Siobhan had been through a lot this past year as she managed to activate her Nephilim abilities fully, with the help of Dominic who even as a therian seem to accept her “Mental scarcities” as apart of who she was now. Along with others in the Nephilim community, unlike her fellow Nephilim, Siobhan was not raised a warrior, she didn’t start fighting until the night she found her brother and father dead in the woods. So that night she left her human home behind that night in search for meaning in this new crazy world she found herself in.

The past year had been full of ups and downs, more downs than ups if she was being honest, but some good had come out of it. Mostly she was just left with needing to learn more to improve her Nephilim skills. Something was in a Nephilim's nature to help others, so that is what brought her to this doorstep. Dominic was busy that night bouncing at a local club, so it gave Siobhan a chance to seek out a diviner that Billie Mae had suggested to her if she continued on her one-woman crusade to uncover evil within Evermore.

Siobhan looked down at the address she wrote down from Billie Mae before she raised her hand to knock on the door. She took a step back and looked around as if to make sure she was not being followed; there still seemed to be dark shadows that haunted her after being kidnapped twice. She shivered at the thought and pulled her attention back to the door in front of her. She felt weird asking a stranger to teach her how to lie and steal better, it felt wrong, but it was needed when she was undercover trying to find out where missing people had gone.

She sighed thinking of how Dominic would be so disapproving of her being here right now. Dominic had a thing about Diviners after a dark diviner had kidnaped her, she wouldn’t admit it out loud, but part of her was scared to death to be standing here, but she knew that if Billie Mae trusted her, then this Kaelyn Brookes couldn’t have been that bad. She still felt like she could see Lucifer's face when she closed her eyes but she was slowly getting over the kidnapping and torture. Her gaze drifted to the ground as she was lost deep in thought on Kaelyn porch.

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Nothing was simple anymore. Before she wouldn't overthink nothing, taking life as simple as possible. Getting by with nothing. After coming from nothing living at a orphanage she was used to getting by finding ways to get money even if it was stealing money from people. Kaelyn was soon running out of money that she stole from her ex-fiance all those years ago. The Instar Diviner was older than others being 97 whilst others were young. Keeping her appearance age to younger. She liked the fact that she wouldn't been to age so soon. Living her life fullest to the possible but if it too meant watching the world go by whilst still being in the same place. Not moving on like many others have. Pushing people away rather than keeping them close. Maybe it was more for the reason why she was denying the truth. Not being that she had a cousin, a family member. Growing up not knowing who her family, a part of her didn't want to know her family. That they abandoned her and lost their chance. Seeing how determined Wyatt was to wanting her to know him and the truth. Kaelyn pushed him away like everyone else. After the comet she released she couldn't go on like this anymore. Needing to step up into reality even if it was only a little. Evermore City was the place the start. Where Wyatt was persuading to go with him but she said no. Having a lot of questions after the comet hit the one place she knew she'd find them was Evermore. Where her cousin was and he was her best bet at getting answers for. She knew she wouldn’t be greeting him with welcoming him with open arms we'll see.

The Instar Diviner had moved to the city a few weeks back. Spending most of that time looking at different apartments, the good and bad ones. Until finding the right one to suit her needs, location, setting, space. With the right price too, since she was having money trouble at the moment. The Redhead knew that soon she’ll have to start looking around for a job sooner or later. Or she’ll have to go back to to her old habits, knowing that she couldn’t escape it. Having to find money even if it meant doing it the the wrong way. Either way she needed to find something soon or she couldn’t pay for the next couple of months rent. Kaelyn sighed as she was unpacking one of the many boxes. Having all of her belongings boxed up and shipped over from where she last lived in Canada. It took a little bit longer to get here but it did in the end. Now she have to unpack all her belongings. Choosing where to place it all since each apartment is different. The space and shape is all different, not wanting to make the exact replica of her old apartment in her new one. New apartment, new start as people say.

Over the years Kaelyn had collected a fair few belongings. Each with different ties and meanings for each decade along with its memories. Not all were memorable. Spending years of running, starting afresh in new places. Forgetting almost forgetting what normality is or feel like. After spending a while packing, Kaelyn managed to unpack the main things. Having the tv hooked up, sofa set out, bed along with the kettle, few cups and coffee. The important necciaries to keep her on her feet for while. Until she’s finishing unpacking the rest. So her apartment will stay clotted up with towers of boxes for the time being.  Moving was always easier when with another person, whilst when it’s on your own it's harder and longer. A sigh escaped the Instar Dinver's lips as way to say she was already tired and bored of unpacking. Packing was always easier than unpacking that she;s found. Putting away the cups she'd just unpacked, she heard a knock at the door. It came of a surprise for her, coming to the city alone. Having no friends here. She knew it wouldn't be her cousin since she’d not bothered to contact or find him to say she’s moved to the City too. ‘Who could it be?’.

