Pacing back and forth in a clearing has been Malva's newfound specialty these days, considering that's about the only thing she has been doing. After Cora confronted her regarding her daily routines that were somewhat quite 'disturbingly unhealthy' for someone like her, she had to go back through her records to see if people still believed her hiatus from the hospital was due to a transfer to Georgia. Apparently they still do and well, to say the Aspect of Magic was slightly relieved would be an understatement. She's been thinking about it since last night, the thoughts of returning to work as a pathologist there once again has been bugging her head. A little voice in her told her she should resume her work as one, maybe that could get her head away from some things that has been doing nothing but bring doubt and reluctancy to her. Whilst it was just as important as others, she was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, so much her younger sister had to shook her out of the state. 

She still spent her time working on to retracing some trails back, but it's going to be slightly minimal due to her working commitment. She can't agree that performing autopsies and cutting people's bodies open was the option she opted for, to take her mind off things, but she wasn't being picky nor choosy. Today was the day she was supposed to resume her working days, and 'returned' to Evermore. And yet she has been doing nothing but pace around since last night. Her tendency to block things out and endurance was surprisingly a talent for the Aspect of Magic. However, other than the useless timed pacing, Malva had took it up to her to go through the tress of her sister, Cora. She's been around someone, she wondered who. The slightly flaxen haired Aspect was happy that her sister found a company as such, but she had a feeling that she wanted to know who the mysterious person was, and so she managed to get the contact out. He works as a medical examiner in General Evermore. 

Time to work.

Brushing her hair for a while before letting it cascade down her shoulders, she wrapped a scarf and coat over her before taking her bag and make her way out of the room. As per usual, the habitual liking of locking her room and enchant them before leaving was making its comeback too. Passing through a few guards by the living room, she took the liberty to drive there even though she never actually did that when she was still working there, a time ago. The Russian born Aspect had more tendency to fly over there rather than doing a mundane thing such as driving. But, it has been a little bit too while that she hasn't transformed into her dragon form and after a while of thinking, she didn't opt for it, considering she was supposed to lead a 'normal' life. Whatever it was that Cora meant, she was going to take that challenge up. If there was anything that the temperamental Ailward didn't like, it was being challenged. At least the Aspect of Darkness was able to pinpoint that easily to get her to do things.

She started the engines to her Volvo V40 and didn't take long to make its way to her destination. Stretching her limbs once she parked the car at the parking lot in the basement of the hospital and got out, she inhaled the cold air of the morning. At least, it was refreshing. The sounds of her heels made their own rhythm every time it clacked against the pavement as the Aspect of Magic got into the elevator to go to her floor. Once she got there to check herself in, she was greeted with a few familiar faces who wished her return with smiles. When was the last time she was within the social reach out? She couldn't recall. Setting her stuff in her office, she wrapped herself with her doctor's coat, where her name tag was still etched upon. There, the name Malva Arguarde, was present. Such an irony it caused the Aspect to snort. While she was quite proud of her family, she didn't go around to flaunt her surname, and she was there before the period of the time where the whole city knew of their existence. Now, on to pay a small visit to the person she knew her sister had been mingling around with.

Rashesh Patel.

Malva tucked her hands in her coat's pockets before making her way down to his floor. She was sure she remembered that name from somewhere but then again, she couldn't truly be sure about it. Only one way to see if it was right. Contrasting her first look when she came to the city, her hair was no longer in it's dark reddish auburn shade or tied up no more. Now, it was slightly more modern, surprisingly, considering the Aspect of Magic wasn't a fan of the the 21st century by a mile. Her hair was longer until it reached her mid back length, and it was more flaxen, giving off a much more lighter and blondish shade. There was a few slight braids, as she remembered her heritage. It befits her pale complexion and steely blue hues. Instead of fashioning herself in dresses, she now styled herself with more of leather jackets and jeans. Cora's influence got to her. Arriving at the floor, she tilted her head slightly when she saw the male by the hallway talking with a few nurses. She was sure that she wasn't the only one who could see her in her peripheral vision and it was only time telling that the male would see her because she was literally just standing there.

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Rashesh had been through a lot since him and his sister stars fell from the sky in India all these years ago. Evermore had become haven to him when he meet Emily the woman he loved more than anything in his life, but one day she was just gone leaving all of her things behind, no matter how many times he held her items trying to use his foresight to if her nothing. He was convinced she had been kidnapped and murdered, that her body would show up in the morgue any day now. He tried to keep his mind focused as he worked for the city, he had just finished examining a body of a murder victim found on the edges of town making two reports, one for the city, and the real one for the Privy Council stating in fact that the victim was murder by a supernatural.

He was done for the day after sending off the reports to the correct departments, packing up his bag with files he would finish once he got home since it was empty the only thing around was memories of Emily, in her clothing and stuff that was left behind. He sighed heavily as he made his way from his office after getting cleaned up, he just wanted to go home and sleep for a few hours before seeing if he could see Cora or if that wasn’t going to work out that day. As one of the nurses stopped him in the hall informing him that he had a few bodies coming in that needed to be looked at stat.

