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name.olivia jane ramsay
nicknames.liv,livy, oli, jane
species.nephilim | valkyr
age.100 | appears 25 | immortal
date of birth.nov 7, 1919
occupation.ailward guard + advocate the community
dating status.single
dating visser
parents.susanne & jack ramasay
siblings.bailey ramsay
other family.samantha & griswald Visser
build.toned & slender
scars.a few faint ones
tattoos/ on her wrist, ailward guard tattoo
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Olivia Ramsey was born among her oldest sister, Bailey. Things went downhill from the moment Olivia was brought into the world beside a jealous sister. Bailey was 6 when Olivia was born, and from the second Bailey met her baby sister, she hated her. Their parents had spent to much time spoiling Bailey to realize that there would be consequences if they ever had another child. The sun set on Bailey’s head, and when everyone’s attention wasn’t focused on her, she threw temper tantrums. Their parents however, didn’t pay much mind to it, assuming it was just a phase and Bailey would become more mature as she aged.Three years had went by with Bailey resenting Olivia, not even wanting her parents to so much as hold Olivia when she was sick, or when she cried. The more she lashed out, the less time her parents seemed to have for Olivia, and this went on for the next couple years of Olivia’s life. Olivia was finally at the age to start school when things got even worse. Although it was a break for young Olivia, and some what an escape from her dysfunctional sister, Olivia still went through enough beyond the walls of her home. Having to go to the same school as her older sister, meant that she was bound to see her in the hallways and during lunch. Bailey began bullying Olivia, and having her friends join in. But, somehow all of the bullying, being shoved to the floor in front of other students who laughed, and being called names, motivated Olivia to press on and with doing so, she began soaring and excelling in school, as to where her sister was known as the school bully, and never made good grades.Being mistreated in school got the attention of a young boy by the name of Chase, who quickly became one of Olivia’s closest friends. It infuriated Bailey to see Olivia have even a sliver of happiness, but Chase told Olivia that she’d never come between them. In fact, the next year of school, Chase and Olivia became much more than friends. Olivia for once had a source of comfort and a sense of stability in her life. Chase’s parents had became the parents Olivia had always longed for. Chase’s father pushed both him and Olivia to great lengths when it came to the many different techniques in fighting, even teaching them together how to excel in archery and hand to hand combat, training them for the world they would soon become part of. Olivia continued excelling in school even though her sister did everything she could to inflict misery on Olivia. Olivia’s parents found relief on the nights she stayed with Chase, and soon enough, they barely even noticed her as their own daughter. All eyes were once again on Bailey, and for a while, Olivia’s life had seemed to settle down.The next several years flew by and Olivia was finally happy. But, what the young girl didn’t realize is that she wasn’t an ordinary person, she’d began noticing changes within herself that Chase’s parents took an interest in. The scars along her shoulder blades scared the young girl, she had no idea that her boyfriend and her boyfriends parents were exactly what she would someday be. It was then that Chase’s parents sat Olivia down, explaining to her that their ancestors used to have beautiful wings and the scars were a mark of that, which at first sounded quite scary. But the more Chase’s parents told Olivia the more intrigued she became. Being able to inflict pain just by using her mind? She was in awe of what she would one day be, and could only smile at that point.It was the night before her 18th birthday when terror struck Olivia’s life.. Olivia’s parents had reached out to Chase’s parents, inviting them both over, claiming they had a surprise, but of course Bailey ruined that by telling her what the surprise was; a surprise birthday party where they had invited ‘people’ over. Olivia took a lot of convincing from Chase to even think about saying yes, and after shedding a few tears and going over everything that would possibly happen in her head, she agreed. That next morning Olivia and Chase attended school like they did every morning, Olivia receiving Happy Birthday’s from all her teachers, being called a teacher’s pet by most of her classmates. The day seemed to have flown by, and it had been a pretty easy day since her older sister Bailey was absent from school.As the final dismissal bell rang, students littered the hallways, and Chase and Olivia left hand in hand, deciding to walk to Olivia’s parents since the weather had been nice. Olivia and Chase were greeted by none other than her sister Bailey, Bailey was dressed in skimpy clothes and wore a smirk on her face that told Olivia from the get go that it was a mistake that she’d agreed to come to this party her parents wanted to have for her. Olivia’s parents looked ragged, and beaten, her mother wore a black eye, and she swore her father was the one who’d done it until she later learned that it was her sister Bailey beating on her mother for not getting her way. At times, Olivia didn’t realize why they didn’t just lock her in a mental