Halloween was soon approaching, nearly here but always forgotten to her. A holiday that she never celebrated, not even when she was little. Growing up in an orphanage, nobody was aloud to go out trical treating it was drilled in from day one. Not able to be like any other normal children, not having the luxury for it. Halloween was never that big in New Zealand compared to other places like here in America. Kaelyn was easily to see the big difference. Either go big or go home as the saying goes. American’s always go big for any holidays. Trying her best to avoid halloween all together was quite difficult as it always starts earlier. Whether she went everyone was in the halloween spirit whilst she tried to turn the other direction. Not even bothering to put out any pumpkins or decorate her house for it. Being the old house out but it meant to show people she didn’t celebrate it. Having no sweets to hand out so it was pointless really. Although she was sure people would try to knock at her door as there are always ones who ignore when people have the lights off going to every house that they can see. To get as much sweets as possible. Competing against each other.

The last few weeks Kaelyn’s mind has been elsewhere these days. Distracted. Thinking about Riley. The mysterious person who turned up into her life, then soon left in a moment. For the first time in a long time Kaelyn felt some sort of connection, attachment towards someone. Getting close to Riley but she left and didn’t come back. Her heart hurt almost, used to it happening her in the past. Getting close to someone but they soon left. Letting them in. She’s too kind that's the problem, but she can’t help it. It’s who she is. The last time she’d ever gotten close to anyone she was engaged to a man who she later on found had been behind the murders of many people. She was cursed. Better off putting up walls around her rather than letting other people in but now Riley was always on her mind. Kaelyn just needed a distraction, to stop wallowing in self pity. One of the ways she’d been distracting herself is putting her mind into her work. She'd been slacking on the whole front since arriving into town. Now she was up to her old tricks again. The life of the con artist was back in full swing. The last few weeks Kaelyn had been working her way up into trying to get close to a rich banker. Working her way up to being able to feed as much information off him as possible. It’s quite funny seeing how foolish and stupid rich people were, still even these days.

If you know the right tricks and persuadements, you can easily get them to tell you their bank details and security codes without them even knowing. Tricking them out. Waiting for the right time to go in for the money. When their away so it’s not like they can expect it coming. The previous night Kaelyn had snuck over into the bankers house, going through into the security and access codes. Stealing some expensive watches, and a few bits and bobs that’s worth some money. The funny thing it’ll be a long time until they;d notice any of the things she;d taken were even missing. That's how she always gets away with it each time. So here Kaelyn was staring at her collection of stolen goods gathered on her kitchen table. Seeing all she had collected so far. How much it all was worth, taking photos so she could contact her dealers. So Kaelyn knew how to go abouts selling all the stolen goods. This heist will helping with her cash flow for quite a while so she wouldn’t need to do another one for some time. Not liking to do a lot of big fraud ones so often as then it would strat to bring up many questions and get out to the public that there’s someone going around conning people out of money and expensive goods. Kaelyn learnt it from day one, always telling the people who she trains up too not to do it. Common knowledge really. There wasn’t a handbook to learning to be a con artist, of course not. If not it would be a very suspicious. People who want to learn needs to know the tricks of the trade. Most importantly how to do it without being caught that was the main aspect. That's how Kaelyn’s been so good at it, because she’s never caught.

A knock at the door caused the Redhead to freeze almost. Her eyes went to the stolen goods right in front of her. “Shit” She cursed to herself, as she panicked for moment. Hearing someone was knocking at the door. Her mind went to it must be another trical treeter. Thinking that’ll they go away sooner or later but the knocking was carrying on. ‘What am I going to do?’ she thought to herself as all the stolen goods were in plain sight. Kaelyn wouldn’t be able to hide them all away so quickly, as she couldn’t hide away from the knocking for too long. Her place had some lights on which meant she was at home. Taking a deep breath the Instar Divner decided to take he chances, walking over to the front door. Opening up she looked almost a bit frantic, anxious from what she was hiding inside. Her expression soon turned to a surprised on seeing how was at her door. It was Riley. Kaelyn was already about to sense something was up with her straight away seeing how frantic Riley was looking a lot more than her. “Riley?” She blurted out quickly almost in a way seeing why she was here now, after these weeks. “Where have you been, what's wrong” She pleaded almost, worried for what has happened to her. Sensing something was up. That there was a reason why she was turning up at her door, late at night.

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Every now and again, spurts of guilt would wash over her, her own fear getting the better of her thus the reasoning for why she did what she did; she had to leave that night and never see the girl ever again to protect herself from the underlying and very overwhelming fear of being abandoned - of being used and left alone once more. Riley trusted no one but herself despite the generosity, the kindness that Red had shown her that evening. Not only did she do it for her own protection, but also Kaelyn; the wolf within her was unpredictable and could be quite dangerous at times as proven by the killing of her brother, despite having multiple of changes since then. Riley knew she was trouble in more ways than one, particularly when it came to adjusting to the civilised world; she was a lost pup in this world and knowing her luck she would retaliate badly to the lifestyle or  get knocked over by the thing on wheels and she couldn't have another constantly worry about her. Life hadn't been too bad after she returned, of course there were moments of depression that stung her when she compared her abandoned cabin to the life of luxury she had experienced at Kaelyn’s; but this was all she had ever known so despite sadness, the basic life was comforting.

