“Where is it!” She screamed into the Archives Hall as she was pulling books from the shelves to look behind them. “How could it just be gone?” she turned to look towards the ottoman that was following her. “Did you hide it?” When it shook itself in the manor that meant no she sighed. “I know of course you didn't. I just can’t believe I lost it. I never lose anything.” She muttered to herself as she sighed moving to a map of the city looking it over. “I should use a locator spell to find it.” She said as she moved to pick up the dagger. Cutting her hand open as she repeated the words in latin watching her blood make a trail from the library past Evermore borders to a town that seemed just beyond the border.

“How in the hell.” She muttered softly before she picked up her bag after wrapping a cloth around her hand and tossed her things in her bag. Without much thought to let him know she was on her way. She porteled herself into Wyatt home. In his kitchen as she looked around and called out. “Wyatt! I need your help!” She called out as she pulled out the map and placed it on the counter there. “Something bad has happened!” She called out hearing the pounding of his footsteps she knew he was here. She raised her other hand to her lips and bit down on her thumb nail.

When she heard his foot step closer she dropped her hand forgetting her other one was cut open as it was bleeding through the cloth wrapped around her hands. “So there is this Artifact that Malva asked for and when I started to look around the hall for it I couldn’t find it. So Locator spell naturally and well.” She pointed it out. “It was stolen from the hall somehow and seems to be just outside of Evermore. Will you come with me and help me get it back. Then maybe help me figure out how someone got into the hall without me knowing.”

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Though he was routinely one to wake up early in the morning and go for his usual run, today was just not going to be that day. He'd been up all night trying to translate an old text from a Mayan culture and he hadn't realized that it was nearly 4:30am when he finally lifted his head up from the blurring words on the pages. Wyatt was beyond drained and wasn't exactly the happiest when his body decided the internal clock it had would still wake him up only four hours later. The word zombie came to mind. Dragging himself to the shower, Wyatt was currently leaning his head against the wall with his eyes closed wondering if seven cups of coffee would even be enough to make him slightly functional. He really wanted to get that translation completed.

A sudden familiar voice echoed along the hallway, but he wasn't sure if he heard it right. Perhaps it was just his foggy brain making it up. After all, his place was sealed up tight from anyone just being able to enter with customary locks as well as magical. Peeking his head out from behind the curtain, he groaned slightly realizing that it was in fact not his imagination after all. Penny. She was one of the few that he did allow to get inside. Wyatt wasn't able to make out everything she was saying, but caught a few words and the slight panic that was in her voice. Something was up.

Drying off haphazardly, Wyatt quickly threw on the t-shirt and boxers he'd just taken off prior to showering before grabbing his robe off the hook and wrapping it around him. He hurried down to the kitchen and saw her there looking full of anxiety, not to mention bleeding on his floor. "Geez, Pen." The diviner grabbed a nearby dish towel and moved to take her hand as she quickly began relaying the issue. She was going a mile a minute and didn't even pay attention to his actions to help stop the flow of blood coming from her wound. Wyatt wrapped her hand and then glanced down to the map at the remnants of her locator spell. It was beyond the city borders as she said. Who in the world could've gotten into the Archives though? That place was a fortress of magical protection and only a handful of people, including himself, could get inside to the places where the powerful artifacts were. 

Wyatt's brow furrowed at the thought. A breach into a place like that was not good. Not good at all. There was a reason why only so many people were allowed access which means whoever stole it really wanted it. "Yeah, of course I'll help you. Just let me get dressed. tell me about what was stolen in the meantime." The diviner hurried to his bedroom, but not before calling over his shoulder. "And put on the coffee!"

Was this the first time Wyatt had seen Penelope lost in her own downward spiral most surely not. But it was the first time blood had been involved so the panic may have come off as something else. As she kept talking while he was focused on her hand. “I just don’t understand, the kind of magic it takes to break into The Archives Hall is so much I should have noticed.” Penny was kicking herself mentally “No one had checked it out, so I thought maybe Bexley took it without telling me but again the locator spell would have left to her. So now I am freaking out and didn’t think it was the best to just teleport there. Could end up in a fight and well I don’t need Ery down my throat about dying on them.” She let out a sigh as she looked to the new cloth pressed to her hand.

