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Why are you so scared? ( Open to Kaelyn and Svetlana)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev on Saturday. 3 Replies

Running was something she was so used to doing. It was the only thing she knew how truthfully. Spending her life on the run not wanting to spend too long living on one place too long. Running from…Continue



Name: Kaelyn Brookes

Aliases: Kae

Faceclaim: Madelaine Petsch

Age: Looks - 24 | Real - 97

Birth Date: 19th of February, 1921 | Place of Birth: New Zealand

Species: Instar Diviner - Light 

Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship Status: Single

Gender: Female | Occupation: N/A

Build: Athletic, Slim | Eye Colour: Light Brown

Hair Colour: Red | Height: 5 ft 6

Distinguishing Marks: None

Emily Scotte was the high school beauty queen. She was popular, kind, and a star student that everyone loved the moment they met her. Brandon was the star football and tennis player. He was offered full scholarships to any school of his choice in their country of New Zealand and scholarships also came in from other schools across the world. It seemed like the perfect story when the pair met and started dating and fell in love. They had a group of amazing friends and dating throughout their sophomore and into their senior year of highschool. They were set to be prom king and queen and graduate with honors, the success story of their town when Emily discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t tell Brandon, keeping the secret from everyone as long as she could. She refused to abort the pregnancy and she knew Brandon had plans to go to school in Europe and she didn’t want him to put his plans on hold for her.

But, to no surprise, he found out the truth as did the rest of their town. Emily’s parents basically disowned her when they discovered her pregnancy. She moved in with Brandon who, along with his family, was nothing but supportive. She tried and tried to talk him out of giving up his scholarships and to go to school but he refused. They graduated and he took up a job at a local bar, bussing and eventually becoming a bartender to support the pair. Emily looked for anything she could to support her and Brandon but always seemed to fall short or her expectations were too high. Her and Brandon made the decision to have a small, quiet wedding. Only close friends and his family were present for it. The pair found a small house to rent on the outskirts of the city and tried to make things work. No matter how hard they tried, however, it was never enough. As her pregnancy progressed, Emily felt herself sinking deeper and deeper into a state of depression.


Emily began to drink as her pregnancy reached the final month, having complete disregard for the life growing within her. Luckily, it wasn’t long before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. For a brief period of time it seemed like her and Brandon could slip back into happiness despite their financial and other problems but it wasn’t to last. Only a few short weeks after returning home Emily resumed her drinking, becoming violent and abusive to Brandon. Brandon was exhausted. He did nothing but work and take care of their new daughter and it was never enough. Soon enough, he also fell into a depression and began drinking. Their beautiful little girl, Kaelyn soon grew ill due to neglect. Brandon shook himself out of his depression long enough to make a decision. One night, Emily already passed out on the couch, the young father took his little girl and left her at the step of an orphanage. It was the only thing he could think of doing that would give her a better life than what he and his spouse could provide.

This was the life that the little red-haired girl was born into. Unknown to her father, however, was that the orphanage he had left her at was really a cover for something else. It was still an orphanage, finding amazing homes for many little boys and girls but, for a select few children, it became a school. A place where children with special abilities were taught how to use those gifts for a less-than-ideal purpose. From a young age, Kaelyn realized she was different than many of children she lived with. Strange things would happen around her when she was angry or sad, things that, when she concentrated hard, she could control. She was eventually approached when one of her teachers noticed her abilities. It was then she learned what she was; a supernatural being with abilities in light and dark magic. She learned at the age of 18 she would be claimed by either the light side of her magic and become a Fae or she’d be claimed by the dark and become a Necromancer.


Kaelyn was told with her unique skill-set she could become a valuable asset to the orphanages separate organization. From a young age a instructor was found to teach her her magic skills and the ways of her people. She learned her magic had skipped a generation, that her grandfather had been a Necromancer but her father hadn’t acquired the gene. The little girl put everything she had into learning all that she could. She had been disposed of by her parents so she did everything she possibly could to be accepted by her teachers. Despite the darker path her life was taking, Kaelyn was always a bubbly, polite, happy child. She was often smiling and did her past to not let her past bring her down. She wanted to make the most of the future that was being given to her. Between all the different training they had Kaelyn in, the young girl was also sent out on mini missions; given tasks to complete before she could return home.

