"I'm all in baby" was the last thing he had said to her before heading away from her house, he wondered how things had changed so quickly between them and yet it felt like this had been a long time coming. They'd known one another for years, been friends for most of that and in time she had become the single person he reached for first. She was the first one he wanted to talk to in the morning and the last person he wanted to wish goodnight. It was hard to imagine his life without her. 

Watching her rush off to her room he headed out the door and started walking the distance to Han's place, thankfully it wasn't too far. He didn't waste any time as he headed in, grabbed some clothes from the chest of drawers and piled them into his duffel bag before looking around and grabbing his blanket off the bed, he was used to traveling pretty light so it didn't take him long to gather up the essentials. He wasn't really sure what their next few days were going to look like but he felt optimistic, which wasn't something the young star was used to. He wondered if the feeling would last. 

He scrawled a quick note to Han not to expect him home for a few days and then headed out, grabbing his keys and getting into his car. Before long he was pulling up outside the house once again. He got out and checked the state of the car, making sure all the lights were working and none of the tires looked like they were on their last legs, he didn't want to risk breaking down in the middle of the trip.

Knowing the door was unlocked he headed inside just in time to see her coming down the stairs. She looked so much brighter and happier than she did the first time he saw her today and he felt his heart lurch in his chest in response "You look...shimmery" he commented a little bluntly, but the sentiment of what he was thinking was there.

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By the time the clock hits 15 minutes, she finally pushed herself to go down so she could greet him. The moment she saw his face, the aurazin couldn't help but smile at him, "I need a little bit of shimmer if we're going to go out, no?" She teased playfully and even made a slight twirl. "How do I look, baby? Do I look pretty?" It sounds so much better when she calls him baby it's actually making her heart flutter. The day finally came where she could call her significant other with such endearment terms. "Mhmmm my star... mine, all mine" She purred, because that's exactly what it is. He is hers. And she is not going to let him go. When he said he was all in, she could feel her gaze softening because if she remembered correctly, they used to say something like that whenever they wanted to do something, saying those exact two words just before doing it.

Astraea could feel her heart making a few rounds of cartwheeling here and there. She brushed her thumbs against his cheeks gently, the tip of her fingers padding against his, "Just for me... look at you all smug, I'm going to use my privilege to stare at you a lot because that's what I want... and I'm sure it's what most people would want. To come up and personal, staring at this beautiful face" She teased. He really is beautiful though, the fact that this is new to her was literally making her hand tremble. 

The compliment was not what she expected but he did tell her that it was not going to be exactly like what she expected since it's... not really his forte. "I look sparkly, don't I? I know you like it when I look cute and sparkly ish... I did my hair too..." Just for you, she mumbled internally. She definitely feels a bit better from previously, because now she had an outlet. Astraea walked towards him and took his hand, "Shall we?" She didn't even wait for him to take her hand, she just took his hand outrightly without waiting for him. "Are you sure... you're going to take me to Disneyland? If it's too much, we can just go somewhere nearer...?" She didn't want to be a burden for him. 

He loved the sound of those words coming from her lips, all hers, he could lose himself in the thought of that easily. He liked seeing the way she was now, you wouldn't have believed that before this were tears and tired eyes, now she looked bright and settled, like the weight of the world was no longer on her shoulders and she could finally take a moment to breathe. She seemed happy or as happy as she could be on a day like this and that was all he could really ask for "Just give me some warning before popping up, you know I'm always on high alert".

Old habits were hard to quit for him and having been in many dangerous and volatile situations, Sunmin always tended to be on high alert and so it wasn't wise to sneak up on him. She made an effort for him, he realized that much because of the way she changed in the short time they had been apart and there was something special about knowing she did all that just for him "I do like it when you sparkle" he agreed as he stepped outside and then ushered her to follow him, helping her to lock up the house before heading to the car.

He headed around to the driver's side and got in, making himself comfortable, knowing there would be a long drive ahead, he placed his bag under the seat so that he could reach it easily if he needed to and then glanced over to his side as she got in too. "It's not the comfiest ride...but it'll get us where we wanna go" he commented softly before turning on the navigation system and setting it for their destination. He bit his lip when it showed 17 hours of driving "We might need to make a few stops along the way" as confident as he was in his driving now, that was a lot to take on. He started the engine and backed out of the driveway.

She realized that her eyes were no longer the tired and tearful ones, she was still tired sure but she didn't feel too sad anymore. Because of him. She chuckled when he told her to always warn him beforehand because he's always on high alert "I mean... you'll know when it happens, baby" She winked playfully and shook her head. She knew what kind of person he is, she was his best friend, she knows what made him tick and what he likes. At this moment it was clear that the celestial loved being called baby. There was a time when Astraea wondered just how much of him was she able to change and after a while, she could see there was plenty.

