People say that everything happens for a reason. That all the things you do makes up for that one moment when everything changes. For your entire world to turn full circle. Even if it wasn’t something you wanted. Others changing the past and present events for it to happen. It what had happened to Kaelyn. The Wayward Instar Diviner never head imagined that she’d be chosen to be the next coven leader. The position was one that she’d not heard of before. Always being the one to sway away from any form of leadership or help in that way. Kaelyn always prefered to keep to herself. To live a quiet and small life, something she’d always prefered. Never liking to be surrounded by people, always preferring the smaller outlook on life. It was all Kaelyn had ever known. Not having the upbringing that everybody else have had. To look after herself never having the care of anyone else. The past year Kaelyn had felt it all starting to change around her. Slowly but surely. The curse of the city there whilst you there for some time, there’s a hold that pulls to keep you here. Kaelyn now could see if was true. Able to sense it. Now it was all clear. It was fate almost. The Ancestors were pulling her to the city. In a way of bringing the Brookes family all together again. Even if there are too left. The bloodline have not died out. Igniting flames the flames.

Kaelyn never would of fathomed that her life would be changing the way she’d never imagined it to be. Her life had already changed in the way of finding love and starting to accept others into her life. To accept family. A strange concept in her life. Something Kaelyn never have had, pushing it away until she learnt that she doesn’t need to anymore. Starting to build bridges with her cousin. With the way she treated him he should of ran to the hills instead of rebuilding their relationship. Blind to see that he was trying to help since Kaelyn’s never had it. Never being offered the help of others, always been used by others before so was why she pushed others away. Kaelyn was starting to get used to her newfound position, remembering back to how sudden it was. Not something she was easily handed down. A ritual that she had no thought of being part of till she had no choice. Way of fate and destiny binding everything together.

~ Flashback ~

Voices filled her mind, they were getting louder and stronger. From when it was bearable, easily to ignore. Till now when they were in full stream. Too loud to ignore. For the past few weeks the Diviner had been hearing voices in her head. Just thinking it was her hearing things yet now it was something she couldn’t ignore. Too painful. Enough to make her scream with pain. She shot up from bed, gasping. Taking death breaths feeling herself short of air. A suffocating sensation almost along with the immense pain in her head. Kaelyn looked over to her right seeing her pink haired girlfriend Riley was fast asleep. Thinking that it was all a dream. That she was just dreaming still. Leaning back in the bed trying to get herself back to sleep. Yet she weren’t able to. The voices were stopping her. The voices were wanting something from her. ‘listen’ ,‘You need to come’, ‘come’, ‘come’ ‘you can’t ignore the callings’. Different voices filled her head, all at once. “Did you hear that” Kaelyn asked almost questioning herself and her sanity. Wondering and hoping that Riley had heard her but it seems not.

It wasn’t working trying to ignore the voices, each moment they were getting stronger. Kaelyn had felt as if her body was being taken over. Controlled. Her mind wasn’t her own, not in control of her own body. Feeling that she was someone else. Watching down on herself. The Redhead rose from her bed, turning to the side of the bed. Getting up and out of bed. Still dressed in her night ware. Leaving her house in the dark of night. All alone. No one else in sight. Kaelyn was walking from her home in the human territory. Heading down the empty streets of Evermore to the Riverbanks part of the city. A far venture from her home, a path she wasn’t taking herself. Someone else was guiding her there. Kaelyn still unaware having no control of her own body.

Reaching the destination where she was being brought to. Kaelyn was able to look around seeing blurred images that kept changing. People she didn’t recognize all gathered around a pit of fire. A ritual. Kaelyn found herself standing in front of the fire as she woke up. Snapped back into reality to see all that was going on. Believing she was seeing things. “What's happening? This is not real” She gasped, in full denial and shock. Trying to close her eyes to make it all disappear. For the people to go away but they were still there. Kaelyn could see that the people gathered around her looked different, that they weren’t from around here. Of this century. What was happening. “You have been chosen. Kaelyn Brookes” The woman in front of her spoke almost like she was the ringleader in it all. “Chosen for what” She demanded as she was starting to get aggregated by all this. “You are to be new Coven leader. The one in charge of all the Instar Diviners in the city” Words that confused and shocked her the most. 

Kaelyn tried and started to back away. Seeking to escape. Run away from all this. It’s not what she wanted or asked for. “You got the wrong person” She repeated wanting to get away but was stopped. Suddenly she was forced to her knees feeling as her brain was able to exploded. Power was being used against her. Forming her useless. To cave in. Kaelyn felt a tight grasp around wrist as she was pulled forwards towards the fire. Her hand was held out, not able to pull it own. Feeling and watching as her hand was being sliced open by a blade. Her hand being turned over so her own blood was being dropped into the fire. A binding spell almost. A ritual. With no way out. Hearing as the people around her, the voices were chanting a spell in latin. Able to get the jist of it, one spell she’d not heard before.

