People say that everything happens for a reason. That all the things you do makes up for that one moment when everything changes. For your entire world to turn full circle. Even if it wasn’t something you wanted. Others changing the past and present events for it to happen. It what had happened to Kaelyn. The Wayward Instar Diviner never head imagined that she’d be chosen to be the next coven leader. The position was one that she’d not heard of before. Always being the one to sway away from any form of leadership or help in that way. Kaelyn always prefered to keep to herself. To live a quiet and small life, something she’d always prefered. Never liking to be surrounded by people, always preferring the smaller outlook on life. It was all Kaelyn had ever known. Not having the upbringing that everybody else have had. To look after herself never having the care of anyone else. The past year Kaelyn had felt it all starting to change around her. Slowly but surely. The curse of the city there whilst you there for some time, there’s a hold that pulls to keep you here. Kaelyn now could see if was true. Able to sense it. Now it was all clear. It was fate almost. The Ancestors were pulling her to the city. In a way of bringing the Brookes family all together again. Even if there are too left. The bloodline have not died out. Igniting flames the flames.

Kaelyn never would of fathomed that her life would be changing the way she’d never imagined it to be. Her life had already changed in the way of finding love and starting to accept others into her life. To accept family. A strange concept in her life. Something Kaelyn never have had, pushing it away until she learnt that she doesn’t need to anymore. Starting to build bridges with her cousin. With the way she treated him he should of ran to the hills instead of rebuilding their relationship. Blind to see that he was trying to help since Kaelyn’s never had it. Never being offered the help of others, always been used by others before so was why she pushed others away. Kaelyn was starting to get used to her newfound position, remembering back to how sudden it was. Not something she was easily handed down. A ritual that she had no thought of being part of till she had no choice. Way of fate and destiny binding everything together.

~ Flashback ~

Voices filled her mind, they were getting louder and stronger. From when it was bearable, easily to ignore. Till now when they were in full stream. Too loud to ignore. For the past few weeks the Diviner had been hearing voices in her head. Just thinking it was her hearing things yet now it was something she couldn’t ignore. Too painful. Enough to make her scream with pain. She shot up from bed, gasping. Taking death breaths feeling herself short of air. A suffocating sensation almost along with the immense pain in her head. Kaelyn looked over to her right seeing her pink haired girlfriend Riley was fast asleep. Thinking that it was all a dream. That she was just dreaming still. Leaning back in the bed trying to get herself back to sleep. Yet she weren’t able to. The voices were stopping her. The voices were wanting something from her. ‘listen’ ,‘You need to come’, ‘come’, ‘come’ ‘you can’t ignore the callings’. Different voices filled her head, all at once. “Did you hear that” Kaelyn asked almost questioning herself and her sanity. Wondering and hoping that Riley had heard her but it seems not.

It wasn’t working trying to ignore the voices, each moment they were getting stronger. Kaelyn had felt as if her body was being taken over. Controlled. Her mind wasn’t her own, not in control of her own body. Feeling that she was someone else. Watching down on herself. The Redhead rose from her bed, turning to the side of the bed. Getting up and out of bed. Still dressed in her night ware. Leaving her house in the dark of night. All alone. No one else in sight. Kaelyn was walking from her home in the human territory. Heading down the empty streets of Evermore to the Riverbanks part of the city. A far venture from her home, a path she wasn’t taking herself. Someone else was guiding her there. Kaelyn still unaware having no control of her own body.

Reaching the destination where she was being brought to. Kaelyn was able to look around seeing blurred images that kept changing. People she didn’t recognize all gathered around a pit of fire. A ritual. Kaelyn found herself standing in front of the fire as she woke up. Snapped back into reality to see all that was going on. Believing she was seeing things. “What's happening? This is not real” She gasped, in full denial and shock. Trying to close her eyes to make it all disappear. For the people to go away but they were still there. Kaelyn could see that the people gathered around her looked different, that they weren’t from around here. Of this century. What was happening. “You have been chosen. Kaelyn Brookes” The woman in front of her spoke almost like she was the ringleader in it all. “Chosen for what” She demanded as she was starting to get aggregated by all this. “You are to be new Coven leader. The one in charge of all the Instar Diviners in the city” Words that confused and shocked her the most. 

Kaelyn tried and started to back away. Seeking to escape. Run away from all this. It’s not what she wanted or asked for. “You got the wrong person” She repeated wanting to get away but was stopped. Suddenly she was forced to her knees feeling as her brain was able to exploded. Power was being used against her. Forming her useless. To cave in. Kaelyn felt a tight grasp around wrist as she was pulled forwards towards the fire. Her hand was held out, not able to pull it own. Feeling and watching as her hand was being sliced open by a blade. Her hand being turned over so her own blood was being dropped into the fire. A binding spell almost. A ritual. With no way out. Hearing as the people around her, the voices were chanting a spell in latin. Able to get the jist of it, one spell she’d not heard before.

