held out a piece of paper and some money it was rare for her to ask for help, but she was in her 80s, and they often had Ems calls to her for Arthritis” no problem I am on shift for 48 hours but have you got enough to last till then ?” she nodded as she handed over the items before closing the door smiling gently Ray began his descend the stairs again eventually reaching the car park the advantage of having a bike he could park it near the door the lot was cold and lights began to flicker off as the sunlight hit the tarmac quickly getting ob to his bike Ray looked at the list Mrs, Matthews had given him he knew if he had a quiet spell he would get the food to her sooner if not she would have to wait pulling out his cell from his left jacket pocket he pressed the call button next to the side of the name bakery he placed it to his ear as they answered“ hey Mikey its Ray can you have a cheese loaf waiting for me ill pick it up from the street if that's good with you?” Mikey replied sure see you in 10”.

The roads were quiet this time of morning not many vehicles on the road cops, city workers and early morning joggers passed by him as he took the many lanes to Mickeys bakery it was always busy day and night, but Mikey always made special items for the Emergency services arriving at the street he could smell the family bread making smell as he began to slow down Mikey was a big guy and very skinny funny for a baker as Ray thought Mickey would try anything“ cheers” Ray pulled up as he grabbed his bag opening it Mikey placed the loaf and a few other items inside as he spoke“ I'm guessing it's for your lady friend Ray so I added extra for her to make a nice lunch“ placing the bag on his back again ray reached into his jacket pocket handing over the money” keep the change“ he waved as he set off again knowing by this time Clara would be getting ready to leave, so he decided the library would be a better place to drop it off his mind confirming his thoughts he changed his lane moving toward the city centre and the library

Ray arrived at the library quicker than he thought as he pulled into the lay-by he saw a Librarian Clara often wired with honking his bike's horn he got her attention as he walked over “ hey could you give this to Clara when she gets in just say It's what I promised and I hope she enjoys “ he handed the items over as she nodded and waved goodbye pulling out his cell from his jacket pocket he could see he had easily 45 minutes before roll call, placing his cell back In his pocket, he set off in the streets again towards the firehouse. Ray truly forgot how close the firehouse was close to the library as he arrived in the blink of an eye quickly swerving into a spot he turned off his bike and gathered his things before heading inside 10 minutes past as Ray walked out in his navy blue uniform and bad attached to his shirt as he made his way towards the coffee pot raw familiar booming words from the chief echoed the mess hall” Morning“ Ray chuckled to himself a little“ morning chief “he raised a finger remembering that Mrs Matthews needed food” I got an EMS private run later“ the chief nodded“ fine, and you can take the new guy with you Garcia I think his name his he will be here shortly” ray nodded as he grabbed a cup and poured himself a drink his mind cursing himself as he had forgotten about the new guy” well if he wants to talk you know where I am “he began making his way up the stairs to the roof like he did most mornings

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The Aurazin hated to admit it but he was happy to be alive again. The new lives that they started since coming to Evermore city. More so that he was surrounded by those he cared for his people and most importantly his sister. Even with the veil door being shut still they were coming nowhere closer to finding out answers for why he didn’t mind that they were all here than first expected. Sure he was frustrated and confused like the rest of them but at the same time he was excited to be back on earth. Being reminded of the good times he had back to when he was human before he died. Happy to be alive again so to speak. Not wanting to miss any of it. Hudson was one of them who adapted more quickly than others. For both himself and his sister Maddie it hasn’t been as many years as others since they had died so they are the ones who found modern day life more easier. He’d even find himself roped into helping others who were finding it more difficult to come accustomed. Still Hudson would find himself driving Lucien around with his fellow leader and mentor who didn't feel comfortable or ready to sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. Probably never will. Truth to be told it was safer for everybody if he didn’t.

