It had been an interesting last few weeks in the manor, in the midst of everything they were doing to investigate the weird happenings in the city, the last thing she expected was for a whole new faction of people to show up on their doorstep and yet that was the reality they faced. Not that she minded the company but it was a lot to wrap your mind around, a species who lived in the boundary between alive and dead, helping to better the world in small ways and prevent others from becoming stuck in the void.

Because the manor wasn't big enough to hold the entire faction she had been rooming with one of the Aurazin for a while and gotten to know her, Argent made friends fast and tended to like everyone so she quite enjoyed sharing her space with someone else for a while. She enjoyed listening to stories about their kind and the lives they had led up til then. Argent wanted to be able to help them find a way back to their home but it proved to be easier said than done, whatever magic had been used to close the door to the veil was very powerful and dark, so much so that the very thought of it made the aspect of light uncomfortable.

While they were waiting for some kind of solution though, they had decided the aurazin needed a place of their own to live which sadly meant Argent no longer had her roommate Maddison. The other girl had been slowly moving her things between the two places bit by bit. Now there were only a few things left so Argent had decided to help her out and packed up the remaining things into a box before taking it to her car and driving over to the shortgrass prairies. She hadn't been here before but she'd been given the address by Lucien. She raised her brows curiously as she got out of her car, retrieved the box and headed up to the door to knock on it. 

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Since being cast out of the veil, Maddison had been trying to adjust to life on earth again. In the last 7 years, she had really only known the other Aurazin’s. Besides her baby brother, they became her family. She didn’t particularly trust easy; not after everything her physco ex husband had put her through. So forming any sort of deep attachments to people, and inviting those people into her inner circle; just didn’t come to her quickly. The Aspect of Light, Argent; was one of the first few people that Maddison had let in, since being in Evermore.

Maddie felt grateful that Argent and her family were trying to help find the Aurazin’s a way back to their own home. But so far, it seemed like no one was having any luck. She had only briefly heard about the strange happenings in Evermore, from Argent herself...and from the news. Something was throwing everything out of balance, but what? For the first few weeks, that the Aurazins lived at the Ailward Manor, It was quite nice for Maddison to have a room-mate.  The Aspect of Light, always seemed so bubbly, always smiling and compassionate; in some ways, it reminded her of her younger self; before her trust issues arose. The two girls had bonded nicely so far. If Maddie needed anything,she was sure she could rely on Argent for help and advice.

After the Aurazin’s had moved into the large cabin in the prairies; Maddison had her own space. Her own room. And the fact, she and her baby brother were living under the same roof again, was something to get used to. He liked to sleep in lately. It seemed like he was taking advantage of the need to sleep. But being older, she found it a bit lazy, on her account.

That morning, Maddison had gone into the city; getting some decorating material. Her own room needed a personal touch. So what better way, then some fresh paint and wallpaper? Maybe she was under-estimating how hard it would be decorating her own room; having not decorated a room in over 7 years. So she had forgotten the hassle of it all.

So far, it was a bit of a chaos. Somehow, Maddison ended up with paint in her hair and clothes. And bits of wallpaper stuck to her clothes.She probably looked like a walking decorating disaster. Yep, she needed some help. From her bedroom window, she saw a familiar car pulling up. Maddison wasn’t expecting Argent to come for a visit. But it was a nice surprise. Heading out of her bedroom and downstairs, to open the door. Maddie greeted the red-head with a soft smile. “Argent, what a nice surprise, come on in.” she ushered the Aspect of Light, inside.

When she turned to close the door behind them, Maddison saw her dishevelled appearance in the hallway mirror. Half scaring herself. “Note to self...decorating a bedroom, not my finest skill apparently.” she laughed at herself. “As you can see, I am having a bit of a decorating crisis.” She told her former room-mate. 

Argent was good at adapting and she had experienced so many different phases of the life the Ailward’s lived, while others might get stuck in their ways but she tended to be the one always embracing what was new. She had thrown into research, though she never even knew the Aurazin existed before a few weeks ago, one of those things Ven needed to keep to himself to protect the balance and all.

They had the guards investigating the spots where the aurazin had first appeared when the veil had closed but so far that had turned up little more than traces of dark magic. That was enough to suggest that whatever happened was done by manipulation intentionally but it spoke very little more than that, they didn’t know who, they didn’t know why and probably more importantly, they didn’t know how to undo whatever had been done. Slow progress.

She couldn’t control much of that, but what she could control was their experience here, some of the Aurazin hadn’t been on earth in a long time so she spent a lot of her time trying to catch them up with new technology and ways of life. Others just seemed to want to talk a lot and have company, she supposed it could get tiring talking to the same people every day in the veil. When she opened the door, Argent peered at her from around the box she was holding, wiggling her fingers in a half effort of a wave “You forgot a few things in the room, I had a free afternoon so I figured…” she stopped mid-sentence because she noticed that Maddison was covered in paint and wallpaper “Did a decorating store puke on you?” she raised her brows.

She laughed under her breath when she said she was having a decorating crisis, the redhead stepped inside and set down the box before hesitantly reaching out to pluck a stray piece of wallpaper off of her shoulder “You realize this is supposed to go on the walls right?” she giggled under her breath and smiled “Looking to freshen the place up a little?” she looked around for a moment taking in the layout of the cabin and how it seemed quite dark and dreary, Maddie wasn’t wrong in thinking some decorating would spruce it up a little.