With a heavy sigh he took the clipboard and flipped through the papers and nodded “Thank you Gina.” he said as she walked off reaching for his phone texting Cora that he was going to be at work for longer that the may not be able to meet her till the next day.  With a heavy sigh he tucked his phone back in his bag and then looked p to see Malva standing there looking at him. “Great.” he groaned as he then turned to walk back into the Morgue. He knew she would follow him but he had enough time to set down his bag and accept the bodies placed on his work tables and dismiss the EMT.

When he heard the door open his back stiffen for a moment before he turned to face one of the few aspects that he never really cared about. “How can I help you aspect?” He asked as he moved to opening the body bag writing on the clipboard as he did so taking his notes. “Most of the time no one wants to be in the morgue let alone someone who held you captive before.” He said as he looked p to the flaxen haired woman before him. “Looks like you are coming back to work. Do I need to be worried?” he cleared his throat as he pulled on his gloves face mask.

Tucking her hands inside the pockets of her doctor's coat, her scrutinizing gaze didn't falter not even for a split second, much less a minute. She understood how intimidating she could be, at times. Malva literally rejects all form of communication and interpersonal interaction generally, so nothing was really surprising. Especially when she's working, hours of spending your time in the laboratory or the morgue really does get to you. It also doesn't help when it placed a stent in her already abysmal bedside manner. The celestial standing just a few meters across her however, piqued her interest right away. Cora's the reason why, but now she's sensing more than just a friendship blooming in between the two. Unfortunately, being the big sister entailed her a good prospect of an advantage to use over her younger siblings; which was interrogation.

When she saw him turning around and making his way back to the morgue, she followed suit afterwards, trailing just behind him. The lock clicking from the door indicates that Malva is now in the same presence of the celestial, breathing the same air in a very scandalous place-- a morgue. Such irony. The Aspect of Magic had a hand in allocating a few things regarding the captivity of the celestials first hand, so she wasn't surprised to see the uneasy tension radiating in the room. It certainly didn't come from her. Eyeing the clipboard within his grasp, she also wandered her icy electric hues over to the body that laid dead on the table. It was a female who looked no more than her mid twenties. She had mid length strawberry blonde hair and some of the wounds inflicted on her body did not come from a physical weapon.

Walking over to inspect the body, she pursed her lips lightly before looking over. “Well this is an interesting case.” For most supernaturals who worked as medical assistants following the bureau and department, they could pinpoint a supernatural death or death caused by supernatural, easily. What most probably couldn't identify, was the direct source and form being used. Quirking her eyebrows in bemusement, she chuckled in response to his abysmal manner. “Well, aren't you cheery. Can't expect a lot coming from you, since we have a history together, your kind and us. But I would've thought a doctor's bedside manner should be exclusive. But then again, you do work with bodies all around. It's got to be dull at some point.” Malva is a pathologist, who spends most of her working hours in the laboratory here or at home. She preferred solitary when it comes to her works, so working from home was an often precedent. The Aspect of Magic can be highly meticulous, overlining her perfectionist persona by a ledge.

But other than working to study cells all around for finding cures and possible solutions, she also works with dead bodies-- autopsies. Granted, she was supposed to diagnose people, so tackling the problem on first hand is very vital in ensuring the competency and authenticity to her conclusions. Following his question about their dull setting, a place filled with dead bodies murdered in a creepy manner, she only shrugged. “I'm a pathologist. I perform autopsies. I work with dead bodies all the time.” Which is ironic, seeing as she also worked with Death, her elder brother. Pulling up a spare of gloves to her too, she hummed softly. “I don't think so. I know very well to separate personal feelings aside from the profession. It's not as if I have something against you stars, anyways.” she pointed out. Honestly she didn't, she only thought that they were a liability to most because of what they can do and because of what their death can do. It's a 2 in 1 kind of problem.

Her eyes lingered over the neck area, just around the trachea. “Huh, her skin is decomposing a lot faster.” It shouldn't make sense considering the poor soul just died in a little over 24 hours, at least that's what the report said. “This girl is a victim of a supernatural death, isn't she.” Upon turning to see her wrist, a sudden realization caught up to her. “An Initia from the looks of the tribal marks.” Just as soon as she said that, she just needed to ask him. "What is it with you and my sister anyways."

Rashesh had found that the aspects were becoming more of his daily life, something he never thought would happen after the escape the celestials made but somehow the vast majority of them seem to be in the same city. How Ra didn’t see these meeting happening sooner then they have been was stupid on him. Though he didn’t hid the annoyance that radiated out of him as he looked over the female's body once again.  Though at first glance he thought it was Emily after looking longer he was able to confirm it wasn’t her though the killer seem to have a thing for woman who fit Emily description. He wondered if someone may be messing with him, but who was he? He was no one worth messing with, he was rather normal if you asked anyone outside of himself.