Suddenly everything stopped, the fire was out and everybody around her was gone. It was all over yet Kaelyn felt that something was different. Able to feel she was different. Dropping to her knees, breathing healthy. Not able to control her own breathing. Feeling as she was panicking coming to terms with what was happening. Kaelyn felt that she was all alone. Wrapping her arms around her knees, tears falling down her cheeks coming to terms with what's happened. A nightmare that she knew she was living and it was now a reality.

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Kaelyn always considered herself a semi normal person. Well all considering with her upbringing and what she does for a living and all. She was a blender. One who always prefered to blend in but too liked to stand out. Make a scene, to draw a attention at the same time. Always how people would least expect her of conning and exploiting them of all their money and valuables. All for what makes up being a con artist. Learning over the years from the best. Finding and meeting all good connections that make her job more easier and swift too. Kaelyn always loved her job. All she’s ever known. Yet she knew that it wasn’t the safest job in the world of course. With all jokes aside if caught she’d be in a lot of trouble more so following her little skint in jail that she was bailed out for by her cousin Wyatt. Kaelyn knew that if they had looked in deeper about her, finding all the crimes and frauds claims she’d done. She’d probably be facing the rest of her life behind bars but even know she continues it. Something that she could not easily get out of for different reasons. One being that she loved her line of work, able to have all the expensive things one can only dream of. Two the thrill and excitement of carrying out a con, one of the things that always draws back people like her to do it again. Another reason was that it’s all she’d ever known, never having another job of any sort. From an early age back in the children's home when growing up it was all that they were pushed to do. It was kind of the typical thing in those days for children to do. Since people least expect young children to steal them out of money or things so it was why they were made to do it. Yet with how much Kaelyn hated the place and people she grew up around she still continued down that line of work when she was able to get out of the orphanage.

There was one main thing that have changed her way of thinking compared to back then. Now she had too much to loose to back before when she had nothing just her. Kaelyn had someone else to think of other than just herself. A girlfriend that she loves more than anything in the world. Lucky to have Riley in her life. To be happy in love once in her life. Something that was real. Kaelyn was slowly working making amends with her cousin Wyatt too. It weren’t like before when Kaelyn had nothing to lose making her think was conning and stealing all worth it. Worth all the risks, to lose everything and everything just for money? Something Kaelyn was starting to think of. First time in her life having second thoughts on her life and all of her choices that all make up to where she is now. In a way she was slowly starting to turn her life around making better choices along with a mix of bad ones. Kaelyn had least expect to what was to come to her. Never wanting or thinking of having the position of leadership. To be coven leader for her own people. Kaelyn always considered herself as a nomad especially when it comes to her own species. The reason behind it was that she have never been around many people of her own kind. Growing up surrounded and living the life of a human. An mundane life. Having to figure out who and what she was for herself, never having anyone else who was the same as her. One of the reasons why pushed past all of Wyatt’s persistence years back. Part of her was a afraid. Afraid to be herself fully for the first time in her life. Afraid of having a family. Always the fear of abandonment still lurks over the redhead.

The whole ceremony felt like it was going on for hours whilst in reality it was happening in present time. Kaelyn felt like she was stuck in a constant nightmare, able to watch it but not able to act or escape from it. Forced against her will for something she never wanted. Now it’s all over Kaelyn knew it wasn’t something she couldn’t get away from, or say no to. Especially now a blood connection was made. It was a clear choice of alliance and agreement when a Instar Diviner of any kind spills blood part of a spell. Making the connection bond and tied in blood. No way out. Kaelyn was still coming to terms with everything that had just happened before her. Thinking whether it was all real or if she was dreaming. Part of her was really hoping that this was all one big nightmare. That she’d wake up and be back at home beside Riley in their bed. Yet however much she tried to wake up she was still stuck in what was real and now all was reality and life for her. What felt like a lifetime, kaelyn sat there on the floor broken in a way. Not noticing at first seeing a wolf coming her way but knowing it was Riley straight away. Breaking her from her trance in a way as Riley in wolf form came and sat beside her feeling its snouts in shoulder. With a natural instant, Kaelyn buried her face in Riley's fur kissing her body well fur before wrapping her arms around her wolf girlfriend. Not caring that she was still crying a little. “Riley” She sobbed a little able to know that Riley must of followed her but would be confused of what happened. “The ancestors dragged me out her, performed a ritual on me. Kept telling me I’m the chosen one, next coven leader” The redhead was trying to explain all that happened knowing that Riley would be listening even in wolf form. “Apparently I’m not the Instar Diviner’s ambassador, the species leader her in the city. Like how Orion is Therianthropes one” Lifting her head up a little she looked to see Riley’s reaction would be if she’d understand or be still confused.