They started off simple enough; she would be told to steal items from several street vendors. From there it would progress to picking people's pockets until they started moving her up to full cons. As she grew older, she learned ways to distract people, talking to them and distracting them so another member of her team could take items right off them or she could remove the watch right from their wrist with a simple distracting touch elsewhere. She picked these skills up quickly, occasionally using her magic to help until she was a master and it was no longer necessary. Kaelyn grew into a beautiful young woman, her looks able to leave most males breathless. It was an asset she did not let go unused. Before long she was able to steal a man's heart and have his entire bank account within a matter of hours. Priceless items in a suitors mansion had no hope and any form of alarm of security systems was useless against the master con.


As her 18th birthday neared, Kaelyn was formally ‘graduated’ from her training. On the day of her claiming, the sky glowed brightly as the delicate blonde was claimed by the Fae. Her amazing bright and happy personality and the fact that, in her heart, she was a truly good person despite her criminal activities outweighed the negative and allowed her to be claimed by the light. She was happy but she had known what the outcome would be. Kaelyn wasn’t an evil or malicious person. The lying and cons that she did were simply her work. People that knew her, knew what a kind and caring person she was. She only took from people that could afford it, never leaving someone in a truly impossible position unless it was someone who deserved it.

The years seemed to fly by as Kaelyn travelled all over the world for work. Eventually she quit working for the orphanage that had raised her. They hadn’t been happy about it, but she was sick of following orders from people who did none of the work but soaked up all the profit. They spicy Fae woman travelled and settled in Cuba for a while, enjoying the beach lifestyle, sun and heat. She met a man and allowed herself to fall for him. He was charming, handsome, and everything any woman could ever hope for. It a few years in, after he had proposed to Kaelyn and she had accepted that she learned what her fiance was really like. He was a man who was responsible for the death of many others, many people who were innocent of any wrongdoings.


Kaelyn refused to stay with him any longer. Without say a word, the Fae left him. She cleared out his accounts, leaving him with nothing and distributing it to the local poor who really needed it. He would never be able to track her or find his stolen money. The only thing from him that she took was the engagement ring, which she would use to pay for her flight out of Cuba and up to the US. She took a town car through the city and to the airport, nothing with her but a single suitcase and the clothes on her back. She was used to this though, travelling and living light was her way of life and clearly how she was meant to always live. She reached the airport but noticed security was already on the lookout for her. The blonde cursed, wrapping a scarf over her hair and wearing a pair of large sunglasses. She quickly passed through the airport, swaying security to let her through and she soon found herself on the tarmac and climbing into the private jet she had hired.

She greeted the pilot but moved to one of the seats near the back of the jet. She wasn’t interested in talking at that moment. She had a few drinks throughout the flight, ignoring the mans strange attempts at conversation. By the time they reached California, she was quite tipsy and back to her happy, charming self. They landed with no troubles and Kaelyn thanked him, her hands gently touching his shoulders as she gave the handsome young pilot a peck on the cheek. She then left the plane quickly, catching a cab from the airport to a hotel on the outskirts of the city where she could hide out until she decided what to do. The drive from the airport was uneventful and would have been boring had she not taken the pilots expensive camera to look through. The photos were beautiful. With her sharp eyes she was able to see the thought and emotion that was behind the capture of each image. Shaking her head, the redhead put away the camera, not giving it a second glance for the longest time.


She had barely settled in the small but fancy hotel when the pilot was furiously banging on her door, demanding his camera back. She was surprised to say the least, that he had been able to find her. She made a mental note to start cloaking her location but she assumed it was simply dumb luck that had allowed him to find her. She gave back the camera without a fight, she had no interest in it but she found this strange mind piquing her curiosity for some reason. Pushing any feelings of the sort back, she said anything she could to get rid of the man and was happy when he finally left. She collapsed on the bed and planned out what to do next until she fell asleep. Kaelyn decided to return to the life of crime she had lived before, stealing valuable items, picking pockets, and conning the selfish, cruel, rich out of money they didn’t deserve.

