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Spiraling down to the world of darkness seemed to be Malva's other second option. Bad news, she only seemed to have two options out of the lot. She couldn't sleep without the help of any sleeping…Continue

Everyone Crashes Sometimes (Malva and Siobhan)

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She was dreaming. She was actually dreaming. Mirrors of her figments were sprawled and mixed in the…Continue

Malevolent Calamity (Malva and Isaiah)

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With great power comes great responsibilities

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are. It takes a great deal of bravery.

Malva Ailward

Name: Malva Irina Aeliseia Arguarde 

Name Meaning : Malva (Μάλβα) originated from Greek, which brought the meaning of 'delicate'. Irina (ирина) [ee-ri-na] is  'peace' in Russian and Greek. While Aeliseia [Ae-lee-sae-a], a French name that meant 'noble'. 

Nicknames/Alias: Mal, Alice, Malta, Maleficent, Toothless, Dart Dragon, Pudding, Malibu etc.

Faceclaim: Lyndsy Fonseca

Age: 23 (L) 1289 (R)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Date/place of birth: 7th August 728 AD / Medieval Russia

Residency: Isle of  Skye (formerly), Ailward Manor (South Side of Evermore City) [Currently]

Nationality/Species: Russian American/ Ailward Aspect

Occupation (Only if applies): Pathologist

Rank (Only if applies): Aspect of Magic [Species Expert]

Relationship: Single

Parents : 

- Marina Nikolaeva (Mother) - [Deceased]

- Mikael Arguarde (Father) - [Deceased]

Physical Appearance

Build: Slim

Height : 5'6"

Ethnicity : Russian, Portuguese, Greek, French

Hair Colour 

 Dark Auburn (formerly)

Light Blonde (formerly)

Light brown (Currently)

Eye colour: Sapphire Blue, Purple (When using magic)

Distinguishing marks  

- A Butterfly tattoo behind her neck -

- A Dragon tattoo on her left wrist -

- 'Until the very end' tattoo on her collarbone -



They tend to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. They are action-oriented individuals called 'doers'. They have an unusually deep well of caring for those who are close to them, and are likely to show their love through actions, rather than words. They need to feel as if they're living in accordance with what they feel is right, and will rebel against anything that conflicts their goal. No desire to lead or control, but does not like being led or controlled by others, just as well. Warm and sympathetic, they are genuinely caring towards others. They are interested in contributing for people's sense of well-being and happiness.


- Smart - Understanding - Caring - Loyal - Compassionate - Disciplined -


- Photography - Archery - Reading - Winter - Autumn - Spring - Writing - Coffee


- Sarcastic - Cold - Brash - Pessimistic - Possessive - Temperamental -


Modern Technology (Gadgets) - Summer - Distress - Emotions -  Sudden Interference/Intervention/Intrusion -


Born in what modern day place was called Arkaim, a Russian darl was born. Malva Arguarde was just an innocent Fae who did not learn of anything around her surroundings. Blessed with intelligence, she was a fast learner and often learned new things. Her sapphire blue optics and rich red auburn locks gave her an appearance one would want. Her family moved to America to find a new coven and that is where her adventure life unintentionally begins. Malva was born a Fae to two parents who only ever seemed to care for what they wanted and cared very little for what they already had. Malva knew that Fae were supposed to be good and use their magic for good but she saw her parents slowly using their magic for selfish reasons more and more. The young girl knew to keep her mouth shut however, saying something meant a belt around the face and the young Fae had never wanted that so she kept her vow of silence letting her parents deceive others.

Malva was a complicated child, unlike her parents she does use her powers for the greater good and often practiced it by healing the plants and animals around her. Ever since then, she loved the animals. Every kind of it, not caring whether they are dangerous nor tame. She treats them equally and constantly give them food and treats whenever she encountered one. She was what you can call an animal lover. But explaining how light natured creature she was, she couldn’t help but wanting to change her parents for the better good and for them to stop using their powers for selfish reasons. Of course that did not end well, she got beaten up like usual and there’s nothing she could do to stop them. She didn’t have any other biological siblings nor did she had aunts and uncles. The remaining ones are far from where they were. She regretted on how she looked up to her parents as her idols when all they did was act in front of others and deceived them.

But one man particularly took her interest when he tried to befriend her. Even with her harsh way of talking with the amount of sarcasm dripping in her words, Karlisle didn’t move away.Karlisle had always known how to push Malva’s buttons, knowing she was easily tempered and he enjoyed teasing her and frustrating her. Despite how he could annoy her, with time she came to fall in love with the other Fae who had taken a chance on her like everyone else refused to do. As years went by, they have been best friends ever since. Laughing at her words and witty jokes, they make a perfect duo in anything they do.

