Learning to look after yourself is something Kaelyn learnt from a young age. Never having anyone caring for her. Nobody that matters. Just her. At the orphanage where she grew up nobody really cared for her, just wanted her for her powers. For her mind. Always being the best thinker. One to come up with different plans and strategies on the spot. Quick on her feet. Making Kaelyn a natural when it came to learning how to be a con artist. Back then it started off as a way the orphanage did to get money. Training the children of how to pick pocket, steal a few valuables so they can then sell it off for money. Using them for their own advantage. Kaelyn not knowing the full extent of all before she turned 18 where it all came into light. Finding out what she is. It all making sense, why she always felt like an outcast all her life. Not being the same species as everyone else. To when first finding her powers the people at the orphanage started to ‘use’ her for her abilities so she could become an asset. Where in reality it was so Kaelyn could help them into bigger cons, for more money. Leaving there soon as she could, escape it. 

Kaelyn’s childhood and life was far from a fairy tale. Choosing to live a lonely life. As the years pass the Instar Diviner feels that she’s losing hope. Is this all her purpose is? To live a life alone. Stealing from the rich so she can then feed and fend for herself. Not having a stabile or normal income as everyone else. Moving ever so often to escape the prying eyes of those around her. Like many people of the supernatural does. A never ending cycle. It was one of the downfalls for being an immortal, wishing that she could have a normal human life. To age normally and one day die. Now Kaelyn was thinking what is the point of it all. It wasn’t so bad now. After meeting Riley, things started to change for the better. So Kaelyn’s not feeling so alone now. Company. It was a strange thing after spending many years alone. Refreshing. Even with all of Riley’s personality and habits so to speak, used to it by now. Her mind often wondered to what if could have been like if she agreed to talk to her cousin. To hear him through. Find out of her past, the reason why her parents abandoned her when she was just a baby. Maybe Kaelyn was afraid to admit that she was scared of abandonment. Thinking that she’d let him in and he’d then leave. Used to people leaving on her. Always feeling that she was never wanted.   

It was getting darker this time of the afternoon. Making it easier to go out an pickpocket a few people. Since they can’t see you coming along with it being rush hour. Everyone hurrying back to go home. It’s more harder to do it in broad daylight so she tried to do it at a time where it’s too dark to see. The Redhead had already had pick pocketed a few people going onto one of the lasts for the night. Enough money to pay for some days worth of food. As Kaelyn was reaching her hand into the males back pocket grasping the wallet to slip it out, for the person not to notice. She suddenly felt a strong grip grasping onto her list as she was brought to a halt too. Feeling a the male twisted her around so they could face one another. She took a large gulp as she looked into his eyes, full of shock knowing too well she'd been caught. Sensing the man was someone more than a normal mundane. “You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.” The words echoed from the male, the typical speech used when arresting people. Able to know what was ahead of her and happening now. She was being arrested, pick pocketed the wrong person.

What happened next all happened in a blur. The Instar Diviner knew too well not to act out or try to provoke. Offering her hands out to the police officer before he would force her hands behind her wrists. Hearing as he made some calls before being guided to his car, seeing as he was officer off duty. It weren’t too long till she was guided to the front desk before taken to a room so some documents could be done. Along with her fingerprints to be taken so it could be documented. Searched where they were able to find some cash she had stolen, along with some cards and her phone. Vaguely remembering before being forced to have a mugshot taken. Holding of a sign with her name, inmate number.  As it was getting later, it would mean everything would be moved till tomorrow. Leaving the Redhead to be locked inside a prison cell for the night. Taking her back to the nights in the orphanage in the small room, similar bars on the windows. Leaving her alone with only her thoughts keeping herself company. Blaming herself for how foolish she was. All these years having a clean streak and now she'd been caught. It was even too late to call anyone.

Her thoughts went to Riley, would she notice that she was gone. Would she come looking for her. Tracking her by her scent and all. Kaelyn weren’t too sure. All night she spent trying to think of what to say to the police officers. How could she explain what she does. Along with the documental details. Would they be able to see that they were forged. It weren’t till morning when one of the prison guards told her she was able to make a phone call. Kaelyn had no one to ring. The modern day was still strange for Riley. Whereas she had no other friends to call. A name came into her head. One she had been pondering whether or not it’ll be a good idea to contact. Would he answer her call or shut it down just like to before when she practically slammed the door into his face. The Redhead was guided to one of the phones, lined up behind people. Waiting to take her turn. Watching as the room full of strangers had their eyes on her. Thinking she didn’t belong here, looking out of place. It was true. She was out of place and hated it there. Not wanting to stay any longer than she has to.

When it came to her turn, Kaelyn started at the numbers on the phone. Was she ready to call the only family she had left. To grovel at his feet. In fear she would be locked up. Knowing already it can be a long sentence if all her crimes she’s committed throughout the years from stealing comes out. Taking a deep breath she pressed the numbers into the phone. Having memorised it before from the piece of paper he had given her when they last met. To when he tried to persuade him to talk to him. Kaelyn memorised the numbers, stuck in a constant battle whether to listen to him through. Now it was happening, not the way she’d expected it to be live. As people says there's no time like present. The wait was antagonising as she waited for an answer. For the call to be directed through. Hoping he hadn’t changed his number over the years.

