Maybe it was the right call. Maybe it wasn't. At this point, Dae wasn't sure what's right and what's not anymore, which was saying a lot considering the male never really had a phase in his life where anything is unsure. That's the thing about him, he is always sure. It could be good or bad, but it is something he knows is sure to himself. Now? Not so much. 

He stared at the mirror in front of him and noticed how haggard he looks, he looks tired and sad. He remembered what Yeon said the night before, how he would leave everything and go with him. Of course, a man with that calibre wouldn't really have a problem dropping anything to do whatever he wanted. Yeonseok Lee is rich and well in his own, he has a whole business, a company under his name, a smile that would charm even the hardest rock. And that rock is him. He was fazed, he was shaken. It was why he had a whole luggage packed with his clothes and essentials. It's the reason why he's making sure he looks presentable. 

He sighed to himself and murmured "You can do this Daehyun, it's just a trip... how long could it be anyway? We'll eventually get bored and all of this will be over with... He wouldn't want a piece of heavy baggage like yourself, this is just him being nice... because that's who he is, Yeon is a nice guy..." He had reassured himself that the valkyr only wanted to do his part as a good friend. 

Dae closed all the lights at his place and dragged the luggage with him as he spared one last look at the living space. He had hoped that perhaps once all of this is over, he could come back to this comfort. Maybe he wouldn't die. By the time he went down from his unit, he noticed there was a car waiting right in front of the entrance. He had thought nothing about it if not for the striking blond who just came out, even after crying last night, Yeon looked exceptionally beautiful. Of course, he does. He's a valkyr but not everyone can be charming like him. "Why are you... here? I thought we'd meet at your place?"

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He knew he should have probably slept for longer but the valkyr had woken at the break of dawn, memories of the night before rushing in the moment he opened his eyes, seeing the light crack through the windows and Dae laying peacefully next to him. He’d never seen him look so serene so he made excuses to lay there just a little longer before he finally got up and snuck out of the place.

He went to the office for opening, he knew they weren’t going to like what he had to say but the valkyr’s mind was already made and turmoil could wait for later. He abruptly informed them he was taking an extended leave of absence and then he headed up to grab the most important things from his office. He spent the next few hours beginning the compilation of an itinerary of everything he’d ever dreamed of doing, item after item coming to mind, the thought of experiencing each bringing a new wave of excitement.

The idea of taking Dae along with him only heightened it all, he refused to hold onto the sad undertone of everything that transpired last night and instead he planned to cling to the hope of finding a better future. After packing up everything from the office, he sent an encouraging email to all of his employees and closed his laptop for the first time in a long time, leaving it before getting in his car and driving home. It didn’t take him long to pack the essentials, he’d figure out the rest along the way, more excuses for shopping was never something he would complain about.

He’d been up for about 5 hours by the time he found himself pulling up outside the place Dae was staying. He knew they planned to meet at his but he supposed he just couldn’t wait any longer, he lifted the shades he was wearing and grinned slightly “I’m ripping off the band-aid before I get sentimental about packing up and leaving my home all over again” he teased playfully “I hope you packed your passport in that tiny suitcase” he jested , they have a long road ahead of them but he was optimistic, this was going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

When he saw the sight of that familiar car parked in front of the entrance he felt his body feeling weird, because he knew that car… it's a bit too familiar, but it couldn't possibly be him right? Yeon wasn't supposed to be there, he was supposed to wait at his house, which is exactly where the niveis was heading to. But the moment he noticed that familiar blond hair and the male wearing his shades, paired with that smile he knew all too well, Dae recognized it to be Yeonseok Lee. 

When he asked if he packed his passport, he cleared his throat as he stumbled on his words "Uh yeah… I brought my passport… you did say we're going on a trip… though you never actually disclosed to me where exactly…" So he wasn't sure where they were going and what country it was. "Though I imagine it's winter anyway so… I packed appropriately, I hope…" But knowing Yeon, he will likely just do a quick shopping wherever they're going. "I don't have to bring a lot of clothes… do I? You don't look like you brought that much either…" He tried to peek even though his car was all tinted. 

"Nevermind, you'll probably shop wherever we get to." He loaded his luggage in the car and got into the passenger's seat and stared at him "Will you tell me where we're going, at least? So I can… mentally prepare?" Dae was a bit quieter after last night's fiasco. Which he was sure the valkyr would be able to notice. "You… have you slept at all?"

