Nayoung looked at the clock on the wall as she prepared to head to the airport, keeping track of the time so that she wouldn’t be late. She still found it a little strange how she met the actress, but ever since that day in Miami, she had become close friends with Ivory, and had even helped her out of a couple of sticky situations. Being famous couldn’t be easy, especially when everyone knows you, so she could understand her friend’s want to be normal every once in a while. She still had about an hour to go before Ivory arrived, so she made sure that she had everything she needed. “Cell phone, check. Purse, check.” she said with a smile before looking down. That was when she realized she wasn’t wearing any pants. “Oh Crap!” she exclaimed with a slight laugh. “I thought it felt a little chilly,” she continued before heading back to her bedroom.

When she was finally ready to head to the airport, she collected her belongings from the table and headed out the door. Getting into her car, Nayoung texted Ivory saying that she was on her way, and that she’d meet her at the designated spot to avoid all the cameras. As she drove along, Nayoung turned on some music and drifted a little into thought. She began to consider what would happen if the media ever discovered her little schemes to help Ivory avoid the paparazzi and fans? Would they make her out to be the bad guy? Or would they go as scandalous as to say that they were dating? So many thoughts began swimming around in her head, but she didn’t really care about the result. In fact she was almost curious as to what would actually happen.

It wasn’t too long before she pulled up to the airport, and already there were fans crowded around waiting for Ivory to make her appearance. Nayoung just smiled and drove past the main entrance, heading for the meet-up spot. It wasn’t exactly private, but it wasn’t the usual location for people to exit either. Ivory and Nayoung had talked to the airport staff to arrange their little detour plan. They were more than happy to help them out, in exchange for an autograph each time they permitted them to use the exit. When she reached the location, she texted Ivory once again, saying that she was outside. Turning the music down a little, she hummed to the tune, and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she patiently awaited the arrival of her famous friend.

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If there was one thing she dreaded most about coming home, it was the airport. She was happy her fans came to greet her of course but it was the stalkers and the paparazzi that bothered her, always wanting to either get photos of her that they could sell for profit or autographs which they could flip online. The moment her plane touched down she checked her phone, glad that Nayoung had been able to come pick her up today. It was something she did whenever she could because it actually worked at getting her out of there undetected. Her manager had called ahead and agreed with the airport staff she could use the back exit and there was a fake black car outside waiting which would mislead the press into chasing an empty vehicle.

Mostly she was looking forward to getting to see her friend though, it seemed like the two of them rarely got to catch up lately even though they technically lived in the same city. After the plane was cleared for unloading she was guided off and she could hear the shouts of ‘Tessa’ in the distance that made her smile. She headed through passport control and thanked the agent before finally making her way through the airport, watching the crowd and waving a few times before coming over and picking out a few people in there who seemed patient and friendly and grabbed a pen to sign a few autographs before she was ushered through the back exit. A smile appeared on her face the moment she saw her friend and she broke into a little run in the direction of her car.

She tapped on the window and smiled before getting into the passenger seat, thankfully she had someone else to handle her luggage today so all she had with her was her hand luggage “Hey” she greeted and smiled “I got you some of those donuts you love from that store in LA” she commented and shook the bad “It’s crazy out there, must have been at least 100 people” she almost sighed the words out as she said them, she loved her fans but she knew for a fact half the people there were just showing up to try and make a profit out of her and not to keep after having a special moment “I’m so glad my stage name isn’t my real name because I swear I get tired of people screaming it” she laughed and turned to face her “Enough about me though, how’s you?” she questioned.

Nayoung enjoyed playing Hide & Seek with Ivory, it reminded her of the times she used to play it with her sister. Sure this was a different type of Hide & Seek, but it still gave her the same vibes, and it made her happy. The young Nephilim hasn’t given up her vengeful mission of finding her sister’s killer, but she also hasn’t forgotten to have fun as well. She knew that her sister would never forgive her if she gave up everything for revenge. Having Ivory in her life, allowed her to remember that, and she always was happy around her. While sitting in her car at the airport, Nayoung began to daydream, her mind not even focused on what was happening around her.

