This was very different for Malva. It wasn't as if she hasn't done it before, but this time however, it felt different. Almost as if it's a new thing entirely for her. Malva was just going back on a small trip on memory lane while she was reading the pages of her spell journal that aged up the same age she was currently on. The spell journal has been within her grasps ever since she started to learn how to use her manifested abilities. While she does that, it's understandable to go through a lot of memories and not all of them were pleasant. But, she'll have to suck it up now, wouldn't she?

Twirling one of the dress strings that was in her right hand, her other free hand was busy making sure everything else is intact in the spell journal while her mind went off the rails and began thinking about what would happen to them. Specifically, the effect it will take on her family. It's quite hard not to think about them when your family is the kind of people that will get such intel had anything occur in the eternal city. It was starting to become her daily routine, hobbling up the computer to see any updates on a certain guard she cherished. 

Valentine Dimitreu.

A few weeks ago, Malva was able to preoccupy a spell journal that she kept hidden down the catacombs somewhere in Evermore near the borders about two centuries ago. Now, has she been in Evermore before they were forced to make their residence here? The question still stood as something vague. She couldn't specifically remember the exact details but the Aspect of Magic did not recall remembering any single thing on her coming to Colorado. Ever. With the whole mind thingy tampering with her memories, now she found out that Valentine was apparently a suspect in one of the murders that occurred not long ago. And Malva was trying her best to wrap it all up. 

She does however, figured out why she couldn't remember the details yesterday while she was finding a way to crack whatever that was in her head. The answer was very simple and tactful, that even the Russian born woman couldn't grasp on it fully. Of course, it's a bit difficult to comprehend the situation before her when it's such a simple move. A move most people would never thought she'd use. Hell, even Malva Ailward herself took some time to believe she even considered such move. "There's no way Val would kill someone for no reason. She's not a cinnamon roll but she's not that kind of person who kills for no reason. Who is even this guy.." She pointed at the screen, feeling obviously frustrated that the guard was still in custody.

"Ugh..fine, I'll do it myself."

There was a reason why her head couldn't remember what she did. And no, it wasn't some temporary amnesia, much to her chagrin. She made sure to keep the important stuff buried deep inside her head that when it comes to a time, even she couldn't crack it open without proper steps or instructions. How did she end up knowing? It's not really hard when it's written in bold italic letters on the spell journal that she kept hidden. The whole Celestial issue wasn't getting anywhere but she wasn't sure if it's something good or not. Considering the fact that they currently have a faction filled with celestial beings that harbored ill feelings towards them just across the city. But at least, they haven't launched any sort of attack. Not yet, at least. And Malva was hoping for it to stay that way until she could fully figure out what else she was hiding from her own self.

A walk down the memory lane was all that she needed. But in order to do so, she needed to go through a sleep. A sleep where she'd honestly be better off comatose. That is where things went complicated for her, seeing as she couldn't exactly have anyone know that the purple dragon of the house is under a comatose state and it was nothing to be worried about. The part about not worrying was partially the truth, but if she didn't do it right, she might find it harder to get back. Magic isn't something to play around with, after all.

Malva slung her bag and took the leather jacket hanging on the chair before she rushed downstairs, leaving no space for anyone to question where she is going. Pushing the entrance door apart, she closed it slowly and stared at the sky where the stars were gleaming and shimmering. What an ironic moment. The light haired Aspect of Magic loved star gazing yet now it only served her as a painful memory, where she was reminded over and over again about the pain she had caused the Celestials. Letting the sounds of her heels from her boots make on the stony pavement, she made her way to her destination. The territory she has never set foot in. No kidding, Malva has never stepped into the human territory. The closest she would get to it is the border near the end of the vampire and dhampir territory, where the General Hospital is located.

There was one particular place she wanted to go to. The place where she could be granted an audience with one of the privy council's member. The city defense's general, Benjamin Vaughn. It would be a lie if Mal didn't know who the male was. His file was packed with various information that they could gather. A rather interesting man too. So far, despite residing in the eternal city for quite some time now, Mal has never really engaged a conversation, much less, be acquainted with someone from the human faction. No wonder she felt like she was missing a few people from the faction order. She heard about Valentine and considering the close bond the Dimitreus and Ivakovs had with the Ailwards, it's hard for her to ignore what was going on. Besides, she really did needed to know a few more people from the particular faction. "I'm told this is the office for Benjamin Vaughn?" She told the girl by the counter who seemed to be a secretary of sorts. Obviously, not all the members of the Organisation recognised her. She looked like some girl who just graduated from college and was looking for a job by being persistent. Oh, but she is persistent alright. Resilient too.

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Ever since Valentine had been taken in for questioning his whole schedule was completely thrown of since he had rescheduled everything just to be the first person at the precinct to talk to her before the DA and after the mundane questioning of the clueless police officers. Reaching up Ben rubbed his bearded chin and he had to admit he was exhausted after the time he had spent talk to Valentine but if there was one thing he almost one hundred percent certain on it was the fact that Valentine wasn’t the killer the city was on high alert for. The problem with that of course came from the mountain of evidence against her which he was having processed by another lab and double checking all the statements given. It was a lot of work but there had to be something to help her since was the lead suspect in at least one murder and there was the potential for more.

