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The Black's (Wyatt and Madison)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Wyatt Brookes Mar 20. 16 Replies

Wyatt put a hand through his hair as he came out of the abandoned warehouse at the end of the block. The street was quiet as it was the later part of the evening and most people were home for the evening; But not him. The diviner had had an itch to…Continue

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✓ Wyatt Brookes replied to ✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~'s discussion The Road To Ambience And Tranquility (Malva and Wyatt)
"Wyatt studied the woman's responses. Every bit of information she gave to him was held with a grain of salt. She didn't want to give too much away and he completely understood. He was just a stranger after all, but if he had to guess,…"

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✓ Wyatt Brookes replied to ✓ Wyatt Brookes's discussion The Black's (Wyatt and Madison)
"Wyatt's hues looked down at his camera and checked the pictures he'd taken of Madison. "These will be great, actually. You sure you don't do this for a living?" he joked with a smile to her, putting his prized possession…"
Mar 20

Tempting is the darkness when the shadows hold you tight

brush-fontsName: Wyatt Brookes
Nicknames/Alias: Brookes 
Faceclaim: Jensen Ackles
Age: Really 106 / Looks early 30s
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Date of birth: November 1st, 1913
Current place of residence: Evermore, Colorado in a small, but modern home on the river banks of Diviner territory
Species: Instar Diviner (Light)
Occupation: Archaeophotography. Wyatt travels the world to document lost civilizations, animals, tribes, nature, and other various things he deems important to get on film. He'll pilot pretty much anyone that is willing to pay without much regard to their character if it gets him to an interesting part of the globe. Some call him a treasure hunter or modern day Indiana Jones and they wouldn't be wrong. When he isn't traveling, he'll do side jobs from his online business as a local photographer for hire.


Build: 6'1", athletic, and toned
Hair colour: Light brown and cut short
Eye colour: They change depending on the lighting, but are mostly a light green that can vary into hazel. When he's using magic, they will also change depending on the spell being cast.
Distinguishing marks: Light freckles can be seen on his face if you're standing close enough to him
Everyday look: Casual and comfortable. Jeans, boots, a basic t-shirt, and sometimes a flannel with a denim or leather jacket.


Traits: Wyatt is kind, honest, trust-worthy, intelligent, driven, and highly creative. At times he can be cocky, headstrong, and short-tempered.

Hobbies: Wyatt will most always have a camera on him wherever he goes taking pictures of things most others wouldn't see the beauty in. He likes to work out, spar, hike, travel, practice diviner magic, sing, play the guitar, and pilot small planes.


Kaelynn Brookes - Cousin - The two have a strained relationship which he hopes they can work through


Conrad Brookes was the eldest of the Brookes brothers, born into a loving family that prized honesty and laughter above all else. Through his parents guidance he grew to be an inquisitive and thoughtful individual, learning things with ease and constantly questioning what he didn’t know. His mother provided him with a limitless outlet of information from library trips to internet research, fueling his thirst for knowledge wherever his mind might take him. Conrad’s father often took him outside, instilling a love of nature and the outdoors and constantly encouraging him to explore as well as question. The Brookes family was a fairly popular and well liked couple, their friendly demeanor giving them the pick of social events in which they attended many. Following their example Conrad became a social butterfly, easily fitting in with any crowd and never without company when he wanted it. By the time his brother Brandon was born nearly 10 years later Conrad had matured past his age and was secure in his place within the family, which virtually dissipated any sibling rivalry that might have cropped up between the brothers. Throughout the year the brothers were close though the obvious age gap created some distance as they got older.

Conrad entered High School taking honors courses, his scores in all of his classes easily placing him in the top of the class. By sophomore year he had added several clubs to his agenda including student government, Drama Club, 4H club, and the student activities committee. He also tried out for the Lacrosse team earning him a spot as their star midfielder throughout the rest of his high school career. Upon graduation he was named Valedictorian, was the President of the Student Body, Captain of the 3 time International Lacrosse Champions, and starred as the leading role in 2 of the school’s plays. Conrad entered college with full honors and scholarships, taking to the collegiate level of higher learning like a duck to water. During his Freshman year he met a gorgeous brunette Photography major who would become his wife 3 short years later.

