Pacing back and forth in a clearing has been Malva's newfound specialty these days, considering that's about the only thing she has been doing. After Cora confronted her regarding her daily routines that were somewhat quite 'disturbingly unhealthy' for someone like her, she had to go back through her records to see if people still believed her hiatus from the hospital was due to a transfer to Georgia. Apparently they still do and well, to say the Aspect of Magic was slightly relieved would be an understatement. She's been thinking about it since last night, the thoughts of returning to work as a pathologist there once again has been bugging her head. A little voice in her told her she should resume her work as one, maybe that could get her head away from some things that has been doing nothing but bring doubt and reluctancy to her. Whilst it was just as important as others, she was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, so much her younger sister had to shook her out of the state. 

She still spent her time working on to retracing some trails back, but it's going to be slightly minimal due to her working commitment. She can't agree that performing autopsies and cutting people's bodies open was the option she opted for, to take her mind off things, but she wasn't being picky nor choosy. Today was the day she was supposed to resume her working days, and 'returned' to Evermore. And yet she has been doing nothing but pace around since last night. Her tendency to block things out and endurance was surprisingly a talent for the Aspect of Magic. However, other than the useless timed pacing, Malva had took it up to her to go through the tress of her sister, Cora. She's been around someone, she wondered who. The slightly flaxen haired Aspect was happy that her sister found a company as such, but she had a feeling that she wanted to know who the mysterious person was, and so she managed to get the contact out. He works as a medical examiner in General Evermore. 

Time to work.

Brushing her hair for a while before letting it cascade down her shoulders, she wrapped a scarf and coat over her before taking her bag and make her way out of the room. As per usual, the habitual liking of locking her room and enchant them before leaving was making its comeback too. Passing through a few guards by the living room, she took the liberty to drive there even though she never actually did that when she was still working there, a time ago. The Russian born Aspect had more tendency to fly over there rather than doing a mundane thing such as driving. But, it has been a little bit too while that she hasn't transformed into her dragon form and after a while of thinking, she didn't opt for it, considering she was supposed to lead a 'normal' life. Whatever it was that Cora meant, she was going to take that challenge up. If there was anything that the temperamental Ailward didn't like, it was being challenged. At least the Aspect of Darkness was able to pinpoint that easily to get her to do things.

She started the engines to her Volvo V40 and didn't take long to make its way to her destination. Stretching her limbs once she parked the car at the parking lot in the basement of the hospital and got out, she inhaled the cold air of the morning. At least, it was refreshing. The sounds of her heels made their own rhythm every time it clacked against the pavement as the Aspect of Magic got into the elevator to go to her floor. Once she got there to check herself in, she was greeted with a few familiar faces who wished her return with smiles. When was the last time she was within the social reach out? She couldn't recall. Setting her stuff in her office, she wrapped herself with her doctor's coat, where her name tag was still etched upon. There, the name Malva Arguarde, was present. Such an irony it caused the Aspect to snort. While she was quite proud of her family, she didn't go around to flaunt her surname, and she was there before the period of the time where the whole city knew of their existence. Now, on to pay a small visit to the person she knew her sister had been mingling around with.

Rashesh Patel.

Malva tucked her hands in her coat's pockets before making her way down to his floor. She was sure she remembered that name from somewhere but then again, she couldn't truly be sure about it. Only one way to see if it was right. Contrasting her first look when she came to the city, her hair was no longer in it's dark reddish auburn shade or tied up no more. Now, it was slightly more modern, surprisingly, considering the Aspect of Magic wasn't a fan of the the 21st century by a mile. Her hair was longer until it reached her mid back length, and it was more flaxen, giving off a much more lighter and blondish shade. There was a few slight braids, as she remembered her heritage. It befits her pale complexion and steely blue hues. Instead of fashioning herself in dresses, she now styled herself with more of leather jackets and jeans. Cora's influence got to her. Arriving at the floor, she tilted her head slightly when she saw the male by the hallway talking with a few nurses. She was sure that she wasn't the only one who could see her in her peripheral vision and it was only time telling that the male would see her because she was literally just standing there.

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