Quentin Harkins
Faceclaim: Evan Peters
Species: Pure Blood Nephilim
Age: Looks 21 | Real 23
Status: In the Community
Family: None

For Quentin Harkins, nightmares weren’t the cause of distraught imagination; they were the dreams that crept up his mind at night to remind him of the horrific life his birth parents has unknowingly pushed him into.

Quentin was born to a mediocre Nephilim couple in Evermore, in 1994, their angelic bloodline passing on to him. Although his parents weren’t poor, they thought their son deserved better, much better. So they put Quentin up for adoption. However, none of the candidates that came forward was good enough in the eyes of his parents, until the Beaumont family came along. Maria and Francis Beaumont were a French family living in Evermore, just like the Harkins. The only difference between the two couples was that the Beaumont’s were not only rich but also were royalties. The Harkins immediately gave their son away to the Beaumont’s, knowing that they were exactly the parents they wanted Quentin to have. If only they knew what went on behind the closed doors.

Once Quentin was of age, the Beaumont’s started showing him their true colour. Behind the facade of a wealthy business man, Francis Beaumont had a big secret. He was the leader of one of the biggest drug trafficking operations; the source of most of his money. According to Maria, this drug trafficking operation had been coming down from generation to generation, each member involved in their own way. When they wanted teenaged Quentin to become a part of the ‘’family business’’, the Nephilim was terrified. Although, knowing it was wrong, he refused to take part in any such illegal business.

When the Beaumont’s were informed of Quentin’s answer, they immediately portrayed him as pure evil. The angel-child, scared and shocked, was forced to seek comfort from the members of the Nephilim Community. There weren’t enough proofs to reveal the Beaumont’s true nature, however the little boy’s words were enough for the Ambassador and the rest of the faction members to help him out.

As Maria and Francis plotted against their adoptive son, threatening to reveal his supernatural heredity, Quentin decided that it was for the best that he went back with the Beaumont’s. However, by this time, Quentin had grown closer to a particular girl from the community. She had become not only a best friend to him, but also someone he admired. Madison Hallway had always been a rock for Quentin, supporting him as well as protecting him. She guided him through the right path and it was just a few months later, they both realized they had more than platonic feelings for each other.

Things were going well for a few months; Quentin was now an adult, his girlfriend and him more in love with each other than ever. Although, unbeknownst to both of them, while they were happy and everything was picture perfect, Maria and Francis were making plans to kill this devil-child, behind their backs.

On winter night, Quentin was walking down the dark path of the forest with Madison when suddenly someone attacked the two from behind. Soon, there were at least a dozen people, armed and ready to do their work. One of them hit Madison on the scars of her shoulder blades, causing her to fall unconscious on the forest floor while the rest pinned Quentin to a tree and beat him hard with rods, branches, bricks, bottles, anything that could hurt him. They beat, kicked, slapped and punched the angel-child until he was on his knees, begging for them to stop.

However, mercy wasn’t something on their list. One of them took out a shotgun and aimed it at Quentin’s heart. He froze, not knowing what to do as the man pulled the trigger. However, the bullet never pierced Quentin’s body. When he opened his eyes, Quentin gasped, crying out in emotional pain. There in front of her, lay Madison, the bullet penetrating her heart; her last words telling him to be strong.

Quentin was never the same man after that incident. He slipped in and out of depression; the only thing that kept him on was the thought of taking revenge. The Nephilim Ambassador helped Quentin by finding out information on his birth parents. However, it seemed like they had disappeared right after giving him up. Quentin had had enough, he needed to put an end to what the Beaumont’s had started.

He decided to take help from the police. He provided them inside clues; eventually leading the ECPD to arrest the Beaumont’s and close their entire racket. Finding retribution, Quentin then decided to start afresh, buying a home further into the Nephilim Territory and studying to become a Forensic Scientist.Soon after, the young Quentin had become a grown man, working for the CSI in Evermore.

Along the way, Quentin picked up the art of music, the only thing that made him feel close to Madison and himself, calming him whenever his depression kicked in. The only thing left for Quentin to do now, is to find his birth parents.

Personality Traits

Socializing - Moral - Virtuous
Tease - Doesn't trust easily - Hot-tempered

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