The Impromptu date with the Nephilim, was one of the few things that had stuck in her mind. Along with that dazzling smile, soulful blue eyes, and in general; everything about him. The Therian still wondered, how it was possible that someone she had just met; made her night? The pair had just clicked, and since that night they had hung out more often despite Miles’ busy schedule. Elle became his Partner in Crime so to speak. Luckily, they managed to avoid trouble, during their current encounters. Since Elle couldn’t seem to make her Halloween Photos that high of a quality over her phone, to send to Miles. The Therian just resorted to showing him the photos in person during a movie night one evening. It was seemingly a rather entertaining evening. Especially when it came to the make-believe invisible jet from an old boat. It was still quite an impressive look, considering how hard her dad and she worked on the old boat, together. It had been quite the fun, colorful task back in her childhood-years. Fond memories indeed. It was something that showed in the photos.

After that night; the two hadn’t had much of a chance to see each other. Elle had finished editing the last chapters of a book; she had been helping one of the writers work on. Which meant, she’d have some free time on her hands for a while; before more impending work would be sent her way. Miles had been seemingly busy at work, which just reaffirmed for, the Therian that he was in much of an overdue break. But they kept each other entertained with phone calls and text messages.

It was a warm sunny afternoon. The summer weather was slowly getting hotter, and with time on her hands; Elle opted for a work-out session in the park. Which usually consisted of jogging and yoga. It was one of the things that kept her slender and fit. Dressed in her usual attire; a sports bra with legging and sports shoes. Elle had pulled her hair up into a messy bun. Losing her red locks; Elle went blonde a few days ago. Needing that change, as she was tired of her red hair, having had it for the last few years. The female was one of those people, that any hair color and style seemed to suit her. Able to pass it off with grace and beauty. Once Elle was ready; she headed down to the park. The Therian enjoyed spending her time there, finding it peaceful. Whether it was because the fountains added an extra source of beauty, or the birds and flowers that she saw in the park; it was one of her favorite spots in the city.

Jogging all the way to the park. Her messy hair bouncing slightly with each move. On her right arm, near her shoulder her pack tattoo was glistening in the sunlight. The first and only tattoo Elle had at the moment. Due to its significance, it was special to her. Elle often would admire her tattoo; Tamrin had done a marvelous job on it. Deciding to go for her usual route; three laps around the park, between settling for her yoga work-out near the fountains; where she found it most peaceful and quiet to do so. If she was feeling up for it, she’d jog some more afterwards. But it usually varied depending on her mood.

For the most part, The park had been quiet; not spotting many familiar people. When she did, Elle always greeted them with a smile and a wave. After her third lap; sweat had broken out on her skin. The little beads dancing, under the sunlight. Stopping by her usual spot. Getting in the right frame of mind; Elle began to focus on her yoga. Stretching her muscles, with each pose that she picked; whether it was the Ustrasana, Trikonasana, Adho mukha svanasana, kapotasana and handful of others. It usually got her looks; as to how bendy and flexible Elle was to hold the positions for a long amount of times; whilst her muscles did all the work. But she had always found it relaxing; and a good way to keep fit. It usually helped her sleep better, from the health benefits Yoga offered.

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Miles hadn’t had his ‘Oh crap, that was a date’ moment until after he’d gotten home that night. It’s been 8 years since he had even humored the idea of a date, but with Elle he found that he thoroughly enjoyed the night. She was intelligent and funny and the evening had come more naturally than any he can recall in recent memory. Perhaps the naturally easy feeling is what persuaded him to keep in contact with her because before he recognized what was happening they were texting most days and had made plans for a movie night where she’d finally showed him those old Halloween pictures she’d told him about. As funny as it was, it was also incredibly impressive, obviously they’d worked hard on that costume for her.

Life catches up to people as it tends to do though and he’d gotten extremely busy for a time, unable to make time to see her or… anyone outside of work for that matter, with some bad business catching up to him. That night had given him a new companion in the form of a tiny white puppy that he’d gotten out of that place and taken home. He couldn’t very well leave the poor thing alone now could he? She’d been so small and weak when he’d first gotten her home and it took some time to get her strength back but now she’s a bouncing and playful little fluff ball. One who needs some exercise.

The weather being so pleasant has Miles taking the small pup out for a walk, hoping to get his own exercise for the day in while they’re at it. The local park is the go to for things like this, with plenty of space for her to run around and play in as well as lots of other dogs for her to socialize with. With regular food and attention she’s grown a good deal and by now can handle the longer runs that he likes to go on so long as he takes regular breaks. That’s not hard to do, what with the park being sunny and warm. There’s plenty for Ammy to sniff at and lots of dogs for her to greet, while Miles just enjoys being out in the warmth of the day and watching all the different people as they go about their business.