The soon to become Aspect of Magic was an excellent student which often makes others in the coven become envious of her talent on wielding the light magic she often projects. But that only increases the jealousy they have on the Fae. Humiliating in any way they could, it nearly broke the Russian redhead. But not wanting to give them any satisfaction, she would usually shrug it off and pretend none of it ever happened. For her, Karlisle being her only friend was more than enough. But little did she know, it really wasn’t. He would be the cause of her guiltiness instead in the future. A fan of history, she read the books that were available for her to evolve her knowledge around. Though there was not much, it was enough for the little naïve Fae.

Training herself for years, she used her magic for good such as healing the people who come for help. She became a medic not long after. But the Fae had already developed a feeling for her best friend, Karlisle who was also a medic aiding her sometimes when needed. She didn’t know what love truly was and what she was feeling since her parents never projected such feeling in front of her nor to her. Although she remembered what her parents taught her ever since she was a toddler which was “No attachments as it could only destroy herself one day” but she didn’t listen this time. Soon she knew why she has always felt the fluttering feeling inside her when she met him every day. She expressed and admitted her feelings one day in a meadow while having a picnic with him and fortunately for her he admitted his feelings to her was mutual. For once in her life, Malva felt truly happy and relieved.

But as she grew up into a fair maiden, Malva had eyes on her. She wasn’t the beautiful person there is but her sharp Russian features was enough for a one particular local duke. Malva had it all planned out, she would marry Karlisle and they would live their life the way every fairytale went, except with a few more snide remarks and arguments.That was until the day her parents awoke her from her bed announcing that they had arranged for her to marry a local duke who had offered them a weighty gift for her hand in marriage. She was forbade to see Karlisle again and from there the young girl’s life began to shatter, she had never wanted to marry for riches, she wanted to marry for love. But fate never gave her their agreement on her happy ending so it decided to twist her life a bit. The happiness they both felt was short.

The day her parents informed her that the local duke in their town was proposing to her for a marriage and is where it all fell down horribly. From the day of the announcement Malva had felt herself begin to drop, she started to push anyone who she spoke to away and she became bitter, she refused to ever speak to her new fiance, she felt trapped and alone and there was nothing she could do to stop it. That was when Malva had decided that she was going to run, she refused to be enslaved to a husband she didn’t love for the rest of her life so a few days before her 18th birthday she packed what little things she was allowed to own and she had fled into the woods.

 Malva had made it to a city over 30 miles from her home and upon reaching the city she had written her love a letter and sent it by carrier pigeon back to her home. Several days later she received a response however upon opening the package she had been sent she had screamed in horror, inside the package was her lover’s heart.Her screams were haunting and could be heard from all over the city, Malva knew that soon enough she would draw attention to who she was, so she began to run again but people were closing in on her and she didn’t know how she would make it out. That was until a man upon a black horse had offered his hand out to her and without thinking she had grabbed it. As the two rode out of the city Malva had spoken to the hooded stranger. “Why are you helping me?” she asked in her usual snide tone. “Helping people is what I do” the man had replied, satisfied with his answer Malva had allowed the man to ride them out of the city and into the countryside where they came to a derelict home.

King Mitus had never fooled Malva, she had known he would cause her and her fellow Ailwards trouble from the day that he had walked into her life. What she couldn’t swallow however was how easily the king had been able to find riddance of the group. Facing her execution Malva had stood alongside her fellow Ailwards unafraid, she was no longer weak and she knew that the foundations for a better future were already in place, after her passing there would be many others to take up the Ailward mantle.

Upon her death however, Malva’s spirit was directed to the realm of the gods where she would meet with the Gods. The Gods spoke to each of the Ailwards telling them how all 8 of them were to be resurrected as new beings, beings with powers capable of bringing a future which was better, where every species the Gods had created could live in harmony with one another. Malva was entrusted with a purple staff which swirled like a nether storm within its peak. The staff gave Malva the ability to transform into a majestic purple dragon capable of flying at speeds faster than the supernatural eye could see.

She had thanked the Gods for their kindness and then accepted her resurrection being thrown back into the world once again. Once the Ailwards had been resurrected they found their way to an island named the Isle of Skye which was then protected with a barrier capable of keeping all of those with impure intentions out of the island and away from the aspects. From here the Ailwards then went on to build a guard from those who could pass through the barrier, each swearing an oath to the aspect council and from there Malva and her fellow Ailwards took their first steps into starting the new future for the world.