"I sparkle a lot" She chuckled, but then again so does he. After all, he is a celestial. It wouldn't be much of a stretch if she was saying he glows more than her. But there are often times when she thought they fit each other pretty well since her rainbow and his bright one just melds together. She was looking forward to their trip together so as soon as they loaded all their bags in the car, she went straight to the passenger's seat in excitement. This was going to be her first road trip too, with her best friend slash potential boyfriend now? That was bound to be interesting.

"17 hours though, would you be able to stand through it..." of course she knows he wouldn't be driving straight like what he said, but then again it was still going to be a long drive. When he started the engine she had placed her hand over his instinctively. "I really like seeing you, do you feel the same?" She stroked her thumb against his knuckles and say "I can't believe you'd go on a trip with me like this..."

He smiled softly, they knew each other well, better than others, in his case she might be the very person who knows him best which meant that while this might feel new and different, there was still an element of shared companionship they had between them which they could rely on "True, you aren't the sneakiest" he commented with a chuckle, she walked like a penguin sometimes so he could always tell when it was her footsteps coming down the hallway compared with someone else's.

"Pretty" he murmured softly when she said she sparkled a lot, he noticed a lot too, it was hard not to considering the rainbow glow which always surrounded her, there was a time when he had found it a little obnoxious in the past but he had grown to become familiar with the aura which she exuded. Now he saw it for the beauty it had. He watched as she excitedly went around the car and then placed herself into the passenger seat. Before long they were already driving through the city ready to turn onto the highway.

"I can handle it, we'll just need to find somewhere to stop off when I get tired" he studied the map for a moment before pursing his lips seeing that the route would take them through Vegas "Seems like the most sense to stop in Nevada" he commented in a soft voice, he had a lot of memories of Vegas and most of them weren't good ones. "It's the highlight of my day" he responded to her question bluntly without thinking too much about it and then bit his lip when he realized how cheesy that sounded. Feeling her hand against his he smiled and turned his over so his palm was facing up before threading their fingers together "Can't you?" he questioned and raised his brow "Crazy is kinda my specialty" he commented and grinned slightly "Are you excited?"

She blushed and huffed playfully when he said she wasn't the sneakiest when it comes to surprising people or sneaking up after them "I mean I can surely train myself to be more silent... it's not my fault you're too perceptive" She scoffed teasingly, he wasn't wrong too, she sometimes walked with her heels intact, the sound of her footsteps would echo. When he complimented her and said pretty, she covered her cheeks with both hands and whined softly, "You need to stop making me blush every single time you opened your mouth..." It was true, he kept making her think about what would happen if he keeps doing this.

She could see the glow that he emitted but it was so very faint, but it was still beautiful to see him smile with his faint glow, it makes her want to touch them, sometimes she tried and touched the air which caused him to tease her for days. She had his hand holding hers securely and she could feel her heart fluttering excitedly. "You can stop whenever... we can even sleep in the car if you're not feeling any motels" She really didn't mind anywhere or however they do it, as long as he's there with her.

The fact that he decided to abandon everything to take her to Disneyland just like this told her everything she needed to know. He really... likes her. She still couldn't believe it even though he basically confessed to her. "I'm really excited... I can't believe you're really doing this..." and he's right, he is crazy and that's exactly one of the many things she likes about him. "You know you have your own fanclub right? What would they think if you're not working? How would they feel if they find out you have someone? Someone like me?"

He laughed softly when she pouted about him calling her out on her lack of stealth "You could, though maybe there's just some things you're not good at" he jested playfully, he found it pretty cute how she would think she was being sneaky only to entirely give herself away, it was honestly pretty endearing. "Do I?" he teased as he glanced over at her, giving her a somewhat cheeky smile "I think the blushing suits you" he teased softly, knowing his complimenting would only make her cheeks even redder.

He noticed the way she was staring at their joined hands and smiled to himself, biting his lip in thought, he was so glad to see how excited she seemed, it only cemented the way he was feeling in that moment. "Okay...let's see how things go, we'll no doubt get hungry at some point so keep a look out for someplace you'd like to eat" he was honestly excited to see how the whole adventure would unfold and where it would take them. "I think the car is a little small to actually get any restful sleep though" he couldn't afford anything too grand after all.

He grinned as he pulled out onto the highway, thankfully most of the drive was going to be a straight road so he didn't have to worry too much about taking a wrong turn "You can put something on the radio if you want" he suggested, gesturing to the stereo if she wanted to listen to something "A fanclub huh?" is that how you would describe it? Honestly, he found it kinda annoying, the girls were always hanging around and giggling "I don't really care what any of them think, their opinions don't matter to me..." he wasn't the type to let what others said stop him "I care about your opinion though...does what they're doing bother you?"