He pulled his gaze from the body back to the aspect he had forgot was there for the last few moment as he tried to focus on if the woman in front of him was in fact not Emily. “All cases are interesting.” he mumbled softly “Especially in this town.” he said through his mask as he looked back up to her with a really look on his face as she called him out on the manner he was addressing her. “Guess my horrible bedside manner is why I am in the morgue.” he stated clearly through the mask, he didn’t mind his only contact being with the dead, he found them complicated in different manners that forced him to use parts of his brain to solve puzzles that others would have no clue where there.. “Last I checked you Aliwards had no bedside manor, after all you did keep an entire race captive cause they scared you.” He gave a shrug, something the Ailwards would never be allowed to live down, especially by him, because since the captivity his sisters promised never to stop moving.

Ra eyes flicked over to her as she pulled out gloves and returned his focus onto the woman for a moment. “You know, I didn’t ask you to come in and help.” he stated clearly as he began to cut away her clothing and fold it up, looking along her body it was strange how all the bodies coming in seem the same MO. He scoffed slightly as she stated she could separate feelings from profession, looking up to her for a moment “Pretty sure us stars felt that you Aspects had something against us for sure. We could talk blue in the face but at the end The aspects and the stars are not on the same page. Even though I have forgiven you lot, doesn’t mean I like being visited by you.” He said with a hum, it almost felt like the same speech he gave Cora and yet, Cora lingered in his mind for other reasons.

His eyes moved to her neck as he undid the chair from around it placing it on her clothing so it could be examined further. “Yeah, the cause for it I can’t place as a natural cause.” He stated as he then looked at her wallet and sighed “The victim is a 29 year old female,” his eyes moved to her as she pointed out the tattoo. “The killer seems hellbent on collecting females who are supernatural but are strawberry blonde and,” he reached over pulling her eyes open “and green eyed.” he pulled his hands back and moved away from the table for a moment, moving to take a photo of the body, and printing it out and then sighed and then moved towards where he had a whiteboard, flipping it to reveal about two other victims all looking the same.

“First victim was a nephilim, second was a therian, now an initia.” he mumbled lightly as he hung the photo and step back from the board and looked over to her “Looks like Evermore has a serial killer on their hands.” he said looking over to the aspect. He knew the question was coming after all there had to be a reason that the aspect had came to visit him. “Which sister?” he asked as he moved back to the body and began to cut along her skin skillfully to open the victim chest cavity. “If I recall correctly you have, three so maybe you should be a little more specific.” he said as he then moved inspecting the bone before cracking the chest cavity. Removing the heart and placing it on the scale. "What is with you in my morgue?" he asked back.

She knew exactly why they don't get along, or really, why they can't get along and why they wouldn't get along. But sometimes fueling the fires that was already crackling could be seen as a form of amusement to Malva. Especially to see how easily aggravated Rashesh was being. This was going to be extra amusing. “True, when you live in a supernaturally heavy populated city like Evermore, nothing's normal anymore.” she quipped and allowed her bright blue hues to steal a look his way. Her steely optics was giving a scrutinizing twist, a look so adjacent that it would be enough to comprehend the situation in hand. “But then again, normal is overrated.” she added, her tone leaving a wistful dry remark.

However, as far as Malva goes, she had her limits and unfortunately the celestial had poked a little too close to home when he brought in the matter that went by a century ago. Every trace of he playful demeanor vanished into thin air and what's left was just a hardened stoic woman standing just across him. No more coy smiles playing around tugging on the corners of her lips, just plain and point blank. Her temperament was always so clear, no one dared to venture anywhere closer for fearing they might get a taste of their own medicine, one she's all too happily to offer.

“I wouldn't know about my siblings, but I admit I have a rather abysmal bedside manner. I manage to squeeze enough to accommodate my patients though.” she drawled, her tone leaving a sharp edged statement as sharp as her glare could be. If looks could kill, she would've probably used the morgue to plan the early demise of the fallen star. “I disagree with the part where we locked and entire species up solely because we're scared though. We only did what was best at that time, because you know, the world isn't all about you and all. That kind of stuff. And let's be real.. “ Her nails were tapping the metal table from where she was at, successfully adhering Ra to hear exactly what she wants him to hear.

“The entire lot of you did more good in captivity than running around with bounties on your back.”

It sounded slightly more snappy than she originally had intended for it to go. Hell, Malva didn't even intend to talk to him that way. She came clean to Ophelia and she held no personal vendettas or grudge against the celestials as a whole but it's hard to push away the fact that they seemed to see them as this big bad wolf who's only doing things for their selfish needs. If only they could see things from their perspective, maybe they were able to reach a conclusion and agreement. Things didn't go easy for them just as how hard it went for the celestials. Their century long worth of agony was just the same for her siblings and her to suffer the consequences. But of course, they don't know that.

So instead of mending this broken and toxic relationship they have with the celestials, Malva feels as if she didn't quite get the memo or at least was led astray for a quick few seconds because of her unpredictable temper. Closing her eyes briefly, when she fluttered them back, she wore a smile. “I didn't come here to help you. There's more to me than just a doctor here in this goddamn city. Obviously I have to know things.” she mumbled, clearly finding her time in the morgue not to be that pleasant when she could do a lot better in the laboratory. “You and I, our species overall, may not be in the same page, but at least we're both mature enough to turn this into something that is not just about us. So I appreciate that.” A small cry of grumbling escaped her but seeing the Aspect of Magic being grumpy was really just a normal daily occurrence.

