Olivia let out a huff and ran her fingers through her auburn waves, then at the boxes of activities she conquered, finishing the longest shift she ever had worked at the community rec center, looking at the final task she had with a small smile. Olivia enjoyed her little side job that she found, she needed something that she knew and felt like she could lose herself in and volunteering a the rec center reminded her of a time in her life that saved her. Surrounded by people who needed a second chance, who needed to feel like the belonged was something she understood. Olivia liked helping people find their calling, giving them sense of safety, giving them the chance to be who they are meant to be without the backlash of the cruelty that hid in the world. And she did it all in the name of love, Chase, Olivia knew he was watching Olivia live her life to the fullest potential and that gave her the good kind of pride. 

Finishing up the last of the closing and getting caught up in some training she neglected to do it was way past witching hour in Evermore and the city was quiet when Olivia stepped out into the dead of night, a few drunk stragglers passing by in a clumsy embrace, locking the doors with one finally check her walk home started. Olivia wrapped herself up in her jacket and walked the calm city streets, it was her favorite time of the day, no one was in a hurry, no one rudely colliding into her, cars were idle and silent for once, the only sound she heard were the night howls. Olivia could hear the soft music of parties and bands, the bright lights off or going dim, the sky was a array of colors, that she always tried to identify. It wasn't black, or blue, it wasn't marigold either. 

Checking her surroundings she saw a man walking in the distance, his figure dark from the pallet of colors his clothes were, Olivia instinctively kept herself alert. Her eyes watching him but not as she found other things to nonchalantly look at, he looked like the kind of person Olivia drifted away from until the stranger stopped and gave a homeless man some food and drink. Olivia smiled and as she got closer to the stranger who was walking towards her in passing Olivia spoke up. " That was very kind of you, to help that man.. " she crossed her arms and gave a small polite smile, her gaze flickering from the stranger to the grateful man indulging in a meal.

Olivia wasn't one to randomly spark up conversation but she felt like this dark stranger should know that his good act didn't go unnoticed. " it is a refreshing thought to know people still care and help each other you know?... " she tilted her head finally meeting his gaze, slightly intimidating but Olivia still smiled and wore a friendly disposition about her.  

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Rhydian swiped his cell phone to the left ticking off the names of his contacts that he had. Left his supplies for all he had was Arthur left he didn't mind the older man that was in his 60's he often gave the most useful information of all as he turned his backpack leaving behind some. Bins knew he often slept there " Arthur " he called out as he left his usual sign to say he had been there a green paper snowflake which he used with his contacts to say he had left supplies there.

Rhydian closed up the bins, so no one knew what was there as he made his way down an alley as he slides his cell phone in his pocket over the tome he had scouted for the Nivels Rhydian had learnt who were the better people to see things than the people who. No one saw the. Homeless they had seen things no one else would not have noticed. Rhydian made his way along the streets knowing he begged near the community centre stopping outside a shop he stepped inside walking to the Meal deal section picking up a ham sandwich a bottle of water and a packet of crisps as he carried them to the counter the young assistant blurted out " nice tat man " Rhydians face turned stern as he gave the kid the money before walking out .

Rhydian began walking down a street as he did he began to get the distinct feeling he was being watched as he slowed his footsteps his eyes began to scan the root ahead as his ears pricked. He raised his sleeves revealing his his phoenix marking on his left wrist as he made his way towards the usually seated figure of Arthur he remembered he didn't like being made a fuss of so he sat down next to him on the cold bench acting like an ordinary passerby as he placed the food between them he slides them over as he gave a nod he rose to his feet and headed towards the direction he came befoe hearing mention what he had done .

Rhydian froze as he looked towards the woman that he had heard " You didn't see anything love" he said with a sharp tone ", and I certainly don't enjoy being followed let alone called out * he voiced turned a little stern.

Olivia took a step back when the stranger turned to look at her, the way he moved was like a viper, her once casual stance was now tense and defensive just as the mans tone. Her eyes calculated and curious looked him over in a way that was skeptical and wondering why he too was so defensive, noting his tattoo it was something familiar but definitely new. Olivia looked at the homeless man and then to him her brows furrowing and confused, her mind rambled with questions and disbelief and before she knew it Olivia gave him a taste of his own medicine.

" you know- yeah, you know what you could have just said thank you.." she placed her hands on her hips and gave him a challenging look. " Oh and for you information, i was not following you, i was walking home this is my route i take it every evening. so excuse me if i left late and happen to cross paths you..." she motioned her hand over him. Olivia was on a uncontrollable rant that just seemed to ooze out of her, perhaps it was pent up from other people she allowed to snip at her. " Also too, there is nothing wrong with helping someone, it is nothing to be ashamed of or something to hide and if it is that big of deal just say thank you. if someone says thank you for your kindness then say you're welcome and be on your way that is all!..."   Olivia was breathless as she let everything out in one go. Blinking a few times she brushed her hair out of her face and nodded once.