It weren’t too long till she heard a confused hello through the other side of the line. Ready to face her fears. “Wyatt it's me Kaelyn. I’ve messed up and I really need your help. Please come to Evermore City Police station. I promise I’ll tell you more then I’ll hear you out” She pleaded, letting him hear the fear in her voice. Afraid to be stuck in there for any longer. Promising she’d make it all up if he helps to get her out of here. The anticipation of waiting was worst. Would he bail her out or leave her here, that was the big question.

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Wyatt laughed at the joke the friend next to him told, clicking the beer bottles together. The bar was already starting to get full as most of the people in Evermore were being released from their 9 to 5s. One of the good things about working for yourself was having your own hours. He and Joe had been here just at the beginning of happy hour and had the place all to themselves, grabbing their usual stools near the television. One of the biggest football rivalries was about to play and they needed prime position to watch the game.

The suits were soon piled in and there wasn't much space to move. The level of noise in the bar had risen to the point that despite being next to each other, the two photographers were nearly shouting to be heard. The diviner tipped his bottle all the way back until the beer was empty, putting it down on the bartop. Just as he raised his hand and ordered another two for them, Wyatt felt his phone vibrating in his back pocket.

Pulling it out, his brow scrunched in confusion at the unknown number on the screen, but slid his thumb over the accept button to answer. It wasn't totally unusual to get calls from people he didn't know when a lot of his work came from clients through word of mouth. It was the case for photographing as well as his side job of piloting. "Hello?"

"You have a collect call coming from the Evermore City Police Station. Would you like to accept?" The automated voice finished robotically.

The confusion set in his features even more. Who the hell was calling him from jail? "Yes."

"You are being connected now."

A second later a voice he never thought he would hear again began speaking on the other end. Wyatt immediately stood up from his stool and began weaving his way through the dozens of people to get outside, leaving Joe calling after him in concern. He pushed open the door of the bar to the colder, oncoming night, and began walking aimlessly down the street as his cousin spoke. It had been years since he'd seen her and it wasn't as if they'd departed on the best of terms. Now here she was calling him when she was in trouble because there was no one else that she had to help her out. He didn't even know she was in the States, let alone in Evermore. The diviner couldn't help but wonder how long she'd been here and if she ever planned on even telling him. 

Wyatt could hear the plea in her voice. It was clear she was really in a good deal of trouble and from what little he did know about her, whatever landed her there meant she could be charged with the end game of serious time. "I'm coming." It wasn't much of a decision he had to make. She was family in the end even if they hardly knew each other.

Pulling his car into the parking lot, the diviner entered the police station and spoke to the desk sergeant who directed him through to where he would be able to see Kaelyn. He had already set everything up to bail her out and when his eyes finally landed on her in the holding cell, he could tell how defeated she looked. There was silence between them as they finished handling all the paperwork and it remained that way until they were both sitting in his car. It was only when they had reached the highway and turned off into the more secluded parts of the woods where diviner territory began, did he finally break the silence. "So... how long you been in Evermore?"

Being trapped with no way out terrified her. Locked up. Bringing back memories of her past she tried to forget. Only able to blame herself for being so foolish, making stupid mistakes. It was bound to happen at some point. After all the years pick pocketing and conning people out of money she was bound to get caught. Unlucky that the person to caught her would be a police officer. Making it worse. Spending the night in a jail cell let her think things through. Not knowing how things would work out. Whether or not she’ll get away with all her doings or if she’ll be locked up. Her mind too went to Riley, the two were just starting to get closer, what would happen if Kaelyn would disappear with no word. Would she going looking for her or carry on living in a woods. Like before. The only chance that Kaelyn had for getting out is to get bail somehow. She was allowed one phone call, for who she would want to call. Hoping that Wyatt her cousin would answer and come to bail her out, It’s been years since they had last met or spoke to each other but she had heard through connections that he was living her in Evermore. The reason to why she chosen to live her in the city too but been to coward to seek him out. Till now. Imagining a whole different meeting than what she’ll have to have now.

The hours passed, leading towards when she would be able to use the phone to make a call. Kaelyn had a rough idea of how things worked, seeing it in tv shows. Dialing the number she waited for it to go through, for the call to the accepted. Kaelyn was relieved hearing his voice on the other side of the line. Hearing the confusion in his voice, knowing that it would be because he wouldn’t know who's calling. From a jail of all places. The Instar pleaded for his help, admitting that she was in trouble. Letting him hear the worry in her voice. Thinking of staying and being locked up in jail for any longer made her uneasy. Anxiety going high. Kaelyn was relieved hearing that he was on his way, coming to bail her out. Coming for her aid. The call then ended, telling one of the guards who was guiding her away that someone was coming. Taken back to the holding cell where she was before. There she waited, staring at the door waiting for it to be opened.