Many other Aurazins have found a job since coming to the city. Sometime to keep them busy with how if not they’d go stir crazy being stuck with each other all day. For himself it was taking him longer than he first thought it would be. Hudson had picked up some odd jobs but still he’s yet to find his place. None of the jobs he’d stuck yet. Some of the jobs he’d tried out were first bartending that he stuck for months but decided it wasn’t for him. Then he went to construction. It was long and manual hours. He’d even worked at a shop where his sister worked at but it didn’t end too well, finding that he kept breaking everything. Since then there’s been more odd jobs. He's tired. Until his sister had enough and sat him down telling him to go back to the one job he’d ever truely loved. Firefighting.

It was better late than never. The Aurazin should have gone back into firefighting in the first place but yet his stubborn self insisted that he wanted to try something else. For a few months or so he’d been stuck back into training to be a firefighter once again. Hudson saw it as a refresher course. In reality he had to pretend he was all new to firefighting since he couldn’t actually keep his proper records and achievements to his past life. So he had to start afresh. To do it all again. Hudson didn’t mind actually. Finding he rather enjoyed the training. Finding it all new and refreshing and most of all enjoyable. Plus he was top of his classes once again in the firefighting academy. It was why he was able to skip and jump ahead of everybody else. Passing all of the exams compared to everyone else.

After that he worked at a few local fire stations whilst he carried out and fulfilled his probationary period. A probie firefighter in other terms. Until he became a fully fledged firefighter once again. Hudson was scoted by another fire caption. Persuaded to change stations as he was given the choice to stay at the one where he finished his training or go somewhere else. He took the second choice.

So here he was standing in front of his new firehouse. A place where he would call home. He would be lying if he were to say he wasn’t nervous. Everyone always felt nervous on their first day at work going somewhere new and with new people. Luckily for him he always fitted in quite quickly wherever he goes. Some would say he had at times a personality like a golden retriever. Hudson walked straight in with a smile on his face, excited to get back doing the things that he loves most.

Walking right in the firehouse he could see the red fire trucks that there waiting till they neeed to be used along with the ambulance. Every firehouse was similar to one and another. This one was more adatoped and modern compared to one of the ones he’d been stationed at in his past life. Now he was here he had to find someone who would help and show him about. Hopefully they knew he was coming. Well at least he knew the fire chief did. Hudson started to talk and ask some others telling him he was new and didn’t know where to go. Soon finding out that he would be partnered up with somebody called Herald. Who was upstairs most likely with a cup of coffee. That's all he was told, left to go and find him himself.

Hudson went off insearch of the one who would be helping him to show him the ropes, hoping that he would be nice and welcoming. He knew that showing the new person around probably not everyones favourite thing. That they’d rather be doing their jobs by themselves. Soon as he climbed the stairs reaching the roof a bit off the firehouse he could see that it was where the other firefighters spent their free time. Seeing a sofa with a tv, a small kitchen then a table with chairs even there was a pool table. All the essentials needed when working long hours. Hudson found out he was heading straight into work being assignged a 48 hour long shift for his first day. Some would say he was thrown into the deep end but the Aurazin liked a challenge.

Looking around he saw a guy with dirty blonde hair wearing the familiar navy firefighter uniform with a cup of coffee. Figuring out this must be ‘Herald’. Hudson walked over to the man wanting to introduce himself first. “Hey there. I’m looking for somebody called ‘Herald’ they sent me this way” He started to say many of them would call one another by their last names. It was a firefighter and police thing. “I’m Hudson Garcia” He smiled brightly, holding out his hand for a hand shake, hoping he was expecting him and got the right person. “I’m the new recurit. Got transferred a few days ago” Ready to get stuck right in. “This is a cool set up you go here. Better than the ones I've been before” Trying to make a bit of small talk, not wanting to get off on the wrong foot or to make it awkward.

Ray had just got to the roof as he took his first sip of coffee as he pulled out his cell as he began to text Clara   like most morning, but he knew she would be driving around now as he finished his message he was distracted by his name being called as he looked up he was met by the rookie“ hey yea that's me “he shook his hand” most call me Ray welcome to the mad house” he laughed” is the  ladder up “he stopped” actually not the best idea killing the rookie in  the first 10 minutes” he raised his coffee cup to his mouth downing the hot beverage quickly before  taking a breath“  let's get this tour going“  he began to walk back towards the door.