What happened after...

After becoming the Aspect of Magic, Malva has developed some sort of insomniac traits and terrible nightmares that kept her up at nights. Not being able to sleep, she would usually ask for Aureus’s help to erase it or she would drink a sleeping draught. Figments of her horrible imagination-like-dreams were making her suffer till the point she was more restless than ever. Her job was to restore and balance the peace that existed in the world along with the other 7 Aspects. As Aspect of Magic, she balances both dark and light magic and protect those who are affiliated or aligned with magic as well as the one who lives immortally. Them Aspects moved from America and reside in a inhospitable and isolated island in a secluded place, declaring it their home. Their leader, Venetus placed a strong barrier that will only allowed those with pure intentions to pass it.  She became more distant each century passes until there as a time where people came and searched for a better cause to stand for and joined them.

The first few guards who joined them was Vladimir, Theodor and Gabriel Dimitreu. They were easily known as the original guards. Soon came the Ivakovs and other batches of Dimitreus. Soon all of them surrounded the whole island. For the first few centuries they were very happy, managing and handling the world’s problems and restoring the peace that couldn’t stay still in one place. As centuries went by, more guards were recruited as more came to the island. Some seek refuge, some seek warmth and family and some seek a new life. Malva and the others accepted them with open arms, knowing they fully have pure intentions when they passed the barrier with no difficulty. Together, they form a council where both Aspects and Guards were given a seat. Suggestions and objections were handled calmly and accepted. Basically saying, everything was okay and went exactly what the Aspects anticipated and dreamed of. 

Centuries passed and Malva found herself enthralled by the beauty of the world, not knowing how corrupted it could be. She grew out from her shell that she wore on when she was  a Fae, symbolizing her reborn state into a whole new different person. Isn't that what she is? Someone who was given the duty to ensure peace across the world. Gabriel Dimitreu, the first apprentice she ever had was raised up in the Isle and both Cora and Malva tend to spent their time with the Necromancer. Even after he was claimed, Malva spoils him, giving him scrolls of spells she created for the past centuries so he could perfect his ability.Tatiana Ivakov was a ball of shining light that came into the Aspect of Magic's life. She grew up in the Isle and found her way into Malva's good graces. She treated the young dhampir with so much care and love, seeing her as her own sister, as she had always wanted one. Tatiana accompanied her in many sorts of journey and adventures, although she could not leave the Isle, she often sneaked out with her personal guard, whether to see the stars in the sky at night or discover what civilization have unlocked after such time, wandering around in the villages like a normal teenage girl.

Knowing how close they were, both made a vow to each other. Malva decided, with her new found powers gifted by the Gods, to bound both of them due to them promising each other that they would feel the same of what the others do, like twins. It was to strengthen their bond and Malva was more than happy to comply to the guard's wishes. When Tatiana was departed to places to guard and monitor, Malva felt alone. But since everyone, including her was busy with their own duties, the Aspect of Magic took liberty on creating more spell scrolls and see it as her hobby instead of duty. Now at the modern day 21st Century, Malva and the rest of the Ailwards were forced to intervened the matters in Evermore city that was populated by a lot of supernatural creatures. All of different kinds. She was bitter about leaving her home but did so nevertheless, complying and to abide by her brother's commands. She settled in slowly and began to learn the 21st Century ways.

The Present Day

After they moved to Evermore City, the infamous city known for the troubles stirred up within and the so called supernatural haven for most, Malva knew she was the first person that automatically said 'no' to everything good they can find in the city. Nothing enthralled her per say. It was also easy to say she hated everything there. It wouldn't come to her as a shock, knowing she liked their Isle of Skye more. It HAS been their home for over a millennium. She didn't like the idea of staying there any longer than they should. Of course, she had to be proven wrong. Sure she has made a few acquaintances during her stay but it was not home for the Aspect of Magic.

It wasn't until the fall of Isle of Skye happened that struck the young Aspect. It gave her quite a deep impact. She was anticipating the moment for them to finally return to the Isle,a place that she felt comfortable and felt like she could become her own person. It was hard for her to be just 'Malva Arguarde' in Evermore since she knew a lot of eyes are watching their family and organisation. She was distraught by the tragedy that cost them so many lives. It was as if the island wasn't even there nor did it exist in the first place. Like many others, Malva was deeply devastated by the tragic occurrence. It took her months to recover from the pain that was still there. It felt like a knife had embedded itself into her heart and took such difficulty to pull it out that resulted months later. She had to tell herself that Evermore was now their home as they moved in permanently.