Years seemed to fly by. Kaelyn began to grow tired of the constant travel again and found herself returning to the province of British Columbia in Canada more often than not. Eventually she decided to settle there using a false name. After her last incident with her fiance, the blonde refused to have a relationship of any kind and while there were flings, she never allowed things to get serious and mostly kept to herself. The small Canadian town was everything she could have hoped for. The people were so friendly and welcoming to the bubbly redhead that she immediately felt at home. She purchased a small cottage on the outskirts of the town and lived there contentedly for years before reality came knocking at her door again.


Reality came in the form of the pilot from all those years ago. Kaelyn had been quietly working and managing various scams from her home, keeping a small percentage for herself and giving the rest to people that deserved it. So when the man found her she was surprised. She had so much protection around her to ensure her safety and keep her real identity a secret; and yet here he was. The urge to simply teleport away and leave everything she had created behind was strong but she also wanted to face this man who wouldn’t leave her alone. He tried to show and explain to her that they were family, that she should come back to a city called Evermore with him. She couldn’t believe the words he was saying. She had heard stories at the orphanage about her birth family; that she had an uncle. But she had never heard of any cousins and, honestly, after learning about the problems her mother and father had and the fact that her family hadn’t stepped in to help at all, she didn’t care to know them.

He stayed for days, trying to convince her to come with him, to get to know him and see what life what like with a faction of people like her. She had no interest in it whatsoever and told him that. She was happy had had no plans to leave her life in the small town she was in. He finally left and Kaelyn went back to her life as it had been before Wyatt’s intrusion. She was happy again for a while. That was until the comet passed over. It was a normal night, the blonde sitting outside by a small campfire when she noticed the first signs of the comet. It was only moments later that pain pulsed through her whole body. The Fae woman dropped to the ground writhing in pain until she finally passed out. She awoke the next morning, cold and shivering on the ground, the fire long burnt out. She got up, brushing herself off but she was unable to shake off the feeling that something was different. She felt changed but she had no idea how or what was different.


She put off leaving as long as she could but eventually her own natural curiosity got the best of her. She packed up her life in the small Canadian town and left. Road-tripping through the US until she arrived in Evermore Colorado. She didn’t know what she was doing here really, only that she wanted answers about what had happened when the comet hit. She didn’t really want to see her cousin but she knew Wyatt was her best bet. Kaelyn had no idea how long she would be in the city or if she would stay. All she knew was she needed answers before she could make any other big decisions….

Good: Kind, Bubbly, Feisty, Fiery, Energetic

Negative: Suspicious, Untrusting, Liar, Manipulative

Wyatt Brookes | Cousin | 29/101 | Instar Diviner | Jenson Ackles 

'Who knew that you'd be the one I stole the camera from' 

 ~ Relationship to be determined ~

~ To be continued ~ 

~ To be added ~

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"Gazing to the redhead who had a lot in common with Svet, the Russian Nephilim returned a smirk, grinning as she knew all to well what it felt like to need an escape from the every day life that burdened people. Svet had gotten into the club business…"

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"Ever since arriving in Evermore the Redhead have found herself settling in the limelight of the clubs quite well. Well known for making each club her own almost. Managing to pry her way through past security as VIP. Most bouncers fell for her charms…"
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"Did she really think she was alone? Svetlana spending her life on the run was the only thing she'd ever known how to do correctly. Something she knew how to do without judgement or flaws, she was basically a professional at running and had…"
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"Nothing was simple anymore. Before she wouldn't overthink nothing, taking life as simple as possible. Getting by with nothing. After coming from nothing living at a orphanage she was used to getting by finding ways to get money even if it was…"
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"Why are you so scared?" ( Open to Kaelyn and Svetlana)

Running was something she was so used to doing. It was the only thing she knew how truthfully. Spending her life on the run not wanting to spend too long living on one place too long. Running from everything. From all life worries, hassle, responsibility. Now it was family. Kaelyn spent her life growing up thinking she was all alone in the world that she wasn’t wanted but now the one family she got left and she pushed him away. Coming to Evermore city, the Redhead wanted to make amends for it…See More
Mar 20

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