He’s been there with her for a while now, the fuzzy pup starting to get tired and warm from all the play, so he stops with her by the fountain so she can rest. The area they’re at is meant for dogs and so it’s fenced in, allowing him to let her off her leash and she’s done very well with him so far which is why it surprises him when something catches her attention and she goes jogging happily off around the fountain. “Where do you think you’re going?” He follows after her white tail, stopping when he sees what caught her attention. Apparently she’d managed to sniff out a Therian, one that’s become quite familiar to him these past several weeks. “Elle?” He raises his hand in a wave to the now-blonde as Ammy happily trots her way over to what must be her new friend, tail wagging the whole time.

It’s been a while since Elle has enjoyed someone’s company that much; she always looked forward to whatever time she would get with the Nephilim, even the simplest of texts made her day, when she was feeling stressed, or something in her day didn’t go so well. He just seemed to make her feel better; even when she didn’t know she needed it. Maybe it was just that adorable goofiness and optimism. As much as she adored her other friends; some of them had a tendency to be way too serious and a bit of a pessimist. After a while, it’d just rub off on Elle, in weird ways bringing her down. Miles was the opposite. It was refreshing. The Therian just tried to keep herself in check; that she didn’t somehow embrace herself in front of him; but he did have a knack for making her blush.

With her deeply focused on her yoga; Elle didn’t immediately spot the familiar Nephilim in question nearby. Moving from her pose. Elle’s hands touched the ground..getting a good grip. Flipping herself upward into a hand-stand position. With her slender legs sticking in the air; she almost looked like a candle. Keeping the position upright and tight. Just then she heard a familiar voice.

Lifting her head up slightly; so she wasn’t looking at the ground. Elle saw the Nephilim nearby. “Oh” Elle breathed out, when she saw his defined and strong arms. She was familiar with the fact that he worked out. But damn, he certainly looked more strong and defined; than she first had originally thought. Most clothes didn’t exactly show off his bulging biceps in quite the same way, as his current tank-top did. The Therian proceeds to flip herself into an upright position. But maybe it was her lingering gaze on him...or the fact that something adorable and fluffy ran towards her; attempting to jump at her. Caused her to lose her balance.

With a yelp; Elle ended up falling backwards into the fountain which had been a few centimetres behind her. Causing a rather loud splash. Surprisingly, the fountain water was deeper than she would have expected. And rather cold. Not that the cold bothered her; it would have otherwise been a good cool down. It took her a few seconds to come up to the surface. Her messy bun,flopped over her face….water dripping from her hair. The Therian spat out some water that had entered her, from the incident. Well talk about a rather embarrassing situation. Right now, she looked like a drenched rat; as she attempted to climb out of the fountain. In front of her, seemed a very bouncy and lively puppy. “Awwe, well aren’t you an adorable puppy?” Elle’s heart seemed to melt, at the adorable fluff ball in front of her. It was the most adorable dog she had seen in a while. The Therian was always a dog person.

It wouldn’t have been hard for the nephilim to fall into a pessimistic attitude when he was younger. Retrospect allows him to see what exactly it was that spared him that, namely his family and the Guard. Without them pulling him, sometimes bodily, out of that mindset there’s no telling where he’d be right now but that doesn’t mean that he can’t sometimes be a bit too goofy. Elle hasn’t seemed to mind his rather stupid texts though and he appreciates that she has a sense of humor about it while also helping to keep him a bit more grounded. She absolutely makes those long days at work staring at screens far more bearable. Well, her and now Ammy who likes to cover his lab coat in fur by laying on it after he washes it.

Miles isn’t rushing after Ammy as she goes trotting off, not actually too worried about her considering the area is fenced in. It’s nice to see her enjoying herself and beginning to really play around, she had been in pretty bad shape when he’d first rescued her and it took her some time to recover and get to being the playful puppy that she was always meant to be. Because of that he didn’t see Elle until he rounded the fountain and she was no longer obscured by the structure, but by then he was a bit too late.

Ammy had almost reached her by the time he called out and he regretted it the instant he distracted her. The pose she had been in was easy to throw off balance and a jumping puppy manages just that as she attempts to get back to her feet. He flinches a little as the white fluff ball jumps excitedly at Elle, knocking her off balance right as she regains her feet and sends her toppling over. The loud splash from her landing right in the fountain causes him to flinch again and he runs over, grabbing hold of Ammy so that she won’t jump right on top of Elle hoping for a swim. “No jumping!”

