It had been a while now since Argent had moved out of the Ailward manor and into the dorms at the university, at first she had been uncertain about being away from her family but she had soothed herself in the knowledge that she could always come back and visit whenever she wanted. She honestly liked the independence and the sense of achievement she had from choosing something that was hers and exploring it. Studying fashion was interesting to her and it had allowed her to explore and create in a way she never thought was possible before, she felt like she was finally getting the resource to build a life of her own. 

Tonight however, she was back here at her room in the manor, laying on her back and staring up at the ceiling, she swore her mind liked to give up on her after the sun went down and she would just be lost in thoughts. The university had set them a big first semester project which needed to mix their elective with something ego friendly and beneficial to the community, it was part of the university programme to make the world a better place while also teaching their students to be savvy and resourceful but honestly, she was drawing a blank. For someone who tried to save the world she realized she knew very little about that side of it all. She had been doing research on her laptop for the past few hours but that seemed to only go so far when it came to inspiration.

At that moment though it came to mind that there was someone here in this manor who was far more experienced in caring for the world physically than she was. Her sister Aurantia was tasked with the balance of the elements in the world, all of which relied back on an eco-friendly world. She knew how badly she could be affected by pollution or deforestation because it hurt the elements which were core to the earth. With that, Argent checked the time, it was late but she hoped she wouldn't wake Tia up. She got to her feet, shuffling through the halls before she reached her sister's room and then knocked lightly on the door, it wasn't fully closed so her knock pushed it open and she peered inside "Aura...are you awake?" she spoke softly. 

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If there was one thing she had taken from this bond she had shared with her siblings for the best part of a millennium, it was that she could rely on them to understand and share her troubles. They weren’t the same people, they all had individual thoughts and worries, they lived different lives and they tried to be as individual as they could be while also serving the purpose they were brought back to earth. Argent tried to walk that line respectfully, she believed she was owed a second chance at her own happiness. Some of her other siblings disagreed and thought their sole purpose was to stay secluded from the world.

She liked to thing they could do some really good things with their immortality and their gifts, things that made the world better but in smaller, more intricate ways than their overall goals. She shuffled inside when Tia invited her in and before long she was sitting on the edge of the bed, making herself comfortable next to the younger redhead “I was hoping I could poke your brain for some ideas” she spoke softly she crossed her legs and laid back for a moment.

“For university...I have to come up with a project that promotes world protection while also incorporating fashion...I have a few ideas but...I mean I figured I had the literally world lifeforce protector here and I thought maybe you’d have...better ones” she nodded slightly “My first thought was trying to produce clothing which minimalized carbon sourced materials...non machine creation” she nodded thoughtfully “But I’m sure that has to have been done before” she looked over at her with wide eyes wondering what Tia would think.

Argent laughed and shrugged “Probably cause I try to be good at it...I swear my brain never wants to rest, it’s always for looking for the next and the next next thing to do” she was quite excitable and high energy which meant she didn’t often enjoy sitting still and doing nothing, she would even get bored halfway through movies if they didn’t have enough in them to hold her attention. That’s why she always seemed to be picking up something new to do, a new hobby, something to research, something to fix or improve.

“University is challenging...they want me to come up with things that are new...fresh...but as someone who has seen 1000 years go by, it’s very hard to create something unique” maybe she was being a little dramatic considering that if someone did it 500 years ago then she probably wasn’t going to get in trouble for doing something relatively similar. “So the most important way to help...said to find it more to speak” she responded thoughtfully, Aura did have a point, the best way to help the world and encourage a greener future was to get more people on board.

“You work so hard” Argent commented, noting that Aura was always trying to make the world a better place in small ways “So the storm victims need help with rebuilding their homes right? Surely there is something we could do to help them” their family was wealthy enough but they didn’t have money to be throwing around into every charity in the world. A lot of them helped out with their time instead, like volunteering or supporting community projects.

She raised her brows thoughtfully “ fact even some of my fellow students might be interested in helping...if we could make sure people don’t go cold of hungry...that would be even more important than the project itself” she was excited now because it gave the whole thing more meaning than just another assignment she needed to do “One problem though, I don’t really know any local artists” which meant they were going to need to do some research.

Tia was always more studious than Argent ever was so she wasn’t surprised the other girl was able to find things so quickly. Honestly it surprised her that her sister hadn’t enrolled in university herself because it seemed like something which would appeal to her. She pursed her lips as she looked over the screen “Wow...they seem really talented” she commented softly as she took out her phone and started to write down the contact emails for these artists. It was a good starting point and she liked the initiative it would show to do something real with this opportunity.