Almost on queue the door opened, the Redhead looked up to see one of the police officers moved away to let someone in front. Recognising the person straight away, Wyatt. Her distant cousin the only relation she has. That she knows off. They both remained silence as she was directed out and to the ain office. Watching as Wyatt was filling in some paper along with her having to sign some things. So she could be bailed out, she was thankful to be out of the handcuffs. Rubbing her wrists that was already bruising from the handcuffs. Kaelyn followed Wyatt out to his car, she knew there was no escaping now. Time to face the truth. The two sat in awkward silence as he was driving them to some place, probably where he lived. Looking out of the window, waiting for him to say something as she didn’t know whether to make the first go. That he did. To his question she thought about it, putting and adding the months to it.

“Since March” She admitted feeling bad that it’s been so long, knowing she should of tried to reach out to him. “It wasn’t soon after you left, something strange happened. There was a comet that fell or something, all I can remember was an immense pain enough to knock me out. After that I felt strange, that something was different about me but I didn’t know what it was. But I knew that to find the answers I would need to come here to find you” She explained hoping that he somewhat understood where she was coming from. “I’ve been wanting to find you but I didn’t know when the right time was to, I feel bad that the last time we spoke I basically slammed the door in your face when you was only trying to try to get through to me” She admitted showing him that she felt bad to how she was. “I’m sorry, thank you for coming. Bailing out” It weren’t really the best way to meet each other again, freeing her from jail.

Wyatt couldn't help but to look over at his cousin with some surprise when she said she had been in Evermore since March. He wanted to be annoyed, but fighting would only drift the two apart more and that wasn't his ultimate goal with the only family he really had left. He let out a breath and kept his focus on the road as she continued explaining her side of the story. He kept everything he wanted to say inside because he knew it would only come out in a tone that wouldn't be proactive to mending their relationship, so at her thanks, he mumbled slightly. "You're welcome."

He pulled his car down the dirt road and parked. The house looked somewhat out of place to be in the woods. It was as modern and sleek compared to the rustic surroundings of the trees. Getting out, Wyatt waited for Kaelyn as she followed in step behind him before pressing the code into the security lock for his front door. The keypad flashed green with a confirming beep and the door opened for them. Entering his home, he turned to face his cousin and looked her in the eye somewhat seriously. "The code is 5, 4, 7, 9, 9." It was simple and straight to the point, but it was more to the fact that he was making it obvious to her that if they were to have any kind of relationship. they would need to start learning to trust one another. Handing her the code to his house seemed like the first major step considering her background. 

The diviners walked further into the modernized home with all the gadgets and gizmos about the place. The lights and television automatically came on as he began his tour. "My bedroom is on the first floor, bathroom is right there, and kitchen," he explained pointing out the different rooms in the completely open concept home. "Loft is up there which is the guest room." At this, Wyatt looked to Kaelyn pointedly in case she would be needing to make use of it.

He pointed to a chair in the living room for her to sit down as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cans of soda and a water bottle before coming back to sit opposite her on the couch. "I'm guessing you don't know too much about the comet?" Wyatt popped the can open and took a long swig of the cold drink before resting his back against the seat. "It was the Gemini comet. Essentially it changed every diviner's life that day. It no longer bound the fae and necromancers to just one type of magic. We can all use light and dark spells now. Though we are connected more so to one side still, we have the ability to cast all kinds of magic. It's pretty amazing." Wyatt had just started to dabble in the darker spells that his necromancer brothers and sisters were capable of and it was much harder than he had anticipated. Sometimes it was difficult for him to remember that he was chosen for the light when all he wanted was more and more power no matter the cost which was deemed dangerous. He took another sip of the soda and leaned forward on his knees. "So... that lifestyle of yours finally caught up with you. What happened? Where have you even been staying all this time?"

Thinking it through now the Instar felt bad seeing how long it have been since to when she first arrived in the city till now. Living in the same city as her cousin without building up courage to seek him out. Until now when she had no choice really. Not exactly the way she had pictured being reunited with Wyatt. Him bailing her out of bail after getting herself locked up. Kaelyn has always been been quite of a nomad. Always been one to be by her own. Believing it was the best way, having been on her own all her life since the day when she was dumped on the doorstep of an orphanage. Unwanted, but the one person who was close enough as family she only just pushed away. Now she had a second chance, not wanting to blow it again this time. “I know I should of gone searching for you when I first arrive. I guess I didn’t know how to do it right, as the last time when you tried to explain things I basically slammed a door in your face” She admitted looking down at her hands in her lap, feeling bad. “This isn’t really the way I had wanted us to meet again but at least I didn’t steal anything of yours this time” She joked referring to how she once stole his camera that one time.