When he told her there might be just some things she wouldn't be good at, she pouted and thought about it, "You know I used to be so sneaky... I have no idea where that part has gone to... when I was a kitsune nobody could see me coming it was almost funny..." Now she's nowhere near half of how sneaky she used to be. Maybe she wouldn't retain everything she used to have, especially abilities that was enhanced by her biological body. This wasn't her original body after all, it was just a manifestation when they got to earth. "Of course you would say that blushing would suit me... you love teasing me the most don't you?" She shook her head but there was still a hint of smile that indicates she was amused.

While they were intertwining their fingers together, Astraea took it upon herself to clasp them firmly and moved her fingers around as if it was searching for a comfortable spot. She was looking at it the entire time and not the road. It wasn't until he was talking about food and rest that she looked up from her brief trance "Let's go for the classic drive thru, that's more than enough, we could park somewhere and eat. I don't think we need to get out at all" She honestly didn't want to, not yet anyway. The idea of them eating their food inside the car together while chatting made her excited. It's like the scene she used to watch and fawn over. Now she gets to do it.

"You know it's not fair to drive with only one hand on the steering wheel right? Do you need your other hand? I can let go" She offered, attempt to take her hand away because she didn't want to inconvenience him. When she told him to turn on the radio for anything, she switched to her favorite station and chuckled just thinking about his fanclub, "They don't bother me... I could understand fawning over a beautiful man such as yourself... I just worry their reaction would be adverse if they knew their beloved barista is... dating someone. That's what we're doing... right?

He chewed on his bottom lip in thought before responding "Maybe the reason you're not as sneaky as you were is to remind you that you're different now" she wasn't a kitsune anymore after all so she wouldn't have the supernatural stealth that came along with it "But I'll bet you're more compassionate than you were before right?" he could imagine she was quite a different person back then compared to now. He grinned a little when she called him out "I do, princess and that isn't going to change" he was her close friend first and he didn't want to lose the ease and comfort they had around one another.

He chuckled and smiled at the thought of them getting take-out food and eating it together in a parking lot "That's definitely got to be something you saw on one of your dramas or movies right?" he couldn't see any other reason why she wouldn't want to stop and take a rest for a while anyway but he didn't mind as long as he managed to get food eventually. He watched her with soft eyes when she went to take her hand away and despite turning his eyes back to the road he reached out his hand to grab hers and put it back where it was "I can drive with one hand, it's mostly straight road and there's no wind" he protested, holding her hand a little tighter so she wouldn't pull away again.

"All due respect to them, but it's really not their business or their call whether I'm dating someone or not and frankly I don't care to give anyone the time of day if they aren't going to respect my choices" he shrugged his shoulders slightly, he never paid any of them any mind and he never intended to. If anything they should have realized by now that Astra was the only one he had ever paid attention to. "And yes, I don't drive for almost an entire day for just anyone you know" he wanted the chance to spend the time with her honestly.

When he said that she has to admit that the truth did sting her a little because as much as it was just her past, being a kitsune for Astraea was also her identity. To strip that away from her meant to take her existence away which hurt. So it made her a bit sad to hear that it was all due to her being supernatural, nothing unique to it. Fortunately, he added to the fact that she is more compassionate now compared to before, which was true. "Yeah, I was more stoic and serious back then... I had a lot of expectations to meet after all, I'm the eldest and firstborn, everyone knows how they are. I was also not bothered by... violence, because it's a daily thing as the daughter of a general."

Her step father being a general was of course attributing to her love for swordsmanship later on, something she could not easily find to practice these days. All good things come to past after all. "Yes? I mean... You know I like to watch a lot of those dramas..." It suits her character honestly, which was quite a contrast to her previous life too. His nickname for her was seriously making a place in her heart, to the point every single time he says it, her heart is fluttering like she locked a cage full of butterflies, refusing to let them out. "Do you call everyone you like princess?" She teased, because she would like it if it's just her though she didn't hold much hope for that.

When he took her hand back only to hold hers firmly as if he had no intention of letting them go, she looked at it in surprise before averting her gaze to him, "If you say so..." to be honest, she was happy. "Also... you had to have known that I like it when people drive with one hand..." She muttered. Because this was insanely attractive. "Those flock of girls... I'm one of them, but you were my best friend and I actually get to talk to you properly... I was lucky. If I wasn't working there I might've mustered up the courage to ask for your phone number before burying myself in a ditch..." She stroked his hand with her thumb and grinned, "I thought Sunmin Park don't date though?"

e was always interested when she talked about her past because it was hard for him to imagine there was another version of her which he didn't know the way he knew her now "You must have felt a lot of pressure to rise to everyone's expectations" he pointed out, nodding his head slightly, thankfully he had never had to face up to anyone's expectations of him because he had always been alone but he could imagine how tough it must be to have someone else's opinions dictate your actions.