Suddenly everything stopped, the fire was out and everybody around her was gone. It was all over yet Kaelyn felt that something was different. Able to feel she was different. Dropping to her knees, breathing healthy. Not able to control her own breathing. Feeling as she was panicking coming to terms with what was happening. Kaelyn felt that she was all alone. Wrapping her arms around her knees, tears falling down her cheeks coming to terms with what's happened. A nightmare that she knew she was living and it was now a reality.

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The last few months had been such a learning curve for the young Therian; she had to overcome a series of different challenges, not necessarily physically, but certainly emotionally and mentally. She continuously had internal battles with her demons and many different insecurities which often told her she was not worthy of love, she didn't deserve such attention, that she was simply being used, thus she should run back to her very recluse life in the belly of the forest where she didn't have to bother with anyone else but herself. There were plenty of moments where she was extremely close to giving in to such conversations and doing as they told her to do; but Riley was known for her strength, and she couldn't deny that she was very much beginning to enjoy her current lifestyle with her, now girlfriend, Kaelyn. Kaelyn had accepted her, along with the many faults which came as a package deal with Riley; she had accepted and continued to show love for her despite the fact that Riley was considered a murder among her people. Kaelyn was also not shy when it came to showing Riley the ropes of modern society, and pushing her to achieve her goals; even if they were small ones, such as learning to read and write. Of course, these goals had yet to be accomplished, but they were certainly on her to do list; she just needed to find someone who had the patience to sit with a twenty something woman who needed such assistance.

Riley had also found it incredibly interesting learning about the city and the different species which resided within the sanctuary walls; albeit, these teachings did frighten her, there were a lot more powerful beings out there compared to her very clumsy wolf. Especially now that the news had broken out that the city was in chaos; even though, this certainly pushed her curiosity to check it all out. Yet, it was the Witches powers which she found the most fascinating; she loved to sit at the dining room table and watch how her girlfriend conjured up some magical voodoo spell for whatever reason. In fact, it made her wonder why Kaelyn loved to steal when she could just conjure it up herself; perhaps all magic came with a price, and the price was too grave for that sort of satisfaction. Riley found herself sometimes wishing she was born into a Diviner bloodline, there seemed to be endless amounts of possibilities right at their fingertips; plus they didn't have to experience the painful transition into becoming the wolf. She had also noted how Kaelyn's own ways were slowly forcing themselves upon her; such as, her fashion sense - of course she kept a very tomboyish look, but her clothes, at times, certainly looked rather expensive.

It was safe to say, that the last few months had been rather peachy for the Therian; her hunters had fallen off the radar for now, and she had practically moved in with Kaelyn if she considered the amount of evenings in the week that she slept over. Yet, it was in these evenings that her suspicions began which consequently triggered her insecurities to power up, and nag her that something wasn't quite right with Kaelyn's behaviour. There were times where Kaelyn wouldn't touch her, nor even be able to truly look her in the eye; conversations very rarely made it passed a few grunts here and there. It worried Riley, and for that very reason, she sought comfort in alcohol some evenings; after all, the alcohol provided better company at times. This evening wasn't much different that any other in the last week; Riley had ended up going to bed without Kaelyn, only to feel her fidgeting throughout the night. Thankfully the alcohol which resided in her system had helped her relax enough to ignore the frantic movements and the panicked mutters which echoed around their bedroom. Riley did feel awful as she pretended to be a sleep, but she was hurt and was particularly feeling the need to be petty as Kaelyn had not been able to voice more than a few words to her after dinner. Yet, her brows furrowed as she felt the mattress shift, which indicated that Kaelyn had gotten out of bed; the wolf opened her eyes some to watch her girlfriends shadowy figure leave the bedroom.

“The fuck?” She questioned softly to herself as she heard the front door open and close; she slipped out of bed herself, grabbed the nearest coat which definitely didn't suit her before grabbing a pair of boots to try and follow the redhead. It wasn't hard to follow, after all, Riley had come too attuned to the girls scent; she was sure that she could pick up Kaelyn's scent even if there were hundreds of other scents within the room. Plus, the woods was her home - she knew the area like the back of her hand. Twigs and leaves crunched beneath her feet until they found the streets of Evermore. She had no idea where she was going - was she meeting up with another girl? Was Kaelyn cheating on her? Just the thoughts alone caused her stomach to sink as they entered the riverbanks of Evermore; Riley made sure to hide behind a grand oak tree. She could just see Kae talking to the air and quirked a curious brow; maybe her girlfriend had finally lost her mind as it was finally made clear that she was not waiting for another individual. Yet that didn't stop the cheating concerns. Riley slowly closed the space between them even though she continued to hide in the shadows; a low growl vibrated within her chest as it looked as if Kae was forced to the ground by an invisible force - if only Riley was in her wolf form.