When her friend tapped on the window of the vehicle, Nayoung jumped a little in her seat, bringing her back to reality. When she saw her friend and caught her breath, she couldn’t help but laugh a little. Normally she wasn’t easy to scare, especially after she witnessed her sister’s death. Catching her off-guard, or daydreaming was possibly the only way to truly scare her. As her friend greeted her, and told her about the doughnuts, Nayoung licked her lips a little. “Hey Ivory” she replied with a bright smile. “Yummy, I’ll make sure to savor them” she commented as she accepted the bag of delicious treats. Nayoung did get a little worried about her friend when it came to fans, and paparazzi. Some of them can be decent, but there are some of them that are looking to find anything they can use against her. Either for their own personal gain, blackmail, or just to hurt her reputation.

“Yeah it is definitely crazy out there, how you can do that all the time is beyond me” she commented before placing a hand on her shoulder. “At least you know that you don’t have to worry about them as much when you come home. I’ll always be here to hide you” she continued with a wink. As she heard Ivory talk about how glad she was that her stage name wasn’t her real name, Nayoung smiled. “At least you don’t have to hear it at home, right TESSA?” she teased, putting emphasis on her name. She enjoyed teasing her friend sometimes, but she also didn’t do it too often, because she didn’t want to upset her. Ivory was probably the closest friend that Nayoung has at this point in her life. Nayoung had even broken down in front of her one day and told her everything about her sister, and the burden she now carried.

“Not too much has changed with me. I still haven’t been able to best my Master in sword fighting, so I doubt I’ll ever be ready to face my sister’s killer if I face him” she commented with a slight frown. Although she knows her friend’s position on that subject, it hasn’t stopped her from continuing the search so far. “OH!” she exclaimed a little in excitement. “I did get a new puppy while you were away” she commented with a gleeful smile, her frown completely diminished. “That’s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me since we last chatted” she stated with a laugh as she watched the decoy car drive away. Nayoung gave them a few minutes head start before leaving the airport. Luckily enough she was able to bypass the reporters and fans, thanks to the help of the decoy car. “Are you excited to be back home?” she questioned as she began driving towards their next destination.

Ivy grinned slightly in response to the way Nayoung always greeted her with her first name and not the average one people would use, it was nice sometimes to be reminded that she had an identity outside of the craziness of Hollywood “Good...though I’ll be honest enough to admit that I came this close to devouring them all on the plane” she lifted her forefinger and thumb for dramatic effect and laughed “That’s how you know they’re good” she added with a chuckle.

She shrugged slightly when Nayoung pointed out that life must be difficult having to deal with the constant lack of privacy “What I experience here is nothing compared to LA, I heard people had their houses broken into...people stalking outside her hotels” she shook her head slightly “I’ll take a few airport run ins over that any day” that was the reason she was always traveling out for work, she liked how peaceful it was here and it made it worth the commute for her. “What would I do without you” she teased slightly but shot her a flare when she teased her with the name ‘Tessa’ “God you really can wear a name out by saying it too much I swear” she laughed leaning against the window and glancing over at the other female.

She bit her lip when she said she still hadn’t managed to perfect her swordsmanship “Well you won’t with that attitude, I say you get your ass back out there and train harder” she teased but her gaze softened a little, it was sad, what had happened and it must be equally frustrating for her to know the person responsible was still out there, there was no justice in that. She gasped when she mentioned her new puppy though “And you haven’t sent me like 500 billion photos of them?” she raised her brow almost offended that she had been left off of the list. But there was a soft smile on her lips regardless because she was glad to see her friend. She watched the streets and the cars drive by as the two of them finally pulled away from the airport “Yeah...I mean I’ve kinda been counting down the days until I could see Taealha again” she confessed and bit her lip softly “I told you about her right?” she had gotten pretty close with the human over the past few months.

As she heard her friend say that she almost devoured them all on the plane, she gave her a teasing glare before laughing. “I’m so glad you didn’t eat them all, now we have something to eat while we catch up” she replied with a smile. While she did love those donuts, she enjoyed sharing them with her best friend more. Nayoung always found that they tasted better when she shared them with Ivory. Maybe it was just the company, or maybe it was because spending time with Ivory made her think about her sister. That was one thing she was thankful for. If it wasn’t for Ivory, she might have been a hermit that stayed inside all the time, instead of enjoying the life she had left. “I’m not sure if I can ever say this enough Ivory, but thank you” she said in a sincere tone. “Not just for these delectable treats, but for being there when it matters the most. You’re probably the most reliable person in my life right now” she continued with a smile before leaning over and hugging her friend.