As Elle pops her head out of the water he can’t stop the soft chuckle that leaves him from the sight of her, she’s pretty well drenched. “Are you okay?” He offers her his free hand as she attempts to climb out of the slippery fountain, still holding Ammy down from leaping in with Elle as the pup squirms and wiggles in his grasp. She yips excitedly as Elle addresses her and he shakes his head as her tail starts wagging even faster, whacking into his side. “She’s adorable and she knows it all too well. Elle, this is Ammy. Sorry about that, I don’t know what got into her.” The only thing he can figure is that she sensed a kindred spirit in the lycan and so got incredibly excited. As he helps to pull Elle to her feet out of the fountain, Ammy immediately starts sniffing at her before looking up at her with her tail wagging. He shakes his head at the overly excited pup. “I think I have a towel back around the fountain… Sorry. Again.” He does look appropriately embarrassed over the situation at least.

Of all the embarrassing situations, Elle’s been in. This was a new record. Her cheeks probably a flaming red; when she came up to the surface. Even though it was slightly hidden by the drenched blonde hair, that was flopping over her face like a bunch of sea-weed. Good day for having a messy bun. Now it looked even more messy. Hearing Miles’ concern, Elle nodded slightly. “Oh yeah, totally fine.” She assured the Nephilim. “Just my usual….fountain flip.” Elle tried to pass off the embarrassing situation off with a joke. It was much better to try and laugh it off, right? It was probably better than causing a big scene about it.

Taking a hold of his hand; she climbed out of the fountain with his help. Quickly glancing down at herself. Thank God, she wasn’t wearing white; or it’d be even more embarrassing. But her sports bra and joggings were pretty tight against her body, from the excess water, soaked into it. As Miles introduced her to the white adorable furball, Elle smiled “Awwe, she’s yours?” She didn’t recall Miles mentioning that he had gotten a puppy; but with his busy schedule; she wouldn’t blame him if it had slipped from his mind. “Don’t worry about it. Puppies get excited.” Although, he was one distraction for sure. It seemed like he was just as embarrassed by the situation like she was. But at least, it wasn’t worse.

Seeing the way Ammy was looking at her, Elle couldn’t help the smile on her face. The white ball of fluff just looked so adorable. How could anyone be mad at that cute face, for knocking someone over into a fountain? Elle as hell, couldn’t. “Aww, you’re just the cutest, most precious thing...oh yes you are, yes you are.” Elle couldn’t help herself, as she fussed over the happy puppy. Her voice going an octave higher into a silly yet adorable voice, that people often got when they fussed over something adorable. Rubbing behind Ammy’s ears; after she bent down to be at Ammy’s level. Showering the bouncy puppy with attention. Letting out a laugh, when she got attacked with a few sloppy licks, over the face and behind the ears. Making Elle squirm slightly, as she was ticklish. God, Dogs did always get the tickle spots.

As Miles offered her a towel, Elle smiled up at him gratefully. “That would come in handy. Can’t walk around the city looking like a drenched rat.” Elle joked. Making a mental note to bring a towel with her the next time. Although this didn’t usually happen, so she didn’t have to. “How have you been?” Standing up straight, Elle questioned with a soft smile. “I was starting to worry the labs swallowed you whole, or you started camping there.”It was good to see him again, and out and about; instead of him being in the offices and labs at work.

For once Miles doesn’t notice the bright blush of embarrassment on her face, at least not right away. He’s genuinely more concerned that she’s alright, wanting to make sure she hasn’t hit her head or something. Once he’s assured that she’s alright he lets a grin break through because the situation is rather funny. “Well in that case, I’d give it a 5/10. Your landing needs some work.” He’ll roll with the joke, it was a good one and it’ll spare her some embarrassment. Besides, no need to make a scene if she’s fine. He doesn’t see any blood after all.

After he helps to pull her from the fountain he takes note of what she looks like finally. Namely she looks half drowned, water running off her and pooling at her feet, not that Ammy seems to mind that much. Actually now that he notices, Elle doesn’t seem that bothered by it either. Huh, it must’ve felt nice after a workout. Ammy seems to understand that she’s the topic of conversation as he introduces them and her wiggles just grow even more pronounced. He finds it hard to be irritated at her though, he’s just happy to see her with this much energy. “Yeah, I haven’t had her for very long… she’s just a fluff ball of energy at this point.” Knowing that she’s staring up at him he leans down to scratch behind her ears. “She was definitely excited to see you. Still doesn’t mean she had to knock you over.” He’s halfway talking to Ammy as he pets her and she’s just as oblivious to his joking admonition as she can be.

As he hears the croon coming from Elle over Ammy he laughs, shaking his head and moving so that Elle can lavish the very spoiled dog with attention. “Careful, you’ll give her a bigger ego. I should’ve named her Princess.” He’s joking, the look on his face a fond one as he looks down at Ammy. She certainly doesn’t seem to mind that Elle is still wet and he chuckles as she lunges forward to lick Elle’s face. “If she gets to be too much, tell her to get down. I’m working on her training but she’s hard headed, not that I can say much.” At least not about the whole hard headed thing. He’s stubborn almost to a fault, he realizes that.