“Believe me, I don't want to visit you either. But, I have no cases today that needed my attention that much and thought I'd come by. You know, just as how my sister did. My Aspect of Darkness sister, Cora.” She was sure to highlight the names out loud, probably annoyed that the celestial was playing coy with her. It's like settled that she doesn't have the best tolerance and patience level to accommodate herself. Her eyes never left the body though, her ears perked up at the mention of the same MO and how all the victims had been supernaturals so far. “Great, a supernatural serial killer on loose.. Of course. Like our lives aren't already interesting..” A semi-strangled laugh muffled its way out as the brunette shook her head. “If he or she is trying to pick up a collection, I guess we should have 3 less species to worry about. Doesn't give any assurances though.. Of all things, this is the twisted thing they came up with. Give me a break.. “

Rashesh held a deep resentment to the Ailward aspects even though he and Cora had grown close somehow, it was strange how the pair seem to gravitate towards one another. He didn’t feel like either of them knew what was going on in the others head. He for sure had no idea what was going on in Cora head and he stopped trying to figure it out and went with the flow of things. He was having a rather good time with the Aspect, yet he was sure that would be coming to an end. He couldn’t think of any other reason he was getting a visit from Malva.

Letting the aggravated breath leave his nose he tried to stay composed, failing miserably he felt like he was ruled with his emotions. With a roll of his almost black eyes he looked back to her. “Normal isn’t overrated, have you ever tried it?” he said sarcastically. “For a while after being kidnapped things were normal for me. I meet a woman who made me feel normal.” and yet she was gone without a trace. “If she was even real.” he said somberly as he looked to the dead woman, it was like her face was haunting her with all of these murders.

It was clear he had poked the bear with his truth as her smile dropped and they both wore rather stone faces as they looked at one another. Yet he wasn’t even sure if he cared that he pissed her off, after all its not like the Aspects where an innocent bunch. He raised his thick brow as he watched the look she gave him as if she truly wanted to kill the fallen star. He gave a snort in response as he crossed his arm holding the scalpel in one of his hands. “This is where we will never see eye to eye Malva. You think you lot were correct in locking us up because you think it was for the betterment of whatever mission you seem to be on but take me for example. I have never once used any of my abilities until after being captured. I was happy to live my day to day life helping people and moving around because I never aged. Not all Celestials where known and yet you.” he pointed the scalpel towards her. “And your siblings painted targets on our backs announcing to the world and us what we where.”

He let his dark gaze hold hers, “I lost my sisters because of you, they will never return anywhere near me because of the fear they are going to be captured again. I have no idea where they are and I never will. Yet you, and your family get to live in your mansion and act as if holding us captive was just a opps and you only deserve a slap on the wrist. What happens when another race like the Niveis..” he used the newest addition to Evermore hoping it would make a good enough point. “Start showing power that scares you? You guys going to lock them away because its just easier to deal with them that way?” He gave a shrug before looking down to the girl.

“While I personally hold no vendetta to the aspects, as in my mind you all should know that you handled things poorly. While I spent much of my time looking at all the angles of why you lot did what you did. Doesn’t mean I have to trust you won’t do it again.” he said cutting into the body. “I may not be a celestial that holds grudges, but I know that other Celestials would take any chance they could to strike back.” He said looking towards her. “My suggestion to the aspects would to be transparent with their intentions and reasonings and maybe more would see all points of views.” He let out a sigh seeing first hand how the whole Celestial/Aspect rift had an effect on Cora. “With that being said…” he said shrugging slightly “I don’t think of you guys as bad either. You thought what you were doing was right. But many people in history felt that way.” He chuckled “But I will avoid comparing you to Darth Vader, or Hitler.”

He was quiet for a long moment before he spoke again “I think most of you regret what happened, or so I like to think.” he said as he opened the chest cavity. “I also believe there are two sides or more to every story and while I want to hate you all. I personally can’t, I tend to see the good that happens from the bad.” he watched her noticing she had more emotional whiplash then Cora. “I guess that is true also but here I thought you would prefer to look at the simples in the lab part of the hospital then in my morgue with my mediocre lab.” he nodded over to the small work space in the corner. “At this point we are both immortal and unless you plan on killing me there is no reason to be hostile. That is till you give me a reason to be.”

“Besides there seems to be some bigger picture then our pointless feud.” he muttered under his breath as he pulled out the stomach from the victim, when he looked up to her his eyes narrowing at her when she brought up Cora. “What about Cora?” he asked as his gaze quickly looked back to the stomach as he cut the lining and began to inspect it. His eyes kept going back and forth from the photos looking at the list under each of them that explained how they were killed. “I am not sure if the killer is supernatural themselves or if they are a human trying to gain the title of hunter.” he said as he pulled out the stomach contents. “Something to think about when walking home later tonight.” he gave a sigh.

