Name: Holland Marie Emery

Age: 27

Species: Human

Face Claim: Elizabeth Henstridge

Supernatural Status: Member Of The Organization

Organization Status: Head Of The Science Department

Organization Technology: Player’s Choice

Knowing about the supernatural was never something that was hidden from Holland Emery, the young girl was given a book which detailed everything about the supernatural from the moment she was old enough to comprehend it. She was taught about what made every supernatural person different and how to spot them in a crowd. The reason she was taught everything from such a young age was because her family were the founders of the human protection agency, also known as the organization in Evermore City.

For the most part, Holland had a normal childhood, her parents both working double jobs both at their respective occupations, a Doctor and a Police Officer and at the organization in the legacy of her great great grandfather who had put together a group of knowing humans in the city to bring control and peace to the city of Evermore. She was brought up alongside her older brother James whom was everything she aspired to be, despite the 9 year age gap between the two of them. James was the perfect example for Holland to follow, he was smart and he was kind and she knew that one day he would join the organization and probably eventually lead it. Holland was close with her brother who often took her out for treats and helped her with her homework.

Holland attended public school and generally did well in all subjects, however she excelled in academic subjects like maths, science and computer science. Even from a young age it was clear to her teachers and peers that she was far beyond the public curriculum and she found herself in AP classes across the board. When anyone asked Holland what she wanted to be when she grew up she could never decide, spouting a stream of ideas like an astronaut, a doctor like her mother and a marine biologist.

Despite being the picture of a perfect student, there had always been a lot of pressure placed on the young girl to follow her family’s legacy. The pressure came to a point when she reached her teenage years and her parents enrolled her in classes at the organization to train her in fighting. Holland reluctantly attended the classes, learning the basics of how to fight, defend herself and also handle weapons, her favorite of them being the bow and arrow, James had taught a few of her classes, having joined and moved up through the organization the moment he was old enough

. The young girl however allowed her grades to slip at school as a way of acting out for her parents forcing her into their path. As she grew older, Holland got into more and more trouble at school, she fell into a group of popular girls who liked to spend more time skipping school than they did at it. She dropped out of most of her AP classes and extracurricular activities to sneak out of school with her friends and drink. She dabbled in recreational drugs and even got herself in trouble with the police a few times. It got so bad that her parents had to be called into a meeting at the school and Holland was suspended for 2 weeks. 

Holland hadn’t realized quite how much her rebelliousness was hurting her family until she saw the disappointment on the look of her father’s face that night, he said very little, but his face had said everything she needed to hear, she hadn’t meant to hurt anyone, she had simply meant to vent her frustrations which came from having to be the perfect picture. Holland had felt the consequences of her actions like a ton of bricks, her sobbing loud as she curled up in her room. James who had been visiting with his girlfriend Sophie had heard her crying from the next room and come in to comfort her, he knelt by her bed and ruffled her hair, telling her there was still time for her to turn things around and be the person he knew she could be. Holland had hugged her brother and told him that she didn’t know how she could do any of this without him, he was everything she wanted to be. 

That night, after comforting his sister, James had driven out to the store to pick up some supplies and on his way home, his car had been hit by a drunken driver. Killing the other driver on impact and leaving James in critical condition. Being awoken in the middle of the night, Holland and her parents had rushed to the hospital to find out what was happening. A long night was ahead as they sat in the waiting room outside the ICU and waited for news. At the age of 18, Holland couldn’t even fathom the idea of of losing her brother, the man she had looked up to for as long she could remember. She couldn’t allow herself to believe that he would never work his way up to the top of the organization, just like she had always imagined.

Due to the extent of his injuries, James was medically induced into a coma to allow him to recover. Weeks passed and there was no sign of improvement. Soon the weeks turned into months and there was no news, no change in his condition. Holland visited James often, slipping her hand into his as she talked to him, the nurses told her that he probably couldn’t hear her, but she hoped they were wrong and her voice would convince him to keep fighting. She told him about how she planned to turn her life around, to become the person he had told her she could be, to make him proud.

Holland requested that she be transferred to a private school which she moved to a few weeks thereafter, moving away from her old friends she focused on her studies once more, she found her love for academics again and her GPA raised significantly. By the end of her senior year she was offered a scholarship to harvard which she decided to accept, pursuing a degree in chemistry and biology. On the side she also took classes in computer science to support her background. 

Despite being far from home, Holland regularly visited home to see her parents and check up on James. She enjoyed the college experience and managed to keep a good balance of enjoying the life she had been given but also working towards her future. When her graduation eventually came around at the age of 24, she proudly walked across the stage to collect her diploma, smiling at her parents in the audience. She wished her brother could have been there to see the extent that she had gone in order to make him proud, but she knew in her mind that he was there with her in spirit, he always was. 

Despite having a few flings and fleeting relationships in college, Holland didn’t have any ties when she finally graduated and so she decided to return home. She bought herself an apartment and through her parents, took on a role at the organization. Thanks to taking the pre training at a younger age, Holland was able to skip the introductory trainee stage of the ranks and moved straight into the science department. 

For the next few years, Holland worked in the science department on the supernatural biology project, the task was to study the biology of those who were supernatural to determine what gave them their supernatural abilities and eventually to discover how they could inhibit those abilities or counter them. Holland was paired with a technical engineer named Sariah Holloway and together they worked on many different devices intended for use by the organization members, starting with a device which was capable of detecting supernatural DNA and then moving into the realms of the impossible.

Upon their success of the project, both Holland and Sariah were promoted to team leaders of their respective teams, Holland running the biology team and Sariah running the technical engineers. The two teams worked well in tandem and together they managed to bring out more and more devices capable of fighting the supernatural abilities of the other species in Evermore. Eventually they came up with the idea of building a prison cell which was capable of holding the supernatural, able to counter their abilities and hold them for indefinite periods. It was a large project but it was one they were both passionate about, having become quite close friends both inside and outside of work, Sariah and Holland were excited to excel their research.

As a side project to her work for the organisation, Holland began work of her own on a serum which emulated the healing properties of supernatural healing. It was and still is a work in progress but she hopes if she can emulate healing she will be able to use it to help James. Though she knew that she could pull strings for supernatural assistance she also knew that James wouldn’t have wanted to feel like he owed the supernatural his life and therefore she refrained from grasping at such straws, instead focusing herself on the work. 

When Sariah moved up to co ambassador, Holland was happy for her friend and thanks to their close working partnership, she was recommended and later given the position to head the science department. It was now her responsibility to work on the projects they had started and to ensure they were seen from start to end, including the ever awaited building and testing of the cell prototypes. Holland took well to the occasion, naturally settling into leadership and mentoring. She remains the most skilled member of the team when it comes to the biology of the supernatural and chemically developing serums. 

Holland has never given up hope of her brother waking from his coma, even after her parents decided to retire their research and their jobs respectively, she has never stopped searching for the answers. She hopes that one day James will take and she will be able to tell him everything she had done in his name. She however does her best not to let herself wallow in negativity, as hard as the situation is, she knows she has to live her life while she waits for him to get better. 

Positive: Patient - Innovative - Charismatic

Negative: Impulsive - Distant - Commanding

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