Now that Ammy and Elle both seem satisfied with pets, Miles leans down to clip her leash to her harness, giving the finally somewhat calmed pup a scratch behind her ears. “Well technically you can, but it would be uncomfortable.” She probably wouldn’t get stared at though, he’s noticed most people in the city don’t care about other people’s appearance unless it's super outrageous. He brings a towel with him thanks entirely to Ammy, who likes to find any mud puddle she possibly can on their walks and leap face first into them. Who knew it would come in handy like this? He walks over to where he’d left his water and towel when going after Ammy and hands over the towel to Elle before he answers her. “Well I got close to camping there a couple times,” he answers with a wry smile. “I’ve been pretty busy honestly. Sorry about that, today is the first day I’ve had off between work and this one. She was pretty bad off when I got her so all my free time has been basically devoted to her.” He nods down to the dog who has curled up at his feet, apparently having temporarily exhausted her energy. He gives her 5 minutes. “How are you? You said you were signing off on a book deal before, did that go okay?”

Thank god, Elle hadn’t landed more awkwardly; or she could have been covered in blood too. She could see that Miles had been fighting back an amused smile and chuckle. “I am not usually attacked by a cute, adorable fluff ball of a puppy, who wants to say hello, mid landing.” Elle jokes about the ‘attack.’ Thank god for his sense of humor. It took some weight off of her, with the situation.

Watching how the adorable puppy was responding to the situation, was somewhat amusing. Like all dogs, she was clever. Of course she knew she was the topic being discussed. “She’s a wiggler for sure.” Elle said with a light giggle. It’s been a while since she’s seen a puppy this excited. “But it seems like she’s settling well with you for her owner. Where did you get her?” she asked curiously. Elle had always wanted a dog of her own one day; she would need a better housing situation for a dog though, as her apartment wasn’t exactly pet friendly. And, not many of her friends had dogs in the city. And the Therian had always been an animal lover; so she could gush over the puppy for a long while. “Don’t worry about it.” It could have been worse, yes that was true. But no real harm was done. No hard feelings. After all, Ammy was a small pup; she didn’t know any better.

As she fussed over the puppy, Elle heard Miles’ comment; giggling. “Mhh that’s not a bad suggestion for a name.” Although Ammy probably suited the cuteness just as well, it was a sweet name. Elle didn’t mind the affection from the puppy. Raising a slight eyebrow at Miles’ comment about his puppy being hard-headed. “They do say that dogs take after their owners.” Unable the cheeky, teasing smile on her face, as she giggled. “Not that I’d expect you to jump up and down, and knock me over into a fountain from excitement at seeing me; but you have probably rubbed off on the adorable furball.” Of course, she was joking. But the comment still rang partially true with them being stubborn.

After a while of fussing over Ammy; Elle stood back up to her normal height. “True, don’t need to look like a water monster, for the rest of the day.” Trying to detangle her hair. Elle freed her hair from her bun. Her blonde hair a wet mess, it was starting to curl and frizz from the absorbed water. Squeezing out some water from her hair. As Miles handed her the towel, Elle smiled softly taking it with a thanks. Starting to dry herself off. Mainly her hair. The rest of her was slowly starting to dry off in the sun. Feeling water in her shoes. Elle plopped down on the edge of the fountain. Taking off her trainers; tipping out the water. Listening to talk about his schedule. “If I haven’t said it before, I am saying it now. Take a week off, you need it.” Elle smiled at Miles. Her brows scrunching together slightly, as he spoke about Ammy. Guessing that the adorable fur ball came from a tough situation, frowning slightly. “It always irks me, when people get a pet and then mistreat them. Poor thing, At least she’s happy and healthy now, by the looks of it.” Once she her hair was somewhat decently dried along with the rest of her. Elle tried to fix her hair best as she could, combing her fingers through. “It went great actually. Publishers should release the book within the month. I finally have some free time, that’s until I get more chapters from any new books and get sent my way for editing.  Although, dealing with my brothers is like a full time job itself, so can’t really count that as a time off?” So in a way, with family matters; Elle didn’t get so much of a break. They kept giving her an annoying time, family huh? So she was just glad to be in his company.

Miles chuckles softly and scratches Ammy’s ears as Elle mentions her being attacked by the little fluff ball. “Ah but you must be prepared for anything in a situation like that. She could’ve been a cute, adorable fluff ball of a wolverine and then that would’ve ended badly.” Really though he is glad she’s alright. Not jumping is apparently next on his list of things to teach the pup, mentally bumping that one on up the list. It’s cute now, it won’t be when she’s grown and around 80 pounds.