In fact, life had returned to normal where she would hunt for food, shower within the stream like river that was located near her cabin as well as turning on every full moon; if she had to answer, Riley had always preferred life in wolf form - the mind of her wolf worked and processed in a much more functional way compared to that of her human mind. Riley had even contemplated traveling again, further away from Evermore, Kaelyn as well as her family and those who were loyal to them; and join a pack in Alaska. That would be her dream as she had heard of the rumours of a lone wolf pack and even if she didn't join, the simple idea of these individuals coming together triggered her curiosity; it also warmed her insides that there were people out there who would accept those of banishment. However, as mentioned, that was currently a rumour and she was not ready to face that journey only to find it was not true, therefore - Riley continued to live out her basic lifestyle. Where she lived was so deep within the belly of the woodland, she never saw anyone - or any trace of the human kind, however, in this one week alone, she could have sworn she had heard voices of people not much older than herself. Riley remained in the shadows as she investigated, to learn of why they travelled this far in and she came to learn of a tradition called Halloween.

She found listening to them fascinating; it was a holiday she found herself wishing to celebrating as it focused on the more spooky side of life. As the teenagers sat around a fire, she too sat against the bark of an oak tree to listen to the scary stories they shared; the stories triggered a soft laugh to bypass her lips. These stories focusing on the very real monsters that lurked in the shadows; Riley did, however, enjoy how exaggerated the stories were. She couldn't help but lean forwards to get a better listen, but as she did so, the sound of twigs snapping further into the shadows caused her to freeze. Riley slowly glanced over her shoulder and inhaled deeply, to smell out whoever was lurking and after a few moments - realisation hit; she knew the scents. “Shit a brick” Riley growled and reacted on impulse; she got onto her feet and darted in the opposite direction - she knew she was always going to be hunted by those loyal to her family but they had never got this close. If she could smell them, they certainly could smell her. The sounds of their steps followed her, stalked her as she ran and tripped over stones and branches; she had no destination in mind until the one particular redhead appeared in her mind - Riley knew there was something odd about her, therefore believed she could help her tonight. Of course, she would be seeing her with her tail between her legs for they had not spoken in months.

With a growl, Riley worked her muscles harder as they trailed close behind her; thankfully the house came into view with a soft beam of light working through the curtains. Her breath thick and uneven as it escaped her lungs and by the the time she reached the door she was catching her breath; her fingers curled into the palm of her hands and she knocked violently on the wood door. “Fuck sake Kaelyn, come on” The young wolf growled and continuously looked over her shoulder until the sound of the door brought her back to the present. Riley didn't bother saying hello, instead she forced herself in and closing the door suddenly and forcefully with her back. She completely ignored Kaelyn’s question and blurted out a series of demanding statements. “I don't know what you are but you need to mask my scent and your house. Do it. You gotta do it now” Her words were growled, her chocolate hues stared at the woman before her as she nodded her head once to indicate she needed to move quick. “I'll tell you why later. Kae, please”

Being a con artist for all these has it’s burdens. The constant worry of being caught. Even the best of the best gets caught sooner or later, Kaelyn didn’t want to be one of them. She was one of the best at what she does, mostly because of her Instar Diviners powers coming in handy. A little bit of magic never hurts. Easier to trick people as their never able to see it coming. Kaelyn could have dropped the life of a con artist many years ago but choose to just continue on. It’s all she’s known to be honest. The only way she knows to find money. Not thinking that she’d be up to a normal life. Choosing the risker way of having money. The heists were the most risky of her cons. Ones that needed to be planned out, right on the dot. As timinings is everything. Especially having the chance of someone coming back home when they wasn’t supposed to when in middle of stealing their stuff. Kaelyn’s had quite a few close calls, thankfully having her teleportation powers to aid her. Able to give her the quick escape. Being undetected. Relying on her powers to get her out of trouble, it didn’t mean she was dark. Always telling herself that her job was just a job, not letting it affect who she was. Just her own way to make a living.

Kaelyn was curious to find how much of all she had stolen the previous night had come to. She wasn’t a merchant so she couldn’t know exactly how much all of it was worth but could take her guesses. Choosing to take a couple of expensive rolex watches, cufflinks,  but enough for them not to notice that it was gone. Not wanting to have questions being asked. After each heist she made sure to keep tabs on the person, to hear if knew that they were being robbed. Seeing if she was able to save her own skin. The Redhead was in middle of polishing up one of the watches as the knock on the door had caused her to jump out of her skin for a moment. Worried for who it was. If she was to be caught in the act. Stood in front of a table full of stolen goods. Without enough time to hide it all in different places around her apartment. The knocking turned into bagning. Louder and louder it was getting. Kaelyn was fighting the urge whether or not to go and open the door. Seeing who it was. Or on the other hand waiting it would thinking that the person, whoever it was would leave.