Leaning back he closed his eyes for what felt like just a moment but must have been longer as he subconscious overtook him and he swore he was being chased by a large wolf. Saliva dripping from it’s muzzle as it’s paws seemed to thunder against the ground behind him. Blood dripped from it’s claws and snout as if it had just made a fresh kill. There was no way he was going to be able to out run such a beast and as he turned the large creature lunged at him and Benjamin jerked awake falling out of his desk chair and hitting the floor. Groaning he rubbed the sleep from his eyes before slowly standing and rubbing his tailbone which was none too happy with the collision with the floor.

The Defense General had barely gotten situation once more when his temporary secretary knocked on his door and opened it right after without him telling her to come in. He really wanted to usual aid back but apparently he had gotten a summer cold and would be out for a while. “Mr. Vaughn there’s a woman here to see you and she’s, well I’m not really sure exactly how to describe her.” Some how the lack of descriptive words was not a surprise given she’d yet to surprise him in a good way since she had come in this morning. “Also I only work until five and it’s about that time.”

It took everything in Ben not to roll his eyes as he clenched his jaw and merely nodded, “That’s fine go ahead and send her in.” Though it would have been nice to have a name instead of being told there was just someone here to see him. A few minutes later he recognized the woman who entered his office as one of the Ailward Aspects but which he couldn’t rightly recall off the top of his head. The temp didn’t even bother to see if they needed anything before leaving and shutting the door behind her, likely ending her day right now.

Standing from his desk he moved around the room to stop in front of the Aspect offering his hand to her in greet and way of introduction, “Benjamin Vaughn, though since you came to my office I’m going to assume you know who I am which leaves me at a disadvantage.”

It was sure that the secretary of sorts, the woman before her, was someone who relied heavily on shifts when it comes to working etiquettes. It's neither surprising or shocking for the Aspect. She worked as doctor for the better half of her life when they first moved to the eternal city. So she understood all those small petty fuss over work shifts seeing as most could only handle so much in one day. To which she was sure the human General was probably tired as well. Seeing the time at the moment. 

When she returned from entering the office not far from where she stood before, she was relieved to see that he was in and available for her to talk to. Because in all honesty, Malva wanted to know a few things that wasn't even related to Valentine's situation. Something only she seemed to know. Or so she thought. Entering the room briefly after the woman left the office, Malva knocked once on the door that was left open before entering the room. "I'm pretty sure she said something about me looking like some college graduate who came by with her persistence. Guess she was way too 'tired' to describe me." She exclaimed, her tone carrying the soft element she often produced whenever she was talking. 

Looks can be deceiving, can't they?

When he offered her his hand, she reciprocrated it due to a form of respect. "Seems so. I'm sure you know who I am, maybe not specifically since there are 8 of us and it's quite mouthful to handle all of them at once. So I'll take the chance to introduce myself. I'm Malva Ailward, or more commonly known as the Aspect of Magic. I'm pleased to finally make your acquaintance, Mr Vaughn." The aura and vibe she carried truly emitted the sort of maturity you would feel from a young physical person yet they were only discovered to be 10x your age. Then, she noticed, she was sounding like some middle aged woman back in her days where courtesy was something big. "You can call me Malva or Mal. Please do not address me as Miss Ailward however." 

See, looks can be deceiving after all. She probably looked like she was no more than her early twenties yet the way she spoke didn't sound that way. "I heard you're supervising the particular case of one lycan..Valentine Dimitreu? I'm sure that name rings a bell." She was partially nervous on what's going to happen next. It was true that she came to hear about Val but then again, she had come to talk to him about himself. Particularly, his family.

Given Benjamin had always been the sort to stay until the job was done he didn’t under how others couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same. His usually aid would work until Benjamin told him to go home and this temporary secretary pretty much did what she wanted to when she wanted to not even giving him his called in a timely fashion or telling him when meeting times had been changed. He was definitely going to call the temporary hire agency later since he dealt with important people and matters and he wasn’t pretty sure this current girl didn’t even have the clearance necessary to work in this office.

Though his whole view of the evening changed when the Aspect walked into his office since that was not an everyday occurrence since most seemed to have no need of him. Though that tended to be the way most supernaturals felt about him not realize he was as much on their side as he was on the side of humanity, they all needed to get over who was what and just work together. “No, it seems adjectives were not something which was taught to her nor were the general workings of a professional office and I do apologize for that. I don’t believe she’ll be back tomorrow.” Because he would be requesting someone else who actually had experience she since she apparently had none or very little or she just didn’t care, he wasn’t really sure.

Benjamin had a way of putting the pieces together and given Valentine was currently being held in custody he had been wondering when an Aspect or someone from the Guard would stop by. “Venetus is about the only one out of you eight I have reason for remembering. No disrespect meant it’s just hard to keep track of everyone who calls this city home so I tend to focus on the Ambassadors. It’s nice to meet you Malva.” He said as he shook her hand figuring it was better to go with first names since all the Aspects shared a last name and that could be confusing. Though she appeared young, there was age and wisdom in her eyes which made since given she had seen more than he could even imagine. “I wouldn’t dream of it since from what I remember there would be four Miss Ailward and that’s just confusing.” He stated with a small smile.