“There is a book I read once called the Hunters Handbook.” he said as he looked to her feeling around inside of the body. “They say in the book you can gain ungodly power if you kill…” he closed his eyes his hands stopped moving inside of the body as he tried to remember. “One from the heavens, one that shifts into a beast, one that wields elements, one that moves in the dark, one of light, one of time,  and the double siders of magic.” he looked to the board and swallowed hard. “One from the heavens, One that turns into a beast, and one that wields elements.” he looked to her round eyes. “Shadows could be Valkyr, Light would be Light Diviner, time would be celestials, and double sider of magic would be Dark diviner?” he tried to piece it all together but he felt like he was missing a piece of the puzzle. “I need to find that book.”

This is probably not a good idea. As smart as Malva goes, everything is usually jeopardized when her temperament comes into the mix. The sarcasm and snark piling up wouldn’t make a great addition either. It was known to plenty of others that Malva Ailward is quite temperamental for do not let that simple outlook of her physical appearance fool you into thinking the Aspect of Magic is soft-hearted. She may be empathetic and quite the sentimentalist but it never intervenes her working area; this. Personally, she’d offer her apologies and whatnot but once it comes into the working curtain, there was no mercy from her. The Aspect of Magic has been snappy with plenty of celestials if not all the celestials that she’s come across previously. The only one who probably escaped the rough end of her edge was Ophelia, and the Wayfinder didn’t exactly have an entire cheerful conversation with her either. Well, at least it wasn’t all hostile.

Had it been up to her, she would’ve gone along with the petty childishness in her and allow the argument to continue even though it’s more likely for a fight to break out if Ra kept pushing her buttons. But she too was to blame in this part just as much. “Everyone was someone at some point of their lives, Rashesh” she rolled her eyes in annoyance, clicking her tongue as if she was being dismissive. “Before I’m Malva Ailward, the Aspect of Magic, I was a person too. Not saying that I’m nowhere near that now, but the point is that even I felt whatever you think normal is. But it doesn’t last. Because of what you are, what we are, things will never be normal for us, it’s easier the faster you accept it before the world decides to dump reality bowl on you” Perhaps she was being pessimistic regarding this, but is it really negativity at its finest? Especially given the stars’ origin, and the hunters scouring the entire world for their highly valuable energy, it’s only a matter of time.

“I’m not innocent, I know that. Neither one of my family is considered innocent and all of us knew that. But you forget, like you, we were brought to the world for a purpose too. We didn’t go without pain after locking you up, but sometimes the best decision is not always the right one. I’m in no way trying to justify the means of this, I just wanted to make it clear that locking you up wasn’t as easy as you make it out to be” glancing over to the celestial standing in front of her, she leaned against the table and stared at the corpse lying before them. “One doesn’t define the whole, that’s all generalization, isn’t it? But if you had the choice to make whether waiting for more of your kind to fall and you know there’s nothing you could do to stop it, between stopping it halfway, wouldn’t you pick the latter? If it was natural, then we wouldn’t mind but the problem is that it wasn’t anywhere near natural, it was inflicted by a being who had a lot of power inside them. Imagine waking up one day only to find out half your guards are nowhere to be found because they were never born. Imagine waking up one day only to writhe from unknown pain for god knows how long. Imagine… waking up not remembering some things.” Her tone may be calm but the pain accentuating every word in her sentence was made clear. “Just like two sides of a war, the other did what they think they had to.”

Taking the clipboard on the side of the table, she took out her pen and wrote the serial number of the corpse on the report sheet before pushing it his way. “So no, Rashesh. No, we didn’t just live in the mansion acting as nothing happened.” Despite the emotionless look she wore, had he perceived the situation clearer, he could see the pain behind her icy blue hues. “You’re right, most of us regret what happened. We hated to think that there were no options that will serve both sides well. At first, we were in pain. It was indescribable, and no one knew why we were complaining due to the pain until one by one of us fell. We were in pain, we were in fear, and slowly that fear turned into something else. Not quite like hatred, but similar. We didn’t want any of that to happen again, and after that, we never quite recovered from our injuries either. I’m not asking you to sympathize with us, but we’ve paid the price for our foolishness too, we lost a lot of guards at the Isle. So we took the time to properly reflect on it.”

She remembered how the mourning period took a toll on so many, even Malva didn’t get out of her room until she felt she was slightly better and even then, she occupied herself with her doctor duties. Eyeing the body carefully, she pursed her lips lightly before squinting her eyes to get a better look. “Her injuries don’t look like the aftermath of any supernatural or human attack. They used weapons but not physical ones, to manipulate the scales, which is smart because it’ll conceal the possibilities of their identities. We have over 11 species to look out for, narrowing it down until it’s one or two is going to take time and by the time we do that, the perpetrator would’ve already target others” Scrunching her nose up in distaste at the description in the book, she was more surprised that the book is not archived elsewhere rather than lying around for others to openly access them.

“Such books are dangerous to be left lying around… much like ancient artifacts” she heaved a sigh and craned her neck tiredly. “All these killings seemed to point towards a sacrifice direction. Is there anything missing from each victim? Any particular organ perhaps? And what about their blood types? Are they the same?”

