Sneaking out was always something she was good at even back many centuries ago when she was a young child. Always wishing to be let out. To go on her own adventures. Almost in a way wanting to escape from her own family. Never having a proper, magical upbringing like everyone else. Deprived from everything a way. The only time Cora was happy was when she managed to get out of the house to somewhere nearby. Only if it was for a short time. When things in her life got so bad, Cora managed to escape. In a way knowing she’s able to come and go as she pleases make her feel safe. Well it is more difficult now, as both Venetus and Aureus were pressing into them that they had to be more careful. To always go in numbers along with having their personal guards with them at all times. Cora didn’t like that new aspect of it feeling too suffocated when she wasn’t allowed out. That and she was a type of person who rarely enjoys the company of others only a few. Maybe it was why she always have been so closed off by others. Only now she was finding herself opening up to people. Her black heart was not so dark anymore, and that’s reason is caused by someone. A special someone who she intends to keep a secret from her siblings and others for long as she could. Meaning constantly sneaking in and out of the manor. Trying to avoid her personal guard Crane to his demise. At night it was bit amusing seeing how many of them in the manor too sneak out to meet someone or to get up to something that they don’t want anyone else to know about.

There’s only two people who knows she’s been seeing Rashesh, a celestial in secret for the past few months. Admitted it all to Julian, an old friend who she knew she could trust with anything. Along with having to come clean tob Crane after his constant arguing that she’d have to open up to him at least with how he’s her guard and it’s his duty to know where she is at all times and all. Yet Cora was growing more suspicious that other people may know. It wouldn’t surprise her in the end if Malva knew too. For a weird reason Malva is a person whose able to know about everyone and everything. When sneaking out Cora constantly felt like she was having to look over her shoulder just in case someone may be following her. Cora found herself walking out of the manor in the daylight instead of sneaking out in the shadows at night. Knowing that her siblings probably all were out it wouldn’t look so suspicious of her going out by herself. Cora knew she should really have Crane with her yet at times she was sick of his presence. At times he was a third wheel just in the background waiting for her, Cora knew he hated it as much as she did. 

Cora didn’t exactly know where she was going having no exact plans for the day, it was mainly just for her to get some fresh air. Maybe to stop by the morgue in the hospital to see Rashesh if he wasn’t busy. The place still creeped her out bit along with the smell yet she was still getting used to it. Or maybe she’d pester Julian at work like the old days yet he was more annoyed and irritated when she did. Always panicking that someone would see her in classified areas and all, Cora knew if it came to it she’d easily make up an allby. Cora didn’t know how long she was walking for not really taking any notice for what direction she was heading to. Sometimes she found the city like a maze. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a familiar face one she’d not seen for many years. Artemitra Bluemoon an ex of her brother Erythurus’s along with an old friend of hers. Guilt spread across Cora’s face reminded of the last time they had last seen each other. Knowing that Artemitra was one of the celestials they had locked up. “Artemitra?” She gasped a little stopping in her tracks hoping it was her. Wondering if she’d stop and recognise her too or if she’d run the other direction. Cora wouldn’t blame her too knowing all that her own fraction put them through. Only now lately she’d been feeling the guilt from it.

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The Celestial, had always enjoyed her freedom. When she first fell, she had been settled in Spain Asturias for a short while; with the young couple that had taken her in, and cared for her. It was her first taste of a family unit, and a home. They taught her skills, that stuck with her; to this very day. Artemis still remembered those times fondly. She had stayed in Asturias for about a year or two, Until her curiosity about the world got the better of her and she started to explore;  starting to travel from place to place. And thus her adventurous life had began. Seeing the world, trying to help people on her journey, finding herself in sticky; life or death situations, running from hunters, meeting people ect. Whilst the Celestial had good intentions; she was also reckless at times. Which was the main reason for ending up in odd situations like she had. Whilst she hadn’t entirely regretted moving around so much; she had at time missed the couple that first took her in. Wondered, how they were doing with their own lives. For a while, they had kept in touch. But eventually, those ties ended; as they stopped writing back. And to this day, Artemis never knew what happened to them. Other people, that she met. Still were present in her life today; like the Wayfinder Ophelia. Whom Artemis had known for a long long time.