If only… With that, she removed her clothing; not wanting ruin further nightwear and with all her might, forced the change upon her as silently as possible. What felt like a lifetime, she finally shifted into her wolf which let out a deep huff of breath as she looked out over the clearing Kaelyn knelt in. Riley tilted her head in a confused manner as she could see the many different magical aspects that surrounded the redhead. Her paws dug up the ground, she didn't like what she was seeing, particularly because she didn't understand it; plus because she could see the clear distress that Kaelyn was currently under. Riley watched, her muscles tensed as she was ready to attack, yet just as she was ready to pounce, it was as if someone had turned off the light; there was suddenly nothing but darkness which surrounded the two girls. She waited for a few moments, sniffing at the air as she did so to make sure the clearing was safe before she padded up to Kaelyn; she didn't care that this was the first time Kaelyn had seen her wolf form, but she did wonder if Kae would recognise her. Riley nudged Kae's shoulder with her snout before sitting beside her; her white eyes looking over the river beside them - it was probably the best that she remained in wolf form as she knew she would bombard the girl with so many questions; thus she remained wolf, and if Kae wished, she could converse.

Kaelyn always considered herself a semi normal person. Well all considering with her upbringing and what she does for a living and all. She was a blender. One who always prefered to blend in but too liked to stand out. Make a scene, to draw a attention at the same time. Always how people would least expect her of conning and exploiting them of all their money and valuables. All for what makes up being a con artist. Learning over the years from the best. Finding and meeting all good connections that make her job more easier and swift too. Kaelyn always loved her job. All she’s ever known. Yet she knew that it wasn’t the safest job in the world of course. With all jokes aside if caught she’d be in a lot of trouble more so following her little skint in jail that she was bailed out for by her cousin Wyatt. Kaelyn knew that if they had looked in deeper about her, finding all the crimes and frauds claims she’d done. She’d probably be facing the rest of her life behind bars but even know she continues it. Something that she could not easily get out of for different reasons. One being that she loved her line of work, able to have all the expensive things one can only dream of. Two the thrill and excitement of carrying out a con, one of the things that always draws back people like her to do it again. Another reason was that it’s all she’d ever known, never having another job of any sort. From an early age back in the children's home when growing up it was all that they were pushed to do. It was kind of the typical thing in those days for children to do. Since people least expect young children to steal them out of money or things so it was why they were made to do it. Yet with how much Kaelyn hated the place and people she grew up around she still continued down that line of work when she was able to get out of the orphanage.

There was one main thing that have changed her way of thinking compared to back then. Now she had too much to loose to back before when she had nothing just her. Kaelyn had someone else to think of other than just herself. A girlfriend that she loves more than anything in the world. Lucky to have Riley in her life. To be happy in love once in her life. Something that was real. Kaelyn was slowly working making amends with her cousin Wyatt too. It weren’t like before when Kaelyn had nothing to lose making her think was conning and stealing all worth it. Worth all the risks, to lose everything and everything just for money? Something Kaelyn was starting to think of. First time in her life having second thoughts on her life and all of her choices that all make up to where she is now. In a way she was slowly starting to turn her life around making better choices along with a mix of bad ones. Kaelyn had least expect to what was to come to her. Never wanting or thinking of having the position of leadership. To be coven leader for her own people. Kaelyn always considered herself as a nomad especially when it comes to her own species. The reason behind it was that she have never been around many people of her own kind. Growing up surrounded and living the life of a human. An mundane life. Having to figure out who and what she was for herself, never having anyone else who was the same as her. One of the reasons why pushed past all of Wyatt’s persistence years back. Part of her was a afraid. Afraid to be herself fully for the first time in her life. Afraid of having a family. Always the fear of abandonment still lurks over the redhead.