And there it was, the reason for her visit. A small sigh left his lips as he turned and walked to his desk before leaning against the edge of it as he motioned to the seat in front of him. “The case is the District Attorney’s my job is to make sure her rights aren’t stomped on. At least professional that’s my job but the oath I took when I came into this position was something along the lines of do no harm and hold to justice but in this case I think the justice system is in the wrong.” Reaching up he rubbed his temples where a small tension headache was beginning to form. “If you’re here to convince me that she didn’t do it I don’t need that lecture because despite the evidence I’ve talked to her and I don’t believe she did it but finding evidence and keeping the DA from pursuing the case long enough for me to try to prove her innocence isn’t going to be easy. If you guys don’t have a lawyer I would suggest getting one so you can get least get her out of custody since I’m sure I can find some technicality to exploit to get her out. For now.” It wasn’t a permanent solution since the case would be pursued until the suspect was brought to justice and right now that suspect was Valentine.

It wasn't surprising that he only knew one out of all 8. Not all of them wanted to be anywhere near the spotlight really. It's very burdensome. For the Aspect of Magic, at least. She does play her role when needed of course, seeing as order needed to be there somewhere. Though, most of the time, she tend to go astray quite frequently. "None taken. It's not surprising. My brother seemed to be the only one who could use all those--recognition." She paused her words for a while, in search on finding a suitable variable to replace her vocabulary with. "I'm sure you'll find me to be the next most decent Ailward to talk to after Venetus." The promising tone mixed with sarcasm was truly great in amount. 

"You could really replace the secretary yeah. She doesn't seem to be anywhere near the word invested in her work. She had more than 3 cups of instant noodles and over 4 snacks stashed up right under her table. But I guess, there's a flaw somewhere in the system. Nothing can be too perfect. It doesn't exist, after all." She mused lightly, a smile still playing around her lips. The way she said it, was as if she was experienced in the particular topic itself. To which she might. Given her position and status, who knows what goes on in the Ailward organisation. It's a miracle they even lasted well this long.

However, Malva was quick to respond when he called the city their 'home'. For a good reason. She never liked Evermore because of the circumstances that befell the eternal city that eventually made them intervene personally, and she wasn't going to start liking it now. Or possibly, not ever. She despised the very fact that kept them there now. "Do you call Evermore your home? Of course you would, but aside from the general fact, do you ever consider the city your home? For the very least?" It was a random question, suddenly popped out of nowhere but Malva felt like she wanted to hear his answer. She wasn't even sure if he was the person she wanted to sought out, so it's not a surprise to see her trying to confirm it. 

When the topic about Valentine came to both their attention, she listened intently and paid attention so she could decipher what is going on at the moment. "The DA? I've heard about him, and unfortunately, most of it weren't the good stuff. No offense, of course. But he seems quite the person from what I've heard. And I could be wrong, but hey, don't judge a book by it's cover, right?" From all the things she's been listening to ever since she heard about Valentine's issue, she wasn't thoroughly convinced at all that the process will go smoothly. Speaking of the justice system, the Russian woman couldn't help but to snicker at the sudden mention of it. "Sorry, but I have been around justice system ever since I opened my eyes to the world. And one thing was clear, it could evolve and be more 'effective', but it's never changed a bit from the old days. Justice will not be served most of the time. I mean, I did got executed because of it." She shrugged. 

"I'm not here to lecture you on anything. I'm sure you've heard plenty of it already. To burden you is the last thing I would want to do. I'm not even here solely on Valentine's case too. I've been meaning to ask you on something-- personal? As personal as it gets, at least. Benjamin, what do you know of your family tree? Their affiliation to this city?" She asked, her tone still runs at a decent pace, with a questionable look present on her pale complexion. Her sapphire hues staring at him, waiting for the anticipated answer. She was hoping she could find something about whatever that she did in Evermore some time ago.

Something was beginning to tell Ben that Venetus may very well be the most personable of the Aspects since Malva seemed to hold the sarcasm and moody appearance of a twenty year old trying to find their place in the world. Which was ironic since as an Aspect she had a better grasp of her place in the world than he did own on his own since his orders could be changed at any time taking him from Evermore no matter how much he wanted to stay. “He seems to be the face of your organization and rather eloquent in speech for the position he holds. Which is more than I can say for myself.” Which was true since he tended to come off as pompous or insulting at times without meaning to since he just said what came to mind not thinking of how it sounded before it left his mouth. “Given the sarcasm in your tone I doubt that but I don’t personally know any different.” Nor did he really care since he couldn’t imagine he would have very many run ins with the species since he hadn’t until today.

“She’s a temp and obviously doesn’t care too much but if you’re looking for a job feel free to apply.” Granted his mind was now on those instant noodles because he was beginning to get hungry. With his luck she probably took her snacks with her though. And now he was off thinking on a random tangent, so he focused once more. “My more aid has a summer cold so it’s usually a bit more friendly and professional of an atmosphere around here.”