Leaving her unpacking The Redhead left the kitchen walking to the front door. Unhooking the latch on it, before unlocking the door and opening it. Kaelyn looked and saw a young blonde haired girl on her doorsteps. “Hello?” She greeted with a fake smile plastered on her face that covered her curiosity. With one hand on the door and the other on the door frame, leaning on it. Waiting to hear what she had to say. Noticing already that the blonde haired was in deep thought gazing a little. Kaelyn was a bit unsure, although thinking that she most properly got the room house number.

Siobhan turned around facing the door as it pulled open and she looked at the red haired woman as she stood on the other side of the door and she cleared her throat as she reached up tucking her hair behind her own ear and she looked down from her strange chocolate gaze before looking back up to her with her blue gaze that flashed purple “Are you Kaelyn Brookes?” She asked softly as she fiddled with strap that tied her coat around her waist and she cleared her throat.

“Of course you are Kaelyn, Billie Mae has never steered me wrong before.” she said as she chewed on her bottom lip looking into her eyes “So ah I am not sure how to ask for your help. I have been going undercover to help find out things going on. Well Billie Mae suggested I come to you because in her words ‘That girl is the best grifter I have ever come across in my time on this earth.’ “ She said as she messed with the strap once again.

She wasn’t sure why her nerves have gotten the best of her, maybe it was because she still had a deep fear of diviners being kidnapped would do that to you. She reached into her pocket pulling out a necklace with a ruby pendent on it and she held it up “Billie Mae said this would show you that I am here for help.” She swallowed hard “May I come in?” she asked “Then I can give you more information on what I need help with.”

In her years spent on this earth The Diviner had gotten around. Spending time going to and between different countries. Making acquaintances, allies and friends along the way. In some parts she was well known for both the good and the bad. Kaelyn always made sure to keep her talents hidden in the way of her magical abilities. Keeping the supernatural a secret. Over the years she’s tried to get out of her old habits but always found turning back to it. Its the only life she’s known. Trying to fend for yourself was hard, choosing the easy way out instead of getting a normal job like nearly everyone else. Kaelyn knew that coming to this city was a new start but already finding herself wanting to go back to her old ways. Being a grafter.

Answering the door she looked to see a young blonde haired looking almost lost in a way. Noticing how that she was a bit nervous. Hearing her ask if she was who she says she is, adding more to her curiosity. “Yes, why who's asking?” She challenged almost. Being new to the city she thought that it wouldn’t have gotten around yet to who she is. Not recognising the blonde. Hearing a name mentioned it explained why she was here. “Of course Billie never gets things wrong” Mentioning the name of an old friend who she trusted. “You want me to show you the ropes. Show you what it takes” A smirk appeared on the redhead lips seeing the reason why the blonde haired woman was here. Wanting her help. “I wouldn’t say I’m the ‘best gifter’ on the earth” She concluded not too full of herself. Kaelyn made sure to when mentioning what she does for a living under hush tone. Not sure yet who she could trust in the neighbourhood just yet.

If she really wants her help, Kaelyn knew that she needed to be willing for it. To have what it takes to be a gifter. Kaelyn was surprised to see one of her old pendant jewelry that the blonde haired girl was holding out to her. It was one she handed to the last person who she entrusted and trained Billie. Remembering telling her to pass it to the next person who was willing to have what it takes. Almost as a way of passing it down. “You can come in then” She answered holding the door open for her as she took the necklace from her. Choosing to keep it for a while. After she walked in Kaelyn shut the door behind them. “You do know this isn’t a easy road to go down, a dangerous one at that. Are you sure this is something that you want….” The Redhead began to ask almost questioning her to give her a final chance to back out. As well as waiting to find out what her name was, she would need to know more about her if she’s going to train her.