“Sorry about the blood.” she mumbled out between her mad rantings as she looked to the map with him for a long moment.  “Coffee yes, we need the bean juice to make our way through this mystery.” She gave a quick nod as she moved over to look and see if she needed to place the grounds and water in finding it was already done. Most likely from Wyatt the night before. She flipped it on before moving over to the table that held the Mayan text he was translating. “Well I don’t know how long it has been gone. Malva has been going through older items she wanted to revisit and asked me to collect a few from the hall for her!” She called out as he was getting dressed fixing a few of the mistakes he made in translating the text. Then she was busy working on the next part when she realized that, this isn’t what she was here for.

When the beep of the coffee maker went off she stood up from the table and poured two large mugs that took the whole pot and was quick to put on another as she sat the mugs on the map she had brought to keep it open. “The item is something that makes no sense for someone to steal. It's the Helm of Friendship. Like why would you take something from the library to help you bond with friends when there are things in there that could destroy the world.” The confusion on her face was clear as she was trying to understand. Penny was a brilliant woman but sometimes her own scattered all over the place thoughts got in their own way.

“I fixed your translation.” Penny pointed to his table as she raised her mug to her lips. It was a floral mug with her name on it that she made him keep there for the times she was there. She liked having a mug in his home. It was like a home away from the library she could escape too from time to time. Though she also tried not to just show up often like she did that morning. She didn’t want to overstay her welcome so to say.

Wyatt was tossing clothes over his shoulder and onto the bed as he tried to remember which were clean and which were part of the piles of laundry that he still hadn't done in weeks. Though his face was full of concentration on this task alone, he was picking up the words of his fellow diviner in the other room. "Don't know how long it's been gone... Not good," he mumbled quietly to himself as he sniffed the plaid shirt that he was fairly certain hadn't been worn since the last load he'd done a month ago. Shrugging, Wyatt began to peel away the few items he had put on in the bathroom and quickly dressed again, confident in the fact that at least he was putting on laundered boxers. He hopped his way about the room as he put on his jeans and stopped in his tracks when she mentioned what was actually stolen. "The Helm of Friendship?"

As he continued nearly falling from his attempts to hurry while putting socks on in the hallway, he emerged into the kitchen and made a beeline for the coffee which was currently being used as a weight. He quickly zipped up his fly and buttoned his pants before picking up the mug and placing his hand flat on the corner of the map to keep it down, looking to the location again. "Helm of Friendship," he repeated quietly under his breath. Penny was right. Of all the things to take in the Archives that could actually do damage, real destructive, chaotic damage, this? His thoughts were broken for a moment as she mentioned fixing his translation. Wyatt looked over his shoulder at his texts and glared at her playfully with a smirk. "Show off. Wanna be my new assistant? You've already done part of the work so well which is making me coffee on command."

Taking a sip of from the mug, Wyatt placed it back down to keep the map from rolling, clapping his hands together in thought and getting back on track. "Alright, Helm of Friendship..." he repeated again, still shaking his head in confusion. He waited for his brain to somehow make this make sense, but after a few moments of silence between them, he broke the quiet. "Nope, I got nothing." He crossed into the living room and pulled open his closet door which was full of everything a normal diviner would have kept in their home on top of the weird that most wouldn't. Such was the life of a diviner archaeologist that enjoyed having the magically weird. Pushing over the many rolled up charts, maps, and stacked books, he grabbed one of his dozens of notebooks that he kept scribbled notes on and swiped through the pages which were full of the Greek artifacts he'd come across or knew of existing in the world. Still, it yielded very little information about the Helm itself other than it appearing in ancient Greece around the time of Aristotle who had his own philosophy on friendship which like many of his works, remained popular to this day. At the end of the few sentences was the symbol he used for the Archives to indicate it was found and kept at the safehold. Or so it was.