“You have a point there. I do get worried about you sometimes when you’re gone. People can be a nightmare for celebrities, and I do worry about you getting hurt because of them” she commented with a worried tone. “Well I’m sure you’d probably find someone else to play Hide & Seek with” she admitted with a laugh, “Though it probably wouldn’t be as fun as when you’re with me” she continued with a grin. Nayoung laughed when the Initia glared at her after saying her stage name, “I’m only teasing” she commented through her laugh. “Yeah, I’m sure it does get a little tiring hearing it day after day, chanted like a mantra” she said with a frown. That was something her sister had in common with Ivory before being murdered. Given that she owned her own company, she often complained at home about hearing Ms. Choi too often. It was probably the only thing she didn’t like about being her own boss.

“Trust me, I haven’t given up. It just gets frustrating when I’m not getting any closer” she began with a bit of irritation in her voice as she thought about her master’s words. “They keep telling me that my emotions get the better of me, and that I’m fighting for the wrong reasons. Every time that I find a counter to their finishing move, they change it up and I get defeated again” she continued, her emotions getting the better of her again as her frustration was beginning to become more apparent in her tone. When the conversation switched to her new puppy, a bright smile returned to her face. “Trust me, I wanted to tell you SOOOOO badly” she began as they drove along the road, “You don’t realize how hard it was to keep her a secret from you every time we talked. I wanted to surprise you when you got home” she continued with a laugh. “Don’t worry though, I have tons of photos to send you later. Enough to make a whole photo album full” she said with a grin, not realizing she missed the turnoff to head back to Evermore.

“Taealha?” she replied in a questionative tone. Nayoung racked her brain for a few moments, but couldn’t recall if her famous friend had told her about her. “With my training causing so much frustration, my memory has been spotty lately” she admitted with a slight chuckle. “Remind me, who is she again?” she continued, as she continued driving down the long road, not realizing she had missed the turnoff for Evermore City. Nayoung’s attention had been on her friend when the turnoff came, and she has yet to realize her mistake. As they continued to drive and chat, Nayoung could feel like she was forgetting something, but couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was.

Ivy offered a gentle smile when Nayoung thanked her, she wasn’t sure what she did to deserve it but it was nice to have your presence appreciated “I think we’d both go insane if we didn’t have one another to ground us” she returned her hug with one arm and grinned slightly before nudging her “You’re so sappy” she teased shaking her head playfully. “I know how to play the game by now, at least I have bodyguards to tackle people for me if it gets really bad” she laughed under her breath, thankfully nothing too scary had happened to her so far.

“Exactly, it just wouldn’t be the same game without you” she purposely pouted her lips playfully and then grinned. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed under her breath when the other female talked about her name being chanted like a mantra “It’s such a pretty name but it doesn’t feel like the me, me” she commented in a soft voice, it was her stage name, the person she presented to the world. “I know” she responded sympathetically when the other female voiced her frustration “But you’re stronger than you think and you’ve come this far” she spoke softly “Maybe you should try...being less emotionally involved, I’ve heard good fighters are calculated and cunning” she needed to learn to be a good warrior rather than a desperate girl aiming for vengeance.

She shook her head slightly in disbelief when Nayoung talked about her puppy but sighed in defeat when she said she had plenty of pictures to show her “And a VIP meet and greet arranged as soon as possible right?” she commented raising her brows in a demanding manner. “The girl I told you about...the pretty one” she laughed a little nervously because this was the first girl she had really gotten close to. She had met her one evening in a park and they had just kinda hit it off, mostly because Taealha had no idea who Tessa Blake was which meant for once, Ivy got to have a natural and genuine first meeting with someone. She was so engrossed in the conversation she didn’t even focus on the road they were driving on.