Sensing that she had to go and see who it was. Not caring whether or not all the stolen goods were in plain site. Putting the watch down she went to the front door. Opening it she was surprised to see who it was. Riley. The girl who she met but soon disappeared out of her life as quick as she was in it. Sensing something wasn’t right with her straight away. Feeling the fear radiating from the brunette. Kaelyn knew something wasn’t right. With no hellos, not greeting Riley barged into her home. It looked like she was running from something, wanting to run to safety. Safety was Kaelyn’s home. Taken aback for moment. Closing the door quickly even not knowing why. “Alright” She answered nodding her head, it was no secret that she had powers since what happened when they first met. As Kaelyn had trapped Riley from running away. Now was clarifying all her suspicions that she had about her, just she’d find out after helping her. The truth will come out soon, as the two come clean of who and what they are. First Kaelyn had to help her.

The Instar Diviner started to get into action, for what spells she’s to cast. It’s been a while since she’d been needing to do more complex, powerful ones rather than just simple ones for her own us. Moving away from the door into her living room area, giving her more space for what she needed to do.  First thing that she needed to do was to place a boundary spell on her house. “Luna safa sa belise, de la mer…” Kaelyn chanted speaking in latin, her eyes were closed as she was casting the spell. The two of them were able to feel the atmosphere in the room change as an invisible shield was cloaking the house, keeping them in and keeping whoever out. “Right that’s the house cloaked” She chimed in, telling Riley before going and fetching one of the candles out of the cupboard then to the kitchen for some salt. Placing it onto the coffee table the redhead kneeled down in front of it chanting her next spell “Incendia” Within seconds the candle lit up with it’s fiery flames, no matches needed. Kaelyn then sprinkled a handful of salt over the lit candle. All her work was done.

Done all she could. “It’s all done, your safe now. I’ve placed a boundary spell onto the house as well as putting a privacy spell so that whoever is outside cannot hear inside. The boundary spell with be reversed as the sun comes up, all spells has a loophole” She announced explaining all what she just did. Kaelyn sat on the arm of her sofa looking up and over to Riley with her arms crossed. “So now your all protected how about you tell me the whole truth, I’m owed that at least” She marvelled almost, getting straight to the point. Able to hear the pain in her voice as she wanted to know when Riley left.

Sweat clearly glistened upon her brow and at the base of her neck whilst her chest rose and fell at a very rapid rate; she had not had to run so quick in human form in quite a while. Riley saw it as bittersweet that it was tonight that they managed to get so close; they were both stronger in Wolf form meaning she had a better chance at running away from them rather than seeking shelter. However, if they were in wolf form and she had come to Kaelyn’s for whatever magic voodoo the redhead woman had, then her hunters would have been able to see straight through whatever magical boundary she casted. Riley inhaled deeply to see if she could pinpoint who exactly was chasing her, none of the scents were familiar to her, therefore, it certainly wasn’t her brothers; however, that was almost just as concerning as deep down, she knew her brother’s weaknesses which could have worked to her advantage. Her chocolate hues gave Kaelyn a pleading, almost puppy dog look before she heard the words of confirmation that she would do as Riley asked which caused her to exhale in relief; yet, she couldn’t help but eagerly look out of the little peep hole that resided just above her head within the wooden door.

They still had time, she couldn’t see any signs of movement within the tree line which was a relief yet she would still need Kaelyn to work as fast as she could; not that Riley had a single clue as to what was happening or how it was going to happen. She rolled back down to the balls of her feet to turn and face Red, only to find that she had moved into the next room; which Riley followed in cautiously - her shoulder leaning against the door frame, yet her body remained tense ready to get into battle if needs must. The moment that Kaelyn started to chant in a language which was unfamiliar to Riley, she couldn’t help but step back again, but only for a moment before she approached slowly; sniffing as she did so, simply out of curiosity… What language was that? Did Kaelyn have another tongue inside her mouth? Riley quirked a brow for a moment as confusion ran straight across her features before she returned to her spot near the door, only to occasionally peek out from the curtains. Riley squinted her eyes as she swore she saw movement at the end of the garden, however, just as she saw a full human figure, Kae reassured her the boundary was up; causing Riley to exhale almost dramatically.

Riley, then followed Kaelyn around the house, albeit not gracefully; as she went, she bumped into the corners of tables and managed to knock some photograph off of the counter top as she did so. “Oh shit” She muttered all flushed as she scrambled to pick up the photo; hoping that the glass had not broken on the tumble. Riley placed the photograph back on the table slowly - she even gave it a nod to make sure it was to stay put before entering the kitchen to see the candles burn. Upon hearing that she was completely safe, she nodded; however, she couldn’t help but have her doubts- yet she would believe Kaelyn, she had no reason not too. Besides, by sunrise, those who were chasing her would be far gone, probably to report back to her family that they were close to finding her. There it was, the question that was bound to come and one Riley truly didn’t want to answer; the more she vocalised what she was and what had happened to her, the more real it became - she had very much dissociated herself from the traumatic event. With a dramatic sigh, she leaned back against the counter and glanced down to her feet; clearly her throat as she did so.