Now living in Evermore; the Celestial felt like she was getting her freedom back again. Having lost it, when things on the Isle of Skye took a bad turn between her faction and the Ailwards. The events left, the Celestial feeling a mixture of emotions. That at times, she was still struggling with and trying to move past.

Since living in the Supernatural Haven of a city. The Brunette had discovered her love and talent for photography. Pursuing it, as a career path. It was like any other day for the Celestial. Artemis was heading out into the city, with her camera. To explore some more, and find a nice spot for some new photos. Humming to herself slightly. Her brown locks seemed to bounce and sway, with each step she took. Keeping her eyes ahead of her, taking in the older buildings structures. The sound of someone, calling her name. Caused her to almost walk straight into a lamp-post. Holding a hand in front of her, stopping herself from colliding with the post. Before, her chocolate brown eyes looked in the direction of the very familiar voice.

“Cora…?” Artemis breathed out, a little shakily. Out of the Aspects. Ery had been the first, she had crossed paths with. Now, Cora. Being considering how close she had been to both, it some-what made sense, she’d see them two again, first. Under different circumstances; The Celestial would have been happy to see Cora. Would have run towards her friend and greeted her, in a hug as usual. But she found herself glued to her spot. Hesitant to move. Despite being locked up. Artemis remembered the Aspect of Darkness, well. Often catching glimpses of Cora, as she would come down to check on them; when they were locked up. Artemis found that strange. None of the other Aspect came down often...or at all. It was mainly the Guards, that were keeping an eye on them, whilst being locked up.

Swallowing a little harshly. Artemis kept her eyes at the Aspect. “You look, like you been keeping well.” She said softly. ‘Stay Civil...try and stay civil.’ She told herself. It was bad enough, she and Ery had a full blown out argument, for most of their first meeting. Artemis had been drained, emotionally and physically after. Not to mention with the spooky, supernatural going-on’s...Artemis didn’t think she could go through that again, with Cora. Once had been enough.

The last few years have not been the best for anyone. Seeing all the aftereffects go full circle in a way. Truthfully Cora thought maybe it what they all deserved, seeing now the light in all the darkness. Yet she knew too well not to bring up to her siblings and others of what she had thought. Having sworn an oath and everything to stay loyal to those of her own blood and people. Would it still be the same with how things have turned to how they did. With her opinion being changed or more like to one person. Cora wasn’t stupid she could see that she wasn’t the only one with secrets. Even if they may think that no one would be able to see. Nowadays it mostly was about people’s love lives. Like before in a way. Cora was shocked to see the least a Celestial she hasn't seen in a long time. Able to see Artemeia had the same reaction as her. Cora knew she should've expected and seen it coming in a way. With how now more Celestials were coming back to the city. Making it their home. Some still stayed away as Cora knew that Ophelia the Wayfinder for the Celestials have yet to sign the Peace Treaty. Cora didn’t know how long Erytherus, Damien and the other ambassadors would take to wait any longer. Not seeing them as a threat any longer but they couldn’t be too sure. Since the Aspects and guards were still trying to come to terms with Vladimir’s mysterious death not knowing why, how or who. A mystery. 

Cora could feel almost feel the uneasy emotions radiating from the Celestial in front of her. Able to see and know she was fighting with herself to give Cora the time of day or to run the other direction. She didn’t blame her with all the bad she’s done to her and to the other Celestials in the past. Waiting for her to leave but she didn’t thinking maybe it would be so bad. “You look good too” She quickly replied back even with the irony in it. Trying not to sound sarcastic with her words but Cora couldn’t help it. Sarcasm was something she was fluent in even if she couldn’t help it. “So have long have you been here in the city?” Trying to see if their paths haven’t crossed before or if she wasn’t the only ones she’s crossed paths with before. Wondering if she had bumped into Erytherus able to sense the tension in the air but it was a different kind of one. “Look I’m not here for anything but a conversation” Cora reassured letting her no she was not out for anything but a conversation. Not out for revenge or spite even if others may be.

The Celestial caught onto the Sarcastic tone to her words. “Mhh, still Sarcastic I see.” Artemis breathed out. The Celestial wasn’t sure, if the sarcasm was intended or not. But it had been something, she was used to back in the older days. It was part of Cora’s charm. It felt almost nostalgic, running into her former close friend again. Bringing up memories, of the good old days; when the pair were close and off getting into trouble. But these were different times now. And even if the past hurt; Artemis was trying to make peace with the fact; what was, was behind them...even if some wounds still felt fresh and re-opened; when it came to seeing certain faces again.