Nayoung could see a little confusion in the female as she thanked her the way she did, but the young Nephilim wasn’t exactly ready to discuss what has been happening lately. Sure she had told Ivory about what had happened to her sister, but she had yet to talk to her about the constant nightmares that were haunting her as she slept. Sure she still got enough sleep that it didn’t affect her throughout the day, but it was causing her a lot of mental stress, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could hide it from anybody, let alone her best friend. “You’re probably right about that. Who knows what I’d be like today if we hadn’t met that day” she commented with a laugh before smiling at the playful nudge Ivory gave her. “Hey! You’re the only person I have ever gotten sappy around, and if you tell anybody, I’ll kill you” she teased before laughing so that Ivory would know she wasn’t serious. Nayoung would never be able to harm her, they were too close for her to even consider it. “Maybe I should be one of your bodyguards then” she stated with a grin on her face. “It’d give us much more time together” she continued with a wink.

“You better believe it,” she commented with a wink, “I’m a master at this game” she continued before running her hand through her dark brown hair. “You know, I’ve also been considering a change in hair color. Though I’m not certain if I’ll actually do it” she said before hearing Ivory’s next comment. “Yeah I think I can understand how you feel. Not personally of course, but I can understand why you would feel that way” she added to the female’s words. As the conversation shifted to her sword training, Nayoung frowned a little. “I know, but when you get the same result every time, it gets frustrating” she replied before hearing her friend's next words. The grip she had on the steering wheel tightened, before she frowned. “I’ve tried, but I don’t know how to be less emotionally evolved. Every time I try to clear my mind, images of my sister’s death come back to haunt me and I get angry” she spoke truthfully. It was difficult for her to not be angry, and desperate when her sister’s murderer was still roaming free.

Nayoung laughed a little at Ivory’s response, before commenting on her words, “Of course. You know you’re welcome at my place any time that you want. That includes spending nights there”. Nayoung enjoyed spending time with Ivory, so of course she would let her spend as much time at her place as she wanted. She was also excited for her Initia friend to meet Bambi. As she heard Ivory talk about Taealha, Nayoung smiled, “Oh right, your GIRLFRIEND” she teased, making sure to put emphasis on the word girlfriend. Nayoung could tell that Ivory had feelings towards the girl she spoke about, just by the way she had talked about her every time that Taealha was mentioned. She also enjoyed teasing her about it, though she always made sure that Ivory knew she was in her corner. “How is Taealha doing?” she questioned her friend before taking a turn at the intersection she thought was to go toward Evermore. However the turn that she had taken was an old road that isn't used anymore. The paved road even turns to a dirt road a few miles in, before coming to a dead end at a rockslide that blocked the road. There had been too many accidents on the road, so the government had left the rockslide there and put in new roads around the hazardous area.

She grinned slightly, she liked to think the two of them had made each other’s lives better in the time they had known one another, she always enjoyed how she had a completely ordinary friend who she could rely on to be honest and direct with her rather than resorting what she not so politely described as the ‘Hollywood bullshit’. Ivy rolled her eyes dramatically when Nayoung threatened her not to reveal her secret “Well it’s not like there’s anyone I could tell” she jested and shook her head playfully, Ivy didn’t have very many friends at all but the ones she did have she cherished. “See you joke about that but you’d totally be a badass at it and you’d get to see the world, what more could you want” she teased playfully, she really did get pretty lonely when she was out in LA since all her friends were here in Evermore.

Ivy raised her brow when Nayoung mentioned that she thought about changing her hair color which made the Initia whine under her breath, sometimes she wished she was able to just make a drastic change to her hair for the hell of it, but the shows and films she worked with insisted that she maintain it a certain way in her contract “What color are you thinking? Something bold and bright?” she teased playfully, she actually thought it would suit the nephilim pretty well. She nodded slightly “But it’s not quite the same result, you’ll be getting a little further, pushing your stamina just a little bit more” all that training was never going to be for nothing. She didn’t know how to advise her friend to detach herself though. Ivy was very good at doing so but she couldn’t pinpoint the state of mind she was in to do so “Maybe pretend like you’re an actor, playing a role, you’re not the one doing the work, you’re playing them” she nodded thoughtfully.