She wondered a little to where they were going but guessed it was probably Wyatt’s house. So they could talk things properly too. One thing she was happy of was that she was no longer trapped within the prison cells. Kaelyn could still smell it lingering on her. Looking out she was trying to familiarise herself with the surroundings. Seeing where they were in the city if she would have to come back here. If things goes well with her and Wyatt. Soon arriving at what must be his place, seeing it was a modern house, cottage within the woods yet it still had a wooden appearance to it. Not too modern yet not too old, much different to her place within the city. The Redhead stared at the house before knowing she needed to exit the car following in her cousins footsteps. Noticing how there was an electronic keypad to open the front door rather than a key. Seeing a few of those on places she’s been too, more like robbed… Kaelyn watched as Wyatt walked inside the house first after entering the passcode. Easily able to take note of the passcode but she choose not to watch as he was entering but soon hadn’t needed to worry being filled in what it was by Wyatt.

“Right” She answered taking the password in knowing that she’ll would probably be needing it again. He wouldn’t tell her if he didn’t want her to. Trust is something they need to have if they want to make things work. Kaelyn was always good at remembering numbers and dates too, it was part of her job and all. She wouldn’t be a good con artist if she couldn’t break codes for people’s places. As they walked into Wyatt’s place he was starting the tour, letting her know where things were. The bottom part was all open plan whilst there was stairs leading up to a spare bedroom. “I might need a shower at one point, I still smell like… prison” She commented, musing a little at what she said last it was true. Making a bit of humor over it all. A shower can wait for later, not wanting to intrude as she only got here.

The Brookes went through to the living room so they could sit down and talk things through properly. Wyatt went and got refreshments for them, she was quite thirsty. Not really having access to things in prison. “Nope” Kaelyn answered shaking her head, the comet was something she’d not heard much of. Well the comet in Evermore that was. Yet if she was able to feel the effects of it in another country it must have been something big. Kaelyn knew that Wyatt must have all of the answers, all she’d been looking for in the past year or so. It was quite interesting all he was telling, explaining a lot. “Well that answers for a lot” She mused, it must be why she’s been able to perform more spells without any problems. As before there were a lot of spells she couldn’t perform depending if she was fae or necromance. Now it didn’t matter, benefiting them all.

Lifestyle, Kaelyn had been thinking things through having a lot of time to do so, not really wanting to land herself back in prison. That was something she was sure off. “I’m a con artist well was, I think I might put a stop to it. Find another job, as you can see how well this one has done” Referring to how she’d ended up in prison. It weren’t so secret between them to what she does to make money as it was how they first met. She had stolen his camera. “Yesterday I was just pick pocketing and well one of the people’s wallets I had stolen turned out to be an officers” Not really having the best of luck but she was surprised in all these years she hadn’t been caught before. It was bound to happen. “I found an apartment in the city, more easier as I didn’t really know what places where which here” Yet even now she still was a bit clueless to where things were not really spoken to many people in the city apart from Riley and Siobhan. Even then Riley was quite clueless on a lot of things, spending better part in wolf form or in the woods.

Wyatt couldn't help but chuckle and then give a shake of his head as his cousin explained her dilemma of ending up behind bars. If there was one thing he had to give kudos for in his family, it was that they were certainly a bunch of cunning and resourceful people. As much as he felt like he should be giving his cousin some wise words of advice, that quiet voice in his head was saying, 'Are you really any better?' His green eyes studied his cousin and he could see the difference in her from the first time they had met so many years ago. The exuding arrogance she held seemed to have melted away from her unbreakable exterior. It was clear in her features that something had changed. They were professionals at reading people and though it was something they were probably used to naturally doing, right now it seemed like she had her guard down with him. There was a uneasy tension in her body language that made her seem like a completely different person. He couldn't help but wonder what it was that had finally changed. A lecture between what was right and what was wrong would just sound like complete crap coming from his lips. At least from his point of view. Kaelyn didn't know the kind of lifestyle he was leading now, but it was far from just the photography business and flying he did on the side for money. He had definitely seen a pair of cuffs or too in his long lifetime.

Seeing his cousin sitting across from him was suddenly giving him some pains he hadn't felt in a long time. It wasn't as though he had much in the way of family left. His parents had died years ago and he didn't have any siblings. It was just he and his cousin left and when she wanted nothing to do with him, Wyatt had buried the idea of having some form of family deep away in his mind where he couldn't be bothered with it. The fae had always toyed with the notion of it 'being better this way', but it was just a lie he told himself. He wanted some form of family again, especially when a life of immortality could be very lonely. After all, diviners were a social group and the loyalty to his family made it that much stronger even after the years of being apart from his cousin.

It was a bittersweet reunion seeing her here and he needed more than a soda. Wyatt stood up and walked over to the small bar cart he had against the wall. He picked up one of the glasses that were stacked neatly there and poured himself a healthy amount. Taking a sip, the warm feeling went down his chest and it was instantly calming. He had his share of liquor from around the world, but there was something about whiskey that was always his favorite. It had gotten him through some rough times in his life and was his choice of drink when celebrating too. This was a bit of both for him, but he wanted it to be the start of something new for the Brookes'. There weren't many of them left.