Kaelyn knew from an outsider's perspective she probably looked like a crazy person. Knowing the ghosts weren’t real and not able to be seen by others. Yet they were real from her own eyes. Its known when an Instar Diviner is to experience new or over use of their power then they can see the images of their dead ancestors, that had been summoned before them. Kaelyn’s first encounter and hopefully the last. In that first moment after they left, Kaelyn never felt so alone. Just there in the darkness all by herself with all the light having gone out. All the flames from the candles and torches have gone out all that she saw was all gone like nothing happened. Yet Kaelyn knew all was true that it did happen. Feeling a different sort of power running through her veins. A much more powerful force. Knowing that things wouldn’t be how they once were not able to live a normal life along with a few petty crimes of some of her cons too. All Kaelyn wants nothing more than to live a normal and problem free life with her girlfriend. For small moment, Kaelyn forgot to think of how there's been a few things leading up to tonight that could of given her hints to how something was about to come. Kaelyn was too blind to see it for herself. 

A soft whining noise made Kaelyn snap out of her thoughts coming back into reality. Seeing a grey wolf beside her, Riley. Almost forgetting that this was the first time she’d seen her girlfriend in her wolf form. Every full moon was difficult for the two of them. Yet each time Kaelyn made sure that Riley was safe and protected by her own self. Kaelyn knew the one thing that Riley feared was her own wolf self. Whilst she was forever trying to reassure Riley that everything was different that it was just a fluke, one big bad thing to happen. That she shouldn’t blame her own self for the rest of her life. Kaelyn rested her head on the wolfs shoulder seeking comfort always finding that Riley always managed to calm her. Both in wolf and human form. Since starting dating none of them had found any problems, in a way they still we're in this honeymoon period. Yet a;ways challenging each other, finding they were always on the same level too. That was how their relationship worked. Both were still obsessed with each other. Kaelyn wouldn’t change anything for the world, sometimes she thought Riley was too good for her. That she didn’t deserve her.

Kaelyn was happy that Riley followed her so she wasn’t all alone. Able to know that the young wolf would have many questions for her, nearly all of them Kaelyn didn’t know for herself. In a way they were both taking the journey together. Part of her wondered whether or not Riley would still want to stay with her knowing that she’d be tied with the leadership and responsibilities that follows. The Wayward Diviner wouldn’t be one anymore, Kaelyn and Riley couldn’t run off and travel the world whenever they choose to. Things would be different. Kaelyn didn’t know if Riley would be ready for the changes since she’d only just been newly welcomed into the Therianthrope community. Kaelyn could feel her body getting more tired with practically sleepwalking in the middle of the night to the middle of nowhere. Rileys nudging made Kaelyn snap out of it almost knowing that she was trying to tell her to wake up. “Let's go home” Kaelyn nodded her head, agreeing with Riley. Almost able to sense what she was trying to say but it was a bit difficult, not speaking wolf and all. The two of them made their way back to their home, wrapping her around herself as she walked. Wearing only her nightdress, the spirits didn’t let her change into something warmer and more practical. 

Soon arriving at their home, Kaelyn went in first ahead. Letting Riley shift back and follow letting her have her privacy yet she standing at the doorway waiting for her. “I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit out of it for the last few weeks, I guess it was all this happening to me and I didn’t know it” Kaelyn sighd apologising giving Riley a look already knowing that she might have been acting weird lately. “At least you know I weren’t cheating on you right?” She mused joking knowing that may had been what Riley was thinking and worrying about. “Any excuse to drink early hours in the morning right” Both of them were known to like their alcohol. “Babe remember the ice” She chimed shooting her a wink not letting her forget an essential for baileys. “I guess I'm the next coven leader, the new Instar Diviner Ambassador. You know each fraction has their own leader, ambassador? Like how Orion is yours. Well I guess I’m the Instar Diviners one” Going from someone who wasn’t even part of a fraction to the leader of one. “I guess we won’t be skipping town any time soon. Say now if you want to get out, I’d understand if you don’t want to stay here in the city for however long it may be” Kaelyn offered letting Riley have a choice to leave now if she wanted to. 

Kaelyn always have lived her life never being part of a family, coven or community. More of a nomad. Wayward type of person. Someone who may not know where life would take them, where they’d be in the next year or couple of years. What always made her life exciting.Typical life of a con artist in a way. Sometimes Kaelyn would find herself having to make a quick move, escaping from one place to another. Whether it be a con gone wrong or something. Yet now her life was turning upside down in a way. 180 degree turn. Both for the good and the bad at the same time. Kaelyn was still trying to wrap her head around to finding out more about her family. Finally finding love and happiness for the first time in her life with her beautiful girlfriend Riley. Now all in one life her life have turned to another direction one that she’d never thought she’d see herself in. Coven leader. Still it was weird for her to think of, let alone to say. Kaelyn always have known she was a good Instar Diviner, some say one of the best. Making her good at her job, with how sync she was with her powers. Sometimes or quite often when cons would go wrong or if she needed to make a quick escape she’d quickly teleport away. One of her favourite spells and skills. Back to when the Fae and Necromancers were all separate to one another, before her choosing ceremony. Kaelyn often wondered if she’d be chosen by the Necromancer with how she was able to summon the darkness. A bit too well. 