Arriving at the next floor, Ray began to  go through the rooms “OK  so sleeping  quarter” he walked  along to  his bed as he  pointed to the bed opposite him” that's yours” he pointed to the bathroom and showers signs” self-explanatory” he walked towards the double doors as he pushed it open showing a   brass pole “self-explanatory” he laughed as he grabbed  the pole and slide down to the ground floor as the trucks came into view as he  moved off towards the ambulance”  I have one rule if you're on Ambo with me,  we go on semi bunk gear jacket left behind the seats  never know what we will get” he pointed  to the  room” spare bunk gear“ he walked towards the  canteen“  so what exactly did you train in   and did they fix the dodgy pipe in the smoke house ?”

Walking  into the canteen pointing to the two groups“ truck   lead by  lieutenant Mitchell,  I think you're with him when on truck“ he pointed to the others“  rescue with lieutenant Connors” Ray walked over to the coffee machine grabbing two  take away cups filling them with two black coffee“ offices to the brass to our left and right spare batteries etc“ he handed Hudson a coffee“ I have milk and sugar in the rig“ he looked to his officer“ heading out  chief knows what for“ he began to walk towards the double doors they entered and towards the ambulance” we are  off doing a good will  think if we have regulars and their health isn't great, and they need shopping we try  to get some for them between shouts” as he walked to the driver's seat getting in he placed his cup in the holder as he got the cab ready to leave 

Firefighting was not a new job for him. It was very familiar so to speak. Many other Aurazin choose to go out and find new ventures but for himself it would always be Firefighting. He tried out to find if there was something else he was good at but nothing gave him the burning passion and excitement feeling as firefighting. It would always be firefighting even after dying and becoming Aurazin and then being locked out of the veil. Hudson knew that as his sister would say they had to find some sort of normality to keep themselves busy. If not they’ll go more insane then they already are. As well as it is a way of him doing a job still able to help people. “Well Thank you for having me” He laughed along with him. It was always known for a firehouse to become almost your second family. How at times you spend more time with your work colleagues than you do with friends and family. Hudson already was prepared and knew what he was getting into. That he'd most likely be left with the jobs that nobody wanted to do but had to be done. He was no fool to the rookie being landed with the thankless jobs. He was an expert at cleaning a firetruck if he had to say so himself. Then the winding up fire hoses and all the other small jobs. “Yeah maybe not, don’t wanna get hurt on my first day” Luckily since being an Aurazin he was less accident prone.

Most firehouses looked the same. Somewhere smaller and bigger than others. He’d been to quite a few in his time. Luckily the one he was stationed in Los Angeles was a fairly big one as they were branched out to cover a larger district. But there were a few times when he’d had to go over to cover at another station where there was only one fire truck compared to having separate ones for Truck, Rescue or Engine. Now today was his first chane to familarise and to get stuck back into what he was good at. Hudson knew that he would have to keep reminding himself to pretend that he was starting this as a new job and not that he had already worked in the business for many years. Not wanting to raise any brows or questions although people had said that he did have a big mouth on him that always got him into trouble at times.

Hudson looked around as he was being given the tour around the place. “Right” Nodding his head as he was being where and what things were. Then they were at the familiar pole that they took to get down the floor. Most of the time he would take the stairs but he did love showing off every once in a while. Hudson followed his new workmate down to the lower floor for the rest of the tour. The firefighting training was more of a refresher course for him. “Umm the usual, learning how to vent all different types of roofs. Then running up and down the stairs with a full set of gear in the quickest time” All of those things he aced at, yet he wasn’t going to boast on his first day that he was top of his classes at the acudemty. Choosing to leave it to another day not wanting to seem like a hotshot.