Rashesh had grown bored of the argument, both sides had reasons for what happened and both sides probably felt they were right in those reasons in the end. It really was better to just move on at least that was what Rashesh had started to learn in the time he had spent with Cora. Cora was helping him let go of Emily and yet he found that she was always in his thoughts. So he stayed quiet not snapping back, he didn’t know the aspects tale or how they became aspects. There was only a handful of them even if they placed an army around them. To him they were just scared of something, that maybe he would never truly understand.  She did stare at her as she spoke and gave a heavy sigh as he shook his head “I would prefer if we just try and make an effort to move forward. If we both are going to work here together may as well not make it miserably for the other. Even if the likelihood we cross paths is slim.”

He looked to her with his black hues that where unnatural but somehow managed to set off the humans he came in contact with. Though with color contacts nowadays, anything is possible. “Well as long as your reflection has made you guys see things from all sides that is all I can ask for.” He said not being heartless “I am sorry for who you had lost in the fall.” He said softly as he looked over the paperwork. “Besides I felt the grudges lead to bad karma in the end and I don’t need that.” he said as he looked up to her “I forgive you all for what has happened but I am not my leader.” he said simply. He then let out a heavy sigh as he looked back to the body on his table. This was what he was good at, work, solving crimes, being useful and not focusing on his past. 

Rashesh swallowed hard as he looked to the woman for a long moment before pulling his gaze up and moved over to the photo he had taken off his desk. He pulled the drawer open and pulled out the photo. “The only thing I can see in all of these women is they look like my Ex-Fiance who went missing almost a year ago when the murders started happening.” He moved over to her handing her the photo. “And The book that I manage to find. Which I agree would cause more danger than good. But burning that book would lead to the world burning all the books and that I don’t think is a good thing. The book isn’t at fault the being who uses it is.” He said placing a new gloves on and reached when something shiny caught his eyes. 

He reached over and pulled out the tip of what looked like a scalpel blade. “Could we be dealing with someone in the hospital?” he asked as he looked up to her before moving and placing the piece to the side. “The toxic screen should be back look on the tablet and tell me if she had anything in her system.”

Malva doesn't usually pay attention to other things that couldn't take her mind off, because in a way, she only viewed those able to take her mind off worth it all. Petty probably, but what does she care. Flowers had been her way to escape the world, where she would be able to surround herself away from the life she had now. She didn't hate her life, she's here because she chose it after all. But it would be a lie if she said it wasn't beginning to be tiring and hectic everywhere else. Lately, everything seemed so busy, the elements included. One turned to two and two turned to three. It was a surprise she was still holding on, knowing just how easy it was to sway Malva. 

Malva had no idea. It was dismissed as easily as an adult would say ‘time' whenever someone asked why they stopped growing up or why they stopped playing. The time they spent together as one family had decreased and lessened throughout the years, and she couldn't find the strength in her to give a reason why. It hits too close to home, she thought. “Don’t worry, most of us, if not all, had plenty of time to reflect back on our actions and we’re doing slightly fine. It just sucks that the circumstances right now couldn’t be ‘well-placed’ any more than it should have” she was sure he would know what she was hinting on, the sudden massacres popping out of everywhere alongside people getting hurt and memories wiped off, it was beyond chaotic and if it continues, she wasn’t surprised if an uprising would to occur in the future. Near future. 

When Rashesh said he was sorry for the people they’ve lost, Mal pressed her lips into a fine thin line and shrugged absentmindedly, trying her very best to mask the emotions behind this exterior she carried around, “Things happen. People live. People die.” Malva was sure Ophelia understood where she stood just as well as the purple dragon does, they did, in a way, reconciled a while ago, after all. At least, that’s what she’d like to believe. “Ophelia and I reached a mutual agreement, or a consensus if you may, we reconciled. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say we’re back to the road of being friends, things are a bit intense between her and my brother, Aureus. I need to be mindful” which is incredibly ironic seeing as Mal had a tendency to run her mouth abrasively. 

The brunette turned around and took the tablet on the table, scrolling it down to read the results flashed on the screen, the answer, however, did cause the Aspect of Magic to frown. “I don’t think this is right… It says ammonium chloride… which is not as harmful to humans but they do restrict your respiration and could clog the blood vessels...Ethanol which you can find in any alcohol, other than that nothing else. Her blood levels are clean.” The idea of the culprit being someone who had access to medical files to possibly tamper with the reports and results seemed a lot likely now. 

“Three years is not that long of a time.” Rashesh said as he looked at her through his thick dark lashes. “In the grand scheme of things, Three years to immortals is a drop in the sea, so to speak.” He mused as he then let out a soft breath. “Though I guess in the long run it is better for us to not fight. I would rather not go to war over misunderstandings.” He gave his last two cents on the matter he would much rather focus on the present. There was no point in dwelling on past issues it only would make one sick and bring their own end, not to mention immortality gave to long of a time for one to hold a grudge and he personally wanted nothing to do with that kind of thinking. Of course there was the fact he developed feelings for Cora which was something the Fallen star never saw coming.