institution. When Olivia’s father noticed the scars along her shoulder blades, he hung his head low, unable to explain why he never told her what she would someday become a Nephilim, that them, and Chase and his family were the only ones like their kind around their hometown.Olivia dismissed the fact that her father felt bad, she thought it was a pretty cruel thing. That her parents had spent so much time pleasing her older sister Bailey, that they were prepared to let Olivia grow up and become a Nephilim but not have been taught a single thing about the supernatural world. But it only made Olivia love Chase’s parents that much more and claim them as her very own without the awkwardness that came from the fact that she and Chase were in love. Olivia and Chase stayed close to one another during their time at Olivia’s parents’ house, steering clear of Bailey when it was possible to do so. Bailey however tried her best to seduce Chase every chance she got, pretending to drop things on the floor just to bend over in front of him, and brushing against him every time she walked past the two of them.When the ‘party guests’ began showing up, Olivia and Chase were relieved because it somewhat distracted Bailey. But, when Olivia watched as the scene unfolded before her eyes, she realized that all the party guests were a bunch of Bailey’s friends. Olivia’s birthday party was just another reminder that Bailey had complete control of their parents. Decorations littered the house, from string lights, to balloons and everything else Bailey had picked for ‘Olivia’s party’. Olivia had expressed her need to leave to Chase not long after she realized that her parents didn’t give a rat’s ass about her considering everything they’d done for her party was still all about her sister Bailey. Chase convinced Olivia to stick around, at least until her parents gave her gifts to her, and like always, Olivia listened to Chase, not knowing it would be the worse thing she would ever do in her life.No one really knew the depths of Bailey’s sickness. Most people just saw her as an attention seeker, or a drama queen in need of reality check. But Bailey was far beyond those descriptions, if only they’d known before it was to late…Olivia’s parents informed them all that they would return, they had scolded Bailey before they left, which only landed in Bailey slapping their mother through the face, sending their mother away from the house in tears. Bailey and Olivia’s parents left to go pick up Olivia’s gift. They’d bought her a car, and in a birthday card, they’d left her a letter with a credit card loaded with money to flee from their hometown, the letter explaining exactly why. Olivia was oblivious, but always knew something was deeply wrong with her older sister. It never made sense, not until she was able to finally strike in the way she wanted too. Olivia had excused herself to use the restroom, leaving Chase in her old bedroom she once slept in before she had started staying with Chase and his parents.Olivia had a breakdown in the bathroom, spending way longer in there than planned. But, she and Chase had decided that until her parents returned, they would just hang out in the bedroom, to spend some alone time together, and to get away from Bailey. But, Bailey had planned the perfect surprise for Olivia’s birthday party. Her gift to Olivia would be one she’d never be able to forget, if she even lived through it. Bailey had waltzed into the bedroom that Chase patiently sat in awaiting Olivia’s return. At first Chase said nothing at all, until Bailey started inching closer towards him. “Go away Bailey” he simply said, but of course, Bailey didn’t listen, instead, she climbed into his lap, nonchalantly. Chase was unaware of the blade in Bailey’s hand, and he was also unaware of her sick intentions for her sister. “Well, I counted on Olivia being in here alone; but I guess you’ll do”Her tone held a wickedness to it and Chase immediately got physical with her, but the moment he stuck his hands out in an attempt to shove her off of him, Bailey’s hand slid across his throat, along with the blade she’d brought upstairs to use on her sister. Bailey was only just getting up from his lap when Olivia busted through the bathroom door to a sight that caused her to immediately drop to her knees, crippled by her boyfriends lifeless body laying there. Olivia screamed, it was a scream the party guests would remember for the rest of their lives. It simply scared everyone to death, and her parents had just returned home as well.When Olivia’s parents realized that Chase, Olivia and Bailey were missing, and everyone else was in a panic, they just knew Bailey had done something awful, but not even they saw this coming. As they made it upstairs to a pair of fighting daughters trying to kill one another, they called 911. As always, her parents proved how useless they were. If they were Nephilim, creatures with supernatural senses, strength and so on, why didn’t they help? Did they fear their own daughter so much that even while she stood covered in someone’s blood, attempting to spill even more that they could simply do nothing to stop her?Olivia and Bailey wrestled one another to the ground, and just as Bailey went for Olivia’s neck with the very same blade that’d just killed Chase, something in Olivia snapped. She gained a new sense of power. Her eyes glowed a bright purple, while the strength behind her dainty hands were powerful enough to send Bailey flying through a wall. She wanted her own sister