She grinned playfully when she said she could stay any time she wants “There’s a reason there’s like a whole bunch of my clothes at your place and it’s not just because you wanted to play dress-up with my designer closet” Ivy had more clothes than she could possibly wear so she didn’t mind sharing them. Besides, a lot of the free stuff she got sent wasn’t exactly her taste and she didn’t always have the time to drop them off for donation. She opened her mouth to protest the moment Nayoung called Taealha her girlfriend, shooting her a look because she had pointed out many times that the two of them weren’t official yet “My not-yet girlfriend” she argued back and shook her head “She’s good...a little lonely since I’ve been shooting so much though” it was tough trying to balance a social life with her work.

Ivy noticed they were on an unfamiliar road when she felt the bumps in the road and frowned “Are you sure you went the right way” she questioned as she leaned forward, noticing up ahead there didn’t seem to be any sign of the city.

Nayoung was more than happy to have Ivory in her life now. The loss of her sister took a big part of her with it, and having Ivory there just made things easier. She still missed her sister just as much as the day she was murdered, but now she’s got her best friend there to make her life just a little less crappy. As she heard the Initia’s response to her teasing threat, she couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Well hey, you’ve come a long way since we first met that day. You’ve even got a special someone to think about now, and I’m not talking about yours truly” she said with a grin as she gestured to herself. “You’re right, I would be a total badass, but if I was your bodyguard, do you think that you’d still be able to dodge the fans and paparazzi like you do? They would probably know who I am, and then they might find out about our little game” she stated with a little seriousness there. Of course travelling the world with her would be fun, but she was a little worried that it would ruin their chances of escaping the crowds as easy. Plus she really did enjoy playing Hide the Celebrity. It was probably her most favorite game.

“Well a couple years ago I tried blonde, remember? I’ve been thinking about changing to blonde again, but I’m not sure if it’d be too big of a change, or if it’s too soon to go blonde again” she commented her thoughts as they drove along. Hearing Ivory’s comment on how it wasn’t the same result, caused Nayoung to think about it for a moment. The young Nephilim had never thought about it like that before, and she did last longer in the practice matches each day. So even though the outcome was the same, the results were changing slightly. “I hadn’t thought about it like that before. Now that you’ve said it, I remember lasting longer in the practice matches than I did when I started out. So it might be small, but there is progress being made” she added with a smile. “We both know I’m not very good at acting” she commented, giving her a weird look. “But maybe you’d be willing to work with me, and help me get my acting in check?” she added in an inquisitive tone. She was definitely willing to try anything at this point, no matter how crazy it sounded.

Nayoung laughed when her friend spoke about playing dress-up. “Well I mean, your clothes do look good on me” she commented with a slight shrug of her shoulders. “At least you know if you’re missing clothes, all you need to do is check my closet. I probably swiped it on you” she added with a laugh. She couldn’t remember a time where she had ever played dress-up, not even as a kid, but she did enjoy swapping out her casual clothes for something elegant every once in a while. Nayoung laughed as her friend shot her a look when she called Taealha her girlfriend. “Speaking of shooting, have you told her about your other half yet? The side that EVERYBODY, or well almost everybody knows?” she questioned curiously. She understood her reasons for not telling the girl, but eventually that truth will come out, and she was sure that it would be better coming from her rather than a stranger.

As Ivory questioned her driving skills, Nayoung was about to complain when she felt the paved road change to dirt. “I thought I was going the right way, but I was so enveloped in our conversation I think we may have missed a turn or two” she admitted as she looked around. The road had become much more narrow, and there were more trees around than normal on the drive back to the city. “I’m sure there’s a turning point up ahead, and hopefully a gas station too. We’re getting low on fuel, and I don’t think we have enough to get back to Evermore from where we are” she commented as she noticed the fuel gauge was nearing empty. As they continued along the road, Nayoung flicked the lights in high beams as darkness began to take over the road. “I didn’t realize we had been driving for so long. Where are we?” she commented before slamming her foot onto the brakes. Fog had rolled in as well, making it hard to see the road in spots. As the vehicle came to a screeching halt, they were mere inches away from colliding with the rockslide that had caused the road to be blocked off.