At this thought, Wyatt turned to face his cousin and paused for a moment before looking down into his drink and swirling the golden liquid. "You know, I'm not really sure what happened between our parents," he began, looking over at her again. "I had found some old pictures of them together many years ago. Before they died. It seemed they had a good relationship. I even found one where my uncle, your father, was holding a baby in the picture. It was then I knew I must have a cousin somewhere in the world. I asked them about it and they quickly dismissed me." The male fae walked back over to the couch and sat down across from her again. "I had pressured them a few more times over the course of a couple months, but they wouldn't talk about it. A week later they were killed." He knocked back the rest of the drink and peered into the empty cup. "Anyway... I just want you to know that if I'd known you existed, I would've went looking for you sooner." Wyatt wasn't sure how much Kaelyn knew about their family, but he had the feeling they both had pieces of the intricate puzzle that they could maybe put together to paint the picture of their lives.

Kaelyn wasn’t going to forget her little trip to jail, sure that Wyatt wouldn’t let her live it down either. With her being the one to keep ignoring his offering of help, or her to accept that they are family. Yet here she is. Almost admitting that she was wrong. Finally seeking help to those only wanted to help her. Ending up in jail is the tipping point almost. The time that Kaelyn had a moment of fear. Fearing that she wouldn’t be able to get out. That she’d have to out with her jail time. Arrested and held for all the crimes she’s committed over the years. If Kaelyn had to count of all the valuables and money she’d stolen over the years she’d be held for many years. Kaelyn feared she’d never see the light of day again. Just the painful and depressing walls of the prison cell. That Kaelyn would never see her Girlfriend again, for them to do all the things that they wanted to do. Thinking she’d lose the things she loves because she was stupid enough to be caught. Yet truthfully Kaelyn knew that she’d probably go back to her stealing and conning ways anyways, with being let out on bail and all. It was all she’d ever known, the only real job Kaelyn’s ever had. There was nothing else she’d wanted to do or seen her self doing other than being a con artist. Kaelyn now knew it weren’t really the safest way.

The Redhead could already feel her cousins judgemental eyes looking over to her, as he was reminded her of her wrong doings. Back to how they first met each other too. “I’m sorry about your camera again if that's what your thinking again” She reminded him sounding a bit sarcastic still her head was all over the place from being stuck in jail and all. Kaelyn didn’t exactly know what to say to the person she hadn’t seen in years. Never getting on with the right foot and all. Truthfully she had thought that he would want anything to do with her, with how things went on when they last met. It wouldn’t surprise her if they just sat in silence till one of them talks or something. Always letting someone else speak instead of herself. Not always the on and outgoing everybody thinks she is. It’s all acts. To let others see what they want to see when inside it’s the opposite. If Kaelyn had to think about it, nearly everything about her life is fake. All the clothes, possessions and house is bought on things that she’d stolen and forged off for some extra cash. Riley was the only thing in her life that was real. The only person Kaelyn could ever feel completely herself around. Not having to be the person that people wanted her to be.

The truth hurts most of all, the reason why Kaelyn had spent so much of her life running from. She’d accepted a long time ago that she was abandoned because she was not wanted, un-loved. All the deep rooted issues and problems started from there. Now Kaelyn had the chance of learning the truth to have some part of family with Wyatt but she’d only pushed him away. Just with fear. Kaelyn felt a bit of resentment to why she was abandoned and all, that Wyatt must of lived a happy life. Surrounded by their family whilst she was left behind, un wanted. Now here he was wanting for her to be part of his family. Kaelyn didn’t know if it was for real or just a lie, so putting up a cold front of her way not getting hurt again.

Kaelyn noticed how Wyatt went over the bar cart there was in the room, seeing as he was pouring himself a drink. “Can I?” She asked motioning to the booze wanting a glass of Whiskey. She didn’t really know what the protocol was, knowing it would seem rude if she’d help herself to his alcohol. Without permission since they still at the stage of trying to learn to trust each other and all. “You have quite a collection here, more than I got” She observed walking over the the bar cart looking at all the brands and years on the bottles. At hers she’s only had some bottles she’d stolen of some rich person here and then but none mattered to her.

Looking over to her cousin she listened as he was starting to talk about family never hearing anything before. “I’ve always believed that I was never wanted, dumped at the orphanage to rot. All I know about myself is my name and that's it” She admitted truthfully the feelings she’s always felt. “So both of our parents are dead?” Kaelyn looked to him curious thinking that what he was saying but if it was truth she weren’t really that hurt. Since she didn't have to grieve for someone she’s never known. “It’s always just been me, that’s all I’ve ever known. Never having family” Not knowing if it sounded cold or selfish. “We could start to get know each other if we want to start on this family thing” She started to say looking over to him, showing that she wanted to give it all ago. “So tell me about yourself”  

Wyatt motioned with his head for her to help herself to whatever she wanted on the bar cart as he sighed and shrugged a bit. It was a little hard to go into the past when he knew Kaelyn must've had a rough upbringing. Nothing like the good life he certainly had. "Well, my mother and father were doting parents. We had a picture perfect model of a family, really. I couldn't have asked for more from them. They were supportive in everything I did. I wanted to make them proud because of it. I went to school and graduated near top of my class and began to travel the world after, taking my photography hobby to something more serious. I wanted to make my own business out of it and become an entrepreneur. Soon my name seemed to make its way to the rights ears and I was doing well for myself shooting wildlife all around the world." 