She could hear the pain that laced Kaelyn’s words and she knew that this question went a lot deeper than Riley’s past and that just confirmed that the guilt that she had been feeling over the last few weeks was very real. “Okay. Um, where would you like me to start?” She replied, eventually looking up at the redhead with the thickness of her eyelashes.

Everything was happening so quickly. All happening in front of her. Least expecting for Riley to be knocking at her door, running away from someone. Wanting her help. It was no secret really that Kaelyn was a supernatural being, when they first both were robbing the same place. Kaelyn forget it was a more better idea to put a boundary spell on the place. Keeping Riley from running away, she couldn’t explain why she did it. She just did. Able to sense from even then there was something about her which intrigued her. Wanting to know more. Not caring that she could be blowing her cover, as the number one rule that all supernaturals have here in the city is not expose themselves to others. It was irrelevant now as it was clear that Riley was supernatural too. But not one of her kind, that what she was sure of. Now weren’t the time to be asking questions, as Kaelyn hurried into action. She was always quick on her feet, of what spells to use for what situation they were in. Not having much to go by, with the few details she had.  

Only knowing that Riley was on the run from someone and needed her protection. First putting a boundary spell followed by a privacy spell. Giving them both enough time until sunrise for however is out there to give up and leave them be. That is what she hopes if not she’d have to think of something else when it comes to it. Now that the house is all protected, it means that the two could talk freely. Riley couldn’t run away either. Hearing a crashing followed by cursing, the Redhead turned round to see Riley fumbling around with one of her photos that was on the floor. Able to guess already what happened, Riley bumping into something and knocking things over. She was right in saying she was accident prone. “Have anyone told you, your like a bull in a china shop?” She pointed out, laughing already able to imagine Riley going in a small shop with small things ending up knocking them all over. “How about we come clean first of what we are?” She asked looking over to her, then it’ll be easier to figure each other out. Before the conversation turns into a more indepth one, each of them bottling up all their problems inside. Waiting to tell someone.

Chocolate hues finally pulled themselves away from the fiery redhead which sat opposite her to the room which they had now resided in; a small smile tugged up at the corner of her lips as she caught the multiple of items which lingered upon the table across from them - the items looked expensive and they came in their dozen. It certainly was not something Riley would expect Kaelyn to own, despite having a very regal way of living with all of the bath salts that she had the last time she was inside this house.  However, it finally clicked as to why she would be in possession of these items - she stole them; yes, it was a rather far fetched conclusion but when Riley considered where they actually met and how they met, it was the only possible reason. Even that evening, Kaelyn was stealing, however, Riley couldn’t judge as she was doing the exact same thing; in fact, she was still wearing the trainers now but, of course, they were muddy and worn in by now. Riley cleared her throat before fully jumping onto the countertop, her legs curled beneath her as she leaned forward into her lap; a chuckle rolling from the tip of her tongue at the comment of being a bull in a china shop. “They haven’t said something like that before, no.” She shook her head, amusement clear upon her features; it amazed her that so suddenly, she was rather chilled considering the threat that was outside. “I normally got called, Moon Moon” Riley commented, before realising that Kaelyn may not get the reference.

Yet the question which was posed to her, may help shred a little light on the nickname that she had acquired throughout the years. Riley eventually looked back at her, her chest rising and falling dramatically as she knew Kaelyn was right; yet, this was the very first time she had this conversation - ever since a young age, everyone knew what she was. “Have a guess, I would like to hear that first” She grinned playfully “The nickname that I gave just now would and should be enough to get that hamster in your noggin rolling” Riley allowed her features to brighten up before sniffing the air in hopes to find something alcoholic in the kitchen; she would have been surprised if Kaelyn was one to only live on tea and water. Once she had picked up on the stench of alcohol, the young wolf jumped down and went raiding through the cupboards to find the bottle and a couple of glasses; this would be a long evening, she knew that, and one which could open up a can of worms to something deeper and that alone would need more than the bottle she held in her hand. Riley turned on her heels and waved a glass in Kaelyn’s direction, hoping that she would join her in drinking. “More importantly, I am curious as to what you are. Ever since you locked me in that shop, that confused me greatly and still does” She mumbled, almost childishly as she poured them both some rum; which smelt very much out of date.

Ever since she was a young girl, Kaelyn always found herself having to look after one person. That being herself. Always preferring to keep to herself. Mainly because she’s never had anyone in her life. No parents, no siblings, no other family and no friends. On the outside Kaelyn seems like she’s got it all together. Living a perfect life, a nice apartment, nice clothes, make up. All of the other things. Where as in reality it’s far from the truth. Most of her life is a lie. Her line of work, how she’s able to buy all the nice things. Truth be told she’s stolen it all. Kaelyn had the chance to change it all around when Wyatt popped up in her life trying to convince her to become a family. Choosing to push him away like everyone else in her life, not wanting reality to come true. Maybe it’s because that she’s got abandonment issues. Stopping her let people in. With Riley it was all different. From when they first met, Kaelyn could sense something about her was different but in a good way. A warm feeling that she couldn’t explain. The two were alike in many ways, but different too. Kaelyn turned around to Riley who was looking around at all her things. Snooping. Everyone loves to snoop, including her. Her mind went to the collection of goods that were laid out on the kitchen table that she was going through before it all happened. Kaelyn weren’t too fused and bothered about it, knowing how the two had first met. Both stealing from the same place.