Two years after marriage Melinda gave birth to Wyatt Brookes on November 1st, 1913 at 8 lbs he was the squirming apple of his parents eye. Raised in a similar environment to his father, Wyatt was much like his father in disposition: easy going, sociable, and highly intelligent, though he did manage to snag his mother’s artistic eye and compassionate nature. Wyatt was constantly following his mother around, fascinated by camera’s, nature, and animals. His parent’s gifted him his first camera when he was 3, a toy that could withstand the rowdy, rough and tumble little boy though little did they know that the gift would spark an interest that would follow him into adulthood.

Despite their age gap Conrad did his best to keep in touch with his little brother Brandon watching proudly as he accomplished great things in true Brookes style. It came as a shock when Brandon’s girlfriend wound up pregnant though the family stayed as supportive as they could to the young couple, even attending their small wedding. Once little Melody was born Conrad brought Wyatt over for a play date hoping the cousins would hit it off but Melinda sensed that something was off. That would be the first and last time the cousins were together, as well as the last time Conrad would ever speak to his younger brother.

Wyatt grew up in much the same way both of his parents did, their influence shaping him to be smart, adaptable, intuitive, and free thinking as well as incredibly creative. He was constantly seen behind the lens of a camera, taking pictures by the dozen. First his interest was people but it slowly shifted to nature and he found a particular knack for wildlife. It became quite clear to his parents that focusing was difficult for him, his mind buzzing in so many different directions that they needed to find him an outlet that would improve his concentration. After much trial and error they finally found that boxing worked, the physical exertion clearing his mind of all the clutter to allow for smooth and continuous thought.

His high school years flew by in blur a of straight A’s, sports, clubs, and art exhibitions. During his senior year his father sat him down, explaining a piece of his family heritage that had been kept secret from him for reasons of safety. Much to his surprise he was informed that he was no ordinary human, that he and his father were a part of a supernatural species that could be claimed by either a light side, the Fae, or the dark side, Necromancers on their 18th birthday. So on the day of his, Conrad took his son deep within the woods to perform a ceremony that would reveal where Wyatt would be claimed. As the sun was setting a bright light enveloped him effectively claiming yet another Brookes for the Fae line.

Entering college he had full scholarships in both arts and academics double majoring in Wildlife Photography and wildlife conservation. He continued to box, eventually picking up MMA when he grew too bored. His voracious adventurer's spirit also lead him into a few extreme sports, snowboarding being his favorite and how he was introduced to flying. Right after his first helicopter ride Wyatt took an interest in avionics, picking up book after book on flight standards and basics.

The summer before his final year in college both of his parents were taken from him quite suddenly, a car accident with a drunk driver left him orphaned and alone and significantly in debt. Their family had always lived fairly simply, budgeting everything so in order to pay for their funerals as well as settled a few outstanding credit cards he had to sell most of his family’s things with the exception of his mother’s cameras and his father’s grimoire. Still he took his grief through with him, honoring their memory by pressing on with his life and graduating with full honors.

After graduation he sought to enter flight school but soon found that he didn’t have the money and tuition was astronomical. Wyatt found the money in a relatively illegal way, entering in a few street fights that promised cash if you win. After a few wins and a couple hundred dollars he developed a lust for it, entering street fights at least 3 times a week and before he knew it he was raking in the money. Making it easier he found a spell in his father’s book that enabled him to heal almost instantly leaving no evidence of his fights for anyone to see. Finally he earned enough to pay for flight school, learning to fly by day and fighting by night. At the end of flight school he earned the title of Captain and expert, deciding to take his skills into the private sector. His work as a photographer and conservationist got his foot in the door with several wildlife circles, landing him his dream job as a Wildlife Guide and Photographer.

With his new job he took groups of conservationist around the world, flew them in jets and helicopters into the heart of the wild where they would study and he would document their time in images. He quickly gained notoriety within the field, earning him a sparkling reputation as both an excellent guide and photographer as well as an easy going people person with an impeccable professional manner. His photos were being fought over in many venues, promoting his name further into the artistic community.

The job paid well but not as well as he had hoped which had him turning to other possible, more lucrative side jobs. An old instructor had hinted at a shadowy sector of the population that would pay for a good yet discrete pilot and it didn’t take much to get that part of his business off the ground. His private clientele grew by leaps and bounds, his reputation as a skilled and quiet pilot growing almost as fast as his reputation in the legit sections of his life. Ironically enough he found a happy balance between the two and was able to do what he loved while making good money at the same time.