“She’s into everything. She probably needs more exercise than I’ve been giving her but with work and all..” Well he does his best, typically leaves her at the manor so she can run around and play with the people there when he’s not home. Apparently she does pretty well with everyone. Thankfully her next question doesn’t throw him for a loop, he already has an answer prepared. “I found her after we got reports of an abandoned old house. The owner had died and she was left there so I took her home.” That’s mostly the truth, leaving out the cult of killers and everything else. Miles had honestly wanted a dog since he’d left home, meaning leaving behind his childhood dog, so Ammy had presented the perfect opportunity for him.

He had debated on names for her for a little while and eventually settled on Ammy for several reasons. One is because he wanted something a bit more unique than Snowball, the other is because she has the same goofy personality as her namesake. He laughs as Elle teases him, frankly because yeah he deserved that. “Come on now, I’m not that hard headed,” he catches Ammy as she gets up on his knees, attempting to lick him in the face, and gently steers her back down with some pets. “Knocking someone into a fountain is something I can very honestly say I have never done. She has one on me there for sure.” Of course now that she brings it up, no he’s not much of a jump up and down type. He’ll leave that to the dog.

“I wouldn’t worry about that, you could never look like a water monster. Maybe a mermaid.” He would say akin to Ariel but Elle has dyed her hair blonde now so that doesn’t quite work anymore. As Elle begins to dry off, Miles takes a seat on the edge of the fountain with her and grabs the water bottle he’d left to take a swallow. Ammy happily lays down at their feet and stares up at them. He runs his hand through his hair when she tells him to take a week off and has a bit of a sheepish look to him. “Trust me, if that was an option I would. But things are kinda crazy and we need all hands available until stuff calms down.” He wouldn’t be so busy if it weren’t for two jobs but the two feed off of one another and he’s needed at both. “She was really small when I first found her. She’s come into her own a lot, just took some tlc.” Somehow recognizing she’s being talked about again, Ammy looks up at the two with a happy bark. She’s something else. His smile at her good news is very genuine and he nudges her shoulder with his own. “Congratulations! I’m glad it went so well, you deserve the break.” He knows how hard she’s been working on it recently so to hear it went smoothly is a great thing. “I do know what you mean, us brothers can be a handful huh? I still say you can knock their heads together you know.”

The Therian made a slight face, as he talked about the Wolverine like claws. Yep, if that was the case. The situation would have been worse “Mhh, you better keep her wolverine claws nicely trimmed, so it doesn’t happen in the future.” Elle said with a light laugh. Knowing how sharp some dog claws could get. But hopefully with some training, he’d be able to calm the pooch down. All Puppies had to learn, sooner rather than later.

If she was correct, Ammy seemed like a Pyreneese breed. Elle knew how heavily reliant they were on exercise.  “Well hey, if you ever need someone to give her an extra walk or two, when you’re busy, I am game.” She offered her services. Elle didn’t mind doggy sitting and helping Miles out, with his hectic schedule, by taking care of the adorable pup for him. Listening to the story of how he got Ammy, Elle was left shaking her head. It sounded awful, for a dog to be left in such conditions. “Awee poor puppy, good thing you found her when you did.” She could only imagine, Ammy wouldn’t have been so lucky and healthy, if Miles hadn’t taken the time to rescue her, when he did.

She tilted her head slightly, as he mentioned he wasn’t that hard headed. “Mhh, of course not.” Not believing that, he wasn’t. Yet keeping the teasing tone still. She was amused, as he mentioned the dog had one on him. “Well, I’d hope that you wouldn’t knock someone down into a fountain like Ammy. A cute, adorable pup doing that, I can forgive...a grown man doing that…..mhh….” She pursed her lips looking at him for a few moments. “I could possibly forgive. It’s that cute face of yours, hard to stay mad at.” It’d be hard to hold a grudge against Miles; one look at him, and a person could melt with his adorableness. But he didn’t have bad manners, so she wasn’t worried about him knocking her down into a fountain, like his pup.