Now part of her was worrying a little bit too much already. Able to think of the worse rather than the good. Kaelyn didn’t want to lose the only good and best thing she had in her life going. Worrying if she would lose Riley in all this. Not wanting to put a hold and stop for Riley's dream. As the two had spoken to one and another of their ambition to and travel. To see the world, have it all at their feet. Thinking that they have no commitments able to go and travel as much as they wish. Now it wasn’t like that anymore more. Part of her was worrying if Riley wouldn’t want to be with her anymore with how their lives would be changing soon. Kaelyn found herself confessing her worries too soon to Riley. Giving her the chance if she wanted out of the relationship. Of course it wasn’t something she would want but Kaelyn never wanted for Riley to think of her as a burden. Thinking that maybe she herself would be the problem, something she didn’t want her to seem of. Worry crossed her face as she bit her lip looking to Riley waiting to see what she would say. Hoping that she’ll stay and stick by her through all that's about to come. 

For a moment she had forgotten about how it must all be for Riley. Now Kaelyn was starting to see and remember for the last few weeks she hasn't been herself. Not knowing why but now it all makes sense in a way. Kaelyn knew she must have been acting a lot strange. “You are the only woman in my life” She reminded her reassuring her, sworning away from men a long time ago devoting her heart and soul to her. Kaelyn wouldn’t have it any other way, “I find it all weird truthfully like why me?” Almost questioning herself in a way, not believing she had the potential. Kaelyn was one of those people who sometimes never believed in themselves. Their conversation turned over to one of their common discussions, alcohol. Remembering one time where Riley had to be adequately with all about alcohol. The dos and the don’ts. Somehow she has found their alcohol collection was growing more and more in recent months. “You know I like to check” She reminded her, laughing a little. 

Whilst Riley was getting the Baileys for the two of them, Kaelyn went through into the living room. Almost falling onto the sofa with exhaustion. Feeling for a moment like her sleepless nights for the past weeks were all creeping back on her. All at once. Moving up to give her some room to sit beside her. “Thanks Babe” Smiling at her taking the glass of Baileys before taking a sip. “I don’t have a clue, maybe to do with my birth family or something. My powers have always been stronger than others” Trying to make some sense of it all, yet not knowing she was chosen. Not simple as that. “I’m going to have to go and call my cousin Wyatt. Let him know whats happened” A sigh escaped her lips knowing that they’d be a lot of things she’d have to do from now on. Hoping that Wyatt would stand by her knowing that things haven’t been the best between them but they were slowly starting to rebuild their rocky family relationship. The whole Aspect of family was all knew to her

Kaelyn was waiting for the answer to her question if she wanted to back out at all. For a moment she was cursing herself. Not wanting to ruin the only perfect and happy relationship she’s ever had because of her own selfish worrying over nothing. Relief filled her body hearing Riley reassuring her she was staying and nothing would be changing. “Gotta love magic” She grinned hearing the idea of portalling something she’d not thought of, a solution to their problems. “I’ve never felt this way for anyone for as much as I do with you” Kaelyn began to say opening up never feeling vulnerable around Riley. “I love you” Kaelyn admitted softly the three words she’d never said before. Admitting her true feelings, both of them knew they have loved each other for a long time. Never finding the right moment to say it.  

Kaelyn always thought that she was nobody special. Not even one that her parents wanted. Believing for the longest time that she was just a mistake. Someone who should of never been born. Growing up feeling worthless like any other child who was abandoned. Learning to fend for herself for an early age. Always finding it best to be by herself. Finding it hard to let people in even now she only has let in a few people. Whether it be Riley, Wyatt or Alexa. Only a few people who she could trust. Fear of abandonment and getting hurt was high. Reason why she prefered to be closed off. All not good qualities of being a leader yet here she was with all power being given to her. With no idea of what it was and how to use it. Kaelyn always knew she was more advanced with her powers and abilities than other Instar Diviners she’s been around. Finding that often some would come to her for help. All come easy to her but harder for others to gasp. With the way she’s been trained was more figuring it all out as you go process. Each day a learning curb. To use her powers to her advantage during cons mostly. Something she always loved to do making everything the more exciting. Magic too brought her and Riley together so she had that to thank as well. 

Now the two of them were just confused as each other. Kaelyn felt bad for Riley for her to be dragged in all this because of her. She didn’t want to be the only to be holding her back from anything. Not wanting to be the overprotective girlfriend. Still Kaelyn would let Riley still live in that horrid run down cabin the woods and go off each day on her own. Both of them had their own lives that were away from each other. Kaelyn haven’t even thought of how this all may have seen to other people. For Riley to notice she’s been acting not herself for the last few weeks, surprised that she thought she was cheating on her. “I’ll always have time for you. Fit a daily make out session during my lunch break” She teased softly winking, letting her know she hasn’t forgotten about her. Always wanting to keep the romance and love alive. Kaelyn was still trying to wrap her head around to why she may have been chosen with the ancestors not making much sense to it. “I have no idea, normally with blood lines it goes to the oldest but seems not” She shrugged her shoulders a little. “This is all messed up” Kaelyn couldn’t help but sigh as she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. 