“It works two-fold, for one we do something good for people but also it helps these artists to get new fans...which will hopefully mean more people are interested in their work” it seemed like a good idea but it seemed like a big challenge too. She had limited means and sway which means she was going to need to rely on people’s good nature to pull it off and while Argent loved to see the best in people she was realistic enough to know most people wouldn’t do anything for free.

Argent pressed her lips together and smiled softly, leaning her head against Tia’s shoulder when she spoke about trying to help others “I think what matters is that you’re doing something, most people just...let the world spin by around them and it’s rare for people to...reach out and try and affect others” they were lucky enough to be able to do something meaningful with their time but she understood how hard it could be for the average human to split their focus between the life they were trying to build and making others better.

She smiled softly, Tia was pretty much a genius when it came to bringing people together and things were starting to tie together in her mind “Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you” she teased with a slight grin before she started jotting down some notes on her phone, there was suddenly so much work to do, from getting in touch with the charity involved to seeing if she could recruit the local artists and media to get involved and also finding models for the clothes “Oh it’s pretty exciting...there was so many ideas I can come up with...we could find a way to spin plastic into fibres and then use it to make fabric” she bit her lip thoughtfully, there was so much they could put together “Though I’ll have to do some research on how we can make fabric with minimal usage of friendly and all” she smiled softly “You should run a charity or something” she commented with a soft voice.

This city had been through a lot, anyone who he been here more than a few years knew that. But in time it had become their second home. The isle of skye would always be their first love but Evermore had become the shelter they needed after they lost their home and in time she had come to respect and appreciate the city at face value.

Argent had always been the more charismatic and loud one, she had an aura that drew other people in closer to her and she naturally knew what to say to others, Tia you could say was quieter but they reflected one another in different ways, where one lacked the other made up so to speak. That’s what made them a good team. “People are always looking for someone they can look up to, someone who shows them the path to be better” she nodded her head slightly “Like it or not, our job is to lead when it comes to all that” that was what they had been chosen as aspects for after all “Not everyone will follow...but even if only a few do, that’s better than none” you couldn’t win everyone over but you could try and the trying was what mattered in her mind.

She nodded thoughtfully when Tia talked about how when they first came to Evermore to diffuse the war they’d held gatherings in attempt to restore the peace. There had been a collaborative effort among the factions to protect the city they were from, regardless of who they were or what others had done to them “I remember those being tough times too...fights...disagreements...I mean one faction had to be ousted from the city because they couldn’t agree” the point she was making was that you couldn’t win every battle but you had to continue down the path anyway.

The city was under scary times again now, there was a threat out there which seemed to be biding their time and picky at unsteady foundations. She could see the tension in the way everyone held themselves because they honestly had no idea what they were up against “I think that would be nice...people could use something good” she nodded her head solemnly “There’s too much bad news...too much heartbreak” even the guards themselves had suffered huge losses since their home fell.

Argent liked to think that any combination of their sibling group could be a powerful team but there was something about her and Tia that just clicked, they were both the ones who were always full of bright ideas though Argent could be pretty hasty in the execution while Tia tended to be more reserved out of the two of them. “I like that analogy” she responded to the idea of sewing seeds out which would eventually grow and then be able to sow seeds of their own until there were so many flowers you couldn’t even count “Exactly...small...seemingly meaningless things can mean something once they come together” that had been their whole analogy.

Originally the Ailward cause for supernatural equality came from 8 people only, 8 people willing to die for what they believed in. People who were willing to die for what they believed in. Argent liked to believe even if they stayed dead, their cause would have lived on somehow in the hearts of those they inspired. “I like to think people will do good things when they are shown good things” it was just hard to get started which is why they were struggling to bring it all together right now.

Argent lit up the moment that Tia mentioned Christmas, breaking into a wide smile “No it’s perfect, the timing is good...everyone is in a better mood over Christmas...we could even tie in the whole clothing thing and donate them...make them warm and practical while still showcasing fashion” she nodded.

She laughed and nudged Tia when she groaned “It’s okay, let’s start by listing out all the people we need to contact and then we can half the call load and see what people say” it was a short deadline she would admit but Argent loved a challenge and this whole process made her feel very inspired to get out there and do something. Not just for university but because she hoped it would inspire many people.

Argent was quite a whimsical and positive person, she tried her best to stay above the path of negativity no matter how much she went through. It wasn’t always easy but she found comfort in knowing others looked to her to lead the way when it came to getting back on their feet and trying to push forward. For that reason she was always looking for the next thing she could occupy herself with, it meant she was always busy but she liked being busy because it left less time to be worrying or dwelling over everything she had went through.