He was able to guess that he’d probably put wherever he’s needed until he’s settled in properly. “Thank you, coffee is needed” He thanked me, smiling over coffee. Yet he knew he had swayed away from the sugar not wanting to go on a sugar rush today. Hudson was going to let Ray lead the way today following in his lead. Back in LA it was a busy firehouse to say the least they never really had much time to go out to do good deeds. “Old people love me” He mused softly, grinning a little. Somehow old people always had a soft spot for him, especially the woman. “So what type of things happen here? Any crazy stories you can tell. So I can have an idea for what I’m in for” Reading between the lines, curious to see if it was any crazier than what he’d been used to.

Ray laughed as his new partner got in as he set off out of the depot” where do we start “he smirked as he honked the horn twice to alert traffic he was coming on to the road " they got the  smoke house fixed yet” he looked briefly to Hudson before  going back on to the road" so me and this guy his nickname was tank if I recall we were partnered to go through the smoke so first 2 or three groups go in and come out anyway our turn we make it half way though the house  and tank snagged something  in the tunnel and as I'm about to go in boom the smoke house is completely  in flames no idea how it happened or what caused the  explosion i” he slowed as he turned the corner before stopping at the lights” i remember tank going” ill go get help and tell command what happened “first thing i  said to myself” i think they  know Sherlock” he took his cup and had a sip before putting back into the holder” any way done what I was trained to do   I managed to get into a vent and hid while rescue got me out through the roof vent 

As they set off again Ray thought about the calls he had while he was with the FD“ normally house fires small and big structures, RTC EMS jobs and the usual cat out of trees getting shopping for the elderly school fairs etc”  as they pulled into a supermarket he quickly got out of the cab grabbing a trolley as he began to walk into the supermarket” he stopped as he remembered“ oh yea if after a major job that gets TV spots, and we get back to the depot and there's a woman running in her night gown that's Clara I keep an FD hoodie and tracksuit bottoms in reception, and she's my fiancée “he blushed a little saying that still was new as he slipped his hand into his pocket handing Hudson a list” what Mrs Matthews needs” he walked past the welcome desk as he nodded to the greeters” Few things you need to know about Mrs Matthews”  do not have a cup of coffee   she keeps the lactulose next to the milk, her husband was an FD firefighter   he died a few years ago so has soft spot for responders“ Ray stopped as he felt his radio crackle to life“ Ems 56 major RTC rescue 11 and truck 22 responding”  Ray smirked as he looked to Hudson“ call it in we are on our way “Ray quickly ran to an assistant handing the money and the list” we have a shout I need it to either be gathered and delivered or just collected and ill get it later” 

Ray ran quickly out of the shop towards the bus as he grabbed his turn-out gear getting dressed quickly” Your turn to drive newbie” He pressed the computer screen and the white line showed the direction to the call “Let's go “He pulled out a vest from his back seat it looked very much like a flack jacket, but it was an equipment vest” ray looked at the screen as he grabbed the radio”  Ems 56 3 mikes from accident scene “

He’s missed this. Missing the thrill and adrenaline of going out on a call. It's been a long time since. Now he is back in the job that he loves and enjoys. Hudson couldn’t wait till it’s his turn and he’s back behind the wheel. Already he knew it wouldn’t just be yet that he’d have to wait his time to earn the respect of his new fellow firefighters. Not wanting to seem like the hotshot coming in and taking over. Hudson had the habit of being hot headed, choosing to take a step back and a different approach. “No not yet, it hasn’t” Talking about the smoke house that had seen better days when doing his training. Seeing how some things have changed. Hudson knew that it could be the department was trying to save money in areas. The Aurazin grinned hearing Ray's story of back in the smoke house. He loves hearing different people's stories and experiences. The thrills and everything. “I kind of took the more reckless approach but it did earn me some extra points. Jumped through a hole in the wall instead of taking the stairs. Got told it was a new record”  

