It was that time of year again the days were becoming shorter the and the nights were getting longer the sky had turned a burnt orange just like many nights he had seen before as he lifted his tea cup taking the last swig of his drink before placing the china teacup on the saucer, the situations the Ailwards face concerned him and the appearance of the Aurazin concerned him greatly as he took the remaining cookie from the adjacent plate as he rose from the steel chair and table as he walked across the concrete flooring to the waist height wall looking out at the garden as he continued his thoughts.

As he looked at the garden, he thought about how the current situations the manor was quieter than normal guards came and went on missions apart from a few guards who were Aspects personal guard and those who chose to stay close to the manor he knew the situation concerned him let alone his siblings as he rose his hand to rub his face he thought about Cora he had contact with Reus and spent time Antiquing, and he had left messages with most but Cora he had no response as he turned on his heel Ven made his way back to the table collecting his plates and cup as he made his way   into the kitchen leaving them in the sink as he Thought for a few minutes. 

He sighed as he placed the plates in the dishwasher as he walked towards the exit of the kitchen the night had turned to night as the lights of the hallway turned on as his shadows loomed over the night the only noise he could hear was the sound of his shoes hitting the ground and the   rumblings coming from separate guard rooms varying from classical music to medieval films the choices of each guard amused Venetus on how each guard was different and enjoyed different things as he made his way up the flight of stairs he stopped outside the first door he arrived at as he knocked on the door“ Cora ?

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Like many people she was a night owl. Preferring the dark nights over the early mornings. It was no secret that she wasn’t an early riser. Many people had found it out the hard way. The guards had felt her rath when one tried to wake her now they knew to stay clear. The only ones who got away with waking her up was her boyfriend Rashesh or one of her siblings. Others didn’t stand a chance. It was worse when she went through her downward spiral. That she would spend all nights out at god knows where with god knows who. Back then she lost track of time, minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months. It was all a blur to her. That was now in the past. She was doing better now. Things were looking upwards for her now for the first time in a long time she felt happy. It could be because of a certain Indian fallen Celestial. 

For the last few months she’d been trying to get herself back on track. Back to how she was before she headed down her downward spiral. That meant going cold turkey in a way. Stopping and getting rid of all the drugs she had kept hidden in her bedroom. Choosing the only time she’d smoke weed would be when she was with Virideus. Keeping her bad habits away from her boyfriend who now was moving in with her unknown to her siblings. It wasn’t like she needed special permission or anything. The Celestial was harmless to most. If anyone had a problem with it they would have a problem with her. Cora knew that nobody would dare stand up against the Aspect of Darkenss. Some had learnt the hard way. 

Most days she spent most of her time in the manor like many of the other Aspects did too. Their rooms were known as their sanctuary. Too it was where she kept all her cursed objects locked safely away. Cora was too blinded by trying to build herself back up to notice that there were others who were breaking down around her. Both her and Erythereus were ones who kept to themselves more than the rest. Sometimes being the forgotten ones. A knock at the door brought her away from her own thoughts followed by a familiar voice Venetus. Making her remember how she hadn’t replied back to him yet. She had a habit of not seeing a message until a couple days later or leaving someone one read. Cora got up from the sofa placing her book on the coffee table and went to see her brother at the door. “Hey Venetus, what brings you here?” Smiling softly to the fellow Aspect. Remembering months back with Virideus it was all different when Deus came to her knowing too well she’d stolen all of his weed. 

Ven smiled gently as he saw Cora come to the door " I came to check in on you   I left a few messages   but I had no response  and with everything going on I grew concerned " he smiled  gently   Venetus was away of a few of outings the past few months from what a few guards had told him and he hoped if it was something bad   Cora  would come to him herself.  Ven folded his arms behind his back " I was hoping you would join me for a coffee out side or bring it here if you would like? 

He knew that most of his siblings  felt safe  in there rooms. That's why he rarely forced them to come out if they didn't want to but also he knew spending to much time in the rooms wasn't good  either" I do believe Sapphire has been baking cookies again " he smirked hoping the  bribe of a sweet treat  would  be her out .