Seeing as Riley was making herself home, sitting herself on the countertop in the kitchen as Kaelyn was packing away a few things that she took out when performing the spells and incantations. Whilst not bothering to put away and hide all the stuff she stole. She’s got nothing to hide from Riley, able to trust her. “Maybe I’ll call you Shrek” She mused a little, remembering back to when they first met, how she said that all she could smell was swamp. That was coming from Riley, it still does but not so overpowering than before. Hearing of her old nickname and how it would be enough to connect the dots together. Making Kaelyn take a moment to think about it. Now it was all clear. “Werewolf” She marvelled softly looking to her, curious. Yet showing her that she didn’t care what Riley was, it wouldn't make her think or look of her any differently. “That makes a lot of sense now, especially with what you were coming out with living in the woods” She joked laughing softly, answering to all Riley’s strange antics. Alcohol was always a necessity. Especially if the two were ready to spill their pasts, deep and dark secrets. Riley was already ahead of her and went in search of the alcohol, going through all her cupboards. She didn’t mind. Whereas some other people would. “You found it then” She grinned laughing watching as Riley was holding up a bottle of alcohol and waving glasses to her too. 

Following through to sitting on the sofa, leaving enough room for Riley. So they could be a bit more comfortable. She thought by now Riley would of figured it out but it seems not leaving for her to spill the beans. “I’m an Instar Diviner, but in simple turns a witch” She explained, shrugging her shoulders a little. Not really used to telling people what she was but never needing to. “So a witch and a werewolf in the same room, who would have thought” She grinned happily almost, now the t

wo got one of their main secrets out the way. She took one of the glasses and held it up waiting for Riley to do the same so they could toast almost. That and she was in the need of alcohol but not sure how much. Seeing as Riley dug out a bottle of Malibu that's not been touched for years.

Once the alcohol was poured, Riley waited to take the first sip, purely because she was curious to see what sort of things Kaelyn had stolen this time; besides, she still had to wait for her to guess what species she fell under. With the bottle securely under her arm and her filled glass in hand she made sure that she did not trip over the pesky thing called air and that one foot did not want to play and trip the other up. Eventually she made the dining room table to glance over at the series of different objects which sat there; it ranged from clothing to bags, shoes to watched - all stolen without being caught in the act. It truly amazed Riley, it really did. She was slowly attuning to that of Evermore, from the outskirts that was; she was not brave enough to venture into the city like she did weeks ago. However, the reason as to why she was so shocked that Kaelyn could get away with this was purely down to Evermore being heavily populated with Supernatural creature; how could she get away with it when other supernaturals could easily snuff her out? Riley quirked a brow before Kaelyn tugged her out of her thoughts which made her turn to face her once more. “Bingo!” She grinned, in fact, she was almost proud that Kaelyn was able to get it in one guess and wasn't ushering her out the door; from the stories her family would share, not many, other than wolves would want to spend time with her kind - they were unpredictable and behaviour was almost always linked to the moon.

Riley shook her head with a slight muse. “I think even those with a weaker nose would still be able to find this stuff” The wolf winced some as she sniffed the alcohol in the glass, it was definitely potent and would probably burn her insides with each sip; but it was a risk she was willing to take. Riley waited for a moment before following Kae into the living room; of course she trusted the spell that the girl had placed on the house and on her, yet she knew what her brothers could be like and she sure as hell could remember the look in their eyes when they banished her from the pack. With a wary eye, she glanced out the window, noting any movement in the trees before following and taking a seat on the sofa; her legs curling beneath her as she did so. Instar Diviner? Her brows rose before forwarding which obviously made it clear that she had no idea what one of those were; her parents only taught her the way of the wolf and not necessarily the other species they shared their world with, unless it was human hunters and vampires. However, the moment Kaelyn spoke it in more simpler language - a witch - Riley's lips formed a slight O shape. “Why the fancy name? That makes no sense whatsoever” Riley muttered more to herself as she tried to figure out where the Instar Diviner came from before shrugging once more to clink their glasses together in a toast. “To the witch and the wolf” She grinned widely and took a rather long and unnecessary swig of malibu which she instantly regretted the moment her body shuddered at just how out of date it was.  