His green hues darkened a bit as he paused and looked into the empty glass. He leaned forward to put the cup on the glass coffee table before leaning back in the seat comfortably in a slight slouch to meet her gaze. "When they died, I kind of slipped into a depression. I suddenly felt pretty alone, but I knew there had to be more than what they were telling me about the old photos and documents I had found regarding our family. I guess I wanted to grasp onto the idea that I wasn't so alone if I could find my uncle and his family. A friend of mine helped me figure out where you, my possible only living relative, might be and wouldn't you know it, we bumped into each other in a very unlikely way." Wyatt couldn't help the smirk that formed when he spoke of their very interesting first meeting. He held no grudge about it anymore. All he wanted was to find the rest of his lost family and despite getting off on the wrong foot, Wyatt was thankful that all of those events led to her being here in his home finally. 

"I still don't know all the details about your father and mother. Honestly, I don't even know if they are alive or not. It seems like they've disappeared, but maybe that was what they wanted. The only thing I can guess at is something happened between our fathers that distanced them. Knowing my father, I'm sure they would've taken you in if he could've. If he'd known..." They were bold words to say, but Wyatt had to believe his parents wouldn't have just let Kaelyn slip through the cracks if they had any type of knowledge of what had happened to her as a baby. 

He leaned forward onto his knees with a more serious expression. "If you want, I will help you find out what happened. For my own sake, I need to know, but I can understand if maybe you aren't ready for that." The diviner stood up and grabbed his glass, heading back over to the bar cart to pour himself another drink. "Don't answer now. Think on it if you need to. I know you must have a lot going on too," he said, his back to her as he took a sip of the newly poured whiskey. He turned on his heel to look over to her. "So, what about you? I'm sure you have a lot of interesting stories yourself."

Kaelyn couldn’t help to look around at Wyatt’s place. In a way of trying to figure him out, what life he has here. Putting the pieces together in a way without knowing what any of them were. All she knew was that Wyatt had been living in Evermore city for a few years more than she had. Back to when she declined more like rejected his offer to mend the ongoing family drift. Truthfully there’s always been a part of her that had long given up on the hope and meaning of family. Believing for all long time it was something she’d never wanted, it was the same how most people who were brought up the same way felt. Kaelyn went over to where the bar cart was pouring herself a glass of whiskey. Not taking note of what the label thinking it may be fancier than hers. Normally most her own collection of alcohol was from what she’d stolen off people or at bars when the bartenders weren’t looking. Turning back round to Wyatt, listening to as he was speaking of his childhood and upbringing. Kaelyn couldn’t help to feel some sort of resentment him having a picture perfect life whilst she had the total opposite of it.

Hearing as the story was going on she was able to see that his parents death took a toll on him like it would do with anyone else. Surprised that he’d taken interest back then trying to figure out the families secrets, the missing people. She was the missing peace. Kaelyn rolled her eyes at Wyatt’s comment shaking her head recalling how they had first met even it if were not an intentional encounter. “I was on my way from Cuba on the run from my ex murderer fiance, I stole and emptied all his accounts and left my old life back then” A very close call she had one, nearly having to live a bad fate. “It weren’t my fault you had your camera just in your pocket, that's easy money for any con artist. Its like you were asking to be robbed” Kaelyn pointed out almost excusing herself from any crimes she once committed. “You got it back in the end” Yet Kaelyn pushed him away, now standing here listening to Wyatt part of her was regretting she ignored and pushed him away all those years ago.

For the longest time Kaelyn had wished for family, to find and know who her parents are but now it’s all different. She didn’t want to know them. “I think it’s better keeping it all buried, I’m not looking for any parents. I don’t want to learn why they left me if I was never wanted” Believing she was always a mistake, like every other child who’d been abandoned by their parents and left at the orphanage. That was something she always have known. Kaelyn took a few sips of her drink soon getting through part of the first glass, always good at drawing her problems or thoughts with alcohol. When the question came back around she didn’t know exactly how much to tell him yet she knew that Wyatt could already begin to guess what she does for a living. “I was a real life version of Oliver Twist growing up in a way. The orphanage i was left at was kind of a cover up, things all happening behind closed doors. From a young age we were taught to steal, commit crimes for money. It started when they told me to steal from street carts, then to pick potting till they moved me up to bigger cons. I became a con artist all what they wanted and pushed me to be so they could get all the money. I was an asset for them because of my powers” Telling how messed up her childhood was, sometimes she wondered if everything would be all different if she brought up the right way. Instead the total opposite. “I met my girlfriend when we were both stealing from the same shop” She gushed a little smiling one of her most happy moments but happened in weird circumstances.