Olivia went to pass him by before she turned and waved her finger at him, her eyes sad for a moment. " Oh- and never ever tell me what i see... " she smiled a bit and gave him a once over.  " maybe next time someone pays you a simple compliment you remember this moment.." 

Rhydian raised his eyebrow slightly amused  this girl was the first outside the tribe to challenge and argue  back " and do you know why I do it  "  he began to pace  the sidewalk as he gave Arthur  a glare to  go to  he quickly nodded at left " and what do you do at the  community centre  mm  last I check   they  gave  nothing but wanted everything at least  the ones I feed they provide something in return  he took a deep breath  as he stood. 

Rhydian Turned quickly. Believing he heard Esmeralda's voice turning suddenly he froze looking around as he set back to the girl his tone down a notch *. You don't know me. you don't know what or why I do  things* he looked back again to make sure it wasnt in his head  as he  turned walking down the street  his eyes scanning  the people that passed 

Olivia stood her ground, her arms crossing over her torso as she looked at him with the most skeptical look she has ever made, his pacing made her watch him extra closely, Olivia never allowed herself to be put in spots where her guard wasn't up. First rule of self defense. " You do it because it was once you... right? it's why your defensive right now? you feel like i am showing pity... " she tilted her head showing she was unafraid to call him out. And with his final words something in Olivia snapped and unlike in her usual fashion of backing up and keeping people at arms length she took a couple steps forward.

" excuse you? the community center does a lot for people, i am a advocate, i save people who didn't get saved and i give them a second chance that no one else would... they are my family! i teach them how to survive, how to find themselves again after the world and life took their souls... i give them hope. " she pointed in the direction of the center with a fierce look in her eyes like a predator ready to strike. " i am the one who takes care of the lost souls, i am the one who gives all i have for them so how dare you say what you said... "" she growled out her last words. 

Olivia shook her head opening her mouth to speak but watched him look for something, her eyes only finding that they were the only two out at this hour. Her eyes narrowing as he came back to the conversation, Olivia has seen a few people come and go from the center with an attitude like his, she kept that to herself and went into counsel mode. " And you don't me at all either, you don't know what i do and why i do it so why judge me? or the center? I rebuilt it, I made it a sanctuary where people can be heard... I am not judging you, I am praising you for helping that man... " she spoke softer but still her fierceness was there but this time fueled by her passion for what she does for free. Olivia watched him walk away and she wasn't going to let him off that easy, she followed him his legs longer than hers made Olivia jog to catch up to him. " Hey! Hey listen to me for a second... " she walked next to him in quick strides. Olivia caught her breath and looked at him for a second while trying not to run into anyone that was off to work or whichever location. " Look, you don't need to be ashamed okay?..." she looked at him, holding her gaze on the side of his face while he looked at everything but her. " life gives us horrible, horrible road blocks but how we over come it all is what matters... " her eyes glossed over when she said that and she looked away as she remembered her horrors. 

Family " he snorted as he kept walking  "there is no such thing as a family  *  he stopped suddenly kneeling as he knelt lifting a stone quickly taking the note from underneath before he set. off again. : family think about them selfs no one else   " Rhydian read the note as he pulled out his cell typing into his cell phone " he stops looking at her  "yes I was one of them happy now done your little goal victory for you whoopie doo."

Rhydian slide his cell back into his  pocket  as he   heard  her words as he looked down thinking about Esmeralda  as he shook . his head  * don't you have someone to save " he  keeps walking  towards the stores   as he  looked  down the street  rubbing his eyes " what did you call me  he looked towards the girl  as he  walks towards a coffeeshop    as he took a seat  on a silver chair by the entrance.  

Rhydian knocked on the glass of the window like he did every night as he watched. The girl  * so what  do I call you then " he leant back into his  seat  and let me guess you see something you think you can save  * his eyes  remained fixed on his surrounding   as he  slowly  looked at her:" I'm far beyond being saved loved  " he  knocked on the window to  say about another coffee  " he looked . at the barista   to make sure he got the  2nd  knock  as he looked back at the  girl  blinking  repeatedly   looking  like  he had seen a ghost 

Olivia kept following him with no shame, his bitterness not phasing her at all, she knew it was a defense mechanism because she was the same way once upon a time. Shaking her head as tried tarnishing the word family. " That's such a lie, some families are actually good to other, my family before this life was cruel and vile, but I was welcomed into a family that loved another and were selfless... this family that I have no would give the shirt off their back!... "  She stopped walking and glared at him when he mocked her, rolling her eyes with a shake of her head. " I have no motives for your information... " she looked at the rock and crossed her arms looking away to give him some sort of privacy. 