Siobhan watched the red headed woman take hold of the pendent and let out a soft breath of relief as she opened the door wider allowing her to walk in to her home looking around to the still mostly unpacked house. Taking in the empty walls as it was clear she was still moving in. She felt a wave of guilt was over her as she turned around to look to the woman.  “I didn’t know you were still moving in Billie made it seem like you had been here for years, I could offer you my help if you like?” she said as she turned around twisting her fingers together.

It dawned on her she had yet to speak her name to Kaelyn “forgive me, you must think I am rude I have yet to give you my name.” She walked closer holding her hand out to her. “My name is Siobhan Leslie of the Nephilim Faction.” She said shaking her hand before dropping her hand again and she cleared her throat “Billie Mae speak highly of you and your skills for being a Light Diviner.” She said as she looked down to her own hands looking to the scars that were on her palms from constantly digging her nails into her own palm because her mother instilled a need to be perfect with in her.

“This is the rode I need to go down.” She said softly as she kept her gaze on her hands. “Since I came to Evermore it was clear I did not belong coming from a place of never using a single bit of technology not knowing I was a Nephilim until I saw my people I thought were my brother and father lifeless body. That night I wandered into the city into a life I never knew and well since that night my life has been filled with a few high points, such as meeting a Therian, Dominic, who changed my life for the better even if we are not fully sure where we stand.” she sighed looking up from her hands.

“But it has come with its share of downfalls, I have been kidnapped twice one man taking something from me I could never give to another.” She had a deep look of sadness in that moment. “The other man I went willing to keep the said Therian safe for his own good but at a cost.” She said as she crossed her arms “That man was named Lucifer and he was the most evil Dark Diviner I have ever met. Which makes me coming here, scare the shit out of me.” She admitted to her. “Thinking of Diviners makes my blood run cold.”

“Before I was taken the second time, I had begun I guess what could be classified as a one woman crusade to save those in Evermore that no one really notices.” She said as she leaned her head to the side and looked over Kaelyn “Dominic and I had gone through a rough patch were we were barely speaking to each other so I began to hang out at a local Nephilim Gym learning how to be a Nephilim because for all intensive purposes I am considered a newborn I wasn’t trained with a flock of angels I grew up with human adoptive parents who never told me I was different.”

“Well while training at the gym I would notice that every few weeks a new nephilim would be gone poof.” She said reached up tucking her blonde hair behind her ear “I quickly learned that they were going to these things called Angels night held at a club in town, I want to go to one and see if I can figure out what is going on and maybe go undercover.” She raised a hand “Before you tell me to go to my ambassador I will say I have no proof to take her and this is my way of getting proof.” She let out a sobering breath feeling as if she had just rambled on for an hour “So is this something I really want? Yes because if I go in there how I am now it will be clear I am poking around.” She cleared her throat “Will you help me Kaelyn?”

Many years ago when she was first training people the tricks of the trade she used the pendent as a way of passing it to her students. Kind of clique and all. Billie was the last person she trusted enough to train and then later interest for the next person to be trained. Passing on the pendtend. Finding its way to the blonde girl in front of her. Letting the girl into her apartment. The blonde noticed the boxes scattered around her apartment. “I got here around a week ago, I’m a slow unpacker” She laughed pointing the obvious. “No it’s fine, I’ll do it later. I’ve been used to living out of boxes for a while” Declining her help of unpacking. As Kaelyn only just met her not really wanting a stranger snooping through her belongings.

She was still waiting for the blonde to give her a name as she knew hers but Kaelyn didn’t know hers. “Well then it’s nice to meet you Kaelyn” She grinned a little as the two were introducing each other properly. “Aah so Billie’s told you all about me” She mused not knowing how much Billie had told her. Kaelyn noticed how Siobhan was looking down to her palms. Seeing that on Siobhan palms were scars that seemed the crescent. Only caused by one's nails digging in. Kaelyn knew that there was more to the girl than it may have seemed, adding on why she was seeking help. Even if it was leading onto a darker path than first thought.

Kaelyn wanted to be sure that this was something that Siobhan really wanted. As once she agrees there’s no going back. “You sure?” She asked double checking. Hearing of her past she found out that her past may be darker than her own. “To be honest I’m still looking for answers for my past and who I really am. The main reason why I came to Evermore” She added truthfully letting her know that like many she’s looking for answers. “So you want to see if this leads onto you finding out who you truly are?” She wondered curious to see if she agreed. Hearing that she had the main things in her life to make her happy but in a way it wasn’t enough.