It seemed calling the city home was something which is some way insult or upset Malva which was of no surprised since he tended to have that moment during all of his interactions. One small misstep is conversation tended to change the whole tone of it after all. “Originally it was just the city I was stationed in but Evermore is more my home than where I came from so yeah I consider the city home. I wouldn’t have taken the position if I didn’t consider this my home or see a future here.” Not that he had a clue what the future might hold but this city seemed to be where he was needed since he wasn’t needed back in his hometown or the building he had grown up which wasn’t a home but a building that housed bitter memories.

Benjamin found himself shrugging as Malva spoke of Tyler Blackford, “He and I don’t often see eye to eye on things so I tend to just give him his space and hope he stays out of my way.” The two just seemed to naturally butt heads since Tyler could be sympathetic to supernaturals but he often wanted to make examples out of them. There was a snicker before bitterness entered her tone as she spoke of the justice system, “It’s an imperfect system and sometimes innocent people are the ones who pay the price. That’s why I’m trying to prove Valentine’s innocence before she becomes a statistic.” Though his jaw clenched as she spoke of her execution which didn’t know much about other than the fact that the Aspects had been executed before becoming what they were now.

“Actually no one has tried to lecture me in regards to Valentine yet but I’m sure most are knocking at Blackford’s door instead of mind in that regard. After all I’m not a part of the court of the justice system.” As she spoke of being here for reasoning beyond Valentine his sandy brows rose in surprise. “You want to ask me something personal?” That was a first, well maybe a second considering the favor Giselle had asked of him earlier this week. “What do I know about my family tree? Mostly just my Dad’s side really, my Mom never talked about her family.” Though as she asked about the city his brows drew together as his hands grasped the edge of the desk tightly his knuckles turning white. “What do you know of it?” The former Defense General had spoken of his grandfather who had been stationed here before Benjamin had been born. He had a journal of his grandfather’s which was filled with insane ramblings which made no sense but no else knew his grandfather had been here.

Pushing himself from the edge of his desk he took a step closer his eyes a shade darker and more intense. “No one else knew about my grandfather other than the Defense General before me. So why are you asking about something you shouldn’t know?” Unless she did know more than what she was saying which was very possible.

Examining him from the seat she took at the empty chair, she knew the possible chances of what he was thinking and what was going in his head. After centuries long of being aorund people with magic, you really learn to analyze and hear their thoughts bit by bit. Because one was never supposed to possess such power, were they? But unfortunately, she's going to have to deal with it for now. It was controlled for long, but ever since the warding around her mind was cracked up and she remembered what she should have remembered, her head is slowly losing its vulnerability. That happens when you have your Aspect of Time of a brother sort out a few things there.

"I know I don't look the part..honestly, I question myself too why my physical vessel still stayed young. But it's probably because this physical body was the body I was executed in. Wasn't more than 18 if I remembered correctly. Though I actually do possess the kicks where sarcasm and temperamental side rest. I was always that person and a thousand years could pass and I would still retain this side." She didn't know why she was suddenly telling him that but she did get the small feeling where she needed to reassure him she was just as regular girl he would see any day. "Yes, he's quite eloquent. That's why he became our leader and were the one who gathered all 8 of us in the first place. He's someone you could put your trust in. He's too noble sometimes, and that's what you could check in."

She did however snicker slightly when he told her about the secretary work being available. "I've always been a medic all my life, doctor..anything that has something to do with healing people. I should heal people with the ability I have right? It's not right to keep it to myself anyways. That's just selfish. Although, my temper might get the best of me around paper works. Me being a secretary would give you more trouble rather than ease you. Trust me." A small smile tugged on her lips as she crossed her legs.

Upon hearing the fact that he was stationed in Evermore and he originated from there. Okay, maybe she didn't read all of his information in the files, because she couldn't exactly come by the office and take his file casually. That would surely raise suspicions and that's the last thing she wanted. Besides, she wasn't one that gives her attention to specific people. It's mainly because Malva Ailward does not see anyone that much. When it comes to them talking about himself personally, she saw how defensive he got and the slight chance of mood in the office alone.

"You mean, why do I know something someone outside from your family should know? I don't know, why don't you guess." She smirked slightly but then chuckled after. "Sorry, not the best time to be testing you. Well- there's no reason for me to keep this from you. "I knew your grandfather decades back. I think it was during the time before he had your father. I would tell you if I could. But the only thing I remember is that I met your grandfather in Oregon back in what I think was uh-1922? I'm not sure. My memory hasn't completely come back to me on that. That is why I'm here today, Benjamin."

Time to get down to business. "From what I know currently, your grandfather and I were affiliated in a way. We worked together on something...supernatural? I gave him a spell book that contained a lot of important and dangerous stuff. And I couldn't trust a supernatural to entrust the book and knowledge..since they have a nature on betraying sometimes and that thing can't fell into the wrong hands. Fortunately, he was a human and though it took him months long to trust me, it worked out eventually. A few weeks ago, I went to the church near the borders of Evermore, where I usually do a lot of rituals at back when I came here. And the spell book wasn't there. What I found was a fake one. A decoy of sorts. I thought maybe he would have left something for you? Or your father?" Malva was a bit disheartened to hear that he didn't live a long life in the end, but she couldn't go all sentimental there.