Kaelyn couldn’t help but laugh at Riley hearing as she was describing grimores as magical books. With how she was still learning how it all works but was a lot better from the beginning. “Probably, I guess I’ll have to do more reading soon” To add to her growing collection. “I would ask you to help but we both know you can’t read” She smirked, teasing her girlfriend knowing she was still learning how to read sentences let alone books. “Don’t worry we'll figure this all out babe, together. The two of us” She reassured softly, wrapping an arm around her. Feeling relaxed and safe in Riley’s embrace. Leaning a head on her shoulder feeling all the tiredness from the last few weeks come. “I can look into you seeking out your kind here in the city so you can be around other Therianthropes” Kaelyn knew that Riley was still uneasy about it all. Each full moon she was able to see how much Riley worried about it all if something would happen if she broke out from her chain and hurt another person. Maybe if she had help and guidance from her own kind other than just her it may help her. To let her decide for herself, Kaelyn didn’t want to push her. 

Sometimes she forgot to say and tell Riley how much she cared for her. Always being the one to keep her emotions and feelings under wraps. They were both the same in that way. Taking a long time to break down each others walls to let one and another in. “Shh you know what I mean” She mused, hitting her playfully hearing Riley’s teasing. Sometimes Kaelyn forgets to tell how much she means to her, not saying out loud before how much she loves her till now. The words coming out, confessing her love and emotions. Waiting and watching almost with how Riley would react. Seeing how taken aback she was with shock. Thinking for a moment if it was too soon or? All her worries flooded away, as they shared a passionate kiss. Both confessing their love. Lucky to have her in her life. “Want to join me?” She teasing winking to her but was serious at the same time. “Destress and all”

Kaelyn was now thinking maybe her being appointed leader was not the worst thing to happen to her. Starting to think of the good perks of it all rather than all of the bad ones. That people wouldn’t support her if she didn’t have her head in the right frame of mind of it all. Knowing on her cousin Wyatt he would help her out on where he can so it wasn’t all that bad. Kaelyn reminded Riley softly that none of it would change their relationship that her having a proper job would make no difference, maybe even make it stronger finding time for each other. A grin appeared on her lips as Riley was keen on the idea of a make out session during her lunch breaks. “Don’t worry babe, I will make sure that my snack has all the attention she deserves” She replied seductively, leaning in to kiss her girlfriend on the lips as they were making their little agreement of how they were going to make time for each other during their busy schedules. “I’ll always find time for you, I know I have a lot of making up to do” Fully aware now in the last few weeks that she’d been kind of out of it she’d must of been not paying much attention to real life and most importantly Riley. Making sure that she gives her girlfriend her full attention and love she deserves and needs. 

As she mentioned her grimores she could see how Riley’s face turn to disgust at even the mention of it. Knowing how confused Riley would get when she would open one up in front of her. “Yeah I don’t think you can understand Latin either” She joked laughing softly, knowing that if Riley was to learn another language it would end up in a lot of confusion. “What about i get you one of those game consoles, a nintendo switch or something. To keep you entertained whilst I’m reading books” Offering something to keep Riley occupied, knowing she was the more game type of girl rather than a bookworm. “Just as long as you promise not to break it” Shooting her a serious looking with how Riley tended to be either very clumsy or not knowing her own strength that comes from her wolf side. Kaelyn could see a bit of nervousness coming from Riley as she mentioned whether it was time for her to meet and be part of her own fraction. “Just start of with Orion then work your way to the others when you feel comfortable enough” Letting her know that it's okay not to rush into it. “I’m sure that they’ll love you, like how I love you well not too much. Because i’m the only one who's allowed to love you” She reminded her softly but too feeling protective over her with how she’s been hers but knew that Riley needed her own freedom to be around her own people. Something she’s let her do. 

She’s always felt most at home with Riley. Her happy place, knowing that it would be the same for Riley too. Now both of them were taking the next steps in their relationship. That they love each other even if it may have taken longer than others something that made their love stronger. Longing for each other. As Kaelyn openly offered the invitation for Riley to join her in the bath she wondered whether she was keen for the idea or not. A grin appeared on her lips at the mention of swampy waters being the indication of a yes. “The only swampy waters I’ll go in is with you” She teased softly winking back to her. “Okay babe” Watching as Riley went off to go and run them a bath so that she could have a minute to herself to take in all that happened. Hoping that her girlfriend don’t end up flooding the bathroom again that happened maybe on a few occasions than is normal. Kaelyn picked her one up from the coffee table, opening it up she scrolled through to her messages and sent a text to Wyatt telling him that she needed to meet and see him the morning that it was important. She knew she couldn’t exactly ring him up this time in the morning that he’d think she’d been arrested again or something like that. Soon Kaelyn went upstairs to the bathroom, standing in the hallway. Watching as Riley was running the bath how many bubbles were in in. “You always have loved the bubbles” She teased smirking to Riley knowing how she was always a child at heart one of the many things she loved about her.