“Thank you, by the way” She attempted to speak through the everlasting cringe and shudder; as much as she didn't want to bring the topic up, Kaelyn would ask and besides, she had the right to know. Riley was sure that once her hunters figured out Kae had helped her, they would sure as hell go after her too. To even begin telling Kaelyn, Riley made sure to down the rest of the burning alcohol - it had been over a decade and not once had she told this story to anyone besides herself in her nightmares. “For allowing me in and doing your voodoo stuff, you didn't have to”  

Kaelyn always tried to keep her alcohol cabinet filled up even tho it’s mostly just her drinking. Being more of a lone drinker never being the one to have much company around. Yet tonight was different. With Riley here as company. The two had a lot to talk about, so it could too mean more booze to get through as well. Just depends how much of a lightweight Riley is, since Kaelyn kind of already guessed she wasn’t much of a drinker. Kaelyn turned her head, watching as Riley went to fetch the booze. Finding it amusing watching seeing how hard Riley was concentrating not to trip over on nothing. “You really are accident prone aren’t you?” She mused laughing at pink haired girly, shaking her head knowing you couldn’t change her. It weren’t too hard to figure out really to what Riley was, as it was quite obvious. Considering all of her strange antics to say the least. “It was an easy guess really” Yet it might be a bit harder for Riley to figure out what she was. Instar Diviners were different to the witches seen on tv or read in books. It was a bit more complex than that. More realistic opposed to all the far fetch things. “I know what you are now it’s time for you to guess what I am” She teased smirking to the wolf girl seeing and waiting to see if Riley could figure it out on her own but it seems not so. So Kaelyn decided to tell Riley as if she waited for her to figure it out on her own so told her what she is. “Now our main secrets are out, just all the other ones we need to tell now”.

How Riley was reacting to sniffing the alcohol was amusing too. It was like she thought it was a poisonous potent thing. “It’s only alcohol” She simply pointed out sounding like it was nothing. “Sure there’s more alcohol out there” Her own collection wasn’t as old compared to others that what she was sure of. “It won’t kill you… well shouldn’t” She joked, half stopping pretending that the alcohol was poisonous. More importantly just to see what Riley’s reaction would be knowing that it would be too late. Whilst Riley was fetching the booze, the Diviner put away her bits and bobs she had used and not needed away. Just as long as she keeps the candle burning to keep those from listening in then they should be all fine. That and till sun comes up too. Every spell has a loophole. Limiting all what they can do. Kaelyn could almost sense the nervousness coming from Riley, knowing it was to do for whoever she was running from. Worried that her spells and power wouldn’t be enough to keep them up. “Don’t worry, we’re safe here” She reassured her softly as the Redhead sat down beside Riley on the sofa. Taking hold of Riley's hand, squeezing it reassuring her that she was safe. Nobody would be able to harm her, not when she’s around. Kaelyn wanted to let her now. “We used to be classed under two different names. Faes and Necromancers. Our powers were different, both were limited. Faes are light whilst Necromancers are dark. Yet now our powers are combined, so we can dabel in both sides if we choose so” She spoke explaining briefly about her kind, yet knowing it must be all confusing for her. All new information for her to take in.

“To the witch and the wolf” She grinned widely holding up her glass too, toasting along with Riley. Clinking their glasses together. Both taking large swigs of their drinks. Feeling as the alcohol burned her thought but seen ignored it, taking another sip to help ease the pain. “Its okay” She spoke softly looking to her, she would have done it for anyone. It did pain her seeing how desperate Riley was for her help when she practically came running to her front door. Kaelyn didn’t know whether to show that it hurt her when Riley left her. Disappearing into thin air. Like everyone else who comes into her life. There one minute and gone the next. The walls she put up were starting to come down but soon put up. Guarded almost. “Will you be going again? Like before” She asked sounding curious yet blunt at the same time. Almost worried if Riley was going to say yes…

We're safe here. Just those simple three words rang and repeated within the confinements of her worried mind; of course, there was no denying that she felt a weird sense of being safe with Kaelyn, she would even go further and admit that, for the first time she felt at home - even if she avoided her for weeks on end. However, despite those warm and positive feelings Riley experienced around the redheaded woman; she also knew of the threat outside - she knew what her brothers were capable of and certainly the lengths her Father would too, considering she assassinated his heir, the future alpha of her pack. There was only one shred of hope in her situation, her Mother; she hoped the Mother, Daughter bond was still somewhat there so that her Mother could attempt to stop this hunt, or at least stop them from killing her if she were ever caught. Now, Riley didn't doubt Kaelyn’s ability in this voodoo malarkey, but if this was an evening on a full moon; they both would have been in grave danger, however, Riley was unsure that  in her wolf form, she would ever have thought to come here - she would've just carried on running until she believed she was safe. Riley was eventually removed from her rather, overindulging thoughts at the sensation of another’s hand wrapping around her fingers, along with the squeeze in reassurance. Chocolate optics glanced down at their hands, confused for a brief moment as she truly couldn't remember the last time she ever had physical contact with another; but what surprised her more was how her digits stretched to fit into the gaps Kae's provided.