"Guess we just go in blind for now. We'll port in by the river there. I know the area, I've been running there before, so I can get us fairly close to the spot." Wyatt looked to the blood on the map that still wasn't moving which was good for now, but who knew how long before the thief would be traveling again, no doubt realizing that someone would be onto them at some point. He figured this meant the Helm couldn't have been gone long as it was still not far from Evermore. That or whoever stole it was a complete idiot. "Ready?" Wyatt held his hand out to her and mentally prepared himself for whatever unknown might be coming which was something he found himself doing a lot.

“Helm of Friendship.” Penny repeated with him as they both stood side by side looking down at the map with confused looks. They had always been good together at this. Figuring mysteries out. It was one of the reasons they had become best friends. “Like there is a cube that creates a cube of madness the size of Evermore. Why not something like that? This is far more frustrating.” She muttered with a sigh as she looked  at him once again as he gave her a playful smirk since she corrected his translation. “If anyone is the other assistant it is you to me. Don’t you forget that.” She teased as she bumped her hip to his. “I made your coffee because I am nice, and needed it myself. I do nothing on command, unless you are Mavla.” She finished the statement since they both know she was the only reason they were allowed to be close to such magical things. They were both trusted by the aspect of magic herself. “With that being said. I don’t mind helping you out. I find the things you do fun.” She said with a big grin on her lips as she looked at the map again.

After the long moment of quiet she raised a brow up to him. “Well at least I am not the only not understanding why they took this Artifact.” She shook her head for a moment before watching him break out the things they could need. “Oh good idea, I should pack up on things.” She portaled away and back with a backpack on her back. Little did she know he was looking for answers still on why they would want the Helm. So as she was back now looking like she was ready for a hike she crossed the room to read over his shoulders for a moment. “Part of me wonders if it was a test to get in and see if they could get something. Which means I have a weak point in The Archives that I didn’t know about. Which is a thought that will keep me up at night.” Her voice got softer yet panicked as she trailed off.

She let the panic wave through her but as a woman who had been through a dark spot in life before she shoved it down and looked at him for a moment. “As ready as I can be when it comes to going in blind.” She said as she picked up the map rolling it up as she finished the last of the coffee in her mug. She took his hand and spoke softly. “Better keep me safe Boy Wonder, or I am gonna unalive you.” She teased him before portaling with him to the spot by the river he knew. She was quick to open the map and look at it.  Speaking in dead tongue the map shifted and grew larger to show a clear path they are to take.

Penny started to take a step focused on the map, not the world around her as she almost stepped into the river.  “There seems to be a short cut this way I think.” if there is one thing about Penny anyone knew after a short time with her, she was a klutzy. She had no sense of the world around her, after all she lived in a magical library that shifted to keep her safe so she never had to think about it often.

As they portaled in nearest to the point on the map, Wyatt looked around. It was still the same as before from what he could tell. Just one of the several ordinary paths on a large reservation that many people frequented for a nice day out. There were a few people walking it as expected; Parents and children, owners and their pets. Normal. "How far away are we from.." Wyatt turned to where he thought Penny was still standing by him, only to see she had started off ahead already with her head deep in the now enlarged map, and close to forging ahead right into the water. He jogged over and yanked her backpack backwards to stop her as she was just about to step into the river. His hand went over hers to push the map down so she could see her almost drenching predicament as he stood behind her and nodded towards the other people around them. "May want to watch where you're going, Batman."

Wyatt shook his head with a chuckle and stood beside her to get a better angle of the map. They weren't too far away from the point the spell had indicated and if they followed the path around the water and through the woods some, they should come up on the location. "Looks like we're taking the long way around. Unless you really want to go for that swim?" he joked, starting to backpedal on the path with a smirk. "Come on."