The last two years; she had been pretty good at avoiding the Aspects, but that luck had run out. She couldn’t keep out of their way forever. Meeting them again, was inevitable. That was proven, with both Erythreus and now Cora.

“Over 2 years.” Artemis eventually told her; almost debating if she should tell Cora, how long she had lived in the city. She was one of the few Celestials, that first followed Ophelia to Evermore, after the Fall of Skye. “How about you?” Artemitra wasn’t exactly sure, how long the Ailwards lived in the city either; but it couldn’t have been much longer/or shorter than the Celestial’s themselves. Her guard was up. Anyone could tell, if they looked at her closely. Loosing up slightly, when Cora assured her; she just wanted to have a conversation. 

“If we don’t try and kill each other, then I suppose...that’ll be a better meeting.” Artemis half said to herself, under her breath. Remembering the very twisted/dangerous situation she found herself in with Ery, the first time she had run into the Aspect of Death. It still haunted her.

Cora always have been a little bit selfish never thinking of others before herself. A quality that was one of a necromancer, that she once was. Still qualities of her old life and self she still kept the same after years later. “You know me” She mused laughing a little with how she knew that Artemitra would know it was just her being her. That she wasn’t trying to start something not intending to be scastica on purpose just how she was. Never wanting to change it. Cora could see and knew that all that happened in the past all the actions and things she, her siblings and other people in the guard did affected the Celestials. Seeing and learning through Rashesh that the pain and torment they put them all through. Back then she was blinded by it all not thinking of how her actions would affect other people. Always reminded herself that she was only following orders like the rest. That maybe back then she could have done something to stop it instead of giving a helping hand. A reason to why now she was trying to do a little good. Making it was Rashesh’s light and goodness rubbing off on her. Making her black heart and darkness warmer and lighter. Even how much she would dismiss that he was having some effects on her for the better. Now blinded by love rather than vengeance. Turning full circle in a way. 

The Aspect of Darkness was surprised to hear how many years the Celestial have lived and been back in the city. Starting to wonder and thinking how they haven’t crossed paths before till now. “Wow” She muttered to herself in disbelief. “Well you done good enough trying to avoid us” She mussed but could guess with how before Artiemititra should of been more surprised to see her that she wasn’t the only Aspect she’d crossed paths recently. “Over 3 years give or take, I moved here along with my siblings. Some of us were her before…” Yet Cora knew that she would already have known some of the Aspects and guards were already settled in the city when all happening on Isle of skye. “I’m not trying to kill you or kidnap you don’t worry” Remiding and letting her know that was all behind them all and in the past. That they’ve all learnt from the mistakes, knowing that it was the wrong thing to do. “So how have you been?” Biting her lip, knowing it was a bad thing to ask with how they last left things and what her people had done. Truthfully Cora wanted to know how Celestials were doing, part of her guilt still lingering. A reason why she followed Rashesh back then but luckily for her it didn’t end all that bad but the opposite in a way.

Having known Cora, was of Necromancer bloodline before she became an Aspect. The Celestial knew her tendencies. “Of course, part of the Cora Charm.” Despite her words; she gave the Aspect a slight smile. An awkward one at that. Artemis knew that everyone had their bad qualities. It’s what made people...well people. No one was truly perfect. Not even herself. Now that, Cora stood in front of her. Artemis found herself with a few questions. Not the same questions she had given Ery. The Brunette, had given her former fling; an earful the first time they had crossed paths. In a way, getting her anger out. But she and Ery, were slowly patching things up and moving towards a new start. It was needed.

“Why?” She suddenly asked. Knowing the sudden question had no context. Deciding to expand. “You used to come down to the cells, why? You’re not a guard. Why constantly watch us, back then?” Artemis asked curious. She didn’t recall any other Aspect coming down as often, like Cora. But she wasn’t entirely sure, as to why. That question had bugged at her mind, for a long time.