The Redheads eyes widened a bit hearing that she’d been kidnapped twice among other things. “You don’t want to seem damaged anymore? Your not damaged by far from it” She reassured her softly placing her hand on Sibhans arm trying to comfort her. For many years she thought that she was damaged thinking that was the reason why her parents abandoned her at the orphanage after she was born. That she wasn’t wanted or loved. Adding onto why she pushed others, Wyatt her cousin away. “But not me I hope?” She joked trying to make light a little. In a way Kaelyn was thankful that she was chosen as Fae rather than Necromancer, not wanting to have that dark power to control. Growing up Kaelyn found that she had to train herself spells and powers, not having anyone to teach her. “I know how that feels” She added helping so that she knows she’s not alone in it all.

What she was telling her was something that she’d not heard about before. “That is not something that i’ve had experience of being involved in before. Mainly just stealing money and able to retrieve information from people. Rather not dying in the process. “What your saying is something that if we both go head in we might not come back out” It sounded dangerous even for her. “I’m not too about this all” She admitted trutfully having second thoughts finding out Siobhan's true intentions of why she was seeking her help.

Siobhan looked to her and nodded as she declined her offer to help her unpack, she was sure it was due to her being a stranger which she didn’t mind she got that people had attachment to things, she had a few herself. The thought caused her to raise her hand up to raised up to rest on the single pearl that ung at the base of her neck. She  nodded slightly “Billie is like a mother to me so if she says she trust you I know I can as well.”

“I want to see what is going on in this city, something dark is at play.” She said as she placed her hands together making an exploding motion “it's like this town sits on a powder keg of darkness that is ready to explode at any moment.” When Kaelyn hand rested on her arm she looked ot it as she knew it was her way of trying to calming breath, “Sometimes we focus more on what has broken us to see that we lived through it.” She admitted softly.

“I don’t fear you Kaelyn, I believe I can place my trust in you.” She said softly as she rested her hand over hers for a brief moment before she pulled away from her. It was nice to talk to someone who understood her feelings even if her emotions were all over the place it was nice to talk about it to someone other than Dominic, he wanted to protect her and hated when she talked about placing herself in a dangerous situations.

She nodded slightly at her and clasped her fingers together in that moment “I know this is crazy most people don’t meet a stranger and ask for them to train them to place themselves in danger but it is what I must do.” She said and then shook her head “I am not asking you to go in with me Kaelyn I would never ask that of someone just to train me how to pickpocket and not look like I am lying my ass off.” She stated to her “I know very well I am placing myself in this, and if you don’t wish to help I get that also, I will see myself out.”

Packing would have to wait till later. There was no rush really for a few reasons. Kaelyn still didn’t know how long she would be in town for. As the reason why she was here was to find answers of her family and past from her cousin to her demise. Not knowing after she got them she would take off. To run away like usual. Maybe things will change for Kaelyn. Knowing already that the girl standing in front of her needed her help. Either to do good or bad. Nothing was really certain especially for her. Living a life of uncertaining always came with a price. “Billie is one of a kind” The redhead chuckled softly speaking of her old friend its been awhile since they have last spoken. Over the past few years the two of them drifted apart lving different lives in different countries. Making it more difficult. Maybe Bille sending Siobhan here for a reason.

Kaelyn too have noticed that the city wasn’t all she thought it was. Not knowing before moving here what the city was like. Most importantly who and what. It seemed that her contact cousin told her a little as possible about the city. If she knew before coming here lived supernatural like her and ones unalike she wouldn’t have chosen to come. Now it’s too late to change her mind. She was here now not wanting to pack up and leave again. “I can already sense darkness in the city” She admittedly truthfully whether it be her Fae or as their called her Instar Diniver powers or just infatuation. There was more to it behind closed doors whether answers and secrets needed to be found. “To make a step forwards to the right direction” She added onto Siobhan's confession of her dark past.

The redhead was kind at heart, wanting to help others. It was one of the reasons why she was chosen by fae rather than necromancer even with her way of life. Already about to tell that the blonde here had many dark secrets and thoughts bubbling up inside her just waiting to come out. “If she do this I need you to promise me when it comes to it you won’t go head in” She cautioned not wanting either of them to get hurt or die by going into water that was too deep. Hearing as the blonde was starting to ramble on almost as she was trying to point out all the things that could go wrong. Waiting until Siobhan was about to leave Kaelyn stopped her. “Wait!” She called before continuing “I can see I have my work cut out” She mused smirking a little telling her that she was onboard with it all. Willing to train her.

