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Ailward Aspect

★ Peirasmós (Malva & Octavia)

She knew it was wrong. How many times had she told herself that it was utterly and inexplicably wrong? More times than she could count to.…

Started by ✓ Malva Ailward

47 on Sunday
Reply by ✓ Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu

Instar Diviner

The Day We Met (Open to Bash and Cornelia)

To say he was proud of what he had achieved here in Greece was an understatement, he had done what he honestly thought was impossible when…

Started by ✓ Sebastian Roman Daystar

0 Oct 13


The Big Apple (Alexander + Harmony)

Harmony was trying, with so much difficulty, to say awake while reading one of the most boring books she had ever read in her life. Her dir…

Started by ✓ Harmony Jensen

0 Oct 9


Emergency Retreat (Cecilia & Yeonseok)

Cecilia doesn't stay at one place for long, not because of her nomadic patterns. Simply, because she was always needed elsewhere. And by el…

Started by ✓ Cecilia Laterza ~Admin~

45 Oct 8
Reply by ✓ Yeonseok Lee

Ailward Guard

Annie Get Your Gun! [Ember and Peyton]

Life was certainly strange now, and everything familiar in Peyton's life had been ripped from out under, though at this point she was quite…

Started by ✓ Peyton Holiday

1 Sep 26
Reply by ✓ Ember Rinaldi


Til I Can Sing With All the Voices of the Mountains... And Paint With All the Colors of the Wind... [Solo] [Complete]

*Triggers; Madness, Psychedelic Nature, Death and Abuse* Something was terribly, desperately wrong.  It was a twisting in his stomach, it…

Started by ✓ Piérre Luigi Marchonné

0 Sep 5

Instar Diviner

You're hired. Try not to die. (Wyatt and Ridley)

Wyatt sat in front of his desktop computer at his small, second floor studio in the downtown section of the city with an optimistic smile.…

Started by ✓ Wyatt Brookes

26 Jul 26
Reply by ✓ Wyatt Brookes

Ailward Aspect

Looking for Light (Open to Argent and Ben)

After unexpectedly showing up at the City Defense General's office, explained her woes to him and them both agreeing to go on a hunt for a…

Started by ✓ Argent Kara Ailward

8 Jul 15
Reply by ✓ Argent Kara Ailward


My Getaway (Open to Aeryn and Harper)

To say the past few months had been a change in pace would be an understatement. Since a certain blonde had come into his life, Aeryn felt…

Started by ✓ Aeryn Zephon Constantine

10 Apr 30
Reply by ✓ Aeryn Zephon Constantine


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