“I did my training at the Academy, then a probation period in LA. They had some weird and crazy situations” They was nothing called normal and boring when it comes to firefighting that's what he’s learnt. “There are countless window cleaners we’ve to save from heights. Once we got drugged eating some brownies that had some weed in them. Let’s just say that it was a weird day” That was a weird day to say the least even if he coudn’t remember all of it. Looking over he waited to see what Ray’s reaction was to his story. “Morale of the story we learnt to throw away the donations dropped by the station” Learning the hard way. Yet Hudson knew that he’d have to be careful eating any cake or sugary sorts of sweet treats. It’ll be hard to resist that. “I am a sucker for saving a cat stuck up in a tree or in a fire” Who wouldn’t be. Hudson was a little bit confused by what Ray was meaning about his fiance choosing to nodded his head and just go with it. “Alright then”. As they got into the supermarket he was trying to not get distracted looking around. “It’s nice you help out old people” Having a soft spot for old people having grown up and raised by his grandparents mostly he knew what it was like. After they got stuck on earth he couldn’t help to look up his grandparents. Curious to find out but sad to find they both had passed they didn’t take losing both of their grandchildren to a horrific plane crash. One passed then the other did. Broken heart syndrome. As an Empath it’s something he’d seen first hand himself happen.    

Just as Hudson had expected to happen a call came in. Quiet shifts were never really a thing; there always would be a disaster or someone needing help. His eyes widened hearing the call come in already the adrenaline was kicking in. Just like the old days. It was a bad thing but Hudson couldn’t help to feel a little bit excited hearing a call coming in. “Let’s go then” Already raring to go. The two firefighters ran out of the shop to where the fire truck was. Knowing the drill to change into their turn out gear not knowing what they would be in for. Surprised what he was. Not thinking he’d be offered the chance to drive the fire truck already on his first day but yet here it was. “I thought you’d never ask” A wide grin spread across his face. Running to the drivers side and hopping in. It was like riding a bike. Pressing the button puts the sirens on. Even turning onto the street pressing the horn to get cars to stop and let them pass. As they were going through red lights he slowed down a little bit to check the coast was clear. It was like old times driving to the scene of an accident. Hudson never knew how much he truly missed fire fighting until now. 

A Few minutes had passed before the incident came into view two cars had smashed at an important intersection and the engine of the green SUV was already a flame Ray grabbed the radio as his training kicked in“ EMS 56 first on scene awaiting rescue 11 dispatch pd for traffic and an extra ambulance “the radio was back in its holder before the truck stopped moving as he flung the door opened, and he jumped out “Hudson check on the green SUV if you can get him out do but if you can't, or he is trapped call me over “he took a few steps back as he opens the cabinet facing him as he took out a hooligan tool    to make his way over to the red sports car that was shrunk in half in front of the SUV.

Arriving at the Sports car Ray could see clearly the driver had hit his head from the windscreen and was unconscious but breathing” hiya buddy fire department are you with us or not “as he reached into the driver groaned in response” OK buddy glad you with us just wait here two seconds” Ray looked into the car s he saw white powder on the adjacent seat as he rose to his feet as he ran back to the truck as he grabbed a collar    a sigh of relief ran through his body as the two other trucks pulled up, and his lieutenant jumped out asking what we got” we got two trapped my driver is unconscious but responding suspected DUI I'm going to help Hudson now” he handed a crew mate a collar” for the red sports car” as the lieutenant made the plan Ray grabbed the co2 extinguishers as he ran back to the sports car stopping at where the engine should have been as he began to wedge the tool into the hood as he began to pry it over “Hudson you alright “he shouted as he looked over to the green SUV as the smell of heating oil hit his nostrils the advantage of the rest of the crew being there he could focus on the flames to keep his new partner safe as the flames reduced heavily he took a deep breath knowing the flames were now under control for a minuter two as he lifted the hood to look for the battery he looked down at his feet to see minimal oils and gas” Hudson ask your driver if you can is the car is electric or not.

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