As the pair eventually moved through the trees, it didn't take very long for a structure to come into a view. There was what appeared to be an empty park ranger truck parked nearby and Wyatt realized they were at one of the water regulation facilities on the reservation. He placed a hand on the window of the vehicle to block the glare and look inside which now confirmed it was vacant. He then touched the hood of the truck which wasn't warm. Whatever the ranger was doing, he or she seemed to be doing more than just checking the meters inside. Looking over to the building again, he could hear the machines whirring inside and out, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. At least so far. Wyatt looked over to Penny and gave a simple nod before cloaking himself from view.

There wasn't exactly many ways to get inside of the small facility. All of the windows were closed and darkened by years of neglect and the only way in or out was the one door. Wyatt placed a hand on the knob and turned it which gave no resistance and opened easily. He peered inside before pushing it open enough for them to slip through to make sure there was no one there to see them. The sound of the machines grew louder which would certainly help them stay more hidden, but also make it difficult to hear anything else that might be going on around them. Wyatt led the way through some of the tall storage racks that stood throughout the space until finally stopping when seeing someone through some of the boxes on the shelves that gave them additional cover. The person's back was to them and Wyatt couldn't see the Helm. "Know who it is?" he whispered to Penny.

As his hand took hold of her backpack and pulled her back she looked down like it was second nature and gave an innocent laugh from her lips. “Oh dear, I forget living in the library has made me less aware since it just bends to take care of me. Thank you for looking out, Boy Wonder. I would be all wet without you.” She chuckled as she shifted back to look at the map and show him the enlarged view, handing it over to him. Since she was going to have to be more focused on being able to walk then just following her magic without a care in the world. Not here, not in the real world. A place she rarely ventured into being the guardian of The Archives Hall. “Well we could go into the water between us. We have magic to walk across it, no?” She said as she started following him down the longer path so she didn’t end up separated from him.

They made their way through the trees, not without Penny snagging her clothes on the branches and almost falling over more than a handful of times. Once the structure was in view she looked back down to the map and back up. “This is all so strange.” She mumbled under her breath taking in the empty truck and moved beside him not wanting to be far in case something happened. She cloaked herself along with him as they moved inside of the small facility. Slipping through the door was easy enough as they made their way till they saw someone she crouched down to get a better look. She gasped softly and looked up to him.

“He was the guy I went on a date with last friday.” She said as she stood back up to move closer to Wyatt to look around for the Helm. “I never went home with him. I left him at the diner after the poor conversation.” She mumbled out to her best friend beside her then paused as she tried to focus on her memories of that night and her hand moved to grip Wyatts arm. “I don’t remember that date actually. Everything is fuzzy.” She said lowly so he could understand the direness of this situation.  “This is not good.” She had never had her memories messed with even when Malva asked if she wanted Reus to help remove the pain of her mothers death, she refused.

The burn in her head made her raise a brow, then her hand fell from his arm. She uncloaked and in a zombie like manner she shifted and took a step towards the man who now had the helm on his head. As if it had been there the whole time. “Fred, can I be of any use?” She asked as she moved towards the man and stopped in front of him. Giving a sweet smile.

“Oh sweet Penelope.” Fred said as he moved closer and took hold of the Instar Diviners chin. “Tell me, did you come alone?” He asked moving her hair behind her ear.

“No, my best friend Wyatt came with me.” Penny spoke out without a second thought since she was under his control.

“Be a good little diviner and take care of him. So we can be together forever.” Fred moved to coo in her ear.

“Yes Fred.” She turned and started back at Wyatt, her eyes turning red as she closed the space between them. A ball of energy forming in her hand.

"Fuzzy, huh..." Wyatt muttered, hearing that she had no real recollection of the night she'd spent with the man who was now in possession of something that most certainly did not belong to him. He had the feeling it very much was all connected, but he wondered why. Penny didn't go out often, but maybe she missed the cues that would've raised some alarm bells if there even had been any. Still, why the freaking Helm? How did he even get the damn thing unless the parts of her memory that were spotty was when he took the artifact and did God knows what else. 