Benjamin would like to say he was used to the oddities of Evermore these days but that would have been a lie since he wasn’t sure anyone could ever really be used to it. Supernaturals probably but being a human and taking this all in took a lot longer than he had been in the city. The Aspects were something he still didn’t understand since they were unlike other supernatural species since they had once been other supernatural species. It was a lot for his brain to handle but he knew that the Aspects were an integral part of the protective infrastructure of the city.

“I’m used to those who look much younger than they are at this point. After all only us humans tend to age normally and even then some age better than others.” Though at his point his mom looked eighty and she was from it but that was due to the life she decided to lead which was a rough one. Though it made sense that the Aspect would remain in the body they were resurrected in, not aging and eternal. Though it seemed their personalities remained intact and why shouldn’t they given that despite life expectancy and span each person was different and held their own personality traits. Malva apparently had a mildly abrasive personality but there was something rather genuine about her as well. “Nobility is a lost personality trait these days most don’t even know the meaning of the word noble let alone how to be it.”

“Can’t ever really tell people what to do but I do believe that they should use their abilities to help others where they can. I don’t have any abilities in the sense of other supernatural beings, but I do have the knowledge and skills to at least have the nerve to try to keep people safe.” Which was hard in a world like the one they lived in since before the Organisation, humans didn’t have much hope of being able to protect themselves from supernatural beings. It was easier these days especially with the peace treaty in place in the city and the Ambassadors coming together to better the place they all lived. “No one likes paper work, it’s the bane of my existence which is why I have an aid in the first place.” Though most of the paper work he ended up doing himself since it had to be a written firsthand account that he had to sign off on. Or they were just reports he sign off on in general. “That’s fine I wouldn’t want to work for me either.” He stated with a chuckle.

It was honestly ironic that despite coming into a city full of war and violence when he had first been stationed here, he still liked it better than the home he had been raised in. Of course by this point it had probably been reposed by the bank since Benjamin had found away to divert the fund his mother was supposed to be getting from the US government from his father’s death. It helped to have tech friends in the right place who were willing to help even with just a limited amount of his situation explained. “Evermore has been good for me, better than anywhere else I’ve been.”

Only the government was aware where his grandfather had been stationed, even his father had never discussed it likely having never known. “My family isn’t even aware of where my grandfather was stationed, I didn’t find out until after I had been in Evermore for over year.” His whole family history had always been a mystery with him since neither of his parents really discussed their family. So it confused him on how Malva knew things that Benjamin knew nothing about his own family. Instead of flying completely off the handle he listened to what Malva was saying as he reigned his unusually hot head in and tried to come back to being level headed. “I don’t think I’ll be much help since I only know he was stationed in Evermore for a time.”

The journal either neither some sort of Rosetta stone or someone much more intelligent than him to figure it out as she continued to speak. It made sense on why there was a lot of text about magic in the journal though it seemed like part of it was in a completely different language. “He may have left something for future generations, something that doesn’t make a lot of sense.” As she spoke of having hidden something from herself and going to find only for it to be a fake the pieces began to slip together. “He moved it….” The book she was looking for had been replaced and only someone who knew where it was could have done that, “I’m not willing to give you the only thing my grandfather left but if he was helping you with something I’d like to help you figure it out especially if it’s dangerous or special enough for someone to leave a decoy.” Since it could be a very large problem if it ended up in the wrong hands.

Malva couldn't help but to curse slightly internally as she came to know that even Benjamin himself knew nothing much regarding his own grandfather. But then again, she was not even surprised, seeing as his grandfather wasn't much on exposure. He was a very closed off and reserved person. It didn't take the Aspect of Magic easy to get him to trust her, especially given her abrasive attitude and her cold persona. It took her good 9 to 10 months to even get the man to pull off his walls.

However, their working period together did take their time. About 3 years long and yet, not even one of her siblings nor guards notice the indifference she held. It was either Malva keeping her very secure and well or her siblings and the people around her simply did not give much care to her, which she would like to think it's more to the first one. For the first time, she did not want to think of the latter being anywhere near the road of truth.

Despite learning how most truth tend to be very cruel and harsh, much like the world that they lived in, the light haired Aspect refused to believe some versions. She is her own self, after all. She'll decide and choose what she believes in and no way other. She's quite the complicated hard case for a reason. However, hearing that he knew about the spell book, to which she even dared to assume he had it in his possession, she was delighted and relieved. It didn't last long though, since he said he's not going to be returning it so easily. But she understood why he would be cautious. She would.

"Someone else must've knew of it if your grandfather had to make a fake one to avert their attention away. Which is exactly what I've been fearing would happen. No one else was supposed to know that thing even existed in the first place. It was supposed to be safely kept in the Isle of Skye with me but the thing seemed to give me difficulty to go about my daily life. I had no idea why, I will probably get to know once my head cracks up a bit more." She mumbled, frowning in the process of doing so, obviously frustrated with the fact that her head and memory was not giving any cooperation. One that she needed at the moment, and very desperately.