His life became one big adventure, taking him to all corners of the globe where he met all sorts of interesting and sometimes shady people. Before he could even hit 40 Wyatt had scores of stories to tell, from harrowing to funny and all a colorful thread in the tapestry of his life. One such thread had woven in when he was down in Cuba, photographing the bat population for a magazine article he had been commissioned for. An alert came across on his private line, a new client was searching for a pilot for a last minute trip out of the country and they needed it quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Answering the summons, Wyatt made his way to the airport and prepped the jet with all speed. Much to his surprise a gorgeous, tall blonde came skidding on the plane, stirring some instincts though he wasn’t quite sure why. During the entire flight to California he wracked his brain wondering where he could have met her, even attempted to draw her into conversation but to no avail. Upon landing she darted out of the plane nearly managing to disappear before he had discovered she’d made off with his prized camera.

Tracking her down wasn’t a walk in the park given the late hour but he found her nearly unerringly using another nifty spell. After a heated conversation he had his camera back but the mysterious blonde was in the wind, leaving the distinct impression that he knew her in some way. Thoroughly puzzled though glad that he had gotten his camera back Wyatt went on his way, subconsciously keeping an eye out of his quick fingered client.

By the age of 50 the young Fae made the decision to pull back some from the photography, at least from selling his prints to the public. People were beginning to notice his lack of aging, or at least that physically he wasn’t changing which prompted his drop from the radar. For the next 40 years or so he remained off the grid for all intents and purposes, flying private clients for money and fighting in whatever city he happened to find himself in.

It was a liberating experience, letting go of his identity and simply living. Taking each day as it came and milking it for everything it was worth before passing out in a bed for the night utterly exhausted. After those years of globetrotting, womanizing, and illegal occupations Wyatt had grown relatively bored with it all, longing for the peace and stability that came with having a home and a place to call his own. So he picked up his previous identity, letting the half a lifetime that had passed be the smoke screen he needed to re enter the civilized and common world.

It took some time to find a place he liked, rumors of a haven for people like him drawing him to the United States and a city called Evermore. The City was located in the heart of Colorado, aptly nicknamed the Eternal City and thriving despite the underlying world of creatures that inhabited it. Wyatt happened to stumble across the faction leader who wasted little time in explaining his heritage and the histories behind their people. With Quinn’s help he found a place to stay, reopened his business as a Photographer, and agreed to help him trace back his family tree.

After 5 years of hard research the pair suddenly discovered that he had a cousin, a last family link that for all they knew was still alive. Hiring a person who specialized in finding people and things, Wyatt spent the next 7 years tracking her down, finally making contact one stormy night in the mountains of British Columbia, surprising even himself when he was confronted with the tall redhead who had nearly stolen his most prized possession. He spent days trying to convince her to come back with him but to little effect as she was indifferent to wanting to know him or have anything to do with him.

Despondent Wyatt returned to Evermore, going through the motions of a good faction member, even attending a gathering on night in the forest. That night the gemini comet blazed over head and crashed to Earth, the ground shaking hard enough to knock the expert fighter clean off his feet. A searing and unbearable pain shot through his skull, his body seizing painfully until he and every one of the gathered members fell unconscious. Upon awakening they discovered that they could do both light and dark magic, no matter which side they had been claimed by. Surprised and elated the elder Diviner had to resist the urge to return to his previous shady ways, the now dark magic he wielded presenting an awful temptation.

Wyatt decided to remain a steady pillar within the faction, watching as the leadership of his coven transferred from Quinn to Aaliyah, and helping with the efforts to maintain their position in the midst of the Phoenix/Initia War. Despite his disappointment in not having been able to sway his cousin, Wyatt has continued to live his life, contributing to his coven and his business. He’s slowly gaining back the notoriety he once had, and rediscovering his love for photography and wildlife.


Frost Bitten - Anivia Frostbourne (R)

Don't Let Your Past Define You - Giselle Stark (2/4)

The Road To Ambiance And Tranquility - Malva Ailward (R)

Whiskey, Burgers, and Enhanced Perception - Baldemar Kenelm (3/1)

The Black's - Madison Black (R)

A Trip To Jail - Kaelyn Brookes (R)


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