“I know Billie Mae is like you, she is the only one I trust enough to know if she trust you, you have to be someone I can trust.” She said as her eyes stayed glued to the red haired girl in front of her as she leaned her head to the side slightly. She watched her mind think before speaking and then nodded in agreement “Great Darkness has found its way to Evermore City. I know I can’t fix it all but I want to help in anyway I can.” She said as she shrugged softly. “After looking into a Dark Diviner’s eye who has no soul I feel like I have touched the darkness and it scares me.” Siobhan found herself admitting as her hand raised to the scar along her right collarbone that Lucifer the dark diviner had left behind.

Siobhan felt as if maybe she had made a mistake coming to Kaelyn’s home, maybe no one could truly help her find answers to what was going on in this town, she just hated feeling helpless when trying to keep others around her safe. Part of being a Nephilim was the need to keep others safe. So after she had rambled on she felt as if she had hit a dead end once again and turned to leave before hearing Kaelyn tell her to wait. Siobhan looked over her shoulder to the red haired vixen and turned slightly feeling a smile cover her face “You will help me?” she said as tears filled her eyes.

Siobhan crossed the room and wrapped her arms around Kaelyn in a hug. “You have no idea what this means to me. I didn’t grow up in this world, with others of my kind all of this is so new to me but I know with the right training I can be just as good as others.” She pulled back wiping the tears from her face as she cleared her throat and smiled to her “Is there anything you need to know about me? Before we get started on you teaching me?” She asked as she rubbed her face softly trying to make sure tears were not streaming down her face. Sio had been turned away so many times she was beginning to wonder if others could sense the innocents in her and that is why they turned her away, or maybe they saw the darkness that was there hidden inside.

There was one thing that Kaelyn didn’t have. No friends or family. It’s how it’s always been. Just her and that's that. People come and go, nobody sticks around for too long. It can be lonely at times but in the long run it’s what kept her safe. Only having one person to look after, herself. Finding that nearly all but a few people have let her down. Billie was one of the few people she still kept in contact with. Whilst they only talk to each other time to time now doesn’t meant that she doesn’t consider her a true friend. Kaelyn knew that if Billie did trust Siobhan here it means that she could. Seeing how that Siobhan shared the same view as her when it came to trust. Learning the only one you could trust was yourself. “I’m like the same” She added telling the blonde, she’d been let down by so many people. “People choose to put up a wall in a way. To block out people so they don’t get hurt. If you leave it for a long while it’s harder to break down that wall” Until you are sure of a person's trust.

Coming here to this city she thought it was a fresh start for her. Somewhere new. Different. Like where she lived before, but it seemed that trouble always seemed to follow her. When first arriving to Evermore Kaelyn had noticed something different about it. Its energy was darker, as Siobhan said great darkness have found itself in the city. “Where all too far in it to escape” The redhead sighed almost realizing how deep she’s getting into. This time she knew she wanted to help. She couldn’t let Siobhan go in and try to face it all on her own. Feeling almost bad for the blonde hearing all she’d been through. She’s had it bad herself but not as bad as her. “I’ll help you in any ways I can” She added almost reassuring her that she weren’t going to be on her own. In all that is to come. “Dark Divinvers are something else. Thier power is not like mine” She knew enough about Dark Divers and how their power worked to give her view.

“I didn’t have the best start when growing up. I was all on my own in a way. People saw me as different because of the power I possessed. Soon they started to use me for my abilities. To use it for bad” She started to tell her deciding that if she was to gain her trust she needed to tell her something to make her see that she was like her. “The path the put me down was a darker one but I still remanded light that's why I was chosen as Fae rather than Necromancer. I’m not proud of all that I’ve done in my past but it’s the only way that I’ve known” She referred to how the only way she’s known to make a living is to steal and con money from people. One day it would all catch up to her and bite her in the ass till then she’s fine.

Kaelyn watched as Siobhan showed her a scar that was on her right collar bone. Looking closely she saw that it was damage that was afflicted on her. “Oh you sweet poor thing” She comforted softly feeling pity almost for her, seeing how bad she’s had it. “Your safe now. I won’t let anything bad happen to you. You have my word” Kaelyn felt an urge to protect her. To keep her safe. Even if it meant tackling a greater and darker force that she hadn’t faced before to do it. She looked to see Siobhan having second thoughts almost for it all that coming here to her was a bad idea.