Once again they were off and she scoffed, shaking her head at his words, her eyes glaring at the back of his head. " i have plenty of people to help, key word help.. " she made sure to emphasize the world help before dishing back the coldness. " i did say good person but judging by your attitude i think an old grump seems better suited for you... " she smiled mockingly and was greeted by the smell of coffee of the little shop, sitting across from him she took off hr coat and leaned forward. 

" You can call me Olivia... nice to meet you. " she flickered her gaze to dance around the coffee shop before looking back at him and raised her eyebrows. " me save you? from what?... " she listened to him and shook her head narrowing her eyes at him. " you think so?... I am not trying to save you, although you do need help for lack of a better term, this whole trudging through life hating everyone and everything only works for long before loneliness eats you from the inside out. " she motioned over him. " solitude is only great for a certain amount of time..." she ordered a cappuccino politely and went it came she took a couple sips. " here... let's make this easier for you m'kay? cause i will not go away until you give me something.. my name is olivia ramsay, i grew up in virginia, i had a mom and a dad, one older sister who made it her life's mission to torture me. and i don't know mean like take me toys and blame me for why a vase broke, she abused my parents and me, she tried to kill me on my eighteenth birthday, killed the love of my life in front of me... i left but she ran me off the road and-- " this was the part were she bent the truth, she stumbled on her thoughts because Chase was brought up and it showed in her eyes that pain still lived there. " she drove a dagger in my stomach and left me there to bleed out but a truck driver found me and called for help. " she took a drink and sighed. " since then i traveled and helped people who needed it, came here with a amazing job offer and now here we are... having coffee at dawn. " she smiled and nudged her head at him. " your turn..."

Rhydian's eyebrow rose " you really think that I need help " he smirked as he raised his coffee to his lips taking a sip of his Drink " my name is Rhydian and I'm from Stockholm Sweden I spent nearly all my life on the streets joined a gang to " Rhydian kept the details short trying not to reveal his Supernatural history as a Phoenix or Nivels.

Rhydian took another sip of coffee " Being alone stops people getting hurt " he stopped as his memory took him back to Esmeralda's body lying there motionless. Rhydian's body tensed as he closed his eyes using the techniques he was told to keep calm. " Solitude is the only thing that keeps me from doing things I would later regret now answer this those you help what do they do for you in return " he sat back as he watched Olivia " give you money get a job and repay you those that I help give me things I need.

Roman was someone I called a brother someone I trusted with my life we were thicker than water " he sighed as he looked up at the sky " we were more abundant than thieves until Esmeralda. He looked to Olivia" Ever been so in love everything stops even though they were not meant to be yours not look at you Esmeralda was the bosses girl Romans girl, but we fell for each other she made me feel something id never felt before and we decided we were going to run away together " Rhydian froze not wanting to go down that path again before rising to his feet heading towards a Allet way quickly  moving up to a roof  via  a ladder and several  ledges. 

Olivia looked at him and sighed, she knew in her mind that he needed help but that was just a general assumption based off what she seen in him and his mannerisms. " I do think you do yes, i see things in you that are red flags of a person carrying way too much." she nodded and made sure as she spoke that her words would soften the blow. When he began unloading Olivia made sure she was listening to every word he said. Paying attention to all the key information. She wanted to give him the chance to vent and speak his mind and let out whatever was burdening him.

Olivia nodded slowly picking up her own drink, sipping carefully, before running her tongue over her lips. " that is not true.. being alone leads to a long line of loneliness that makes you fall into nothingness in the end and no one- no matter what you say- no one wants to die alone. And you say you will do things regretful but Rhydian there are outlets to channel all that anger out.. those emotions out.." Olivia spoke surely knowing from experience the way she use to behave.

Scoffing she shook her head and leaned in close with a firm gaze that stared him down. " what i ask? I ask for nothing, i give them all they need without asking for nothing, i bend over backwards to give people the best second chance they could ask for. All for the price of seeing them thrive in a much better place. " she pointed at him and seethed before leaning back. " i am nothing like the demons in your closet, i am the light that you need inside of that closet. " 

Olivia watched him visibly go to another place and she narrowed her eyes and listened, she could sense the heartbreak and pain he lived through. His question burn her like a white hot branding iron and she swallowed. " yes... i have and i watched him die, bleed- i will never forget the life in his eyes slip away. As i won't forget the way he looked at me with love..." she nodded and picked at the table. Olivia dropped money on the table and followed after him just as quick with the aide of her valykr gifts. " hey!... finish that story.. i shared with you. A stranger to me. You know my life... give me yours... "