As she dried off, Elle blushed slightly. “Awwe, aren’t you sweet?” It sounded cute when he said it. “I guess, I am just needing my red hair back and missing a mermaid’s tail.” Then she’d really fit the description of a mermaid. She left her trainers on the ground to dry off slightly, whilst she was sitting down with the Nephilim. Elle saw Ammy sniffing at her wet trainers and let out a laugh, as Ammy’s nose got stuck in the entrance of her shoe. The Pup looked adorable trying to shake off her shoe, from her nose. “Oh dear, I don’t think that’s exactly a toy.” She leaned down, gently taking her shoe back, freeing Ammy’s snout. Rubbing her head lightly. Of course Miles seemed as stubborn as always when it came to work. “Oh come on, what’s the worst that would happen? I am sure they’d say yes, if you asked for a week off.You can’t work yourself to death.” Maybe that was a bit of an over-exaggeration. But she was sure, he’d know what she meant. Everyone needed a break at one point or another. When Ammy barked at them, Elle just smiled amused, shaking her head. “I have a feeling, you’re going to be a big subject for everyone, that meets you.” she smiled down at the pup. “TLC, is always a miracle for small puppies like that.” It seemed to work in helping Ammy recuperate after what she had been through. Elle playfully nudged him back with a smile. “Thanks, it felt like forever to get to this point.” Sometimes it felt longer than it was. “You have no idea, sometimes I feel like neither of them appreciate any effort I put in, to trying to keep our family together; with how much their at each other’s throats. That even a knock on the head, or kick up their ass won’t help.” If Elle could quiet her sisterly duties for a while, she would.

Puppies certainly do have to learn. Considering the circumstances that Miles found her in he has been a touch lax with her training in favor of just getting her healthy so far, but now that she’s recovered he’s actually working with her regularly. She’s just a stubborn little pup. “She’s a bit paw shy right now but I’m working on it. Hopefully soon she’ll be better about it.” When he first got her she’d snap at him every time he went to touch her paws, as though it hurt her, but she trusts him enough now that she just vocalizes she doesn’t like it by whining at him. Small steps toward progress.

He smiles toward Elle when she offers her dog walking services and chuckles. “Well I appreciate that. I’m sure Ammy would too and I trust you above most anyone else to do so.” That would require leaving her at his apartment sometimes but that’s fine. She’s used to both places by now and beyond sniffing everyone in the manor she makes the adjustment pretty easily. Of course he hadn’t told Elle the… entire truth behind the circumstances that landed the small white puppy with him but it’s close enough that her concern resonates. His face turns a little sad when she mentions that Ammy was lucky. “Yeah, well… I wasn’t there soon enough to rescue the others… but at least I got her out in time.” If it had been the situation he’d actually told her that wouldn’t have been anyone’s fault but it wouldn’t have been any less sad. He still isn’t sure what they needed the animals for but frankly he’d been a little too disturbed to ask.

Her teasing brings his smile back and he laughs as he puts his hand to his chest. “Scout’s honor!” He gives her a wink just to hammer the innocent point home. It has the exact opposite effect of course and he knows that. “Well to be fair, if either of us managed it, it would be an accident. Ammy is just cuter than me.” Her compliment this time doesn’t seem to throw him quite as much, he’s grown a bit more used to it from her now. It’s not that he expects it more than she seems to have acclimated him to accepting them. “Oh is it now? And here I thought it was my charming personality and wit that made me so lovable.” Naturally he’s joking.

“Hey, that’s not a bad idea. They make mermaid swimsuits, next time you decide to take a swim in a fountain you should wear one of those. Make some kid’s day.” He grins at her for a moment before breaking out in chuckles, though it honestly would probably make some little kid’s day. An actual mermaid in the water fountain! He can picture the excited little faces already. Naturally the curious pup takes his momentary distraction as an opportunity to just stick her nose all in Elle’s shoe and he rolls his eyes at her as Elle lightly removes said shoe from Ammy’s nose. “Looks like she’s built her energy back up. Here girl.” He tosses her a bone from his bag to chew on while Elle finishes drying off which she happily snatches and lays down to start chomping on. Inevitably the conversation circles back around to his job. Now he loves his job, of course he does, but he sometimes finds it awkward to discuss since virtually no one knows he actually has two. He’s pretty sure he can’t be fired from the Guard and he knows the Ailwards would have no problem with him taking a bit of time off, but his forensics job… well that helps more than just the faction, it helps the city. “My bosses are great. But they really need the extra hands right now, more than usual. I’ve been promised time off once things start to calm down and all the craziness stops happening so often. In the meantime I take whatever time off that we can afford, a day here or there.” She doesn’t have to know that when he says bosses he’s actually referring to 10 people. He looks down as Ammy barks at them and Elle starts doting over her again, apparently finishing with her bone means fishing for attention. “Well I don’t know too much about your brothers, but if they’re causing you that much grief… well hey, a little emotional manipulation never hurt anyone.” Guilt them into behaving and getting along. At least it always works on him. The sensation of something gnawing at his foot drags his attention back down to Ammy, who is attempting to make off with his shoelaces apparently. He gently detaches the dog from his foot and laughs as he gets up, looking at Elle. “I think this one needs to burn off some more energy. I’m gonna take her out on the trails, care to join us?”