Rashesh looked to her for a moment and wondered if she really could be so cold towards the people that were lost, or was she just trying to not show emotion to keep the mask up. “Well that is rather nonchalant way to look at it I guess.” he shook off the icy feeling that filled his veins at how she just spoke. “It's a step in the right direction.” He said as he returned his eyes back to the body. “Being mindful isn’t the worst thing, but know I don’t expect you to be cold about the lives you lost in the end. We all lost people.” He said honestly. “You are allowed to feel.” He said not looking back up to her in that moment as he was feeling around the flesh of the body.

Rashesh slowly cut down the center of her chest peeling her skin aside and then cracked her chest and began to pull out parts of her insides and place them on the table beside him to get a closer look. “I think they are using the Ammonium Chloride to throw us off.” He mused as he cut open the lungs examining closely for anything taking samples as he went. “Lungs didn’t breath anything in on the last bodies and I have no doubt it will be the same for this one. Someone injected it and pumped her heart to get it through her vines so it formed crystals.” He said as he nodded to the arm closest to Malva.

 “So either someone is messing with the files who work here. Or we are dealing with something far bigger.” He said as he moved on to her liver. “There are a few species that can mess with memories and stuff so someone could be controlling someone else.” He said as he then sat down his tools. “Or someone is doing this to mess with me.” He said soberly before looking to her. “Each of these women look like the girl I was with before Cora, she just disappeared one day without a word. The day she disappeared a body that looked like her showed up.” He said softly. “I am not sure if this is just a coincidence or not.”

Malva had her lips pursed slightly upon hearing his remark regarding 3 years being short, "Perhaps… 3 years can feel like 30 years or even 300 years when it comes down to measuring certain matters, it could only feel like 3 months. Short… long, what does it really matter?" Huffing softly as she scrunched up her nose in retaliation to the matter that they have decided to put past them for the sake of a better future for the both of them, "In the end, the outcome still stays the same." It was faintly murmured but she had no doubt that considering the proximity both Rashesh and her were at, the male could hear her every word that was uttered, perfectly fine without any hearing aid. "Though I have to say...the past 3 years felt like forever for me. Hellish, even. God knows why… so many problems came sprouting like wild mushrooms from every corner and nook of the world." Maybe it was just her or maybe that was her instinct telling her to gear up for possible problems coming soon in the near future, it has done her good all these years, so why stop trusting it now?

 But then again, logic has never been applied to the Aspect of Magic, if anything, she always seemed to find ways to defy every single bit of it just for the sake of proving she wasn't controlled by any entity but herself. But seeing the road she's currently on? It doesn't seem very likely that she is going down that path. "People say I can be quite nonchalant at times. Not surprising, I guess. It's just how things are, you give it too much thought you'd give it power to lord over you. I don't need to give another chance to do that. I have enough people and things lording over me" Adding another to her list wouldn't really do well on her plate. It does bother her at times how emotionless and cold she could look sometimes, the steely gaze across her bright hues that always seemed like it was trying to judge your entire existence once it fell down on you, even the slightest purse of her lips mattered then.

 "I know I'm allowed to feel and I do… I'm not inhumane you know" she chuckled, finding the irony in her sentence because many people regard her that way simply because she never gave a care in the world directly, "I just choose not to show them. People like me, we're not given the luxury to show our weaknesses. Our enemies see one bit of it and boom, they'd be scattering to take a chance to take us down with one flick." That wasn't paranoia, it was the truth. Whilst Malva can be seen as a figure by everyone else, she had plenty of enemies to count around. Well, she wasn't exactly the best Aspect to mess around with, given her temper and tolerance level. "I can't say they're stupid because for most parts, ammonium chloride does tend to stray others. To mix it with ethanol though, either they're stupid or insanely smart." 

Her eyes never left the body that was cut by the Celestial, but glossed over the files and quirked her eyebrows, "Similar to your former beau? You think this is a personal attack towards you? When did the attack started happening if I may know? The specific dates?" It was important that she knows this, things had been so hectic and weird. It wasn't a coincidence. "The fact that they went down to all the trouble just to make it convincing to others… I'd give them A for commitment for sure." The thought of people messing with memories made her frown, "Diviners are not complex enough to be doing that without channelling a coven… and I would know…" Well, would she? "Maybe not… my magic hasn't been up to par lately, after all." It felt like a planned attack and it was sending her red alerts.

Rashesh looked to her for a moment from the side of his eye and took in her answer. “I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end, especially for immortals.” He said softly as he looked back to the task at hand as the pair seem to have the anger melt between them into what he was sure was more of a mutual sadness for what had come to past. He watched as she spoke of how the last three years felt to her personally. He on the other hand had a different outlook on the three year period. “Well…” he mused over his next words carefully for a moment. “While I want you and your family to understand what has come to past, I don’t wish for you to feel the lost of your people or the aftereffects. I do wish you all the best in the end as captors you didn’t harm us in ways that where deemed unforgiving.” he said as he knew that they were fed and given things to survive. “Mistakes were made and beating ourselves up over them is pointless.”