Roman sent his goons my friends to kill me " Rhydian closed his as he tried to remember * I don't recall much only this immense heat and Esmeralda she's dead at the feet of Roman " Rhydian opened his eyes * I awoke to a speech . from Roman before I was plunged into the sea " Rhydian stopped as he looked to her " the pain was unbearable but after I could do things I never imagined

I awoke in the motherland most of its a blur * Rhydian sat on a bench as he placed his elbow on his knee running his hand through his hair before sitting up looking towards the sky " we spent a lot of nights looking at the stars what life would be like " Rhydian rubbed his eyes as he knew it was getting near time to meditate as the lack of sleep began to show as he sighed * now and again I think I see her I think I hear her but its nothing but the wind or the sunlight.

in my " Rhydian stopped quick not wanting to mention his sleep * only peace I get is in meditation it calms my thoughts * Rhydian pulled a cigarette from his jacket placing it in his mouth as he patted for his lighter as he pulled it out lighting it quickly as he finds his flask with his free hand he offered Olivia the flask

Olivia brushed the hair away from her face as she stayed where she stood, watching the man before her with a concerned gaze, not daring to move until he showed some sort of sign that he was with her. When he spoke Olivia knew he was present and with that she didn’t speak a word only listened to him. Met his gaze each time he looked at her nodding slightly to let him know she was listening. Sitting down on a old chair Olivia frowned it wasn’t pity or anything of the sort, it was relation. She knew the feeling he was trying to convey because she endured the pain of watching someone you loved die before you at the hand of another. Olivia swallowed at the way he described death a feeling she was all to familiar with, blinking back tears afraid to show any emotion when this was about him and not her. Looking down she licked her lips and squeezed her eyes closed before clearing her throat.

Standing she joined him on the bench and rubbed her hands over her thighs, looking up as the day began to take over more and more, she glanced over at him. “ Listen I- I get it, all of it... I do, i watched chase die, I died that day. And now... I have this life... “ she sighed, watching him turn to a cigarette and alcohol before she stood and reached into her coat pocket. “ here, it’s my number... you use it when you want to okay? I’m not going to force you to come to the rec center but I think you can get some good from it...” she moved to stand in front of him and took the flask from him and replaced it with her card. “ this and that thing in your mouth aren’t the answer we both know it...”

Olivia opened the flask and took a whiff before shaking her head and was tempted to dump it. “ I should just dump this against your will...” taking a small sip while waving her finger at him. “ make you quit cold turkey... but that’s mean and I would know cause it was done to me, worst 72 hours of my life.” She laughed at the memory before handing the flask back and looking around at the city below watching it come to life. 

Rhydian chuckled as he . held the cigarette " those things will kill you ya know " just like Esmeralda he smirked as he closed his eyes as he extinguished the flame " only difference is Esmeralda would say that and then take it for her self to smoke as he took the card placing it in the pocket where he kept essential numbers Rhydian looked up at her as he saw her blinking Heavily " the trick is . to continue living how they want . you to even though they aren't here in person they are in your heart " Rhydian took the flask back as he took a swing before closing it up and placing it back in his pocket .

Rhydian . began to count on his fingers how long he had been drinking since Esmeralda's death but counting the decades in his head so she couldn't hear he was much older then he looks " well put it this way I've been. drinking along time and many have given up trying to stop me what makes you think you could stop me drinking " Rhydian knew this time of night it would start getting colder as he took off his jacket as placing it carefully around her " do you live close to the rec centre " Rhydian turned his head towards Olivia " its not safe this time of night and excellent job you didn't spill that scotch else you will owe me a bottle of 8o-year-old scotch and that's a new one " he looked out to the skyline " I'm frequently called an ice chicken


Olivia looked over at him from the corner of her eyes and shook her head as she huffed out some air, her hands being stuffed into the pockets of her jacket to keep them warm. " Yeah well you know what everything and everyone in this world can kill you so if we want to sit here in this whole cynical mood. Think about that.. " she turned and looked at him and narrowed her eyes before letting out a small amused chuckle. " See? You say things like that and yet you seem to not live up to it... " shaking her head she hummed while sitting on the edge of the roof. " You should really take your own advice you know.. "

Olivia tensed up at his kind gesture of giving her his coat, she simply glanced up at him and gave a little smile of appreciation." No, I live south of the city...I take the train as commute..." She brushed her hair out of her face and looked down letting out another famous light laugh. " Yeah well I am good at disappearing so even if I did toss it over the edge you couldn't find me.. " she smiled in a nonchalant manner and shrugged with a matter of fact attitude. " I can handle myself I am sort of a survivor so safety isn't a issue for me don't worry... you however? keep drinking so much scotch and your safety might be an issue.."

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