In the following months it would be hard to believe the Brookes' would be where they are now compared to how they had started. Wyatt sat in his office, spinning his pencil around in frustration as the phone rang and rang while he attempted calling his cousin for the third time. Tensions among the diviners were high now that Kaelyn had been made the coven leader much to the surprise of everyone, herself included. As such, there were those who were against having her in the high position and what appeared to be only slight opposition at first was becoming much more concerning in his eyes.

Threatening letters had begun to arrive at Wyatt's home while his cousin was still staying with him after their first encounter from what seemed like forever ago. More and more this person or group of people were becoming increasingly dangerous sounding. At first it had been a few words of not accepting her as their leader and wanting to put it up to a vote, but recently it had turned into full on threats of bodily harm to her, Riley, her girlfriend, and Wyatt too. He had tried countless times to perform tracking spells on the notes, but they were always blocked by more magic. 

He of course was trying to be as supportive as possible for her; Becoming somewhat of her right-hand man as she called on him to welcome new members of the coven, help to get them settled into their new lives in Evermore, and still continue in his hobby of finding out about more ancient magic of the world to bring to the diviners. Wyatt was happy to help her. Not only did it strengthen the bonds of the coven, but it helped bring the cousins closer too. 

Since moving out of his house, he found it harder and harder to make sure she was safe. Wyatt knew she thought he fussed too much, but he couldn't help it. They were family and he wanted to make sure that nothing would happen to her. So now that he was sitting here in his office with a pit of worry in his stomach, the feeling of something bad having happened was always the first thing that popped into his head when she didn't answer the phone. Was it overreacting? Maybe... a little.

Finally on the seventh ring he heard her pick up. "Bout time, Kae. Where are you?! I thought we could meet up for lunch downtown." Wyatt paused for a moment as he placed the pencil down and instead picked up the new letter that was left on the mat of his doorway with a light sigh as his tone completely changed, speaking before she had the chance to answer him. "I got another one..."

Kaelyn’s life turned into a spiral of turns of events and emotions. Many different things happening, some that she never wished upon but all that have happened. Not able to forget and push part all the leadership and responsibility given to her. In the past Kaelyn was so used to easily pushing past anything that would make her stay. Not one to keep being connected to one place for too long. It was the type of person she was. A typical life of a con artist in a way. Moving around to new places after a short while not to be connected back to anything. A life on the run is something she’s always known never having anything connecting her to one place. Kaelyn was so used to it finding it strange to settle down in one place. Now having people in her life that are worth staying for. Making a life in Evermore with Riley whilst making somewhat amends with her cousin Wyatt. Finding herself relying on Wyatt more than ever with her new found leadership role. It wasn't the easiest job promotion and step up to find the least. Kaelyn knew that there would be some people who would be opposed to her taking on the leadership position for the instar Diviners. With how it all happened so quickly with Kaelyn not being too much part of the coven in the first place. Kaelyn thought it was all taken too far with the hatred and remarks that was being thrown at her. Finding it affecting her work, personal and love life now. With death threats and hatred being thrown at her door. Hating that she wasn’t the only person being aimed at all this. 

Thinking that it would all die down and blow over after a while. For people getting used to the whole thing and all but it seemed not. Adding more stress to her life. Kaelyn didn’t want to put it all on Wyatt as he was helping, being her second in charge almost. She was thankful for his help to have someone who was happy and believed in her. When she moved back out, he was constantly worrying about her. Even with her constantly reassuring that she found out that she wasn’t going to run away and bail out. Not that type of person any more. Just finding it easier with her own space. Kaelyn had her own worries as it is without trying to put and give them onto him too. For once her troubles wasn’t about her but about someone else. Kaelyn always have not been too fond of Riley spending each full moon by herself, knowing she’s not fully controlled her werewolf form yet. Coming to the horror of finding out her girlfriend have gotten in god knows what trouble without her knowing. Only making her worry. If she had it her way she wouldn’t let Riley out of her sight again but she wasn't the type of person to be controlling. With all her stress she has forgotten where she last had her one, misplacing it somewhere. Finding her phone with over 6 missed calls from Wyatt. Already able to know she was going to get some telling off for her not picking up her phone. “Hey sorry cousin, I lost my phone in the house” She greeted quickly answering the phone, hoping to sway away from him being annoyed at not answering. “I’m just at my house right now. I’ll meet you downtown, where’s the place you were thinking?” Part of their amending and making up was to have some ‘family catch up time’. Something that she was still not used to, the whole family thing. Hearing as Wyatt told her she had another one, a sigh escaped her lips already able to know and guess what it was. “Seriously when are people going to give it a rest” Its been months now and they were still at it feeling bad as things were coming his way now. 