She giggled and scrunched her nose playfully when Tia said she was simply sunshine “I try” she responded and shrugged slightly. She could understand why other people couldn’t be quite as positive as she was, it wasn’t easy when you lived forever and had seen so many bad things come and go. But they committed to bringing good things to the world and that was what she focused on “And we all know I’m the favorite” she jested with a smile.

She looked down at the list and nodded a few times as she read through the names “Hey I know this Caleb” she commented with a bright smile as she pointed out the name on the list. She had found him when he first came to the city and that had gone on a little journey around the city “I wonder how he’s doing” she pondered with a wistful smile, it was a reminder she should check in on some of the friends she had made in the city.

She practically lit up with excitement when Tia mentioned watching a movie and handed her a remote “Well you know it’s coming up to Christmas, that means it’s acceptable to watch Love, Actually right?” she grinned playfully, cheesy choice she knew but she had a soft spot for thag movie.

She laughed and scrunched her nose slightly “It’s a classic, I make sure to dig it out every year and watch it” she had a wry smile on her lips and shrugged, sure it was cheesy but most movies were around the holidays but at least it left you with a smile. Argent nodded when Tia spoke Caleb’s name “Yeah I met him when he first came to Evermore, he’d gotten himself lost” it had become quite the memorable adventure and they’d been friends since then.

She couldn’t help but beam when Aura confirmed she was indeed the favorite “Do you remember that time we were trying to convince people we were twins, wearing the same makeup and everything” they weren’t related but out of the whole of the Ailward Aspects they definitely looked the most alike. She couldn’t help but giggled when she mentioned the dukes “You’d think dating would have gotten easier with all the...freedom now in the world but instead everything just gets crazier” catfishing was even easier online.

Argent snuggled up into Tia’s shoulder as the movie began, honestly this beat sitting alone in her room and struggling her way through ideas, especially because there was little she could actually do to make progress right now. In the morning she could get to work but right now she was going to focus on being happy “Oh I love the little kid who learns to play the drums so he can confess to his crush” she responded and giggled slightly “Everyone loves a musician right?” she smiled softly.

She laughed under her breath and shook her head slightly “I think I’m swearing off boys for a while, they’re nothing but trouble” she commented pouting her lips slightly, you’d think living as long as she had, she’d be able to find a date eventually but she swore everyone she let herself fall for ended up either leaving or doing something else to hurt her. She sighed slightly “Mal doesn’t approve of anything, you can’t pay too much mind to what she says” she teased as she nudged against her.

Argent didn’t have a major preference for seasons but winter was definitely lower on the list if she had to make one, the days were shorter and cold, the sun barely made an appearance in the sky and when it did, it was usually clouded over and dull. She couldn’t even watch the sunset in the evenings. “Me too, nowadays you’re lucky if you get a text” she commented and chuckled, she could remember how much effort courting had been in the past, current society seemed lazy nowadays “No wonder she ends up falling for him” she commented and scrunched her nose “Plus I like him cause he’s a fellow redhead” she teased with a smile.

Argent pulled a face when Tia mentioned family sports and shook her head slightly “I swear I have never been so muddy in my life than when I agreed to play football with Deus” she swore her brother only made the games with the intention of annoying everyone. “Remember that time you actually managed to hit the ball but it got stuck on the top of the building and no one wanted to get it” she laughed shaking her head. She pressed her lips together when Tia asked her something she tried that didn’t go well “Ice skating...I swear people make it look so graceful and then there’s me scooting around on my butt half the time” she shook her head in amusement.

Her eyes widened when Aura pulled out some chocolate and she took it with a grin “I knew there was a reason I came to bother you” she commented and chuckled before popping it into her mouth. She was watching the movie, enjoying the cheesy charm it had “Do you have a movie you can watch over and over without ever getting tired of it?”

Argent raised her brow playfully when Tia offered for them to make a pact not to get involved in any romance which made her giggled “You realize this is basically like a bet of who is going to give in first right?” she laughed but nodded before raising her hands and with a playful look offered out her pinky towards her “It’s a deal” after everything with Donovan and things happening in Evermore it wasn’t exactly like she was putting finding a date on the top of her life.

She laughed and tilted her head slightly when Aura mentioned how she had kept trying to get the ball down from roof “That thing was really wedged in there” she laughed shaking her head because it was utterly hilarious that a bunch of dragons had been thwarted by a ball that wanted to defy them. “We used to have a lot of fun on those days though” she mused nodding her head slightly, she missed it sometimes, everything felt so much heavier lately.

She laughed when her sister expressed distaste for having to choose between every movie she had seen but smiled proudly when she choice a rom com as her pick “I love lighthearted movies like that” she responded and grinned slightly “It’s technically not a movie but I swear I have watched the Hamilton performance online like...30 times” she confessed with a guilty smile, she was a musical fan, sue her.