The whole ceremony felt like it was going on for hours whilst in reality it was happening in present time. Kaelyn felt like she was stuck in a constant nightmare, able to watch it but not able to act or escape from it. Forced against her will for something she never wanted. Now it’s all over Kaelyn knew it wasn’t something she couldn’t get away from, or say no to. Especially now a blood connection was made. It was a clear choice of alliance and agreement when a Instar Diviner of any kind spills blood part of a spell. Making the connection bond and tied in blood. No way out. Kaelyn was still coming to terms with everything that had just happened before her. Thinking whether it was all real or if she was dreaming. Part of her was really hoping that this was all one big nightmare. That she’d wake up and be back at home beside Riley in their bed. Yet however much she tried to wake up she was still stuck in what was real and now all was reality and life for her. What felt like a lifetime, kaelyn sat there on the floor broken in a way. Not noticing at first seeing a wolf coming her way but knowing it was Riley straight away. Breaking her from her trance in a way as Riley in wolf form came and sat beside her feeling its snouts in shoulder. With a natural instant, Kaelyn buried her face in Riley's fur kissing her body well fur before wrapping her arms around her wolf girlfriend. Not caring that she was still crying a little. “Riley” She sobbed a little able to know that Riley must of followed her but would be confused of what happened. “The ancestors dragged me out her, performed a ritual on me. Kept telling me I’m the chosen one, next coven leader” The redhead was trying to explain all that happened knowing that Riley would be listening even in wolf form. “Apparently I’m not the Instar Diviner’s ambassador, the species leader her in the city. Like how Orion is Therianthropes one” Lifting her head up a little she looked to see Riley’s reaction would be if she’d understand or be still confused.

When Riley had followed Kaelyn this evening, she didn't truly know what to expect but she knew it certainly wasn't anything like she had just witnessed; it was a sight she never believed possible or a sight she would've been able to conjure up with her imagination. If anything, after living with Kaelyn these last few months she could only compare it to something from a horror film, possession perhaps but nevertheless, it concerned her that these sort if things could indeed happen; and if those beings had the power to do that to one individual, then surely there would be the possibility that they could do this to another. Riley, despite keeping low within the shrubbery, was surprised that the ghost like figures didn't catch on that there was someone watching them from the sidelines; but maybe they did but they would brew on many possibilities to act out on the peeping tom at a later date. The very thought alone caused a shudder to run down the length of her spine; and she could only imagine what her parents would say to her now - we told you never to get mixed up in the society, should have remained in the forest where it is safe. Riley shook her head to rid herself of her parents voice as now was not the time to be haunted by them; there were, afterall, more pressing matters to worry about.

Once shifted, and noting the ghostly figures disappearing, the grey wolf couldn't wait any longer and soon found herself sat beside the redhead; a very soft whine like sound escaped her lips as her white eyes looked over Kaelyn. It was hard to watch someone she loved, and someone who was naturally so strong break down in the way Kae was doing right this moment. Riley knew Kae long enough now to know that she did not do feelings, not at least, until she rocked up to the scene but even then, Riley knew that Kae continued to keep things to herself; much like she did at times. It was truly horrible to see her girlfriends break down and crumble like she was, but it was a huge relief when Kaelyn threw her arms around her neck and cuddling until the warm fur; Riley allowed her now, larger head to rest upon Kae's delicate shoulder for a brief moment before withdrawing so she could pay attention to the sobbed filled words which could barely leave the girls lips without breaking and stuttering. Her head tilted some as she tried to comprehend the words which were spoken to her; part of it made sense for sure, she understood the concept of ambassadors and leaders of the factions of Evermore but it certainly wasn't a position she thought Kaelyn would want. Yet, from what she witnessed this evening, perhaps her girlfriend didn't have much of a choice in this matter. Riley huffed some and glanced back to where she saw the ghostly figures and she knew she could still smell the remnants of their being here before she turned back to Kae.

The grey wolf suddenly stood and shook her body before leaning her head down to nudge Kaelyn's shoulder; noting she didn't get a true response from her, she nudged again and continued to do so until the redhead stood upward once more. Riley wanted to go home so she could change once again and could truly speak with Kaelyn properly rather than just her huffing and puffing in response to some of the girls statements; besides, it was probably for the best that she got Kaelyn home and just like before, run her a bath to get her to relax. Riley padded over to the shadows once more where she left her clothing and picked up the very useless fabric between her canines before she glanced over her shoulder at her girlfriend who looked as if she had drunk her bodyweight in alcohol. The wolf occasionally glanced back as they walked back to the grand house that they resided in together, she allowed Kaelyn to go in first before she lingered in the night air to trigger the change back into her human form. Despite Kaelyn seeing her naked, Riley couldn't help but get back into her clothes before she entered the house.

The therian sighed, placed a warm smile on her lips as her hands moved to rest on top of Kaelyn's shoulders; she gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "I would offer to put the kettle on but I feel you need something stronger than that, hey?" Riley exhaled softly and lead them into the kitchen where she poured them both a baileys. "So you're the chosen one? What does that mean?" She queried as she offered Kaelyn one of the glasses.

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