Ra hoped his words came off making a clear point, in hopes to lay the manner to rest finally. At this point in his life he had bigger fish to fry so to say. He gave a slight chuckle as she noted that he was not the first to point out her tone when talking to another. “Well as long as you are aware how you come off I guess there is no point in me pointing it out.” He was sure she had different sides of her as most people had the side they showed someone they are not overly fond of, and then side they showed to those closer to them. He was never one to dare tell a woman to soften her tone, he did once to his sister and found himself on the other end of a stick. So he focused his faze away from her cold one as he worked.

Rashesh stayed quiet as mainly he didn’t know how to respond to the fact she didn’t let her emotions show because being weak for them meant something different. “Well I am sorry you have to live your life in such a way, it's a pity really. Not being able to be weak to survive would drive anyone made. Rashesh nodded as he kept his eyes on the body parts for a long moment. “I believe this person is far more intelligent than we know. I fear this may only be the beginning of more if we are not careful. Evermore has been able to hide things like this rather well but the word we have a serial killer running around is going to bring a lot of unwanted attention on to the city. Being one of the only true supernatural hubs I know could mean something catastrophic.”

He didn’t turn his gaze towards her as he was focusing upon the task of examining the body parts and taking notes into his recorder. “Her name was Emily.” he said as he ran his fingers along the liver slowly. “March 30th.” he said as he remembered the date well, as it was the day he was going to propose to her. “I had asked her to dinner as I had something special planned and she never showed up, I returned home and everything she owed was still there, I waited and when the 48 hour period past I reported her missing. He said moving on to the gallbladder, “True mastermind.” He muttered softly as he listened to her go through a process of trying to figure out who could have done this. His head raised and looked towards her as she spoke of her magic not being as strong as it once was. “I thought you didn’t speak of weaknesses?” He asked but then stopped what he was doing. “An aspect shouldn’t be losing touch with their element I would assume. Are you okay?” The fear that Cora may be next swirled in his mind wondering what on earth was happening in Evermore.

Malva wanted no beef with anyone in particular, especially the Celestials. She knew what she did was wrong but it seemed like it was the best choice at the time, they were in pain and it took them almost a century to get over the pain it caused them. It wasn't the kind where you experience physically for a week or even a month before either passes off. It wasn't the flu nor was it a mild fever. It stayed with them throughout the course of their livelihood, she could remember it as if it was just yesterday because that was the reality of it; it did feel like it was just yesterday. But that's something she would keep to herself, telling another that she feels affected still after almost a century, would not benefit anyone else. Not theirs and definitely not hers. So why would she bother? "Immortality is a fickle thing" she murmured faintly, for someone who has lived her entire life doing nothing more but to be of service to the world, it could take its toll. 

Unfortunately for the Aspect of Magic, it did, 400 years ago. An incident she will never be able to forget. Now it feels as if it was just starting to circle back so it could come back to bite her. "I have yet to meet someone who is grateful for their immortality so I'll ask you, Rashesh" she turned to meet his gaze as she leaned against the metal table with a slight quirk of her lips, "Are you? Are you grateful for your immortality or would you prefer to be mortal?" Celestials were that species one never spoke much of, in fear that the Aspects would snap. It was a sensitive thing, after all. She spared him a small smile that indicated she was grateful for his wish, "I hope we still have more time to fix what we've done. I don't like the thought of stopping halfway because we had to." 

Chuckling at his remark regarding her behavior, Malva found it ironic because as a doctor, her bedside manner wasn't meant to be this abysmal, "You know, a friend of mine said I don't have the best bedside manner" she quipped humorously, what Ben said the first time had embedded itself inside her head, truly, "But then again, I suppose I can't be surprised because I've never been that good at emotions. Once upon a time ago, someone would have told you I am quite the compassionate soul but something must've happened, at least that's what they think" she shrugged absentmindedly, something did happen, but that was a story only the faction would know, and no one else. "People change, anyway." It wasn't as if Malva minded, she knew she became this person on her own choice; she chose this path. Being cold is a lot better than being someone who could end up hurting the ones she loves most. 

"The world is a cutthroat place. Enemies are everywhere. You can't satisfy everyone, unfortunately. But the good thing is, not everyone matters to me." No matter how harsh that sounded, that was what kept her standing until today. Her conviction. "I guess, in a way, many view weakness to be very detrimental to their… individuality." Perhaps. When they talked about their suspect, she pursed her lips lightly and tilted her head to the side to examine the body, "And that's a dangerous person indeed… to have someone this intelligent and ruthless to be running amidst us? I'll try to have the guards track what they can… We can't afford another case like this. There's been too much bad things happening in the city already." It worries her, what if the day has come to consume them, after all? Was this what their legacy would be? Shrouded by the darkness? 

Hearing him talk about his former lover, she pressed her lips together and her eyes softened, she knew what it felt like to feel like that, "I'm sorry for your loss. No one should ever have to suffer like that. It's not fair." But then again, what is? "I know I said weaknesses is a no, but take this as my token to you. I want trust to be established and for that to happen, it must be gained. So this is mine to you. I'm weak and vulnerable, Ra. I haven't been able to function properly with my magic. I have no idea why. It feels like I was cut off. Yes, an Aspect shouldn't lose their connections to their element, it's dangerous. I'm fine… A few occasional nose bleeds from my performance but nothing serious yet."

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