In the last year she’d been trying to help Riley with introducing her to how people live a normal life. Well as normal as possible. Little things like to remind Riley that people wear shoes rather than go about barefoot. Or whether it be to eat food from a supermarket, or go somewhere to eat out rather to hunt and catch a wild animal. Things to remind her of how people do things these days but Kaelyn never forced for Riley to change to a different person. Kaelyn loves her girlfriend for who and what she is. All her faults like how Riley accepts and loves all of hers too. Reasons why their relationship works so well knowing to have trust and faith in each other without the need to know where and what each other was doing all the time. Kaelyn knew too well that quite often Riley was up to no good most of the time but it was the same with her conning tricks too. She couldn’t help but smile hearing that Riley had found someone to her with her studies and learning that she was ready to do it. “That's great babe” She grinned excited for her girlfriend who knows she might be better than her one day. Reminded back to the time when Riley was gone for a few days then come back having been healed by The Aspect of Life after being ‘hit by a truck’. Although Kaelyn was good at seeing and knowing when Riley was lying but at least she was back safe and healthy that was all that matters. “He’ll have his work cut out for him but when your ready just let me know when you want to get some books at home to study” Happy for Riley seeing that she was excited for it all. 

Modern technology was something she was still having to teach Riley. Managing to teach her how to use the TV was something that she’d mastered whilst half the time using a phone was something that Riley still struggle with. “I thought you might like the idea. I hear there’s a new game coming out next year. Animal Crossing. That might be something I can see you playing for hours on end” Able to see Riley being hooked to a game like when they binge watch some series always forgetting what the time was. Lost in the virtual world. She found it funny how she knew Riley too well at times already telling her not to break something before she even has one. “Maybe I’ll get a back up one too just in case” She teased her once again with she’s always needing to get back up things inside the house just in case something breaks unexpectedly either by Riley or by her student Dakota. Having an endless supply of glasses to last a lifetime. Kaelyn was one of those people who were always organised and good at christmas shopping for people with how she already bought presents early. “Handbag or red lipstick” Her go to staples. “But maybe stick to the buying instead of stealing babe” With how she was the best one for conning out of the two of them especially with how clumsy Riley was things could go wrong. 

She was happy that Riley was going to look into reaching out to some Therian’s in the city starting off with Orion. Not wanting to push her into something she didn’t want to do. Letting for her to take her own time and pace that she wanted to take things knowing with her past and still the paranoia that Riley as thinking her family were still out to get her. Even with all her constant reassurance that they were long gone and she was here safe with her. Kaelyn didn’t give it too long till she headed upstairs to the bathroom hoping that Riley haven’t managed to flood the bathroom again knowing how much the wolf likes to pour in all of her expensive bath products to make it all extra bubbly. “Don’t ever change who you are, remember that” She reminded her softly before kissing her. “More the merrier” As she slid her hand onto the back of Riley’s as they start to get started on all the time lost in the weeks past.

Kaelyn did feel exhausted that she’s had days even weeks long without a good nights sleep. Not knowing till now that it was what happened. Part of her knew she have been a bit out of it lately but didn’t know how much till now and not knowing the true reason. Feeling lucky that Riley offered to go and run her a bath knowing that she was in need of it. Feeling that her body and mind were both exhausted that she was burnt out. With whatever happened to her took its toll and it was only the start of it. For Kaelyn to figure out and talk about her problems later on. Right now all that matters and she cares for is to make sure she pays attention to her girlfriend wanting to make up for the last few weeks. Not knowing what it must of been like for Riley, already thinking she was cheating on her. In reality she was being possessed by an old spirit of few of the dead ancestors from the coven. A normal thing within the supernatural world which she knew still confused Riley half the team even with how much she tried to explain to the wolf that it’s all real. A smile appeared on her lips as she stood at the doorway watching Riley, thinking how lucky she was to find her and have in her life. Even if she doesn't say it outloud. “I thought it would be good practice for you, you know how we like to keep each other on our toes” She teased softly as she leaned in to kiss Riley again.. Before starting to leave little kisses on her neck whilst she helped to undress her girlfriend too. 

Slipping in the bath first knowing that Riley tended to make more of a splash coming in with how she always thought she was back in a swamp than in a bath have the time. She always found sharing a bath with Riley was more relaxing for them to share moments of bliss like these. Doing what normal couples do aside from the whole supernatural factor and dramas that follow. “I feel like I could asleep for months if I could” Yawning feeling already the tiredness taking over, luckily for her she had Riley who was helping to bathe her. With how when they shared a bath they tended to help each other wash. Finding that it what works best for them. Kaelyn prefered baths much more than the few times to her demise going in the swamp waters in the woods that Riley loves so much. “Sounds good babe, I’ll be out in a minute” Letting for Riley to go out before her. “I think if we start with breakfast, I’ll contact and get in touch with Wyatt so he can help me figure out what to do” She was wanting to take time for it all to sink in not wanting to rush into something she knows nothing about waiting to see where things go. “You can fill me in too if I missed anything in the last few weeks” Wanting for it not too be all about her wanting to remember that they were in it all together, as a couple.