Elle knew how some dogs could be against having their paws touched and getting taken care off; same with the ears. Almost like they resented having certain areas touch. “Have you tried distracting her, when trying to inspect her paws?” Elle questioned, smiling. “As a young girl, we had a neighbor who had to distract her dogs any time it came to taking care of their paws and ears. One of those squeaky toys, where you can stuff treats in, seems to do the trick.” Who knows, maybe it’d work on Ammy too? If not, it was still with a shot, right?

The blonde smiled back at the Nephilim, as he gave her his thanks. “Don’t worry about it, what are friends for right?” But it was nice to know that Miles had trusted her. Just like she trusted the Guard. There might be certain aspects of the story that she wasn’t aware of, but it seemed like she knew enough to figure out what a bad situation poor Ammy had been in. It tugged at her heart-strings as Miles mentioned not being able to save the others. Frowning at the thought. “If you were around with a whole pack, I’d probably be tempted to get one.” It was tempting to get a dog anyways; but she wasn’t sure that her apartment building allowed pets in; so that was a small issue.

Giggling at his gesture, she just shook her head smiling. “Mhh, if you say so Evans.” Teasing him, by calling him by his last name. It would sound like a weird accident if someone like them ended up doing that. That was for sure. “Mhh, I don’t know...I think it’s a tie for the first spot with cuteness.” Of course, Ammy was adorable. But Elle still couldn’t get over Miles and his cuteness, charisma, charm and just generally everything that made him loveable. Even if they knew each other a while, Miles still sometimes managed to flutter her with his compliments, whilst he’s probably used to any from her by now. “Mhh, I am still certain it’s the face, the smile, the blue eyes…” Elle giggled, and smiled. “Mhh, those are just extra points for you.”

She let out a playful gasp, playfully slapping his arm. “Oi!” Elle laughed. “It’s not like I was intending on taking a dip, in the fountain.” The thought of her wearing a mermaid suit and swimming around the fountain was rather amusing. “Honestly, If I ever take up your idea, you owe me.” she jested. Once she got her shoe back from Ammy, the shoes seemed to be a bit more drier, putting them back on. “Puppies are always full of energy. And If I am correct, Ammy’s a Pyreneese right? They take a bit of work energy wise.” she smiled, guessing Ammy’s breed. Tying up her shoes, Elle rose a slight eyebrow as he spoke about his job. “Bosses? How many do you have?” She questioned with a slight giggle. At least, he could still get the odd day off here and there. “Well for your sake, I hope it eases off soon that you can take proper time off.” Elle sighed slightly. “Trust me, you wouldn’t want to know half the things they do, it’d drive you as nuts as it does me. Or you’d be tempted to kick their asses yourself to get them to behave.” She said honestly. But maybe Miles was right. Elle had enough, she’d get out of the situation somehow, when it came to dealing with her brothers. Seeing Ammy tugging at Miles own shoes, made her laugh. Shaking her head. “Obviously, shoe-laces are more fun than bones.” As he asked if she’d like to join them, Elle smiled. “Sure, going up the trails sounds fun. It’s been a while since I been on a good hike. I am so in.” Besides, more time with him and Ammy, sounded good to her. Once they both were ready, they headed away from the park so they could get to the trails.

Little Ammy’s training is finally beginning to come along which is very reassuring as he knows that this breed can be particularly stubborn when it comes to listening. “Oh yeah. In the beginning that was the only way for me to look at her feet without her snapping at me, though that’s because her paws were a bit torn up. She’s better about it now, just whines instead of squirming all around.” Toys stuffed with treats does seem like a good idea though, he’ll have to give that a shot.

His smile at her gentle reassurance is genuine and bright, and he gently nudges her shoulder with his own. “You have a point, but still. I do appreciate it. I might just have to give you a call soon, I think my schedule coming up is a touch… insane.” By that he means he has to work both jobs back to back which means taking up the majority of his days and a lot of his nights. Thankfully Ammy is more than able to run around and play at the manor but getting some one-on-one training with someone would be very beneficial. Her next comment almost seems to scare him as he imagines himself with around 10 leashes and giant dogs tugging him every which way. Not that he isn’t strong enough to handle it but that just sounds exhausting. “If I ever show up with a pack I’d probably beg you to adopt one of them, I don’t think I could handle that many dogs no matter how much I love them.” Of course knowing now how much she enjoys dogs does give him some reassurance if he ever comes across another stray.