As her touch dropped and she began to stand, his gaze followed her and then grew wide as she began stepping into plain sight and uncloaked no less. "What are you doing?!" Wyatt whispered, but it was pointless as she pointedly walked straight for the man they had been tracking. The exchange between them began and the diviner scoffed hearing his name. "Fred. No wonder he's a dick." Once Penelope revealed that she was in fact not alone, Wyatt stood and moved out from behind the shelving into view. There was no point hiding now and he was beginning to understand why Fred here had taken the Helm. 

His eyes moved between the two until hearing the direction that came from the little thief. Wyatt put his hands up then and zeroed directly on Penelope. "You have the shittiest taste in men." Wyatt began to back away slowly, glancing to her hand for a moment as the magical energy surged there. "Pen. Don't." He tried to find a hint of lucidity behind her gaze and found none while her eyes went to a menacing crimson that he did not want to be on the receiving end of. "Shit..."

Wyatt noted the firewood that was stacked alongside of the wall and telekinetically sent them one by one hurling towards his friend in hopes of distraction and not to actually hit her. Well, not hit her too hard at least. He did however send one sailing through the air at dear old Fred for good measure and a chance at knocking the Helm from his head. The diviner continued the assault in his defense, but as the wood pile lowered, a pair of unmoving legs in a green uniform lay beneath and he had the feeling that was the park ranger whose vehicle was outside. 

He hurried behind one of the shelving units and put his back against it. Wyatt glanced to the body on the floor again, unsure if he or she was even alive. "Pen! I know you're in there. He's using you to get into the Archives. You need to fight this." A sudden force slammed into the shelving in response to his plea, almost tipping over on top of him. There didn't seem to be any point in trying to reach her through words. Maybe they would have to fight this out. Instead, Wyatt quietly moved behind another unit and remained still in wait.

Penelope felt the surge of power, her chaotic magic as it was often called since she had been a dark diviner long before being a light diviner. She still had a bit of darkness in her,  causing her magic to be unpredictable at times, when she was in control. So now that she was under the control of someone who didn’t know this was the case. She was pure chaos. She felt the swirl of a tornado of energy around her. Tossing things around that were light enough to be picked up like small metal and paper objects. 

When the firewood came flying she blocked each one that could hit her directly. Though they were deflecting over her to hit Fred behind her. She heard Wyatt words but they felt a long echo away from her. She used her powers to slam the shelves into him. Turning her hand she pushed away the shelves from the area. To leave him standing there open and alone. Her gaze drifted down to the legs of the park ranger. Pausing seeing what seemed to be like a lifeless body. 

Visions of her life before the Archives flashed into her view. She blinked a few times and the crimson red drifted and the green of her natural eyes returned. “Wy?” She felt her mind fogged as her hand came to her forehead and she tried to stay on her feet.

“Clever, you can reach her through something meant to be unbroken.” Fred said as he moved beside Penelope. “Come now, return to taking care of our little problem.” He cooed in her ear. “I can keep you from being lonely, remember?” He said while looking at Wyatt with a big smile. The helm glowing at his command.

“Less lonely…” She said becoming taken over in a zombie like state again her eyes returning to the menacing crimson red, as she took a few steps closer to him. Her hand came out and like the classic  Darth Vader stance as the pressure would build around Wyatt's throat trying to cut off his air ways as she took slow steps closer towards him. 

“That’s it Penelope! End the interloper.” Fred giggled out as he clapped his hands together.  “Any last words interloper?” He giggled out as he moved to pick up a pen and piece of paper as if he was going to take down his last words.

The sound of the metal against the floor filled the space with a deafening grind. Wyatt stumbled forward as the shelves were moved and in a few moments he was out in the open with no cover and vulnerable to whatever magic she felt the need to use against him. He slowly stood and kept his hands to his side to show he didn't plan on attacking her despite the now precarious situation. His brain began to rifle through all its spells like a catalog of a library hoping to land on some spell that might work in order to break the connection the Helm was having against Penelope. The problem was, the artifact was so close that its hold on her would be even more significant than the magic he might try to counteract it. 