Artemis knew, she had shocked Ery with how long she had been in the city and avoiding them. And now Cora. But part of the reason had been; that at first Artemis had been scared to leave the Celestial castle for a short while. When she first began to venture out, she stuck to the Western area; before venturing further out. But she was careful, where she went as to avoid the Aspects. “Can you blame me? Pretty sure, all of us would avoid any of you, at any cost.” If it sounded a bit harsh. None of the Celestial’s really truly trusted the Ailwards after what had happened. “But...I am trying to move past it. I can’t be stuck in the past and resentment forever. It hasn’t done me any good.” She admitted. But it had been a slow process. And it still was. At the mention of killing. The Celestial involuntarily flinched. Thinking back on what happened with her and Ery, when their minds were getting controlled by some unknown dark force. The Celestial didn’t really want another near-death experience, any time soon.

Then came, the expected yet somewhat bad question. Bit of a heavy question. And for a few moments; she wasn’t sure how to answer. “Maybe we should talk somewhere else..?” Or did they want to stand in the middle of the path-way, all day long? Somewhat avoiding the question at first. But it’d probably take her a more than a few seconds to come up with a decent answer; that didn’t seem like she was tossing her anger back onto the plate. As that wasn’t the case.

She has always seen herself before not a follower thinking that she was never one to follow so many rules and commands. With how with her old life that was how she was pressured to do but she never wanted to do. Yet she was too blind to see how she started to forget all she used to stand for. Only seen now of how her actions and part she had played hurt many people. The more time she spent with and around Rashesh the more she felt guilty for it all. With how he somehow always managed to bring out the good and more human side to her. Breaking down her walls. Cora looked over to Artemitra with a heavy heart hearing how the brunutee was wanting to hear the reasons behind it all. Knowing that it was coming having to face all she’s been trying to hide from. Not wanting to admit how they were wrong again. Since some other Aspects haven’t learnt of her having a change of heart to it all. Cora knew she wasn’t the only one who was. “I…” For once she was lost for words having no snappy or sarcastic comebacks. Looking a bit lost for a moment trying to think what reasons she had to it all. Cora knew she didn’t want to mess it up or say the wrong thing. Given everything her people have done to their people. “I knew that what we were doing was wrong” She started to say looking down for a moment before looking back up to her. “At first we thought we were doing the right thing way of protecting the world from any more innocent lives lost” Remembering back to when the first orders were brought in with no one thinking it through. “I know we should have looked into it more but before I realized what we were doing was wrong it was too late” By that time many Celestials have been locked up for a long time. 

“Back then I didn’t know what I was doing, going down the where you all were” Rashesh was one of the main reasons why she kept sneaking down to where the Celestials were locked up. Hoping to get glimpses of him even if he wasn’t looking yet Cora couldn’t exactly tell Artemitra the real reason. “Look I know I hurt you and I don’t want to keep hurting you. So I’ll just leave if it makes you happy” She state giving her the option just like she did with Julian. Giving her the option that she’ll walk away if it makes things better. Wanting to do the right thing instead of making any more wrong ones with how messed up things have gotten. At the mention of going somewhere else to talk, Cora looked around forgetting they were in the middle of a public place. Not the best ideas. “We can go somewhere to have a drink or we can go to my friends place as he’s at work” Since she knew they couldn’t exactly go to each others own places with how both would be stepping on enemy grounds. Rashesh had given her a spare key to his flat with how she was always stopping by so it was easier for her to have a key. Waiting to see if Artemitra still wanted to talk more of she wanted for them to part ways instead. 

The Celestial didn’t expect to render the Aspect speechless. It was a surprise to see Cora, silent. No snappy comebacks. It wasn’t unlike her to be speechless. But there was a first time for everything. Artemitra waited silently, wondering what Cora would come out with.It seemed like Cora held lot of regret over their past actions. The Celestial could see that. Knowing how Ery felt about the situation, and now Cora. Artemis had no idea, how many Aspects shared the same views. It was probably mixed views among Cora’s people. For a long while, Artemitra was silent. Letting Cora’s words sink in. She felt,like there was something that Cora wasn’t telling her, regarding the reason for coming down to the dungeon cells. But she wouldn’t push it. Biting her lower lip slightly, she sighed.