Even though he would not give her what was hers in the first place back, he was willing to help her go through all the broken pieces. Which, is quite a lot. "I know it's hard for you to believe me, but trust me, I wouldn't have to be here if I didn't have to. I'm sure your company is very well preferred of course." She was being very careful not to offend the general before her. For some reason, she had a feeling if he was anything like his grandfather, then, she's going to have a very hard time getting him to work with her on this. And she would prefer it if it would not take them over 10 months like it took her with his grandfather. Because, that was just a pain. Especially with the current situation she was on, she definitely could not be delaying time anymore. 

"I found a few broken pieces back in the church that I went to..only a few symbolic but very vague spells. It did seem like it was broken up or split purposefully. I would assume your grandfather had something to do with it. I hope it was him. Because whatever that was scattered in that church that I found, it wasn't light. It even went far beyond dark magic. The most important thing right now, is for me to remember what I hid inside here." She pointed at her head, where she knew, she was powerful enough to bury it inside. She knew one thing though, she was more powerful back then rather than now. It was probably the exhaustion and lethargy catching up with her alongside all the broken relationships that was still being mended. 

Out of nowhere, her mind decided to speak up. "There is this one device created right? Where the person goes into comatose state or at least a REM sleep, and you could see what's in her head while trying to figure out what was happening. Valentine had that in our manor. At her lab. I would go for the traditional way, magic. But I'm sure you would be uncomfortable with it?" Like it or not, she knew he was the only one who could go inside her head and memories for this problem. She couldn't risk Reus or her siblings knowing so he was a no no. Neither could she have Tatiana inside, fearing what she'd find would be the demise to their already wrecked relationship.

Benjamin had never really consider that one day he might need to know more about his family until that came. He knew pretty much nothing about his grandfather and honestly not very much about his own father if he really thought about it. He knew his father had been a just man and his grandfather had likely been the same but it was hard to know. It was odd that decades ago his grandfather had helped Malva was something important and now she needed his help.

“Guess he knew something you didn’t after you left. All I know is that after he was stationed in Evermore, he never left.” His father used to set him on his knee and tell him his grandfather had been a brave man, but really they were just stories his father had been told by his mother. It was curious that something so powerful and important wouldn’t be locked up somewhere else since a church on the outskirts of the city didn’t necessarily seem like the most guarded and safe place.

“I need to sit down.” He finally said before circling his desk to take an actual seat in his high backed leather office chair trying to wrap his brain around it all. “Believe you? This city is full of unbelievable things and people and this definitely ranks up there. Even if I believe you, I don’t trust you since for all I know you came back and killed him because he knew too much.” He knew the Aspects weren’t allowed to murder especially not innocents, but he had no idea what had truly happened. He had no idea what she truly capable of if he was being honest.

Benjamin didn’t truly think that Malva had done anything to his grandfather or at least he hoped that she hadn’t. “Unfortunately, I’m not sure what he did or didn’t do but this might shed a bit of light on it.” Reaching for the chain on his neck he pulled his dog tags, along with a ring from his neck and unlocked his top desk drawer. Pulling out the first few photocopied pages of the journal he slide them over to her before relocking the drawer and placing the chain back around his neck sliding his tags and key back under his shirt. “This is all I know and it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I doubt it’s the spell book you’re looking for but it may very well lead to what you’re looking for. If you can make more sense out of it that I’ve been able to that is.”

Ben had to admit that he was intrigued by what she was suggesting even if he didn’t fully understand it. After all he didn’t understand about seventy-five percent of what Sariah tried to explain to him. “I’m vaguely following what you’re saying but you might want to full explain just in case.” Mostly because he tended to over think or under think things and he wasn’t as up to date on the amount of technology as others might be. “You want me to help you remember what you’ve forgotten? We don’t even know each other.” He said a little bit concerned.

Truthfully, Malva was a bit more on the soft edge of going berserk there and there, right on the spot. And she would not care if there was even an audience, let it be if it was only one person or the lot. It's known to the people close to her, that Malva Ailward is quite the short circuited temperamental woman who will not hesitate to do by any means necessary to get what she wanted. Given that it is still legal to do so and involved no maiming that could result death. What, you think she wouldn't dare get her own hands dirty if needed? She could. She only chose not to do that, especially when Tatiana or Valentine always volunteered to do the deeds instead. That's the perk of having guards, she's guessing.

She has not cross the certain path of resulting death anywhere. Yet. They were not able to kill any single being, after all. It didn't mean she wanted to do that too. Secretly, somewhere inside her, she knew she was soft hearted and sensitive. Which was why her emotional advances are very enhanced, per say. And that was why she always felt offended when the remark directed to her was anywhere inhabiting the negativity in it. Like what was happening now. She knew to him, she was the stranger there and in this supernatural inhabited city, it's more than understandable to be so cautious with the people around you. However, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't even the slightest hurt by the said gesture.