Something in her face changed then. He noted it as she glanced to the ranger who remained eerily still. Maybe he would be able to get through to her, but as she muttered his name, a small glimmer of optimism rose up in him. Wyatt took a step towards her, but Fred had moved beside her to cut off any attempt he was about to make at finding some connection. The fleeting moment of hope had passed then as he spoke lowly by her ear and soon the Helm's power had taken hold again. Less lonely. Was she really feeling so alone? Yes, Penny didn't leave much from the Archives, but he never knew how isolated she must've been really feeling. Suddenly he was wondering how he may have missed the signs. He thought she wanted it that way and though he did visit her often when he wasn't traveling, maybe it wasn't enough and she would probably never tell him so.

"Penelope, listen to m..." Wyatt tried again to get through, but felt the tightening around his neck as she moved in on him. Instinctively he clutched at his throat though there was nothing there to grasp. The diviner felt the light headedness swim about his mind as his lungs begged for air. He wanted to plead for her to stop, but he couldn't catch his breath let alone attempt words. Wyatt's vision began to blur. The goading from Fred was becoming muffled as consciousness was fighting with his brain telling him to let go. Then a surge of energy passed through him, much in part to the amulet he always wore around his neck that amplified his life force. He focused it all on the windows of the facility. Each of the paneled windows exploded along the walls and he sent the large shards towards them both.

As predictable of a coward that he seemed to be, Fred took cover under the table he'd been at when they'd first come in, letting Penny deal with the assault. Wyatt could hear him barking orders to her to protect him which at least put some distance between each other and possibly the control he might have over his friend. He just wasn't sure how much enthusiasm he should be using because in the end, he certainly didn't want to hurt Penny whereas right now, she clearly wanted to do that and more to him. 

The dark thoughts of never having a family, that everyone she cared about would die simply because she cared for them. It was a reason she often didn’t let many people close. She kept walls up and a carefree nature. Few cared to get past the surface. Wyatt was one of the only few that stuck around to see past the fluff she showed the rest of the world. Yet he was really it. Her only real friend. Loneliness had festered and she tried to push it away, going on a few dates. Yet she made it a rule never to bring them to the Library. Fred though, used his twisted darkness to corrupt her over time, the date they had gone on wasn’t their first. Even though Penelope thought it was. He had been poisoning her and she didn’t notice since she let the loneliness take over.

Her vision was red and she couldn’t pull from the hold the helm had over her. She was going to kill her one real friend because she was made a pawn all because she wanted to be less lonely. She felt the tears running down her face even though she couldn’t stop herself from choking the life out of him. Wyatt had to be stronger than her, he had to save himself because she wouldn’t be able to. That magical surge of energy caused hope to itch into her brain that he would be able to break her hold. The sound of the explosion she felt the glass embed itself into the soft flesh of her cheek and neck. A larger piece of the glass was embedded into her leg. The pain coursing through her she cried out softly as her hand dropped, letting her control of Wyatt go. She reached up, touching the blood dripping from her face. She was herself again but she didn’t know how long she would be.

“Couldn't you have missed the face?” She quickly turned with the moment of clarity she had and twisted her hand in the air causing rope from around the room to come around Fred. Each limb was restrained. “Helm. Quick.” Penelope breathed out raggedly as Fred started to gain control over her again. Her slender fingers wrapped around the shard of glass that was in her leg, pulling the peace out and jabbing it back in as she cried out needing Wyatt to get the Helm off of Fred. 

“Fuck you! You little piece of shit witch!” Fred screamed in anger as he was unable to gain control over Penelope as she was inflicting pain on herself.

Tears rolled as Penelope crumbled to the floor covered in her own blood as she panted out. “You wish.” Was all Penny could get out as she dug the glass shard once again into her leg. Her hand and fingers covered in blood she quickly drew a sigil on the ground. Muttering out a few words in a dead language causes the blood to glow, causing a protective aura over Wyatt.

