Weeks passed by, by the time Irene finally got time to even think about anything else that wasn’t about closing another partnership deal, it had been a while. The blonde was still, once again, busy with her work. But she didn’t forget about the one thing that kept bothering her all this time; Mira Harridan. It was hard to forget about the woman who tried her best to destroy and ruin every single thing you’ve built all these years. Her blood, sweat, and tears went into building Unruly Eve into the corporation it is today and she would be damned if she let her nemesis take it down easily. She remembered venturing to a shady shop, Maddox Mediums, where she eventually struck up a decent conversation with the owner itself; Abraham Maddox. It had been somewhat a surprising encounter because she didn’t expect to find herself in such a place. But Irene ended up enlisting his help for a small curse to be sent over to no other than Mira herself. 

She didn’t know why she didn’t want to send it herself but something just stopped her from doing so, maybe she didn’t want to dirty her hands, so she tried to have someone else do it. Either way, the progress of the curse took place and she can’t say she wasn’t pleasantly surprised. She didn’t receive any threats for once which made her wonder if something happened to Mira or if the curse made her go crazy enough to drive herself off. So what she did was text Abraham to see if they can schedule a meeting because she really wanted to see how the curse goes. That was two hours ago, she even finished everything fast, by the time lunch break comes around, Irene finished the work she intended to finish today. 

As she closed her laptop, the blonde fished out her phone from her pocket and typed a message to him, “I’ll be by the restaurant in 20.” Now why would she pick such a public place to see something that could be quite morbid? Probably because the owner there knew her and she could easily get a private place, a much more private one that was hidden from the public eyes. She spared a small smile to her secretary who is also her personal assistant, who smiled back, Nadia’s relationship with her was a rather complex one. 30 years' worth of trust right there. Today, she was dressed slightly more casual than usual, grey slacks and navy blue blouse. Her hair was shorter after a quick trim and despite looking slightly more tired than usual, she was happy to close a few more deals. Once a businesswoman, always a businesswoman. 

Before long, the summery air greeted her as she made her way to the restaurant at the next block. “Good afternoon Liana, my acquaintance will arrive any moment now, once he does, can you please guide him to the back?” she asked and the young girl nodded enthusiastically, “I will do that.” Thankfully, Irene had told him to just say her name under the reservation. Now what’s left is just to wait for the man in question as she took a seat at the booth at the far back, with her tablet in her hand as she reviewed the monthly stocks report, as usual, work can never truly escape her. Or the other way around. 

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At first, Abraham couldn’t deny the excitement that he felt when he placed a successful curse upon another individual; so much so, when he didn’t have any other responsibilities or other commitments he had found himself agreeing to - he found himself following around this stranger to see the curse in action. He was impressed, for such a small curse it had seemed to be working wonders, at least for the couple of days he followed her around the City; but of course, like many things, Abraham found his excitement and his attention span begin to fail - after all, he had known it had worked and from the first few days, he couldn’t see anything to suggest that anything had or could go, completely wrong. And so, he stopped his chaperoning without even a second thought; he had kept his promise to Irene - at least in his eyes only, the girl had not died and by day seven of the curse taking effect, she would return back to being normal.  At least, so he thought. 

Once he had stopped keeping an eye on her, he had not really paid much mind to her; his life had returned back to normal, such as running his shop, now without the competition and hatred of Bexley which he surprisingly found himself missing. He would call his family in Budapest to keep them updated on his life and what was happening in the Coven at home, as well as keeping up on any gossip on Christian. So when his phone buzzed and her name popped up, he actually had to try and place her name; which was surprising considering he really didn’t have many people in his phone for numerous reasons. Yet, when he did place a face to the name, Abraham couldn’t help but smirk as he remembered the few hours they did spend together. “She’s finally chasing it up” He chuckled to himself. 

Abraham noted the restaurant she was going to be in along with the time and began to get ready; despite not being a very social creature, he did enjoy such spontaneous trips like this one. Yet, if she was going to ask for an update on what they had done, he couldn’t say he truly had one; considering he didn’t exactly see the curse right to it’s expiry date. Either way, he supposed they could always chase it up, and be underwhelmed by what the victim was up to these days. Abe waited at the restaurant for a few moments before the host approached him. “I’m dining with Irene Farley this evening” His brows furrowed as he hardly recognised his own voice or phrasing of words, especially as the place wasn’t as prestigious as others he had seen in the city. “I was beginning to worry you would never call” He teased the blonde as he pulled out the seat opposite her with a crooked grin. 

As soon as she took a seat at the reserved booth, the first thing she did was put her tablet on the table and crossed her legs, leaning against the soft cushion while her green hues eyed the information scribbled on the screen. She did wonder what happened to Mira, due to her heavier and more hectic schedule over the past week, there was no way she could've checked in for any updates. Did she trust him to come and update her about it? Not really. He had his own schedule after all. The last thing she would ever expect was for a full detailed report. At this point however, the blonde didn't want a report, she only wanted to know how the wretched girl is doing. Yeah, just that. Not that it bothers her to know if the girl succumbed to her curse and died or something. Nope. Nothing of the sorts at all.

When he finally arrived, Irene averted her gaze up from her tablet, placing it in front of her and finally put the voice to a familiar face. "Please, take a seat" she gestured to the seat across her, her tone was anything but hostile but it wasn't that polite either. A bridge between formality and decency, honestly. Something she was well equipped with. "Why wouldn't I call? It's an important thing… I just couldn't get a free space slotted in my schedule unfortunately. The past week has been a whole week of inspection and investment tragedy" Well, at least it went through, so all the craze was worth it. Didn't mean she was happy to go through it again. "I was hoping that my day would be better with some good news." The diviner placed her both of her elbows on the table and stared at the male sitting across her with a curious look, "How did it go?"

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