She laughed under her breath when Nayoung pointed out that she had someone special in her life now “God that sounds so old-fashioned and cliche” she commented with a shake of her head and a wry smile, she swore the whole concept of dating was just so strange to her “That’s true, you being unrecognizable to them is what makes all of this work so well huh?” she nodded a few times as though she was affirming the other option wouldn’t work in her head “I’m honestly surprised the paparazzi haven’t caught onto it yet” she confessed and bit her lip slightly, one day they would she was sure, they seemed to make it their mission to take good things away from her.

“Oh yeah...I didn’t recognize you at first” she laughed because of course she did but Ivy liked tease the other female whenever she could, that was the point of having friends right? “It’s never too soon to make a change that will make you feel good?” she suggested and shrugged her shoulders, people could make their own decisions about how they wanted to look. Except Ivy, she had a stylist and contracts that dictated that. She nudged Nayoung’s side slightly and grinned “See you’ve come further than you thought you had” she commented, perhaps in the heat of the moment and frustration it was hard to see that but she could tell her friend had gotten stronger over time “If only you knew a professional actor” she teased when she pointed out she was bad at acting “I can definitely give you some tips, though the fighting part is all you, the only fighting I do is hitting people with sticks” she laughed, not much of a fighter.

“Those clothes probably cost more than my home when you tally them all up” she scoffed, for someone in the business she didn’t have very expensive tastes if she was honest, she didn’t always see the appeal in choosing designer brands “At least you make good use of them though” she nodded slightly “Swipe away, as long as you don’t steal my sweaters, then we might have a problem” she commented as she made an ‘I’m watching you’ gesture towards her. She shifted a little on the spot when Nayoung asked her if she had fessed up yet and she sighed under her breath “I know I should but I’m worried it’ll change how she sees business is catty, you know that” she pouted slightly “I don’t want her to get forced into the middle of that” and frankly she was worried Taealha was gonna be annoyed at her for not saying anything sooner.

She looked around for a moment, not recognizing the area they were in at all. She bit her lip as she shifted on the spot “Or two? We’re basically in the middle of nowhere, I can’t even see Evermore from here” she commented softly, it seemed like they had ended up on some backroads outside of the city “Well that’s never a good sign” she commented and looked down at her phone before sighing and of course in the middle of nowhere there was no cell reception either. “You say it like I normally drive myself places” she joked under her breath but quickly widened her eyes and yelled ‘Watch Out’ as she saw the rocks up ahead. Thankfully Nayoung managed to slam on the brakes just in time but her heart was beating double time in her chest by the time they stopped. “Holy shit...where the hell did that come from?” she questioned as she stared over at Nayoung.

Nayoung grinned when she called it old fashioned and cliche, "You didn't deny it though, so that's a point for me", she commented with a smug grin on her face. The young Nephilim had won in the battle of wits, though it wasn't like they were competing. "Exactly. The fact that I'm just ordinary, makes this game of ours so easy. If I was your bodyguard, they'd know me, and probably keep a closer eye on us" she agreed. While the thought of being her bodyguard was intriguing, Nayoung also had to think about the consequences that would inevitably come with the job. "We have been doing this for quite some time now, but I'm good at what I do" she commented while raising her brows. She was confident in her ability to keep their game a secret from the press, but that didn't mean she was about to let her guard down.

"I think we both know that you did, but it was funny having to explain to you who I was at the time" she replied with a smile. She could still remember the reaction that Ivory had when she told her who she was. It would be forever etched into her mind, like a tattoo. "That's true, but you also have to pick the right time, otherwise you might regret it. Then the decision wouldn't make you happy" she retorted as if she was in a debate. Something as simple as a change in hair color, shouldn't be so difficult to choose, but as always Nayoung overthinks the simplest of things. "Okay, Okay. No need to rub it in" she spoke with a small laugh. "I'm not afraid to admit I was wrong. Especially when it comes to being stronger" she said with a smile. "We could always make a trade. You help me with acting, and I can help you learn to fight," she began with a smile. "Or at least be able to defend yourself enough to give you time to get help" she added with a grin.