“Doesn’t feel as Christmassy this year” she commented in a soft voice as the story slowly unfolded, establishing relationships and conflicts between the characters.

Argent laughed raising her brows slightly, she didn’t plan on falling in love either but they both knew the aspect of light was the most likely to find someone, she had this natural draw that tended to make people flock to her and she found it hard to say no to opportunities “Well you know what I’m like” she teased with a laugh, running her hand through her curls and giving a shy smile. “You’re right, I feel like we got so caught up in everything that we forget how important the little things are, you know?” she nodded, she missed the times when it was just the eight of them and things were simpler sometimes.

She giggled at the thought of Tia singing in public, she’d heard her sing and she had a nice voice but neither of them were musical theatre potential “It’s gotta be a really hard be able to belt out all those notes on the stage time after time...people are gonna hear if you mess it up” a recorded performance or a film were different because you could redo it but the live performances, they really amazed her “I like that the methods of storytelling have lived on...with all the new technological advances in the world...I’m glad something real is still here, you know” she remembered a time when theatre was only for men and performances were outdoors.

She laughed and pressed her lips together “You’d think for a bunch of people so old there would have been more weddings” but she supposed their immortality made them cynical “There was Aureus but his wedding was pretty understated” much like their brother was she supposed “But you’re seems pretty expensive for what it is but I imagine it’s easy to get yourself wrapped up in it all...for humans it’s usually a one-time special experience” she nodded thoughtfully thinking of her own wedding back in the past “And then there’s me, made to marry a man I didn’t even love” she commented biting softly on her lip.

Argent pursed her lips at the thought of the world being divided “At least the world seems to have cleared a way for people to fight for what they believe in, that’s important” she commented thoughtfully, yes the world was sensitive right now but she also remembered a time where a woman couldn’t even decide who she wanted to marry.

Argent had many sad love stories in her past, it was a wonder that she managed to find room in her heart to love again but somehow she always managed it. People were her catalyst and she honestly enjoyed being around them. Whenever she was stuck with something or stressed she wasn’t the type to run off and be alone, she was the type to seek out someone she knew could help her, much like tonight. She giggled slightly when Tia said she was a catch “Why thank you” she responded and leaned in a little closer so her sister wouldn’t tug her hair as she braided “You are does the world not see how smart you are” she pouted her lips slightly because it seemed unfair.

She nodded in agreement that their sense of duty often seemed to separate them from the world and make things complicated “It’s not our job to decide how fate plays out, only if anything to ensure it unfolds out they see fit” she nodded sadly, it could feel futile at times for those reasons “There’s a sense of beauty in that though, like hope, it never really dies out” there would always be people hoping for better future, much like they did when they first came to be.

She giggled when Aura finished the braid, bringing her hand to run over it slowly and twirl it around her fingers “I don’t think we’re immune but...maybe it’s just not in the cards for us...maybe we’re not supposed to get distracted from the task at hand” though that seemed sad to her because honestly, Argent wanted to find happiness.

Her expression softened when Tia said she would forgive her parents for what they did if she had one chance to change things “I would have gone with Raven on that last mission...I know I probably couldn’t have done anything to change her fate least she wouldn’t have been alone” she teared up a little and reached up to wipe a tear “We have too many sad stories” she commented with a soft sigh.

Argent smiled softly back at Aura when she reached to wipe her tears “Doesn’t stop us wishing we could though” she gave a slightly sad look and nodded slightly, Tia was right, they couldn’t save everyone and trying to only ended up making them feel hopeless.She nodded slightly when her sister said not every story was going to be sad “’s my birthday soon and we can’t possibly be sad for that” she grinned slightly, despite having so many birthdays she still enjoyed celebrating hers.

She nodded slightly “Everyone thinks they’re right even when they’re not” she commented in a soft voice “Even this far along the line we still have to fight to have our voices hear huh?” she pressed her lips together in thought. “Maybe” she spoke in a soft voice, the elder aspect had always seen strange things happening in the world, it had been the reason she had left to seek out people like herself, those who sought a better, more equal future. “The duelling was kinda fun though” she commented with a pout before snuggling down into the covers and leaning against the pillow.

“I’ll probably be up by sunrise” she commented and yawned slightly “I like to watch the light as it rises over the horizon” which meant a long sleep wasn’t exactly in the cards for her but that was okay, Tia had given her plenty to think about when it came to the project and what they could do to help this city, she liked the prospect of having a project to work on.

Before long she had made herself comfortable next to her, her eyes closing as she shallowed her breathing “Don’t go anywhere okay” she spoke softly as she leaned against her and smiled, she was lucky to have such good people in her life.

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