Wyatt felt his body give way from all of the energy it had to release paired with the amulet. The darkened red glow in Penny's eyes dimmed and the grip over his air supply released. He doubled over and coughed violently as his lungs took in the air it desperately needed, but also from the exhaustion that had drained him. The room was spinning until his brain had finally been able to focus on his friend and he was no longer seeing double. Her fingers slid over her face and body from the magical assault he had just dealt her and Wyatt could see the pieces of glass that had broken through her skin. "Your lucky I didn't hit an eye, seeing as I couldn't aim," he replied breathlessly, his eyes locking on Fred then as the man realized he'd lost control over the other diviner. 

He stumbled over to Fred, watching as Penelope gathered the nearby rope and sent it wrapping around his limbs. Wyatt nearly fell into the raging man, but not before using the momentum to punch him in the face as he cursed Penelope. There was instant regret as the pain shot through his hand because he was after all wearing a piece of metal armor, but it did stun Fred enough that Wyatt gripped the helm and pulled as hard as he could. The resistance it gave was surprising. Wyatt repositioned, putting his boot down on Fred's shoulder and pulling again, watching the glow that suddenly surrounded him expand. It was a magic he recognized since it wasn't the first time Penny had used a protective shield around him.

"For fuck's sake!" Wyatt yelled, straining with all his strength, until finally all of the exertion paid off. He went falling backwards along with the Helm as it rolled away across the floor towards Penelope. The diviner sat up, breathing heavily for a moment before standing up on wobbling legs. His green eyes darkened to black with the threat of a magical attack when Fred looked up towards him, but instead Wyatt punched him again. A look of pain went over Wyatt's face while Fred crumpled to the ground. He shook his hand out and groaned. Maybe not the best idea given he'd just hit the metal Helm, but it was still satisfying.

He walked towards Pen to pick up the artifact while reaching his other hand down for her to grasp and help up. His gaze moved over her to see the damage that was done, both physical and not. Wyatt hated that he even had to use magic against her. At least the superficial wounds they could heal pretty quickly with a little salve and magic, but the one to her leg would take time along with the ones that didn't leave a physical mark. "Are you alright?" He realized the answer to that was probably going to be 'no', but the deeper conversations could wait till later. A sigh escaped while he turned around and looked to Fred who was still down and out. "Are you sure nothing else was taken from the Archives? How do you know he hasn't been doing this for a while now to get inside without you even knowing?"

Penny only let out a half hearted chuckle as he spoke on how she was lucky she didn’t get hit in the eye. She believed him on that, and only was thankful that healing magic was a thing. With any luck there would be no scar. Holding on to the ropes that were keeping the man held in one place she could see Wyatt struggling. She hated that she was the cause of such pain to the only person he would consider a best friend. Watching him struggle to remove the helm made her frown fully. Yet the pop came when he put his back into removing it. Watching Wyatt fall back on his back she felt freedom over her own autonomy once again. “Fuck you.” she used a word she often wouldn’t as she made the ropes move to tie him up with a neat little bow after Wyatt landed his knocking out blow.

She leaned down and picked up the helm using her own magic to encompass the magical effects to make the helm harmless in that moment. She did stumble to the ground for that moment as all the fight left her pretty much drained as she looked up to him. She held the helm out to him and took his hand as she rose from the ground with his help. “I will be fine once we get back to the Library. It will patch me up.” she said softly with a smile as she looked at him. “Let's get this and him back there so I can lock him away to make sure that there is more floating around out there.” She said as she moved over to the passed out male. “Come on.” she said, reaching down to take the unconscious man knowing that Wyatt could bring himself in.

She teleported to where the cells are in the Library and threw Fred there before locking the lock and watching it disappear. She made her way to the main room where Wyatt often brought himself into before sitting in a chair letting out a deep sigh as she felt the Library working on healing her. Feeling the tiredness of everything still washing over her she closed her eyes. When Wyatt showed up she opened her eyes and smiled weakly. “Hows the hand feel?” she could see the slight bruising on his neck from her magic wrapping around his neck. She watched as the Library got to work healing him also. “Sorry to drag you into a mess like this. I had no idea how much harm would actually happen.” she said softly with a sad smile. “I owe you, whatcha want?” she asked softly.

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