As if the tragic event wasn't enough for them, the sudden shocking return of the Celestials caused her to rethink what she did to them before transcending back into her previous state. She had helped Aureus create the steel cage that rendered them useless of their ability and imprisoned them for over a century. She had quite a part to play in their years of captive. Now that they have decided to settled down in the same city as theirs, she was sure sooner or later, the tension will break and they will encounter each other. Only time calls for it. And the Aspect of Magic hoped dearly that they have no resolute plan of exacting their vengeance on them even though they had every right to do so.



- Potion brewing -

- Portal Creation -

- Spell Casting -

- Spell Creation -

- Magical Energy Manipulation/Negation -

FamilyAureus Ailward


Aureus was by far, the brother Malva was close to. It was almost every time that she had went to his aid and confide in the Aspect of Time. Aureus was the brother Malva never had. However, that also meant sibling rivalry and for these two, their relationship as brother and sister were hanging on a thin thread very often. She would never admit it but she could connect with him, as the two divulged in each other, offering what was left of their serenity to one another. It would not be surprising to see the Aspect of Magic being tear-stained and calling out for him, even just for a while from a split second of company. Lately, she's been very vulnerable and wanted nothing more than to reconcile their slightly shaken relationship together. 


Erythreus Ailward


Erythreus was the brother she could relate to, easily. Both had the same kind of temperament in their vessel of a body. Their short fuse were almost identical and knew its own synchronization. Malva wasn't always in his company since all her siblings had their own things to correlate. But Malva could understand his antics just as well, and offered her company to the Aspect of Death whenever she could. The brunette had her fascination with how he managed the netherworld of the afterlife. She hopes to understand him better. 


Venetus Ailward


Venetus had a special place in Malva's heart, believe it or not. He was her savior, the one who set her life free and gave her a purpose to spend her moments in. Every minute she spent with him before becoming Aspects were worth every tide. He accepted her when everyone else felt reluctant. He chose her to be with his movement and that was more than enough for the Aspect of Magic to hold on to. Malva was eternally grateful to Ven. Though she sometimes disagree with his decisions, eventually, she would always follow him, no matter what was at stake. She was thankful for his care on them. Like the others, she wishes to strengthen their relationship.


Argent Ailward


Argent and Malva had differing opinions, most of the time. They might have different views and perspectives towards everything, but Malva cherished her younger sister. Her fiery outspoken spirit had always surprised the Aspect of Magic. Though Malva knew, when it comes to finding peace, she was the person she could always sought out for, and it wasn't just because of her ability to exude the peaceful and calming aura. The pessimistic nature of Malva was always balanced with hers. Argent offers her comfort and a shoulder to lean on when she was at her worst. 


Virindeus Ailward


Virindeus was the life of the party, or in this case; the life of the family. He was probably the only one from the lot to actually know how to have fun. Though he could be serious and disciplined when needed, it was rare to see him not being his jovial self. Sometimes, his smile was enough for the Aspect of Magic to grin upon. She would never admit it right to his face due to his never-ending pranks with the elder sister, but she secretly likes the company. Like any other harmless sibling rivalry, of course they would have banter. She might have transfigured him into a rodent once or twice (maybe more) but it was an act of sisterly love. Malva misses him dearly and wished to see him gracing their company with his lively presence (no pun intended).


Cora Ailward


Cora. How to describe Cora? If Malva was asked to describe the Aspect of Darkness in one word; it would be classyCora was very comfortable around the 21st century manners, much like Argent, her polar opposite. She was the one responsible in stocking up Malva's wardrobe and got rid of almost everything that had no color in it. Despite not liking the darkness, or anything that aligned themselves with it, she is comfortable with Cora. Cora was the sister who would always find herself at Malva's wings. All her sisters had no problem in dragging her away despite her wrathful temper, and Cora was one of them who would not hold her tongue back in commenting on her distressed state almost all the time


Aurantia Ailward


Malva was still surprised by how mature and wise Aurantia is. She was the youngest and they almost had 40 years of difference but to Malva, Aurantia was the glue of the family. Like her other sisters, the Aspect of Elements were also not afraid to drag her around. (i.e. That time when she made Malva rode a horse and told her to find something to do that is worthwhile) Slightly different from Argent and Cora, Aurantia always offered her advice. The ginger would offer her solace and comfortableness, up to visiting the elder Aspect herself. Malva missed her dearly ever since she moved out from the manor, but was always reprimanded that she'll always be there with her. Her whimsical self always wanted to bask in her company with the youngest Aspect.


