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If you wish to express your interest in the moderator team on ECRP, you can do so here.

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Moderator Role Interest List

We no longer have a interview process for moderator positions on ECRP and all admin positions will be filled by existing moderators where possible. We are however adopting a sponsorship approach to on boarding new moderators, where an admin can choose to sponsor a member who has shown that they are helpful on the site. These members if approved by the team will be offered a 2 week trial on the site.

In order to be considered for sponsorship, please complete the form below which is available to all admins and the head moderator for viewing. You only need to complete it once, we will contact you if you have been chosen for a sponsorship, however if you change your main role, please let us know.


Chat Rules

Please follow the below chat rules to help keep the chat orderly

1) Please keep all chat to PG-15 level
2) Please do not spam the chat or use excessive capital letters
3) Please use // before OOC posts
4) Please do not advertise other sites
5) Please respect --, (c) and >> as signs of continued posts and wait for the post to finish before speaking
6) Please refrain from talking OOC whilst there is a RP going on 


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