The two sat like that for a few moments in silence before Riley cleared her throat to listen to the two different types of Diviners; that didn't surprise her to hear, purely out of rationality - there were different types of Therianthrope, so why not the same for witches? She nodded as she listened, whilst her hand brought the glass up to her lips. “What were you born as? Fae or Necromancer?” Riley tilted her head in curiosity, however, if she were to bet on any money on this, she would definitely say that Kaelyn was born on the darker side; plus, being light sounded like it could've been a tad boring. The wolf was ready to explain why she was so desperate tonight, pleading for help - the words were beginning to form upon her tongue until she witnessed Kaelyn change the subject ever so slightly; and it was the mixture of different emotions which laced her words which confused Riley greatly. It wasn't until she realised it was her turn to speak that she tried to find another set of words to replace those that were already on her tongue. She glanced away, she truly didn't know how to answer - she wished she could stay but that would mean she would put Kaelyn in danger if she did; not just from the wolf inside of her, but she was certain that her Brothers wouldn't miss the opportunity to destroy someone she cared about to make it even for the death of the older brother.

Riley exhaled. “If I stay, you will be put into danger, they will come for you to spite me. They are cunning and well aware of the voodoo tricks” She glanced upward, in an attempt to read Kaelyn’s expression. “But, if I go, they will know my scent was around your house once the spell wears off and they will challenge you and question you” There was no easy answer, maybe if it weren't for her hunters, her answer would be easier; even with her underlying fear of abandonment. Riley finished the rest of her drink, her mind racing to give Kaelyn a better answer; she knew if she left at sunrise, it would feel like she had just used her for her own personal gain, and that wasn't fair. “I will try to stay, but they now, roughly know where I am so it will not be safe” That was the best answer she could give right now, she refused to allow another person to get hurt for her own reckless action over ten years ago.

People who’ve been abandoned before tend to push those away before they can be abandoned once again. Solving and getting rid of the problem before they can be hurt again. Walls are still up strong before they can be broken down. Something that Kaelyn knew well. Putting up walls and guards around her yet when she’s around Riley she can feel all her problems and worries going away. Yet Kaelyn couldn’t help to think that after tonight and the spells she placed on the house would be down. Would Riley run off again after her help.Kaelyn had almost forgotten to ask where Riley was, what and why she was running from something. It should have been something she asked from the beginning but been missed in their conversation. More distracted by sharing some truths of species itself rather than the main truths. Kaelyn could see that Riley was in deep thought with her own self. Almost thinking through of everything whilst daydreaming almost. “A penny for your thoughts?” She mused a little looking to Riley seeing the pink haired was looking worried similar to how she was when she came knocking on her door only a short while ago. “Who are the people that are after you? Riley” She pleaded almost wanting to know so she knew how to help her. To see if they could trust each other. Trust was important. If Kaelyn was protecting Riley she needed to know some secrets so she know how to help. Reassuring how that she’d listen and not judge whatever it was that had happened or bothering. Taking her hand, squeezing it softly letting know she was her for her. Entwining their fingers with each others, the two were staring at each other. Almost frozen in the moment.

The silence broke hearing as Riley was clearing her throat getting ready to speak asking questions wanting to know more about Kaelyn’s kind. “I was born as neither. We have powers but until age of 18 theres a ceremony of claiming as its called. Where people are either claimed by Fae or Necromancer. Happening at Twilight the in between night and day. The sky turns light or dark then what it is then decides on what your chosen by” She explained remembering how her claiming ceremony was like all those years ago like it was yesterday. “The sky became light meaning I was claimed by Fae. Many people thought I’d be chosen as Necromancer as my grandfather was but no. It chooses on who the people are if your heart is good or if it’s dark” Personality outweighing on what she does for a living. “Were you born as Lycanthrope or turned?” She wondered knowing a few things about Rileys kind from what she read in some books. Learning about the supernatural after finding out what she was so she wouldn’t be so clueless. Yet she had a feeling that she might had been born one because it would explain how she didn’t seem so ‘human’  all the time. From what she had seen.

Kaelyn could sense that Riley was worried not wanting to put her in danger for whats outside, from what she’s running from. The Redhead knew what she was in for when agreeing to help. She was worried or scared. “I don’t care if they came after me. I can look after myself, protect myself and… you” She started showing that she didn’t care of the the consequences, not scare of them. “I’m not scare of the big bad wolf” Not knowing she was making a pun or ironic it was. “Your safe here. Like I said before. Your safe with me, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I promise” She reminded letting her know she didn’t have to keep running, pushing everyone away, “Let me help to break down your walls and your can break down mine” Letting her know she has to let someone in, to let her in...

The moment that she had given Kaelyn her answer, Riley’s mind continued to race through the different possible outcomes of each decision and quite frankly, neither option had a very good outcome. She had mentioned that the hunters would locate Riley to being around the house when her scent disappeared and that they would question Kaelyn of her whereabouts if she were to disappear and leave the woodlands of Evermore; yet she had missed out one crucial bit of information. The hunters would not just question her, they would do the unthinkable to get something from her and it was common knowledge that there artifacts in the world which could suppress someone’s magical ability and thus that would render Kaelyn defenseless to their brutality. The image alone of Kaelyn defenseless against Riley’s hunters caused a whirlwind of emotions to rumble within her stomach, but also her chest which was completely confusing for the young wolf; why did her heart ache at just the image? She had only known the redhead for a few months, and had only met her once or twice yet there was that indescribable feeling of protection and physical pain if any harm came to her. Riley shook her head as Kaelyn asked for her thoughts and she decided to remain silent, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to admit the conflicting emotions inside of her; thus she was relieved that Kae had changed the subject to her hunters.