“You don’t have to leave...not on my account.” It was a free city after all. Even though Cora had hurt her, she wouldn’t send her away. As she was trying to move past it all. “I am not going to talk about to give you an earful either, don’t worry.” She had already yelled enough when it came to meeting Ery a while back. She felt she had said her truth before, so she wasn’t about to repeat it. She’d rather avoid, what happened last time. As Cora suggested where they could go, Artemis nodded. “A drink sounds good.” They might need one, to calm the nerves. Putting her camera bag over her shoulder,so it didn’t get in the way. “I know, I am not the most welcoming person right now, by the looks of it. But I can’t stay mad forever...I don’t want to.” She knew how holding onto anger and hatred, wasn’t healthy. If she was slowly learning to forgive Ery, and make amends in their friendship. Then she could do the same with Cora. It probably hurt a lot more, than it hurt others; given how close she was to a few of the Aspects. So it was a bit hard to recover from.

She’s never had her fair set of friends only having her Aspect siblings, Julian or even Crane. Always finding it difficult to find someone she’s able to trust even to open up to. Not a person to share feelings with others. Feeling that she was constantly like an outsider looking in. Any chance she gets she just messes it up like she’s done with Artemitra. Having played the same part as everyone else did with being there and saying yes to the decision of locking up the celestials. Playing a part in helping too with how her powers was an asset. Cora knew how dangerous it was when she put others in darkness seeing first hand when things go bad. Only recently she’s come to see the fall backs and consequences of her part she played it all. Cora knew she wanted to try to fix all the broken bonds. With how she’s already amends with Rashesh and Julian. Artemitra was someone else who she knew she wanted to make amends with but it wouldn’t be so easy as the others. Being the one of many that have hurt her. 

Now she was trying to do the right thing of giving the other choice leaving them alone before she’s able to do anymore damage. Relieved to hear that she didn’t want her to go and she didn’t need to grovel anymore. “So a truce then?” She wondered offering knowing that the truce didn’t mean that they would be friends again but not enemies either. Something she’s been hoping for, not wanting to make enemies of anyone anymore. “Did you want to go to a cocktail bar or a normal one?” By now she knew the best spots in the city. Where to go and then not to go. Having had a lot of free time on her when she and her siblings first arrived in the city. “Sometimes they have two for one specials” Almost trying to tempt her into going to the one she wants but want to leave it up to the celestial to decide. “You sound like Rashesh” She chuckled softly pointing out to how a few Celestials were alike. Cora didn’t know how many secrets the other Aspects were keeping from her, thinking at least Erythreus would have come to her that he’d seen and met with Artiemirta. With how they were friends in the past yet Cora knew how stressed her brother was after Vlad's death and all of the pressure of being ambassador resting on his shoulders and all.

Making amends with the Aspects was something that would take plenty of time. But it was also needed, if the brunette hoped to see a bigger future here in Evermore. Not wanting to keep looking over her shoulder, every 5 minutes. Scared, that they’d snatch her and her people up again. So, she tried to give certain people a second chance. One of those people stood in front of her.

The Celestial nodded slightly. “Truce.” She held out her hand towards the Raven haired woman; to shake on it. She wasn’t entirely too sure, what the truce would made them now. But hopefully the two could work their way back up, to a friendship. Pursing her lips slightly. Artemitra tried to decide where they could go. “You know, I actually have never been to a good cocktail bar.” Truth was, that she didn’t go out to bars much. If she was drinking; she had either been at the castle, all drinks brought from the shops. The only bar she really ever went to had been the Den, until her friend Kane left town. “But seeing, as you seem to know the better places in the city, a cocktail bar sounds good.” She’d leave it to Cora, to show her a good place to go. The two for one deal, would come in handy. Save some money, if not that.

“Why, did Rash give you a similar speech?” Artemis asked, her eyebrow raising, as a slight laugh escaped her. With how tight knit the Celestial faction was; no wonder few of them were alike. After all, they were brothers and sisters. “With how surprised you seemed before, I take it Ery didn’t mention me?” she questioned, with a slight raised eyebrow. Walking with Cora, she was following her lead towards their destination. But with the way her and Ery’s last and first meeting had ended;she couldn’t really blame the Aspect of Death, not sharing that information with anyone. Not even with Cora.

“Anything new happening with you?” Since the two had quite a bit to catch up on, she figured it was a good question to ask.