Kaelyn wanted to take some time to take in everything that's all just happened to her in. Seeing and knowing how her life was already going to change. With how her once simple life of conning she loved so much was going to get even more complicated. Still Kaelyn knew she didn’t want to give up already making her mind up over it. Too she wanted to make sure to keep her relationship with Riley still good and strong as ever. Making up for how she’s been out of it for the last few weeks with how Riley thought she was having an affair whilst in reality she was being possessed half the time by a dead witch taking over her body and mind. “Normally it goes to the oldest but maybe my dad was older than his making it go down the my way of the bloodline instead” Trying to think of different ways and reasons why it’s gone all down to her and not to Wyatt. “He’s more of the born leader than me but who knows maybe i’ll surprise people” She pointed out shrugging her shoulders a little. All before she never could see herself taking a leadership position, thinking she would never be good enough for it. Yet she was good at teaching her students whether it would be for conning or diviner skills. Maybe she’d surprise herself and others. Putting more faith in herself and abilities for once. 

She couldn’t help but laugh and grin hearing how the mention of food always made Rileys tummy grumble. Knowing how her girlfriend loves food, always hungry. “So that’s where you’ve been going to without me” she teased pretending to feel hurt that Rileys been going somewhere nice without her. “Babe you got bit of drool there” Pointing out already wiping the drool off her girlfriends face used to it by now. “You always eat too much then complain for few hours how bloated you are after” Teasing her softly about her food habits. It was true she tended to stay away from the unhealthy foods sticking to a healthy and clean diet apart from the alcohol and coffee of course. “Anything for you babe” She grinned happily agreeing to their breakfast date knowing how happy it’ll make Riley. Seeing how excited the wolf was thinking about it. “I’ll be drinking load of coffee” That will keep her going for a good while, coffee was her main bad habit. “Get yourself ready and I’ll be out soon” Wanting some more time to relax in the bath with some peace and quiet before they have to face reality. 

Spending a little while longer even finding herself nearly dozing off in the bath with running on zero hours of sleep for the past few days to a week. When she was ready the redhead stepped out of the bath wrapping a towel around herself before drying herself than her hair. Blow drying till it was nearly dry. Stepping out of the hallway she bumped into Riley and soon was greeted by a kiss. Smiling at their cute couple moments she loves so much, reminding how happy she was with Riley and all they have together. “Won’t be so secret for long” She teased her softly reminding her. ‘I’ll go and get ready” Laughing to herself watching Riley slide down the bannister instead of walking down the stairs seeing how she was still a child at heart. Kaelyn went through into their room to get herself ready. Choosing a new outfit to wear, then to fix her hair and put make up on. Always making sure to look presentable, to dress up. When she was ready she walked downstairs to find Riley was playing a game on the ipad. “I’m ready, should we go or wait while longer?” Wondering if it was too early, losing track of time in the last few days.

It seemed everything in her life had been turned upside down, with barely having any time to process but Kaelyn see’s how clear it all is. Making her mind up of how she can move forward, so she can adapt her powers to protect the ones she loves. “Maybe I’m special” She winked to her girlfriend now finding some acceptance in the last few hours, compared to earlier tonight. Kaelyn kind of right in what she said always having felt that she’s been special. Finding that her powers as always been more powerful than others diviners her age even older ones she easily suppressed. Easily able to adapt her powers to use to get what she wanted. Her powers always helped during her illegal activities making everything so easy and detectable. With how she mostly taught herself, not having anyone to help teach her how to use her powers when she was younger. Maybe a reason why she’s always been willing to help other people who wanted her help whether it was for conning or if it was for Diviner stuff. A smile appeared on her lips hearing and seeing how supportive Riley was for her. “We’ll do it together, the two of us” She insisted looking over to her, taking Rileys hand. Entwining her fingers with hers, letting her know what they were in this together. Happy to have her by her side. 

At least Kaelyn knew now how her girlfriend was never starved around Virideus finding how her girlfriend was starting to spill her secrets to what she gets up to. “Or any food in general that's not healthy right?” She teased softly knowing how Riley always somehow got out of not eating any of the healthy meals she makes for her. “Because you end up eating what you take back in the doggy bag straight away instead of leaving it till later” She pointed out to how she knew how Riley didn’t have much restraint when it came to saving food for later. “Maybe I can learn how to make some american pancakes” Wanting to try to make more effort when it comes to cooking so she can have a more homely breakfast brunch at home with Riley or wyatt. Showing how she was intending to make sure she has time even how busy she may soon be. Always wanting to find some normality during all the madness that's to come. She was one of those people who could spend hours in a bath if she could, finding she could easily nearly fall asleep with how relaxing the baths were. Mostly with how hot she tends to have it along with all the expensive oils and salts she had stolen from a few boutiques here and there.  

