Name: Saoirse Logan
Age: 20
Faceclaim: Renata Ri 
Species: Instar Diviner - Light

| Patient, Honest, Loyal | Stubborn, Direct, Blunt |

Saoirse has always believed in the idea that she was meant to be something greater, when she'd first begun to mess around and dip her toes in both the light and dark world neither quite felt right. She could never commit herself to be good and kind all the time, but she didn't have it in her to be mean or volatile either. For a while, she thought maybe something was wrong with her. It even got to a point where she sought out help and advice in her worries. However, she soon found that the indecisiveness made sense. With both powers at her fingertips of course she was unable to just choose one. Most of her family had chosen dark magic because they assumed that if they ever wanted to switch it'd be easier to go from dark to light. However, Saoirse didn't agree. She was positive that if she was dark she might like it too much even if it wound up not feeling right. 

Towards her last few years before eighteen(16,17) she had begun to lean more towards light over the years and on her eighteenth birthday she'd officially accepted that. Her relationship with her brother had almost instantly become awkward. He seemed convinced she wasn't meant to be a light diviner since almost none of her family was, but she knew he was still loyal to her. It was in their blood. He simply couldn't understand her. Over the years, Saoirse couldn't bring herself to truly get it either. But she managed. Everything went on the back burner when it came to being a diviner. Her love life became nothing quickly and she struggled to focus on her 'mundane' life. All in all, she was beginning to wonder about the entire thing.

Her twentieth birthday came around and she'd finally managed to get past the awkward phase she'd been in. She no longer felt suffocated by the rules of remaining a light diviner or the rules of the coven in general. Her brother spoke normally again and she was able to live a normal life once more.

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