"If you know my faction very well, you would know by now, Mr Vaughn..that my siblings and I could never kill another being. You probably are asking yourself, despite such statement being withdrawn in every point given, were you sure they didn't have their guards do the dirty deeds for them? You're clever to think so, I'd give you that. I'll be truthfully honest and answer all your 'questions' with no hints of deceit. I had nothing to hide from you anyways. Yes, there were times where our guards carried out what we could not do. About the death sentences? No, we don't give that out. At least, not that I know of or if it's in our purpose to do that. So you have no need to fear about that word. But-- We do grant hurt and maim order. And sometimes, we don't let our guards do it." Her sapphire hues were then averted from the papers that laid neatly on his table and onward to the male himself as he took a seat.

"I can assure you. We don't need our guards to do what we can't. They just feel obliged to protect us because of their given nature. But, I can tell you-- we don't need them to do everything for us. Which means, if I want to hex someone, I will do just that." She then ended the sentence with a smile. As if she didn't even talk about threats and whatnot. "Please don't take it as a warning. It's merely a brief token of introduction, seeing as we are quite the mysterious faction." The Aspect of Magic reassured him, the smile still present on her lips. "I sense you still wonder what I'm capable of. Easy enough. What the diviners could do, I could too. Only, I could do far more. Create portals, create and document the spells, and negate the magical energy the others harness. Oh and yes, as an Aspect, I could transform into a dragon too. It's invisible too. How cool is that." She shrugged, the never-ending soft and amused grin obviously playing around.

Taking the papers from him, she then analyzed and read every word clearly as her eyes ran over them a few times. "You're right. It's not what I was looking for. But it's a start. It'll take some time to decipher it but good thing, I always put a security assurance on every spell journal I own. You can never be too careful. It's mostly written in old Latin, a different form than the current Latin the diviners could read nowadays. That is-given if they could even figure it out. So no worries there." Malva told him, at the same time, reassuring herself that if someone was searching for it, it would take a hard time to do so, thus giving them more time. One they really needed.

"No worries. Most of the time, I don't even understand what people are on about when they rave about the technology. I still hate the amount of tech they have back in the manor but it did make their job easier. Guess we don't belong in this century." Which was true for her, seeing as she didn't belong in that century or any century that wasn't under 10th century which she felt okay in the last time. How she missed some of 8th century itself. Not the civilization for sure, but the surroundings at least. "We don't know each other, true. But you're about the only person I could trust at the moment to get anywhere in my memory lane. I couldn't risk my siblings or my guards knowing what I hid a time ago. Don't worry, you won't be alone. I'll still be there to guide around, I just have to find the right memory is all. I can't do it alone because I need someone to wake me up from it if anything happens. Which, I hope nothing will. But seeing as the best spot for us to do any of it would be back in my room, where not one human being would be brave enough to walk in without my's quite difficult, isn't it?"

"You wanted to find more answers on your mysterious grandfather. And I want to find my own answers too. It's a win win situation. I mean..given if no one interrupts us."

Ben was well aware that accusing an Aspect or the Ailward Guard of potential murder was a terrible idea but he still wasn’t sure what happened to his grandfather other than he didn’t survive long after he had helped Malva. So either someone had been following the Aspect, waiting or the man hadn’t been able to handle what he knew. After having confronted Valentine on the subject of murder he had a pretty good feeling she wouldn’t harm a fly unless it caused a threat to the Aspects or innocents. That of course was also just an assumption since he had no way of proving that but he felt it deep inside.

“Your species and your Guard aren’t what worries me and puts me at unease Malva, it’s the fact that you don’t know so you can’t give me a straight answer. You can claim all day that you didn’t give an order for him to be killed but you don’t remember. For all either of us know he may have become a threat or threatened to give the spell book to another. I don’t know and neither do you and I don’t like working with unknown factors.” Even though it was something he did pretty much everyday since everyday was a learning experience and he often found out new things which was to be expected in Evermore.

“I’m not sure if that’s meant to put me at ease or not since speaking of hexing people doesn’t necessarily cause a warm and fuzzy feeling to grow.” At the moment he should probably be intimidated and a little afraid but he wasn’t since despite her words he had the feeling she didn’t go around just hexing people who pissed her off. As she spoke of the Diviners that was at least a species he knew and to a point understood, then again it wasn’t hard understand witchcraft and spells or at least the idea of it. “I’d ask portals to where but I’m not sure that I want to know the answer to that question.” The mention of dragons with invisibility just caused his head to hurt, yeah he was going to need a drink or ten after work.

As she focused on the couple of pages he handed over he carefully observed her watching for any reactions to what she saw or read. “These are just copies of the first few pages. I was trying to use a computer program to decode them but hadn’t been making much luck. The symbols on the pages were throwing the whole system off.” Given Benjamin didn’t even know modern Latin it made sense that he wasn’t able to figure out what language he was looking at. “So you taught my grandpa old world Latin?” Benjamin was still a little confused but if he had been helping Malva than that likely would have been something he would have needed to know. At least that was Ben’s assumption on the matter. “Apparently my Grandpa died in Evermore but before that he helped fund a couple of charities and purchased the buildings they work out of. So if he hide more than the journal it’s probably in one of the three buildings somewhere.”