“A tie, huh?” He looks down at Ammy who stares back with a happy puppy face and shakes his head some at the goofy pup. “I don’t know if I agree, but thank you.” As though she agrees with Elle, Ammy’s fluffy tail starts wagging. He turns to look at Elle with a somewhat shocked look as she continues with the compliments, the purple almost taking his eyes over in this particular light. “Wow, you have really been on a roll today. You been looking up some pick up lines or something? Cause I’m impressed. Though you know I could say the same about you. I don’t think I mentioned it before but blonde is a good look on you. Then again I’m pretty sure you could pull off any color you wanted.” Or any style for that matter, though to be fair she could probably dress in a potato sack and still be prettier than most women he’s met.

He pretends that her little slap to his arm hurt for a second, withdrawing with an exaggerated offended look then laughing softly. “Yeah, Ammy pretty much made that decision for you, but how do I owe you for the idea? Isn’t the thought of the smiles on a kid’s face enough payment?” The little tease is accompanied by a shit-eating smirk despite how offended he seemed approximately 3 seconds before. “Yeah, according to the vet she’s a Great Pyrenees. Which means she’s going to be about the size of a polar bear when she’s grown…” Which he’s not sure if he’s looking forward to or not. On the one hand, giant fluff balls are adorable. On the other, his landlord might not appreciate the giant living in the apartment… oh well, he’ll worry about that bridge when he gets to it. Her next question is where he always starts to hate getting close to people, it requires lying. He can’t very well admit to having 10 bosses, anyone with basic knowledge of jobs knows that’s absolutely ridiculous. “Two. They’re generally pretty understanding but right now they can’t afford to give much time off. The lab might shut down if they do which would be bad.” The city being without it’s forensics lab would in fact be very bad. Thank goodness that’s not gonna happen, they’d hire new meat before that happened. “Then do it. I’ll bring the popcorn and cheer you on.” Heck, he’d sell tickets. That would be thoroughly entertaining. When she agrees to going along he quickly gathers up his things and clips Ammy’s leash back to her collar, which Ammy isn’t sure is a good thing or not yet, and heads off with Elle toward the trails. Thankfully they’re not too far from the park and before long their feet hit the dirt and grass of the hiking trails. He’s picked a specific one that leads to a pond farther in so that Ammy can cool off and jump in if she wants to.

Just judging by his comment, Elle could imagine just how poorly torn up Ammy’s paws must have been, not taken care off. “Yeah, I think most dogs are a bit funky about their least, from what I’ve seen.” she said with a nod.

As he nudged her shoulder, Elle smiled; returning the gesture.  “No worries, just let me know when you want me to take care of Ammy.” With her schedule being more free, Elle had the time to. Even if she had a book to edit for her publishing company, she’d still find some time out of her day to make time for Miles’ puppy. Elle tried not to giggle at his scared/freaked out expression at the mention of so many dogs. “Heck, I’d be tempted to adopt more than one.” Elle would probably be one of those people, who’d end up with a few dogs, once she starts adopting them.

Of course Miles might not agree, but the puppy did. Finding it amusing. Elle just smiled at the Nephilim Guard. “You’re welcome.” His next comment makes her giggle, shaking her head. Bless him, he looked almost floored...noticing the way the purple in his hues got more intense. “For your information, I haven’t.” she said honestly. Elle couldn’t help how genuine she was around Miles. He just brought it out of her for some reason. “Besides aren’t pick-up lines supposed to be cheesy?” she questioned. “I might leave the cheesy comments to you.” she half joked. “Guess the genuine comments just roll out of me naturally.” she said honestly. As he paid her the compliment about her hair, Elle felt flattered, smiling softly. “Why thank you. It’s been a long while since I’ve sported Blonde Hair.” She had dark colored hair for at least 5 years, if not longer. Whether it was brown, or her previous red. 

Miles was an adorable goof, as he gave her the fake offended look. Giggling at his expression, once more. “Yeah, I am pretty sure she thought, the water looked fun so decided to knock me into it, in her excitement.” Elle agreed. Pursing her lips slightly in thought. “I am not sure, you just do.” she laughed. Then again, as excited as the children would be at seeing a mermaid in a fountain, they might also be disappointed to learn the tail was a fake.  Her eyes almost widened when he said how big Ammy was supposed to get. Swallowing, at the thought of a polar of a bear doggy, knocking her into the fountain. “She better not jump at people...that huge...cause...yikes.” As he explained more about his bosses, she just nodded slightly. “I guess that’s understandable. You’ll have to make up for the chaos at a later time,with a well earned break, when they’re not so much in demand.”  Her brows furrowed slightly. “Don’t they got enough forensics working at the lab?” she questioned. As he spoke about cheering her on, she smiled softly. “All you’ll be missing is some pom-poms and a male version of a cheerleader outfit.” she joked. Following their lead. Elle was slowly drying off more, from the breeze. She recognised the trail, Miles was taking them on. But it had been a while, since she been up that way,so it was nice to head on a hike, with them both. 

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