Not wanting her to leave. Feeling the urge to stop her from going. “Don’t go, please” Pleading to her almost letting her know that she was here for her. Choosing to help her. “I want to help you” She smiled softly reassuring the blonde, only making her feel happier seeing how she’s made Siobhan feel better. Kaelyn was soon pulled into her hug feeling Siohan hugging her. Choosing to hug her back rather than standing still. “It seems that I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me” She mused jokingly. “Just to know that I can trust you. My tricks of the trade aren’t all that illegal so I need you ensure me that you’ll keep it all a secret. Even if that means you can’t tell your boyfriend” She’d rather not end up in prison spending the rest of her days in there for all the crimes she’d committed to survive.

After knowing that she could trust her, Kaelyn picked up her old red emerade necklace that was laying on the side from earlier. She held it up to the blonde. “This is yours now. As I said earlier for anyone who I train they get it. It was once Billies and now’s it’s yours”

Trust, something everyone wanted but not many were willing to work for. Siobhan had been one in the pass to not work for trust. She knew that lately effort was need more so on her part then Dominics, her mind drifted to the Therian she had broken him and repairing what they had was going to take some work. Her mind quickly came back to the diviner in front of her. “Forgive my weariness around diviners, though I am sure if you were there you would understand why I am a little nervous around them.” She smiled to the girl in front of her. “My walls have come down for a few people, who knows maybe we can let our walls down for each other.” She said softly to her.

“There is a Nephilim who tells me I am looking for trouble with a capital T.” she quoted Jon Bradfords words back to Kaelyn shaking her head towards her. “I don’t look for trouble.” She said softly as she moved closer to the red-haired woman once again “I just look to help others who can’t seem to help themselves.” She said softly and looked down from the diviner.  “There is a darkness for this town and I fear it is a darkness far greater then any of us will understand till it is upon us.” She said softly looking to her scarred palms trying to push out the bad thoughts that seem to always come along, she looked up to her and nodded softly.

“I appreciate your help Kaelyn.” She said softly and held her hands together “Dark diviners are something else for sure.” She said softly as she cleared her throat “Though I refuse to believe they are all bad.” She said softly. “Just as I refuse to think all light diviners are all good.” She chuckled softly “Though I can get how that may sound insulting. So forgive me for that.” She chuckled softly at her. “I sure know how to put my foot in my mouth don’t I?” She sighed heavily and then looked to her as she spoke of not having the best beginnings, she frowned deeply when Kaelyn said that people began to use her for her powers to use her for bad.

Siobhan hands came to take hold of Kaelyns offering a sympathetic squeeze and sighed softly “I am so sorry to hear how you began out, people can be cruel as we both have known, while my lessons have come later in life I am still trying to keep my heart open and pure of being. Though with so much darkness around it has become hard.” She sighed heavily thinking of things in her life she told herself not to revisit but in the end,  it didn’t matter, it was her past it was part of her and she would forever he haunted by it, and she would grow stronger from it.

She looked to him as he said that she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her “Sadly Kaelyn it seems I attracted the danger.” She said with a laugh in order to bring a light hearted feeling to the room. Siobhan was going to leave in order to keep Kaelyn safe, she felt like she should stop dragging people into her crusades. But Kaelyn pleads for her to stop, She stopped in her tracks muddling over if she should make a ecit still before hearing her say she wanted to help her.

Siobhan turned around slowly and looked to Kaelyn holding her hands together as she swallowed roughly “I will take your help as long it doesn’t put you in danger Kaelyn. This is my crusade and I don’t want anyone getting hurt.” She embraced her for a long moment enjoying the hug, it had been a long time she had such a comforting embrace, it reminded her of her mother for a moment making her frown softly at the ting of missing the woman who love to give her hell.

Siobhan pulled back chuckling softly and nodded “A lot, I mean I still barely know how to use these tech things that the world has invented.” She said pulling out the phone and waved it in the air slightly, looking to the photo of her and Dominic, Then man kept many secrets from her, making him open up was like pulling teeth.  She cleared her throat and shoved her phone back into her pocket “Boyfriend is kind of stretching it,” She said softly with a chuckle “We haven’t labeled anything we just know that we don’t want anyone else.” She said and then shook her head slightly. “You don’t want to hear about my complicated relationship.” She chuckled at her.