He couldn’t help but notice that Dae seemed a little nervous, which he supposed was normal considering how much the niveis disliked flying in airplanes. He chuckled when Dae complained he hadn’t told him where they were going “Well in my defense you did fall asleep way before I had the chance to book anything” but of course he wanted Dae to be comfortable so his first priority had been somewhere with a cold climate where the niveis would feel right at home.

“Don’t worry, we can source anything you’re missing” Yeon wasn’t the type of person to get hung up on small details, he wanted to make sure the other male would have everything he needed to just…let go and enjoy the moment. Which firstly meant getting as far away from familiar places as possible. It was a new start. “I’m a light packer, you get used to it after having to leave for trips at the drop of a hat” but he did have a few staples.

“Paris” he commented in response to Dae’s pleading to tell him where they were going “It’s very beautiful this time of year…though albeit cold, you’ll feel right at home” now that Dae was in and the door was closed he started up the car and before long he was driving out to the highway, ready to head the familiar route to Evermore airport “I’ve…slept…” he defended himself but it was definitely with shaky words “I’d say I’ll sleep when I’m dead but…” he chuckled and looked up at Dae “I don’t want to waste any time we have…” he confessed as he looked back at him.

He had craned his neck and rubbed the back of it gently because god knows when was the last time he actually stretched properly. The idea of a trip, a sudden one at that, still seemed foreign to the niveis because the only times he had planned a trip was never. Not really. Unless he counted the trips he went on spontaneously to find someone. He wouldn't consider anything he does as a bounty hunter as a trip of pleasure. But what Yeon wants… he gets. Dae could never deny him this or that. Though he had to admit the idea of flying in the plane… makes him nauseous. 

"I still don't like the fact that we're going by plane…" He grumbled under his breath and shook his head "That air bird… how can you trust those things? They could crash any given time and I know I can fly when they do but still…" It was just so unpredictable he never knew why mankind even created that thing. It was the only flying he didn't like. "Of course you'll source me anything missing, you're taking this as a chance to go shopping" he teased. "Judging by the way you packed lightly tells everything already." The valkyr was probably used to doing this, considering his position and his occupation as a businessman which meant a lot of spontaneous business trips.

He raised his eyebrows when he heard the word Paris come out of the blond's lips "Paris? Fancy…" But he didn't say no to that. Yeon  was right, it's cold at this time of the year and he was grateful that the other male thought of him. He chuckled as he got into the passenger seat when Yeon tried to defend himself on his sleeping schedule "You are quite stubborn, more stubborn than me I'd say, Mr Lee." He leaned against his seat and switched on the radio so they could hear some music and pursed his lips "You look very excited… I'm already feeling green thinking about that massive bird…"

The moment Dae remembered they were traveling by plane, Yeon swore the temperature around them dropped which made him chuckle softly, the niveis really did have an aversion to it “Well as fun as flying around the world your way sounds, I think you’re going to be exhausted before we even reach the second city” he gave him a knowing look because he knew the other male would try to deny it at first before realizing the valkyr was right on this one.

“I’ve been on hundreds of plane journeys and none of them have ever crashed you know” he raised his brows and then shrugged his shoulders slightly. We’ll get you plenty to eat…you won’t even be thinking about it after take off. Honestly, knowing Dae he’d probably sleep for most of it and wake up just before they got there. Yeon was pretty good at resting on flights but he rarely slept properly, mostly because there was always work for him to do. “Exactly, besides we’re on vacation, why not treat ourselves to some nice new things” he teased playfully.

He bit his tongue in an amused manner when Dae said fancy at the mention of Paris “You might feel differently when you see the city for yourself” but it was a beautiful place at least, he was sure the niveis would appreciate the sights. “It’s not easy to beat you when it comes to stubbornness, but I see it more as determination, I know what I want and I know how to get it” but it amazed even him how much hs goals had shifted as of late. It wasn’t too much longer until he parked up at the valet section of the airport, handing his keys over and unloading their cases from the trunk “First thing on the agenda is a celebratory drink I think” he bit his lip for a moment before holding his hand out towards Dae, wondering if maybe he wanted to hold hands.

