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Instar Diviner

You're hired. Try not to die. (Wyatt and Ridley)

Wyatt sat in front of his desktop computer at his small, second floor studio in the downtown section of the city with an optimistic smile.…

Started by ✓ Wyatt Brookes

8 5 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Wyatt Brookes


★ Forbidden Fruit (Artemitra + Erythreus Only)

The Celestial’s mind seemed to be filled with never-ending thoughts; making her mind spin. It had been a while, since Artemitra’s mind felt…

Started by ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

13 22 hours ago
Reply by ✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Mod~

Instar Diviner

Oh no! not my Jimmy's (Mirae & Charli)

When Ridley had left, Charlotte had gotten what she always wanted, but fate soon ripped it away. She found herself going to her little sist…

Started by ✓ Charlotte Sommers

2 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Charlotte Sommers


Want To Play A Game (Anderson and Donovan)

Donovan came from a family of wealthy. He traveled the world and had been in some of the most beautiful places the world had to offer. He h…

Started by ✓ Donovan Jordan Hendrix

3 on Thursday
Reply by ✓ Andersen Dietrich

Fluid Role

Blood Bound [Closed to Jonathan, Isaiah, Cornelia and Clarissa]

Abraxas walked down the long hallways in a hurried pace, fingers clenched into fists as he kicked open the basement door, striding down the…

Started by ✘ Abraxas Lucifer Bradford

22 on Wednesday
Reply by ✓ Isaiah Zuriel Bradford


The Duchess and The Pirate [Ilyas & Valeria]

“No Ilyas” “For the love of God, Ilyas!” “You’re just one big man child, aren’t you” The Pirate had only been on the road for a few weeks w…

Started by ✓ Ilyas Enver

10 Jun 2
Reply by ✓ Ilyas Enver


Natural Disaster - Dr. Watson and Dr. Wells

Climbing out of the small airplane Euphemia carted the two doctors bags she was carrying, leaving her regular luggage to the man who was he…

Started by ✓ Euphemia Morgana Wells

2 Apr 27
Reply by ✓ Euphemia Morgana Wells


Raven and Qrow (Clarissa and Isaiah)

*This is a past thread* Isaiah life had made him twisted, far darker than an angel child should be. Though Isaiah had come to believe he wa…

Started by ✓ Isaiah Zuriel Bradford

5 Apr 22
Reply by ✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford ~Mod~

Instar Diviner

Enchanté (Wyatt and Anastasia)

Wyatt gave a yawn as he looked at the diver's watch around his wrist and saw it was just after 9am. He rubbed his hands on his face and sho…

Started by ✓ Wyatt Brookes

0 Apr 11


★ The Mission --Deus & Tia--

The sudden passing of a life seemed to course through the ancient beings entire body and he sat up suddenly in bed, a light sheen of sweat…

Started by ✓ Virindeus Ailward

1 Apr 6
Reply by ✓ Aurantia Ailward


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