Only a Damien , Sapphire and. Himself. Knew  Sapphires new position as  his new personal guard  after  the discussion with Aurantia. ". I was hoping you would  might want to explore the city tonight may be a club? Ven  looked surprised with himself as he thought he would never hear the words Venetus and clubbing but like he knew with Aureus he was more relaxed doing something he enjoyed " I also would like to pick your brains as they say if you would. Join me for coffee"

She was surprised to see Venetus at her door; it had been a while since they had last seen or spoken to each other. Lately a lot of them were busy with their own lives, almost forgetting to make time for one another. She’d been busy trying to focus on herself. Making better choices with the help and own therapy/sibling bonding sessions with Viridues. Cora had forgotten about his messages, she was caught out on it. “You know me, I click a message then forget to reply” Even if she spends all her time on her phone she’d still miss a message or leave it to get to later then forget about it completely. It was a bad habit of hers. “Coffee sounds great, you know me i’m never one to turn down a coffee” She smiled softly knowing they were in need of some one to one time. A refresh almost. A catch up. Soon as he said of bringing it here she quickly stopped him. “No we can go out for it” She insisted trying to keep the other Aspect from coming into her room. Remembering how she had yet to properly tell her siblings and other Aspects that her secret boyfriend who was a celestial and one of their enemies were moving into the manor. She didn’t want to risk Venetus walking in and seeing the boxes of Rashesh’s things lying about. Wanting to delay it for as long as possible. That was her plan. 

“Already beat you to that” Laughing a little as he spoke of Sapphire having been baking cookies. Finding the cookies soon as the brunette phoenix had baked them. They never last long around here. Cora looked puzzled and shocked at the same time as Venetus spoke of clubbing. She knew too well that he wasn't the clubbing type making her think he was up to something. “You clubbing? Really?” She remarked sarcastically. Definitely knew he was up to something now. “We all know you're not the clubbing type” Many times her and Erytherus would try to drag him out clubbing and failed each time. “Let’s just stick to coffee and see where the night takes us” She was sure it wouldn’t end with them both in a nightclub. They knew each other too well. Maybe it was because he probably knew her better than any of the other Aspects does. If she hadn’t met Venetus she wouldn’t be here or have the life she has now. She owed everything to him. He was the one who saved her and gave her a new beginning and chance at life. 

“Are you sure there’s coffee shops still open?” Almost to say he had thought his plan through first. Yet she did know of some coffee shops that were open till nearly early hours of morning. People these days had a coffee addiction, something many of them had too picked up on. “If not I may know some places” Over the years since living in the city, like many of them she’s found different select places. Hidden gemes.

Ven chuckled, as he looked at his sister, “How about we go to one of your spots” Ven wanted to know where his siblings went Evermore was bigger than Skye knew where his siblings would be from arguments to just enjoying peace and quiet but with what followed Skye he wanted to check on everyone's wellbeing, he laughed a little as Cora admitted she had forgotten to reply to his messages” we need to get you a task board “he teased smirking at Cora’s comment about Clubbing as he slipped his hand into his jacket pocket as he pulled out an envelope with Cora’s name on as he held it in front of her” one condition “do not open this till after we had coffee “he looked back at Cora” I've got a few things to take care of before we leave to meet you downstairs at the front door in say “10 minutes?” Ven took a step back as most gentlemen did in most Victorian upper-class gentlemen before walking away, even though he managed in modern times he still had times when he would slip into habits of old times.

Venetus shivered as he thought about the banging noise of the club music it wasn't his taste at all made his ears bleed as the best term came to mind as he walked back into his room as he stepped back into his room as a small smile appeared on his face as his rabbit poked his head out from under the desk as he walked over he tapped a few buttons on the laptop as he ordered a few more things for his meditation area as he finished the last few things in his room as he closed his computer he grabbed his wallet as he scanned for his jacket before grabbing a grey combat jacket “You have the fort Sergeant Flops “he chuckled as he left his room as he began to make his way down the familiar hallway the night had grown darker” just like a night in Bram stokers Dracula” Ven stopped at the top of the staircase looked either way before making hi sway down the steps taking them at a gentle pace before reaching the bottom as he took a step   he heard a noise coming from the kitchen carefully walking in he saw a member of the guard searching the fridge “if your looking for Miss Rizzoli’s Cookies there is a plate full in my room just don't let the rabbit out” he shook his head as he remembered the last time he got out“ and leave any reports on my desk if you have any“ he waved as he made his way to the front door.


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