Siobhan took hold of the necklace once again running her thumb over the ruby and then looked up to her “I can’t take this, it belongs to you Kaelyn.” She said softly as she looked back down to it. “How about this…I borrow it till you think I am ready?” she looked up and smiled to her again “Deal?”

Kaelyn could see clearly how the blonde was broken. Hearing all that she’d been through it was no surprise really but she couldn’t help to feel for her. Feeling the instinct to want to help her. “Don’t worry hun, I understand” She reassured her softly before continuing. “You don’t have to be nervous around me, I’m on your side.” Not wanted to scare her too much but pushing. “People like us need people. I’ve spent so many years it just being me, I forget how it is to trust people to have friends” It was true. Most people choose to put up walls so they don’t get hurt again. The trouble is it takes longer to break down the walls than it did putting it up.  Maybe he was right. She is looking for trouble. Kaelyn knew that she was just trying to help save people but maybe she weren’t thinking it all through first. All what could go wrong, the consequences. “ I know you do” She spoke softly to her. “Darkness has found its way into the city and setting its place. With each darkness needs some light to be rid of it all” It seems that she’d gotten herself in deeper than she first thought but it was too late now.

“You’re welcome” She smiled softly to the blonde. “Many are good but just followed down a dark path but some are just dark and there’s no human inside them” She stared to say before continuing. “Many people thought that i would turn out Necromancer because of the line of work that I do, stealing from people I mean. But the powers from above saw that my spirit is light and just my work and work and that’s it” She told her, not everyone is all bad. “You do but end up working your way out of it” She added not really minding too much about it knowing that Siobhan is good at heart she just needed some reassuring to let her know that she’s not alone. “I guess we both had a bad start in life” She sighed a little but not really want to dig further into any further of their pasts. Not wanting to bring it all up again. Kaelyn didn’t for Sibhan to leave she knew if she did then she would go into the crusade by herself. God knows what would happen. She didn’t want her to get hurt or die. In a way Kaelyn would feel responsibility, not being there to stop or help her.

“If you say so then, I’ll help you all I can” Before the two hugged each other as they reassured each other. Before then pulling back as it soon became a bit awkward since they were strangers but becoming friends. “You still care for each other by the way you talk about him. Just don’t push him away, trust me” Not wanting for Siobhan to push people away who tries to help. Kaelyn held the necklace up to Siobahn, showing it to her before handing it over. She watched as the blonde started to admire the red ruby necklace. “Deal” She smiled feeling happy almost, it’s been a long time since she’d had a new apprentice. Kaelyn took the necklace from Siobhan to put it on, clipping the clasp. “There, go look” The necklace was beautiful, her most favourite piece of jewelry that she had bought over the years.  

“I guess you are right I have been putting my walls up only letting in one person for so long now that he isn’t around (This storyline started in a time where Dom and Sio were going thru a massive rough patch) I need someone else I can lean on.” She said softly as she thought for a long moment and looked to the red-haired woman in front of her. Kaelyn seemed nice to her. She knew she need to let her walls down, though it was easier said then done but she would try hard to let them fall when it came to the diviner in front of her. “I guess then we will have to bring some light to the city to counter act the darkness running wild.” She said as she tucked back some of her blonde hair.

The way she talked bout her own species made her feel the same about her own. Nephilim’s were light species but, in the end, there were still people among them that are just filled with darkness. Her mind went to Daddy Bradford he was the biggest hurdle that was yet to come. Her eyes focused back on her and she smiled softly as she spoke about being claimed by the light even though everyone thought she was to be claim by the dark side. “You use your skill for good.” She stated with a larger smile on her face.

“We had bad spots in our lives, but we haven’t let that defined us.” She chuckled slightly and nodded “How about we leave our past out of this after all this is the first moment we have met each other.” She said as she said she would help. “Thank you for helping me Kaelyn.” She said softly anyone that helped her in anyway she had much respect for. She looked down slightly and cleared her throat “I more then care for him but at this point I need to keep him safe.” She looked up to her and pursed her lips softly “We are extremely complicated.” She tried to explain with out explaining to much.

Siobhan moved her hair out of the way as Kaelyn had clipped the necklace around her neck. She looked down to the necklace before she moved over to the mirror that was placed against the wall as the ruby complimented her fair skin and blonde hair “This is an extremely beautiful necklace Kae.” She said as she looked over to him and looked to her once again “Is there a story behind it and why you give it to the people you train?”


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