He chuckled when he retorted to his dry Remark with yet another one, yeah this is why Yeon always kept him on his toes. Daehyun was a generally cold and standoffish person, even he knew that and at some point, the niveis was actually very comfortable with the way he leads his life. Until he couldn't. Everyone had a breaking point, Dae had his and less than 24 hours ago, he tipped over the edge and broke it. It was only by a miracle that the valkyr noticed something was wrong and came to check on him as soon as possible. Even though he wouldn't allow himself to bend over to anyone's will, seeing Yeon heartbroken and sad like that… he had to admit, it made him feel so guilty.

How dare he make someone spectacular like that tear up? Over him, no less. "Yeah true… I'll be exhausted by the time we get to the second stop… wait, second? Are we going to go to more than one… place, Yeon? No, scratch that… are we going to go to more than one country?" He raised his eyebrow and gave him that look that said don't you try to evade this question from me, I will chase you for it. Knowing the valkyr, he had to confirm things with him or else god knows what he'd plan. "Yours probably haven't crashed but… I'm a bird… flying in a tight space… in the air…" He can fly but it doesn't get rid of his phobia of flying in an airplane. Crashing and flying are two different things. 

"You're going to end up treating yourself to everything new, Yeon, who are you kidding?" Yeon had money, so why not right? Personally, Daehyun Stormwind is quite frugal so he couldn't relate but Yeon on the other hand, is a wealthy and successful millionaire. They are from two different worlds. When the valkyr held out his hand, the niveis didn't question it and just clasped him into his soft ones. "Okay a drink… that one I agree on."

It felt like just another day to him, heading to the airport, hanging around in the lounge while waiting for the plane to take him ton whatever destination he desired, it was routine even. Except for the little thoughts in the back of his head about how this was entirely different, this wasn’t another routine trip, this was essentially them running away together to some far-off place. It was exciting. “I thought that much was obvious, we aren’t going to spend 6 months in Paris alone” he commented almost nonchalantly, he didn’t have the full list of destinations yet but he had a pretty good idea of a plan.

The valkyr nudged his shoulder gently against Dae’s slightly “Well you’ll be with me, so nothing bad can happen right?” he commented and smiled just a little, perhaps it was a little cliche, but he’d decided last night to stop holding back on formalities when it came to the niveis, he was going to say what he wanted, when he wanted, even if it sounded dumb. He considered arguing Dae’s words about treating himself but shrugged it off playfully “I’ve worked hard, I deserve nice things” he teased softly.

He took a nervous breath as he felt Dae’s cold hand in his, the two of them heading into the airport like it was completely natural and honestly…it did feel that way. “The sooner you get used to the way I am, the more enjoyable this trip will be for you…” he commented and chuckled softly “Considering we’re gonna be together…all the time” and Yeonseok certainly didn’t change himself to suit others. He lead the way to the private check-in where their passports were checked and before long they were heading into the airport lounge, a view of the planes taking off outside and a bar with many selections. He headed straight up and ordered himself a whiskey on the rocks.

He stared at the valkyr with that indescribable look and chuckled "Yeah I'm with you... what's the worst that could happen indeed..." It wasn't to say that Dae didn't trust Yeon, it's just that the valkyr has a way with things and normally, he surprises him still. Despite their long-withstanding... friendship, Yeon always finds a new way to surprise him. "Yes... I know we won't be in Paris for the entirety of our... 6 months but an itinerary is an itinerary" he chuckled, but of course, he would trust Yeon with his life so he could likely do whatever he wanted. He's just there along the ride.

It was an excuse really, he just wanted to live even though he didn't... want to stay. "Yes, you have worked hard you deserve to treat yourself after everything... you have the world at your feet, valky, you know that." Hell, he had the Daehyun Stormwind at his feet too. He might not admit it out loud, but the niveis was truly smitten by the other male. "I'm just checking because what if I didn't pack the appropriate clothes for our journey... what if it's a hot place or a tropical place... you know I don't bode well with heat, right?" He's a whole niveis, an icy bird. Literally.

Dae raised his eyebrows at him and hummed "All the time? You mean even when I'm showering? When I'm taking a piss? That too? You'll be with me 24/7?" He followed the other male into the lounge and saw him pouring whiskey "Isn't it too early for a drink?" Knowing Yeon, he would say it's night somewhere in the world. "You know what... never mind" he stood up from his seat and went over to have a glass himself too. "Are you really sure about this? You can still backout from babysitting me, you know that right? I don't expect you to... keep a hold of my leash wherever we go. You have your own life..." How could he not feel guilty? 

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