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Josefine I. Dietrich — little fire— ❞
 34 yrs ( 630)
24, december
Everyone you love is slowly dying and if you choose not to love them right they will die without knowing.
biography  ◇
Josefine couldn’t remember the last timeshe even had a proper memory that was worth reminiscing Most of her life had been a blur. Her life had no purpose, unlike her two brothers. Her birth was not expected by anyone, not even her own parents. If Andrew was the pride of the family and Anders was the golden child, she was the spare child. There was no telling how she ended up being born with no planning whatsoever. When she was born, it was dark and late, and it was Christmas Eve. Everyone else in the Initia tribe was busy with their own respective plans to spend the entire week with their loved ones and her family was not excluded from the lot. A heavily pregnant Freja stood by the windows, staring out into the snow that was slowly sticking on the ground as the winter solstice recently just started. A moment later, she staggered on the floor, yelling in pain as the contractions began.The moment she was born, the first person she saw was of her brother; Anders.The 9-year-old male had been by his mother’s side throughout the entire time whilst his father waited outside. Perhaps that was the reason for her siblinghood loyalty that etched so deep in her, as it grew and bloomed from the roots. Because the first person she saw as she opened her eyes, was her own brother. The name Josefine Ida was given to the baby; Josefine brings the meaning of ‘God will give’ because of her unexpected birth 9 months ago, and Ida meant ‘prosperous’. Much like her elder brothers, she was given a proper and good name to ensure her prosperous future.

Growing up, Josefine was just like the other girls her age, she bloomed into a pretty girl who also had a knack for controlling the elements, but she was leaning towards the art of combat instead. That was the only thing that differentiated her from her peers. Soon, at the age of 7 years old, shortly after she was ‘claimed’ by her element, she started her training much more persistently. The young child could keep secrets as if it were her life since it was seemingly the reason why her parents, especially her mother, did not find out about her true identity on being one of the deviant species; phoenix. Josefine was a calm and easy-going person, which was how she was able to keep sufficient control over her fire-wielding abilities under the cap when she started to do her own research as it gradually manifested over the years.
By the time she reached her 9th birthday, one day however, she was dragged from the training centre back to home by her mother who was insisting for her to stay indoors for the entire day. A slight rebellious streak that developed a year before caused the young girl to retaliate in defense, accusing her mother for holding her back from her true potential as she knew how much her mother disapproved of her training. While she tried to break her way out, her mother had barred the entire door to her room, resulting the young phoenix to sulk from within, voicing her frustration by yelling. It wasn’t until she was sleeping soundly from the tiring day, that she was grasping the situation around her. The only thing she remembered was her mother ushering her to go be with her brother, Anders, and hide themselves in the basement; behind the cellar. Despite her sleepy state, judging from the serious and worried expression marring her mother’s face, she complied to her every instruction and kept a quiet attitude as she leaned her head against her brother’s shoulder.
Everything happened so fast, whatever conversation Freja had with their neighbours went deafened in her ears as she could not recall what they were arguing about. Up until her attention was finally on to the blade that pierced itself against her mother’s chest. Anders, as if knowing what will happen next, covered his sister’s mouth with his hand and whispered into her ear to keep quiet and assured her how everything is going to be okay. Josefine had to close her eyes tightly as the tears streamed down her cheeks, whereas her tearful cries were muffled against her brother’s hand. The hold he had on her became tighter when he prepared to escape with the both of them. She saw how the two people tasked to find and kill them were scorched to death by the hot fire his brother produced and couldn’t stop crying even when Anders resorted to carry her on his back as they hurried to escape.