Over the last months, years she’s had time to reflect. More so since Vald’s death. All Aspects now have a guilty conscience. Making them all rethink all that they’ve done and the mistakes. Even though back then she had more of a standing back position in the decision makings she still played a part in it all. Breaking any friendships she had with any Celestials in that first moment. Cora knew of how her brother Erytherus still felt guilty even if she didn’t know the full details of what happened. Always missing out on the full details of a lot of things with how she was more of the distant loner types out of the Aspects. Reason to how she can go unnoticed a lot easier than others. That there would be no one looking for her, how she was able to be around other Celestials. Who she should be staying clear of but in a way it’s been the opposite. Cora waited to see if Artemirta would give her a second chance, wanting to make some sort of amends even if it would take a long while to gain back any trust of any sorts. “Good” She grinned to the brunette, happy to be given a second chance. Artiemeita was someone who she always considered as a friend. Cora didn’t have many close friends or friends really. Always too stubborn and having a cold exterior but she only did it to keep others safe worried that her darkness powers were too dangerous to others. That people were better off without her only finding out lately that it’s not the case. Slowly trying to open up with others.

Cora has always been someone to find the best finds, any hidden treasures in any city across the world. Travelling has been something she’s always loved to do. Too it was how she had met Julian years back, somewhere she’d least expect to find someone who soon became a close friend of hers. Rashesh had shown her a few of his favourite places inside the city and out. So Cora knew by now where to go and where others wouldn’t see them. Used to keeping people and places a secret now, one of her many skills of getting away with things without people knowing. “You’ve been missing out” She chimed in a little something she pointed out to people who never tried something. “The ones with rooftop terraces are the best but there’s none in the city well far as I know but who knows” Almost making it part of a mission to try every place in the city something she’s sure other people like her with enough time on their hands does too. “The trick is knowing what places are the best to go then you’d never want to anywhere else” Everyone always has their favourite spots to go to place to drink. Like how she knew both Erytherus and Damien had their favourite bars they go to, mostly to get drunk and soon lead onto hitting other clubs of all sorts. 

The Aspect of Darkness froze almost forgetting herself for a moment mentioning something, someone she knew she shouldn’t. A bad habit used to talking to Julian about things whilst she knew with Artimeitira, it was different. Only just trying to slowly repair their friendships. “Ohh actually I think it was someone else” Quickly trying to advertise the question away knowing she spoke too soon, yet knew that Aritimeura had been able to pick up on it. Knowing how the Celestial was good at that sort of stuff. Reading people. “Ery likes his secrets. Then again he likes to get drunk each night then mope and brood in his room. Yet that's usual for people like us, so it’s nothing surprising” Shrugging her shoulders easily spilling secrets of her people, dropping Erythreus in the deep end. Soon the question of what’s new and happening in her life came up, something she was expecting yet knew she had to be careful to answer. All having secrets of their own. “I got back into contact with an old friend of mine. He moved here too. Then there’s Aspect stuff..” She began to say but knew not to go into details of what's happening behind closed doors of the manor with the history between their two kinds. “Ohh I got a puppy too” Something that was out of character of her but she was always happy and excited about. The puppy that Rashesh had given her at christmas time, they tend to share it between their two places. 

Artemitra knew too well, what it was like for someone, to try and hide away behind a mask. To not get close to people, for good reasons. After the Isle of Skye Ordeal; Artemis had been that way for a while. It took her awhile to trust and even want to open up to people. But the group around her managed to crack their way past that wall. Having people around her, proved to be beneficial. Especially, when one could feel lonely and needed someone to listen and offer advice. Other times, a part of her was still cautious; needing to know she could trust a person first; before forming any deep bond and connections with them.

The two girls were alike in a few ways; whilst Cora had liked to find good bars to visit. Artemis was more of a historical places and nature girl; having her favorite spots around the city. Most of which proved to be good collections for her photography. “I suppose spending my nights at bars isn't exactly my first go to.” The Celestial admitted, shrugging a little sheepishly. But laughed lightly, as Cora said she was missing out. “I know, a few people told me.” The Celestial had always liked rooftops. “Guess you could always go and sit on the mansion rooftop and enjoy a few drinks there, but that’s not really the same.” A few of the Celestials always went up to the Castle rooftops, to just sit there; admire the night sky and ponder about life. It proved to be quiet nice evenings; having gone up there a few times herself. Minus a drink. But it could still work, if bars around Evermore didn’t have a roof-top terrace. 