"I think we seriously need to talk about your safety, Kae. We need to figure out what the hell is going on in our coven, if it's even someone from our coven at all." Wyatt leaned back in his chair and sighed, staring blankly ahead. "I'll meet you at the cafe in twenty minutes, okay?" Clicking the end button on the phone call, the fae swallowed hard and absentmindedly tapped the pencil on his mess of a desk that had scattered papers and photos from his shoot in Argentina a week ago. He'd been traveling more and more now that the warmer months were upon them and it only meant that he was putting more space between him and his cousin. He wasn't exactly keen to the idea of being so far away in case something bad happened, but he also knew they couldn't just live in fear of the worst happening either.

Tossing the pencil down, the diviner stood and shrugged on his leather jacket before grabbing his keys and the threatening note off the desk to head outside. The sun was warm and taking a few deep breaths of the fresh air was calming him already despite the loud noises of the city as his backdrop. The letter in his back pocket felt like it was physically weighing him down because of the stressful situation it had brought on him and his cousin. Just when he thought the diviners could finally learn to be strong together and not categorized by fae and necromancers, it all came to a screeching halt. The whispers and rumors circulating through the coven on who could be the ones threatening the Brookes's was only causing the divide again.

Wyatt pulled on the glass door of the cafe and walked inside, not surprised at how busy it was since it was lunch time. He stood in the long line of the popular eatery and ordered Kae's usual along with a flatbread and soda for himself. After paying, he moved over to a table near the windows that looked out into the city, and set their order number down for the waiter to eventually bring their food. There were hundreds of people walking the street, but it was never hard to spot his cousin as her bright red hair stood out among the crowd. His light green eyes followed her movements inside and he raised his hand to catch her attention. "I ordered already," he said as she came over, leaning forward and pulling the note from his back pocket, opening it on the table. The paper had been the same like the others; all on plain white printing paper. The letters were in big block form and black ink, but the messages were never the same and this was the first time there had ever been a mention of when the threat would turn real. 'Tomorrow. No mercy.' 

Kaelyn always have been in the habit of never taking anything too seriously. With never thinking of the consequences or if something was to go wrong. Like back in the days if a con went wrong. Finding it the hard way winding up in jail but with her cousin bailing her out. But it helped for them to reconcile. Both of them trying to put their pasts behind them as they’re the only family each others got. Kaelyn could hear Wyatt warning her almost trying to remind her to take it all seriously. “I know, I know” She sighed heavily on the other side of the phone, waiting to hear it all from him when they meet in a short while. Kaelyn tried her best to keep Riley out of all of it not wanting for her girlfriend to get mixed up in her troubles. One thing they both agreed on was not wanting to get mixed up in each others problems. Both having faith and trust in the relationship. It's how things work out so well. Now knowing that the threats  we’re being aimed at Riley was making Kaelyn take it all serious. That it was time for her and Wyatt to sit down properly together to figure it all out. For what she could to try to change people’s opinions about her. So that they could see she wasn’t all that bad and she was wanting to make this whole coven leader thing work. To gain the trust of people in their coven was the start of it. 

Arriving just short of the 20 minutes for the time they were planning to meet. Wyatt knew she was was never one to be on time whilst he was the opposite liking to allow plenty of time. Finding that he would comment she needed to be better with timings. For ambassador meetings she was always there on time but for other things not so much. Mainly because she wasn't that organised to take notes in her phone of what time she agreed to meet someone. People who knew her tended to give her the wrong time so that she would think she was late but in reality she was on time. The Redhead Diviner started to make her way to the cafe, heading down the busy streets of Evermore. Finding that her cousin had planned for them to eat right in the middle of lunch. She wondered now if he had a table booked or if there wouldn't be enough space with how she was running late. Not bothering to text Wyatt to tell him as he was used to it by now. Pushing open the glass door, Kaelyn started to look around the room to spot her cousin. Finding that he was the one to spot her first like usual, ushering her his way. Kaelyn headed over to the table where he was sitting, taking the chair opposite hearing how he ordered. “You know me too well cousin” She mused smirking a little knowing that he knew what she was wanting or she hoped.

Kaelyn looked over seeing how he was getting a piece of paper from his pocket that he was getting down to business first. That it was the note which he was speaking about in their phone call just before. Thinking that it was probably just the same as all the other hate mail she’d been receiving lately. Reading the three words on the paper made her freeze almost. Looking in disbelief. Shock. This letter was different one all together. “What does it mean? What is going to happen tomorrow?” Looking to her cousin for some clarity hoping he had some answers. Worry started to fill her head, thinking would this be putting Riley in danger. Wondering whether she would tell that she needed to be far away but with someone who would protect her. Not wanting to put her girlfriend in danger. “I’ve done nothing wrong to these people, why do they hate me so much?” It all frustrated her that she had people plotting against her for something she had no part in doing. “It’s not like I choose this type of life. Before I was happy with my side job and with me and Riley’s relationship” 

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