Regardless of her usual defiance, Josefine advised her brother to turn themselves in even though she knew their deaths were inevitable so there was no escaping that. But she would prefer a quick death than drown in the water that was crashing against the edge of the cliff like it was going to devour them alive. Drowning would be the most painful death a phoenix could feel, after all. But that no longer became an option as Anders grabbed a hold of her tightly and flew away. At first, she was frightened by it since she’s never used her wings to fly and she was still traumatized and shook by the manner of death her parents received in front of her. The young phoenix had no idea that her full-blown argument with her mother earlier today would be the last time she would see her, and that became a guilt Josefine carried until she grew up. When they first settled down in Kiev, she held a frontier to hide her every emotions, especially towards her brother. Soon enough, Anders knew not to prod her sister into telling him, as he too understood the upsetting event that took place struck a cord in them.
Years passed by and Josefine bloomed into a beautiful young woman in her late twenties, where the two of them vowed to find their long lost eldest brother. She admitted, when she was first briefed about Andrew, she wasn’t sure what to feel. But one thing was certain; the phoenix wanted to search for her brother so they could be reunited again after being separated since her birth. Both Anders and Josefine worked different jobs each century and experienced a few rebirths in between the interval times.
Their last rebirth was in 1970’s, specifically during 1976, where the two found a new job as both chemical engineer and clinical psychologist respectively. Josefine has always had bad taste in men especially when she didn’t have any preferences in forming any attachments, knowing fully well it would not last long. However, one guy in particular that was involved in did not thread it lightly as their break up comes into the scene. Derek made sure to trail Anders and Josefine wherever they go for the next 8 years, where he hired Josefine’s own brother; Andrew, the person she’s been searching for centuries long, to kill her. He was persistent with the concept of ‘if I cannot have you, no one can’.
She was just enjoying her day, where she stared at the Christmas tree that was decorated in the town square of Oslo, Norway. It was Christmas Eve, her birthday, and the day where her parents were killed in front of her. It wasn’t the happiest or saddest day for her, as it was a mixture of both. It does made her upset though. It was the day Andrew was supposed to kill his sister, but did not manage to went through it as he deemed it cruel to kill her in such manner on Christmas Eve. At least that was what he’s been telling himself, but he continued to follow Josefine, and indirectly followed Anders, until a few years later, when she finally confronted him. At first, Andrew found it hard to believe that she was telling him the truth, considering he left on the year where she was then conceived. It came to an end when Anders clarified the truth and the three were finally reunited with one another.
It turns out the reason why Andrew did not go through the kill order was due to his instincts developing a protective urge to make sure Josefine stayed safe. And it was platonic, after all, because she was his baby sister. It did not last long unfortunately, when Derek came by to finish the job himself with his gang. In spite of Josefine’s martial arts skills bringing her an advantage over the men sent to eradicate them, she did not wish to hurt Derek as she truly did care for the latter. Her hesitancy cost her the split second needed for the male to plunge the dagger into her heart, instantly sending the kill switch to her. He pushed her body off and told his men to dump their bodies in the cold waters. She thought she was a goner as she could feel the coldness engulfing her body. The only she regretted was bringing her brothers into the trouble she created.
But it wasn’t the end to her or her brothers. Their legacy wasn’t supposed to stop there. The coldness that once suffocated them, eventually became the core of something that was once fire. The ice kindled the side that was supposed to be kindled by fire. She was the last to wake up despite being the first to die. She thought they would’ve gone through a period of rebirth again but they were still in the same bodies, and that she could feel the frost on her. Anders was the first out of the three to them to discover their abilities and a couple of years later, they managed to get a hold of them decently. Josefine however, still opted for her physical skills. But she was surprisingly the one who initially opposed the adventurous venture to the eternal city in Colorado after being suggested by Anders.
Josefine only wanted to be with her brothers again, and so she pushed every other options away, and opted to follow Andrew and Anders, as they embark a new journey to Evermore.

 family is always & — forever— ❞
andrew dietrich
andersen dietrich
name name
I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you are sad.
relatiionships  ◇
josefine has two older siblings, brothersAndersen who she is the most closest with & then there is Andrew, the oldest of all dietrich children not too close with him seeing as though he left before she could even form a thought. Now all together again in Evermore City josefine is hoping to repair here family.
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