Her brows slightly furrowed, as Cora got a bit awkward. Looking at the Aspect, not convinced. “Cora, you forget I know you well.” she pointed out. Knowing, she was trying to hide something. “I can keep it a secret.” Artemis had always kept her secrets; it was one of the few things that she was good at. Keeping something to herself, if a friend of hers didn’t want something exposed. “Urgh...your brother was always a broodster.” Artemis shook her head, as Cora mentioned Ery drinking himself away, whilst locked in his room. Honestly, there was never a more broody Aspect than the Aspect of Death. “Someone needs to teach him how to have a bit of fun.” It wouldn’t hurt Ery to be more social; though Artemis knew how poor and embarrassing his social skills at best were. Listening to Cora fill her in, Artemis nodded taking it all in. “Seems like Evermore, draws everyone in. Even old friends.” Even on her side; she reunited with an old friend of hers too. 

“A puppy? That’s new, even for you. But pets do make good company.” Now, the Celestial looked a bit shocked. It seemed so….unlike Cora to get a pet. “What kind did you get?” She asked, smiling softly. The Celestial was always an animal person. So of course she was curious, what little furball, Cora got. 

She’s always been a person who likes to keep to herself. Never really having a big circle of friends and people who she trusted outside of her inner circle. Whilst in reality she knew that she would be able to trust the guard members as many have served as long as she’s been an Aspect. Yet she’s not able to fully be able to open up or put her trust in others. Artemitra was one of the few she’d been able to trust. She wasn't really the type of person to be-friend her siblings' partners. Most kept them all a secret from the rest, like herself in a way. Many preferred to keep secrets of their personal life far away. Probably explains why all the Ailwards have been growing further and further apart in the time they should be coming closer. Losing sight of the real picture in a way. All too distracted when they should be focused. At least now Cora knew what Erytherus’s secret was, trying he’s been extra moppy lately. Trying to drown his sorrows about running into an old flame and it not going too well. 

Like many people she’s always loved to like the more extravagant lifestyle. Taking it to her advantage in many ways. Whether it was to buy all the nice and extravagant things or to dine at all the top places. Forgetting herself that others don’t do the same. “We Ailwards all like our alcohol as you know” She put in casually making light of it all for the good things making their past not seeing all that bad. “I do like going up the top of the mansion too” It was somewhere she would often go if she wanted somewhere quiet and clear her head. Mostly it would be late at night when everybody else is asleep but her, struggling with her insomnia and only struggles keeping her up. Finding being out in open air all helps, she was sure that she was like many. “There are a few nice bars with amazing views of the city, you just have to look for them” Letting her in with the little treasures many have found on their travels around the city. Something that she was very good at. Seeing things that others wouldn’t have noticed and all their missing out on. 

Today wasn’t the day she wanted to spill her secrets not wanting to open up the wormhole with all going on in her life. Since it would be too much for Artemitra to handle, how they were only now starting to reconnect as friends. Leaving it all till another time. “I know you can but not today” Not wanting to seem rude, Cora knew that Artemitria was good at keeping secrets. That was always something she admired about the Celestial. “It’s gotten worse if that's possible” Finding amusement, making fun of her brothers brooding with someone else. How he liked to drink alone a lot of the time and come to meetings pretending he wasn’t drunk. “He still has fun. I think these days he drags either Dominic or Damien out to random bars, stripclubs or alike” Letting in a little of how Erythreus had been spiralling but none out of the ordinary. “This place does like bringing us all together” She smiled knowing if it wasn’t for the city and Julian being stationed here, they wouldn’t have found each other again and becoming friends once more. With Artemitra, Cora knew there would be a chance to see each other again, how many Celestials chose to stick around and make the city her home. She grinned watching the celestials reaction seeing how surprised she was that she’d gotten a puppy. “She’s kinda a miniature goldendoodle. If your surprised by me getting a puppy well Malva has a fully grown tiger as a pet” She pointed out almost waiting to see her reaction, always loving to see people freak out to find someones able to trust Malva of all people to own a tiger and to have one roaming around the manor freely. 

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