Credit : Aureus Ailward

Her Guards
Tatiana Ivakov 



Valentine Dimitreu



Aurelia Ivakov


Draco d'Fierro


- More to be added -

Benjamin Vaughn


It's very hard to describe Benjamin Vaughn. Malva wasn't used to having friends at all, at least outside her faction, and most of them were nothing more than acquaintances. She found him because of his relation to his late grandfather that once worked together with the Aspect of Magic. Both were trying to find the answers to his relative's tragic end and formed not just a partnership; but also a friendship along the way. Ben brings out the best out of Malva. Her compassion and caring self were enhanced whenever she was with him, so does her level of consideration. It's safe to say that anyone who attempts to lay a finger on his hair would suffer her wrath.


The rest? TBC



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Christmas Injury (Malva and Sapphire)

As if things weren't already worse enough for the Aspect of Magic, she was given the task of hanging the Christmas decorations last night by none other than her own guard commander, Illiana; who decided to host a Christmas Ball in two weeks. At first Malva was very adamant to go against being the person to do the said job, but gave up because it was…See More

✓ Benjamin Vaughn replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Drama Doesn't Always Follow (Mal and Ben)
"Ben knew humans were more than most species gave them credit for, they might be physically weaker compared to others but they had so many other strengths. And yet those strengths were so often seen as weakness. “The amount of perceived power…"

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"She'll be thoroughly frank about this whole thing. She didn't like it. No, not in the slightest. And she wondered why she had devised such plan in the first place, if she didn't like the outcome. Oh, right. She wasn't supposed to…"
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"Whatever Malva was doing ended up bringing Tatiana here, whether she meant to reconnect their bond or not. Nevertheless, she was here now either Malva liked it or not. Ever since the split of the two, everyone in the manor had been trying to get…"
Dec 2

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✓ Aurelia Ivakov replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion A Trip of Venturing Answers (Malva and Aurelia)
"Aurelia was one of the few guards in the house that didn’t gossip or tell others things she was told in confidence. She wondered if it was because from her past giving a secret to someone cost her, her nephilim life. So as she settled in…"
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"Malva knew she forgot about something but she couldn't quite place what it was, and so she shrugged it off, dismissing it as nothing. As her blood began dripping down touching the soil in the woods, she managed to extract more of it from the…"
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"The Guard had a rough few months, at least for Tatiana anyway. Between her mother and losing her Aspect, she was kind of just….there, these days. Going where she was needed and going on missions when called upon. Other than that, she…"
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At 21:30 on December 8, 2018,
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Hi Malva, I think we should discuss about a roleplay :)

At 15:28 on November 16, 2018,
✓ Axel Mathias

Replied to our roleplay.

At 16:15 on November 1, 2018,
Instar Diviner
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No worries, Love. Best thing to do is torture the bastards back! Will reply soon

At 20:11 on July 29, 2018,
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Took a little longer than I expected but I got our forum up!

Love ya!

At 16:56 on July 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Zandra Hollyn Smoke

Hey Malva, if you want to roleplay sometime let me know. Also thanks for adding me as a friend. 

At 4:33 on July 15, 2018,
✓ Benjamin Vaughn

I found the perfect gif to showcase my life expectancy thanks to knowing you. So thought I would share because I know you wanna see it too.

At 10:24 on July 14, 2018,
✓ Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn

Miss Malva, 

Here is our forum: Our Forum :)

Hope you reply to it soon. 

~Arthur. B 

At 7:24 on July 7, 2018,
✓ Quentin Ecanus Harkins

Hey Malva, 

Here's the forum I owe you. 

A Handbook to Getting Yourself in Trouble

Let me know if I need to change anything.

- Quentin 

At 16:23 on July 5, 2018,
✓ Benjamin Vaughn

Why am I not surprised that the plan might be slightly detrimental to my health? I was just stabbed Malva! You hate me, that’s what I’ve decided.

I guess we’ll see how this goes, good or bad I’ll just have to deal. Been awhile since I’ve been to France and my French bad as my Latin. But let’s do this! As usual we’ll go off of whoever gets to it first! 

I’m so ready for this! As always and we’ll keep this thing going and going and going.

Honesty? I’m still surprised you honestly agreed. I’ll take it!

At 15:12 on July 5, 2018,
✓ Benjamin Vaughn

Oh and in case you may have forgotten just to be clear:


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