He couldn't help but chuckle when she admitted that her like for the idea of a drive-thru was because she had seen it in a drama "I swear if you tracked how many of those you had watched it's probably over 100" he commented remembering all the different ones she'd describe to him throughout their shifts, she would always get so invested in the stories, which he found cute. "No...it just came to mind with you...there's a certain aura about you" maybe it was the way she dressed and held herself "You're just...princess" he didn't start as a term of endearment more than just a nickname but now he could see the dual purpose to it.

He chuckled softly "That one I didn't know" but if she liked it then that was a bonus right? He settled himself more comfortable in the chair, he was sticking to one lane on the highway and keeping a steady pace, he was sure they could do at least 3 hours along here before making their first stop "You've always been easy to talk to" he pointed out to her, though he couldn't imagine things would have gone well for her if she was just some stranger approaching him for his number. He chuckled and bit his lip "I don't date" he responded in affirmation "I don't casually agree to go somewhere with a stranger and awkwardly spend time with them" he murmured softly "But I like spending time with you" he glanced over at her "I've never seen you go on a date either" he called her out too.

It wasn't easy to talk about her past but it came easier to her now when she was picking up bits about it and telling it to him. To her, it was relieving whatever she could, even though there was a time she was a very different person which still surprises her greatly. "Pressure was always going to be there, I wanted to be the best too, I was carrying my parents' good name. I was already arranged to marry a good family too..." She was happy. For some time. Until she wasn't. When he called her out on seeing so many of those dramas, she couldn't help but form her lips into a pout and scowled playfully, "I mean... they are very good to watch when you're bored... sometimes you even laugh at how cliche some things are. For me, who's never really lived any life, to watch those feels like I'm somewhat living in them too, in other people's eyes."

She knows some can be cliche but she still watches them anyway. Astraea loves the fact that they are that cliche. "Who doesn't want to be someone who got the male lead's full attention?" She's currently the focus of this story and she likes it. "A certain aura about me? Ooooh are you becoming an aurazin too baby? You can sense people's auras now? Though I can't imagine you could sense much, it's pretty black and white for sensing auras, they give you a clear message to send it to the recipient." Her eyes softened when he said you're just princess, "Then I would like to be your only princess forever."

Was it bold? Maybe. Did she know it? Yes. Did she care? Greatly. But she did it anyway. "Well now you know... God people who drive with one hand... and their rolled up sleeves are just perfect..." It just so happens that Sunmin *was* driving with only one hand on the steering wheel with his sleeves slightly hiked up and rolled. "I'm not the easiest person to handle though and you know that. I... talk a lot. Because I'm often enthusiastic." Which could come off a bit strong to others. She could feel her cheeks reddening when he said he never saw her go on a date either "I've never been on one... I... was too shy to really properly confess. And if you said you liked me, I've had similar feelings towards you for a few weeks too... it was just a simple crush of course... but you made it into something more..."

He wrinkled his nose because he found the very concept of arranged marriage just generally didn't sit well with him, he knew it was normal back then but it seemed ludicrous to him as a very concept "I find it hard to process the idea of any of that being....good" he murmured softly, all the pressure she was under to meet these expectations and being pushed into a marriage with someone she probably barely knew, he couldn't think of anything worse honestly.

He couldn't help the hint of a smile on his lips as she talked about how much she loved those cliche stories and secretly hoped she would steal the attention of a male lead away "He might even be riding on a white horse just for extra dramatic effect" he teased softly and squeezed her hand playfully "Though I'm not sure I can live up to some of those leads....aren't they too perfect?" he questioned curiously wondering if she based her standards around them. "Just because I can't see auras like a magical mood ring doesn't mean I can't sense the kind of person someone is after being around them" he nodded his head slowly.

"Forever huh?" he murmured and raised his brows, such a bold statement and yet like the others she managed to say it with such ease that you just kinda believed her right away. He looked down at his one arm which was resting against the steering wheel and chuckled "One-handed driving really does it for you huh?" he chuckled softly, well he would remember that one for sure, though admittedly it was a pretty natural position for him to take. "You talk a lot, i don't talk enough, somewhere in the middle we must balance one another out right?" he questioned with a raised brow.

"So I guess that's both of us who are new to this then" he murmured softly and glanced over, noting she was blushing again "I didn't really recognize it at first" he pointed out, pressing his lips together "But then I started to realize, you're the first person I wanna message in the morning and the last one I want to hear from at night" he knew then that he treasured her above everyone else. "I didn't want to lose that..." he was worried it might scare her off.

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