It was weird to hear people speaking on not belonging in this century but he was sure the vampires and celestials felt the same way. Though the celestials brought up more questions but asking an Aspect seemed like an unwise idea since there was bad blood between the two species. “Seems this century may very well help you out in this case since if it was any other era the technology wouldn’t exist or be possible.” I was odd that despite being total strangers in order to gain the answers they were both looking for they were going to have to work together and trust one another. “We both want the same thing, answers to what you’ve forgotten and to keep something potentially dangerous out of the wrong hands. So whatever I had to do to help I will.” He agreed as she finished explaining exactly what she needed, “Nothing is ever easy but that doesn’t mean you give up or stop trying.” Benjamin was used to things in his life being difficult and complicated since they had been for a very long time now.

“I want to find out about my grandfather and make sure that whatever you hide is safe and out of the hands of those that might use it incorrectly.” Though now he was worried about something else, “What happens if someone interrupts?”    

That's weird for her to hear, seeing as their species were deemed mysterious and wasn't sure if they could or should be trusted. Given their nature, they should be trusted, however, some could have suspicions against them and Malva would not say it's the first time she's come across such impression. "I wouldn't hold it against you even if you do have anything against us, both my guards and my families. We are considered very mysterious in our way. No one seemed to know a thing about us unless it's supposed to be known. Don't you think that's too vague? Coming from a huge faction--sorry.. formerly huge faction, that should be very intimidating." She shrugged, where she was sure to be careful and cautious as she took in how her words might have seemed. She was careful not to play around the strings too much.

Be it anything, she wouldn't mind. But she did once again, feel the jab to her heart once she heard his 'accusation' if she could even call it that. "You really think I would send such order? To have him killed? Or even maimed? I'm sorry to break it down to you, Benjamin. I might not look the part, but I do have a sensitive and soft heart somewhere." She hissed, which was probably the first time she had seen herself do ever since long ago as she does not hiss very often. It was probably because she tend to avoid any form of physical intervention anywhere. 

"You're right, hexing doesn't give any warm or fuzzy feeling. Because it's not supposed to. But I can assure you, I did not have your grandfather hurt nor incarcerated by any means. I have my own way to deal with those who could not find it in themselves to cope with what was given. And it doesn't involve brutal maiming nor does it involve any killing. I can't say the same for my siblings but I have never send out an order such as that, much less done it myself." It was clear, Malva was quite aggravated by such approach. It didn't help that the Aspect of Magic had a short fuse when it comes to temper. She's probably one of the most temperamental sibling out of the lot. Her siblings had their fair share on the subject itself, but not all were as temperamental. Erythreus and her were probably the quickest to act on impulse whenever their short fuse were lit up.

With that given, it wasn't really a pleasant knowledge to be known. They were dragons though, wouldn't you expect their temper to match the same? At least the ones in the mythology. "I understand you were probably thinking of so many possibilities that comes in your thoughts endlessly. It's more than understandable. I know that the belief of having doubt is always going to be there. It keeps us alive. I am still disheartened by the fact that he did not live a long life afterwards. That wasn't the life he was supposed to endure in his coming years. It wasn't an option in our choices. I'm deeply sorry for that, but it wasn't caused by me. It might be due to me but one thing was sure, I wasn't the direct perpetrator." She didn't like having doubts thrown towards her but she'll have to live with it, wouldn't she?

Now that she was past all that, she was glad he was professional enough to get down for work. "Yes, I did taught him Latin. Both forms of Latin. I didn't think he would need it but maybe he did. Considering for a reason, I distinctly remember that he was the one requesting for a lesson on the particular language." She shrugged, as she didn't think it was important or vital enough for her to pinpoint. A human wanting to learn both forms of Latin from an ancient witch? Yes, to her it wasn't weird at all. "In my position, giving up does not exist in my vocabulary unfortunately. It might seem like a very good advantage. Even if it's burdensome most of the time..." It was at that moment, where Mal remembered what an old friend of hers once said to her a year back. 

"The world is too big for one woman to carry. That's what she said. It's true. But I can't stop and take a breather nor could I stop and take a rest. So, giving up wasn't possible. It's hard when you deal with the problems of magic itself in everywhere throughout the nook corners of the world. Not a second of the day went by where I don't get a poke from magic, be it light or dark. Magic is everywhere. Even the slightest tinge of it could be seen everywhere. And, as you would know..the world isn't very lenient nor are they helpful, are they?" The solemn look in her bright blue hues and slight purse on her lips. She chuckled softly as she saw the slight change of expression on him when he asked what would happen if someone was to interrupt.

"Well..seeing as we'll be going into a seance of sorts, you'll come with me to the astral world in my own mind. Which means..we'll be going through so many memories sealed behind every door. And I don't which door that contained my hidden memories, I'd guess it's on the far end section. So it might be between the worst memories I had, probably prompting me into not wanting to go anywhere near it. I know that's how I would do it to prevent access..If someone were to interrupt us while our physical vessels are basically in comatose state, easily said, we are vulnerable. Say, if someone stabbed you to death while you were in the seance with me, you'll die. But, that's not to be worried seeing as we'll be doing it in my room, which..I think is a safe place. At least, away from the people who would want to hurt any of us. But the problem still stands, if we are interrupted, our connection will be tangled up in the strings and if we're not careful, we might get trapped in the memory itself."

"Whoever said magic wasn't complicated is lying."


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