dead, but that very same sister had just taken the one and only person that Olivia had ever loved. Perhaps it was because no one ever loved Bailey, maybe it was because Olivia had the life Bailey never would due to her bullying ways. Deciding not to sink to a level that would name her a cold blooded murderer just like her sister, Olivia gave her parents a final go to hell glare. Leaving with the card they’d given her earlier, still unopened and in her bag. Had she remembered it then, she would have likely thrown it back at them. But, the car they’d bought her, came in handy.As Olivia dragged Chase’s dead body out of the house, sobbing and crying, she sped away from the scene, burying the love of her life under a huge pine tree, adorned by nature and a beautiful river that they enjoyed spending their free time at. Olivia was a wreck, she had nothing or no one left, and there was no way she could face Chase’s parents. After opening the card her parents had given her for her birthday while sitting in her car, wondering what she would do now that she had nowhere to go. It all made sense. And in that very moment, Olivia sobbed even harder, feeling sympathetic for her parents who never really acted like parents.Dear Olivia,“We wanna start by telling you just how very much we love you. Your father and I never planned on having another child after Bailey began aging and we realized how violent, and how sick she became. We never had the heart to hospitalize her, and we hope as you read this letter that you escaped your sister before anything bad happened. We wanted you to open this when you got far away. We left this card for you, tied to a bank account that your sister has no idea about, it’s enough to last you a lifetime, to hopefully give you the life we couldn’t, and for that, we’re deeply sorry. We hope you don’t hate us to much, and we do hope you get the best that life has to offer. All of our love - Mom and Dad”Her hands trembled as she put the credit card back in her pocket book and folded the letter back up with blood stain from Chase’s blood. It wasn’t but moments later, that she realized she needed to get out of this city all together but that too got interrupted by her wicked evil sister, whom she now wished she’d killed when she had the chance. Bailey had stolen their parents vehicle to follow Olivia, one last feeble attempt to kill her sister. Olivia had no fight left in her, not even as a Nephilim. She had barely even begun her new life as a Nephilim when she was impaled through the heart by her very own sister, later jolting upward from a table she’d been laying on. At first, her eyes searched the room and those around her for answers, for some kind of explanation as to why she wasn’t dead. And, after being informed that she’d been given a second chance at life by another person who’d been through a similar ordeal, Olivia knew exactly what she would do with that second chance. She was a Valkyr now and intended to use her newfound powers for the good of mankind.For several years after that, Olivia traveled from one country to the next, gathering people of all supernatural species who’d been neglected, even children destined to live a life of darkness like she would have, had it not been for Chase’s parents showing her the ropes, and when she gathered a big enough group, she worked with them, trained them, and treated them as her own. They became her family. She loved them like she’d loved Chase and his parents, and for the first time in a long time, Olivia was able to smile through the sorrow she felt from losing her beloved Chase. It was a bittersweet goodbye to see them scatter when it came time for them to go their separate ways and begin living their own lives with the knowledge and love Olivia had given them all. She would never forget them, and a lot of them made ways to keep in touch with her.It was time for Olivia to begin living her life as well, which scared her, she had no idea what she would do with the others; her family. But, it became clear when she began travelling by boat with an elderly man who’d had a revelation for her, telling her exactly where she needed to be. Olivia never believed in revelations or fate, but when an island appeared beyond a blanket of fog out of nowhere, she immediately felt drawn to it. Later she had learned the Island had a name. The Isle of Skye. Olivia pledged her allegiance to the Ailward council the moment Venetus Ailward greeted her. The barrier was no issue for Olivia, her intentions were pure, and anyone who sought the Island’s with bad intentions, she vowed to stand against them and protect it with her life. Being given a second chance to live after so much loss, she vowed to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, much like Chase, and even herself back when her own sister took her life away from her. She could still remember her body springing back to life after that like it’d only happened yesterday. Olivia soon grew close to those on the Isle, she once again found happiness.Those in the guard had became family to her, and she saw the Aspects no differently. But tragedy wasn’t over, when the Isle fell, they were forced to flee and start over yet again, but Olivia stuck with her people, following them to a city full of supernatural with one purpose, to protect and ensure peace. Evermore now becoming her new residency, and hopefully her last, Olivia once more looks for a calling, as she adjusts to the place she now calls home.

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