Her lips twitched slightly at their edges as she felt the reassuring squeeze; which certainly did help her in finding the right words to describe her situation. It was going to be strange voicing her situation and it was certainly the first time she had ever told someone of her murderous accident. Riley exhaled rather dramatically and eventually dragged her eyes away from the two of their hands intertwined before releasing her hand to stand once more; so she could pace the living room space as she spoke - she wasn’t sure she was ready to see the judgement in Kaelyn’s eyes once she heard that she had killed her own brother. The moment she stood, a nervous smile occupied her lips. “Those that are after me are my Brother’s friends, or at least, paid hunters to kill me, or the like for something I did many years ago” Riley began, her fingers running along many surfaces and her eyes noting the series of photographs before they clenched shut at the foggy images that appeared in her mind at the mere thought.

“It was on the evening of my first change” She continued. “It was a brilliant day, a celebration that their youngest child would finally channel her inner wolf. We owned a huge amount of the forest, it was a territory and when I changed for the first time - my family  also changed to join me in a hunt, my first hunt” A light, remorseful smile found her lips, it was a happy memory which was plagued with darkness; all the while, she didn’t look at Kae. “As I was running, I could smell prey, I could hear their heartbeat and the like, and that is when I pounced.” Tears were daring to overflow from her chocolate hues, but she blinked them away; there was no need for her to cry anymore, there was no turning back and certainly no way she could change what she did. “It wasn’t until I opened my eyes, and heard the menacing growls of my family that I realised what I had done. I killed my eldest brother” Riley sighed, a visible shudder rolling down the length of her spine, she could still taste the blood upon her tongue.

In an attempt to distract herself from the memories and certainly from the guilt which plagued her feelings, she turned to face Kaelyn with a rather forced smile - as well as to bring out the lighthearted, playful wolf that she is. “Fae, huh? Now, that does surprise me. I would have definitely put you down as a necromancer” She laughed with a shake of her head but when she heard that it decides on the basis of your heart, then she could definitely see why Kae was taken by the fae on that night.

Kaelyn was confused for a moment hearing Riley mention hunters. Wondering both why and how they were hunting her. Not knowing yet the truth all behind it. Hearing some things a long while ago about hunters of all different types and kinds. That it is a reason why many supernatural choose to live and keep to themselves. To keep themselves safe from being hunted. Yet Kaelyn couldn’t help to sense and think that there may be more to the story that's Rileys letting on. The redhead knew by now how to tell that Riley was not telling her the whole truth. Good at reading people, and the vibes she was getting from Riley was one of them. “Who are hunting you?”  She asked looking her waiting to hear what she’ll say or avoid the questions. One thing that Riley was good at was advertising questions changing the conversation or subject to something else.”I need to know if I’m the one protecting you” She added but it was a lie. It was only the two of them in the room. Only 2 sets of ears and eyes. Their conversation would be muted from outside the room all thanks to her spell. Kaelyn reassured letting her know that she could be trusted.

Not to be judgmental hearing of her past. Her own past too wasn’t as innocent. Considering they had first met trying to both steal from the same place. Kaelyn would open up about her own past after hearing Riley open up of hers. Wondering if he’s was as dark as hers. “What did you do?” By the looks and sounds of it, it must had been something bad. Bad enough for someone to hire hunters to track you down. Kaelyn let herself hear and listen to the past being told. Seeing the light turning dark in the lycantropes eyes sensing it was no good what happened. Kaelyn was shocked to hear that Riley killed her own brother, that she must of blamed herself for so many years. That's why she was banished and hunted. “It wasn’t your fault, you were a new wolf. One with no training, no self control” She reassured softly, squeezing Rileys hand. Wiping away the single tear away from Rileys cheek. “You can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened” If not it’ll eat her up, till nothing is left. Guilt is a dangerous thing.

There was was still something on top her mind. Something that she couldn’t shake but if she didn’t say or bring it up now she didn’t know if she’d ever find out the truth. Abandonment was something she too well of. Where nobody wants you then who you have you only push away. Building up walls and bridges. Believing it's the only way to stop yourself from being hurt again. That is what happened with her cousin Wyatt, who she pushed away. Only now she’s believes she’s lost the only family she had. Always been on her own. Maybe it was a reason why she wanted Riley to stay. Keen for her to stick around. Then she left nearly soon as she when she arrived. Kaelyn was left wondering if it was happening now again. “So back then when I took you in you just used me as a bed and breakfast?” She started to say thinking her mind not caring if she was sounding heartless but letting Riley hear her pain. “Is it just going to happen again. You come knocking on my door wanting my help and magic then you’ll dispar again in the morning” She added pointing out the obvious. Belviing Riley might be using her like every other person in her life has before. “If it is… then you can just go” Her eyes filled with tears ready to escape and run down her face. Showing Riley for once how much it had hurt her when she left. Used to losing people she once cared for.


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