Kaelyn knew she couldn’t spend too long in the bath today with how she knew Riley would be waiting for her. That she’ll never hear the end of it if they’re late to breakfast even if she knew that they’d be the only people in there. Kaelyn knew how important the place was to Riley which meant it was important to her too. So she made sure not to spend too long getting ready to go downstairs to find how drawn Riley was to the game on the ipad. She couldn’t help to roll her eyes seeing how engrossed her girlfriend is to the game seeing how childlike Riley was, it was one of her qualities. “The farm will be all fine for when you come back don’t worry” She grinned teasing Riley about her game having been shown a few times when Riley changes or builds the farm bigger. Easily able to know how to persuade her to put the ipad down when it’s time to go out. Kaelyn knew how important food was to her girlfriend, especially if something she wanted was all sold out that never ended well after. “Always thinking of the silver linings” Chuckling softly, grinning with her knowing too well that they’ll end up ordering too much but not wanting anything to go to waste. “I’m all okay to drive, don’t worry” Reassuring her softly with how much Riley worries but knowing that she cares. “Maybe one day you can persuade Virideus to teach you how to drive” She added smirking almost imagining the chaos and panic the Aspect would be feeling, reason why she never lets Riley drive. With how it took her weeks to try to teach Riley to learn to ride a bike let alone drive a car. 

Both her and Wyatt normally have their weekly catch up in one of the local cafes in the city, a bit of light lunch. Normally she favours having a salad and coffee opposed to something heavy and greasy. Finding herself been more health quick lately but she always did make sure to cook all Riley’s favourite foods. Knowing how her girlfriend had quite the appetite and loved junk food. So it came to no surprise finding that Virideus had taken her to a few american style dinners often. “So he’s the reason why you’ve been trying to make pancakes lately” She teased a little knowing how Rileys cooking and baking more was more of the experiment way. Putting everything together hoping for the best whilst making a mess at the same time. “Just trying to keep my figure at my age” Luckily for her like many other supernauts she’s able to slow down her agining with a few spells and what not. Still able to look in her mid twenties whilst in reality she’s nearly into triple figures whilst Riley ages normally. Plus all of the expensive skin care products all help too. Sometimes she forgets how she’d not had Wyatt and Riley meet each other yet, not gotten around to it yet. Something she needs to do soon with it all much overdue. “Wyatt is more of the pie type of guy” She mused softly knowing how her cousin had a pie obsession to say the least. If there’s no pie at a place they go to or if she forgets to get him some there’s hell to pay. Finding out the hard way. 

Kaelyn knew how hard it was at times to get Riley away from her game. Knowing that she has to check it all the time to make sure her crops are harvested and animals all alive and fed. Sometimes Kaelyn had to remind her of how it’s only a game and it’ll be fine if you leave it for a while. Which did work each time. “Come on farm gir” She laughed softly teasing her watching as Riley saved her game and soon put down the ipad before getting ready. “Did you want any new shoes or bits and pieces by the way?” She wondered asking out of the blue, thinking maybe now since Alexa is back she might get in the swing of stealing a few bits here and there. Knowing how it’ll be no problem for both Diviners. Yet she knew Riley had her favourite vans from when they first met that she’s basically worn to death. Maybe it’s time to have something new with the old. Kaelyn could almost predict how Riley would react to her suggestion and she was right. Watching as Riley was almost trying to see it in her head of how bad it would turn out. “Okay, okay that's not to drink” She went on laughing shaking her head finding amusement in it all. “Don’t worry we’ll drive you don’t worry” Not minding being designated driver if it saves keeping Riley off the roads. 

Her car is one of her pride and joys, something she purchased years back with a vintage 1961 Chevrolet Impala convertible in cherry red. It’s very much her, always having anything red. It’s simpler to Wyatts car with how his is a Chevrolet Impala too but in black and a few years younger and not convertible. Having simpler taste in cars. As they got in her car she noticed how Riley quickly buckled up, with how she knew how people didn’t trust her driving all the time. Sometimes she’s busy either fixing her hair or taking her eyes off the road for a moment then realizing something is coming towards her. She started up the engine and soon drove off following the directions Riley was giving her, seeing as the Therian knew where it was exactly. Making her now think how many times she’s been here without her. “I’m just a bit more paranoid than normal,” She admitted truthfully now, feeling more nervous now things all have started to change. Still not having told her cousin of what's happened, almost able to predict how protective and worried he’d be. Probably not wanting her to live his sight, knowing him. It didn’t take too long of a drive surprisingly as she turned up at an american diner, seeing how it was something she’d imagined to be. “It's cute,” She commented, smiling over to Riley as she stepped out of the car following her girlfriend who's eager to go inside. Almost knowing how she’s trying to take in the smells probably drool coming out of her mouth too, almost imagining it already. 

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