"You might have a point there," she added with a laugh. The majority of clothing at her place was mostly Ivory's, and Nayoung just happened to use them from time to time. "I do make those clothes look good" she replied with a grin as she looked over at the young Initia. "Right, your sweaters…" she started in a nervous tone. "There may, or may not be a sweater or two in my closet" she replied with a shrug of her shoulders. Nayoung had definitely borrowed at least one of her friend's sweaters before, she just couldn't remember if she put it back, or if she put it in with her own clothes. Nayoung listened quietly as her friend voiced her concerns about telling Taealha about her being a celebrity. "Yeah I can see why you're concerned Ivory, but I don't think you should worry about that" she admitted with a smile.  "From what you've told me, she seems to be a nice person" she began, "What I think you should be worried about, is if she finds out from someone else". Nayoung wasn't saying it to scare her, rather she was trying to make her see the other side.

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere was not a good idea at this point. The only thing they had for food was the donuts her friend had brought home to her, and some canned food that Nayoung had stashed in the trunk in case of emergencies much like this one. They did have bottles of water as well, but from what Nayoung could remember, she was sure that there was supposed to be a snow storm hitting Evermore and surrounding areas starting late tonight.  "You have a point there, but that doesn't exactly help us figure out where we are" she added with a slight frown. As the car came to a screeching halt, both of them had their hearts racing. "I don't know where it came from, but I do know one thing…" she began as she tried to catch her breath. "We're not going anywhere in this car anymore without more gas" she spoke as the gas hand had finally reached empty.

Nayoung got out of the car and took a look around, hoping to find a sign or something to tell them where they were. However there was no such luck. The only sign she did find was the sign that said 'beware of falling boulders'. "It's not looking good Ivory, I don't see any signs saying where we are" she yelled out so that her friend could hear her. "Did you manage to get any cell service yet?" she questioned, hoping for a miracle in this bad turn of events. With night setting in fairly fast, it would seem as though the two girls were going to be spending the night in the middle of nowhere, with very little supplies to keep them safe and warm.

"We have been doing this for quite some time now, but I'm good at what I do" she commented while raising her brows. She was confident in her ability to keep their game a secret from the press, but that didn't mean she was about to let her guard down. “I mean at the end of the day it’s a hairstyle though, you can always change it again if you keep looking in the mirror and scaring yourself” she laughed under her breath softly, that was the good thing, you could change your mind if you wanted to. “Just don’t give up, okay” she insisted with a slight smile when she said she admitted she had become stronger “It’s important to keep fighting, Yuna would want you to do that” Ivy had never met about Nayoung’s sister but she talked about her a lot and she sounded like a great person who had taken care of her when no one else had. 

“I think if I need to learn to fight I’d have to go to a master, whenever I get in the zone, my powers get all they’re demanded to be used” she laughed under her breath, she hadn’t really had the chance to take her initia studies all that seriously given that she was often too busy with work. Ivy gasped when Nayoung fessed up that she had borrowed a few of her sweaters “I was wonder where my favorite grey one went” she commented as she nudged her with her shoulder “You’re lucky you’re special” she commented in a warning tone as though she would be in more trouble if she was anyone else. “She’s...probably too nice for her own good which makes me wonder how mad she’s gonna be that I didn’t say something sooner” she sighed, what a place she put herself in. She widened her eyes at the thought of her finding someone else though which made her whine slightly. 

She frowned slightly when Nayoung pointed out that they really had no idea where they were, she had to admit the seriousness of the situation didn’t really hit her until the nephilim was slamming on the brakes and they were staring at the tall stack of rocks up ahead. Ivy took a moment just to calm her heart down that was trying to leap out of her chest and check that Nayoung seemed to be okay too “Oh god” she commented in a concerned tone as she looked over to the meter on the dash to see that the car was running on empty. Her default reaction rising in her chest was to be angry but she knew that wasn’t going to help the situation they were in right now so she took some deep breaths of composure. 

Ivy followed Nayoung out of the car, opening her door and stepping outside, she was already cursing herself for not wearing a coat or bringing her luggage with her to the car as she looked over at the nephilim “Well then we don’t have a choice but to head away from the car until we can find some sort of marker” she hadn’t been paying enough attention to note how far they had come down this road to reach this point though. “Nothing...we’re in the middle of nowhere so it’s a dead zone” she commented as she held up her phone to see if she could get anything at all “I don’t remember seeing a gas station close to here but maybe there’s some houses we can ask to use the phone for a tow truck” it seemed wiser than staying here and waiting for the cold to set in. 

As she listened to her friend, a thought popped in her head, causing her to smile a little. "How about we make a deal?" she began with a slight pause, "I'll become your bodyguard, but only after I complete my training". Nayoung knew that she could easily protect her from the regular people, however she was more concerned about the person who was responsible for her sister’s death. If he came for Ivory, and she got hurt because she couldn't protect her, it would probably be the end of Nayoung herself. She couldn’t imagine what would happen to her without Ivory anymore. Life would probably feel meaningless without her best friend there. "You've got a good point there. If I don't like it when it's done, I can always change it back" she replied with a smile. Ivory was definitely the smartest between them, but the young Nephilim had her moments of smartness as well. As she heard her friend mention her sister by name, Nayoung could feel tears welling up inside wanting to escape. It had been so long since she had heard her sister’s name being spoken, she rarely even used it herself anymore. “You are right about that. My sister never let me quit on something that I started. She always pushed me to finish everything no matter how small it was, or how hard it seemed.” she replied, her voice cracking slightly due to the emotions she was feeling.

As she listened to her friend speak about needing a master if she was to learn to fight, Nayoung couldn't help but laugh a little in response. "Well that doesn't surprise me. Given your busy schedule, sometimes I am even surprised that you have time for little ol' me. However you really should use your abilities whenever you can. Power build-up on that scale can't be very good for your well-being". Nayoung wasn't exactly sure how Initia powers worked, but surely it would be similar to bottling emotions right? Everyone knows that bottling emotions only makes things worse when that bottle breaks, so she could only imagine what bottling power itself would do should that bottle break. As the conversation shifted to sweaters, the young Nephilim gave her a slight grin, "You may, or may not find it in my closet". Nayoung liked being special to somebody, since the passing of her sister she hadn't really let anyone get close to her other than the Initia sitting beside her. "I am very grateful for being special as well" she commented with a laugh. She could easily tell that Ivory had been thinking about it a lot, and it was easy to see that she was worried about the truth causing issues on the relationship she had with Taealha. "She might be disappointed that it took so long to tell her, but I think as long as she finds out from you, you will both make it through and your relationship with her would be much stronger for it" she admitted truthfully.

As the car screeched to a halt, Nayoung was mere inches from the large pile of rocks that was blocking the road. Things had almost become much worse than they already were. After rejoining her friend at the car, her heart was finally coming down from the adrenaline that was pounding through her system. "Are you okay?" she finally asked her friend. Seemed like a stupid question to ask given their current situation, but she wanted to make sure that Ivory hadn't been injured when she slammed on the brakes. "No gas, no cell phone reception, could things get any worse?" she questioned in a frustrated tone. "I don't really like the idea of heading away from the car, but you may be right in this case. Surely someone will come looking for you eventually, but who knows how long that will take since they know that you are with me. They might just think we're gone somewhere on a trip or something" she commented truthfully. "Let me try one more thing before we start walking" she began before letting her wings spread free. "I'll see if I can't find some sense of direction for us to go on. It'd be better than walking aimlessly, though I'm not sure if it will work with all of this fog setting in" she commented before heading straight up into the sky.

As she thought, it was very hard to get a sense of direction with the fog thickening by the minute. The one thing she could tell was that there didn’t seem to be any lights shining through the fog, which meant that they had to be a good distance from any nearby houses. "Well that was as helpful as you could imagine" she commented disappointingly, as she reached the ground again. "I didn't see any lights or anything, so we could have quite the walk ahead of us. Thankfully I have something to help us" she said as she opened the trunk of the car. "Put this on" she said with a small smile, tossing her friend a winter jacket. If there was one thing Nayoung prided herself upon, was being prepared for the worst situations. Putting on a winter coat herself, she took a backpack filled with survival supplies out of the trunk and shut it. "No sense in dragging out the inevitable, shall we start walking?" she asked her friend quietly. Eyesight was definitely getting low now, with night fully set in and the fog so thick you could barely see 10 feet in front of you, they were in for a dangerous walk

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