Without another thought Argent rolled up her sleeves and grinned slightly “Alright, put me to work, tell me your vision and we shall see what reality we can make between us” she wasn’t wearing painting clothes but she didn’t mind much, she had more clothes at home, when Argent saw a project she found it almost impossible to let it go until she had seen it to completion and this was no different.

The Auzarin’s cheeks turned slightly pink, from embarrassment upon registering Argents expression and how messy she indeed looked. As the Aspect teased her, Maddie let out a laugh. “You try, putting up a wall-paper on your own; when you’ve haven’t decorated in….well a long while.” Not the best come-back, but it was the best she got.  The last time, Maddie had decorated a room, let alone trying to decorate a house, was at least over 8 years ago, if not more. 7 of those years, she was dead and living in the veil. Maddison felt like she needed more than two pairs of hands, to try and sure; they would keep up and stick. The Aurazin nodded. “Yeah, I started with my it looked plain. But the rest of the cabin could use some more warmth and light to it too.” In all honesty; Maddison needed something to keep herself occupied, at home. So she thought decorating the cabin would be one way to do it.

“Thanks for bringing the rest of my stuff.” Maddie said softly; when she noticed some of her things poking from the box, Argent set down. She would have to unpack that stuff later.

As Argent rolled up her sleeves; Maddison glanced towards her outfit. “Are you sure? You look so nice.” At least, Maddison was wearing an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt, so she wasn’t so bothered about getting dirty. But since her friend was insisting on helping; she didn’t mind. “There’s more paint and brushes in that cupboard over there.” she gestured to one of the doors; which led into a big closet of cleaning stuff and domestic appliances to keep the house tidy. 

“I was thinking something classy, yet modern for the cabin would suit.” After all, some of the Aurazins were quite old; so they were used to a more olden style of things. “I have different sets of wallpapers for the hallway and was thinking of having one wall in the living room, just wall-paper. Then rest paint, to make the area more light and open.” The darkness of the cabin made the space in the living room feel more crowded and didn’t go with the nice furniture. 

She walked over to the door herself, to show Argent what sort of paints she had brought. Large tubs of paint, hidden in the storage area. “I thought a selection of these would go nicely, in the cabin. It’s just a matter of trying to find, which paint would suit which room the best.” Looking at the red-head female, waiting to hear some input from Argent.

She laughed under her breath, Argent had done a fair bit of decorating in the castle when they had first come to Evermore, mostly because it helped to distract her from the fact they had lost so many people and couldn’t return to their home, she had enjoyed picking out all the colors and then just working away one room at a time, you could have music on and there was always more to do so it felt like the perfect task “Hmm...yeah the stuff does like to roll itself back up mid-application” she responded with a soft laugh. “Decorating kinda helps to make it feel real huh?” she imagined it could be tough for the Aurazin to process their new reality after all.

“No worries, I kept waiting for you to come to get it and then I realized you probably forgot about it, busy with the move and decorating it seems” she looked around for a moment taking in the space and the vibe of everything, the place did seem kind of empty right now but she knew with time it would fill with stuff and before long it would feel much more like home. “Oh don’t worry, I have far too many clothes, I can sacrifice one outfit” she laughed under her breath, she was sure Maddie remembered from rooming with her that she had an entire walk-in closet connected to her room and even that was running out of space slowly.

She headed over to the cupboard and grabbed out a roller and a brush she could use while she was helping, she glanced over to her when she was talking about what kind of look she was going for, the redhead nodding a few times in thought as she considered what it might look like when the walls were a completely different color “Something warm would know a lively tone with a pop of color but nothing too crazy” no one wanted their walls neon green or anything crazy like that she was sure. Argent studied the wallpaper she had chosen and nodded, grabbing one of the more rosy colored paints to show.

The wallpaper is quite plain and delicate so I think this one would compliment it well and make the room feel lighter, right now a lot of the color tones were quite dark and dull and it set a certain mood in the place which didn’t quite match what she thought Maddie was hoping for. “I guess we should start with the wallpaper walls, since you probably need someone else to help you keep it straight” or from sticking to her it seemed.

Back in her mortal days; Maddison had liked decorating. It helped her relieve any pent up stress. She always seemed to have a good eye for color and combinations. But since being Dead; it has been a bit of an effort trying to rediscover that talent. “Yeah, it’s like it’s got a mind of its own.” Maddison laughed, thinking about the trickiness of handling wallpaper.  Argent hit the nail on the head, with that comment. Nodding in agreement. “Just makes me realise how much I lost touch with, being dead and all.” But it was a challenge, trying to learn a few things over again. Though, she supposed for someone who was dead much longer than she was; it would be much harder.

“I was meaning to drop by the manner, and visit you all; and pick up my things, but yeah. Time ran a little away from me, with the move, decorating and finding myself a job.” Maddison admitted. If Argent didn’t bring her whatever belongings she forgot back at the Ailwards, who knows how long it would have been, till Maddie’s visit. But Luckily Argent was a good friend, so she came here instead. “You have your own mini shop of clothes.” The Aurazin teased, remembering how much clothes Argent had in her walk-in closet. So the Aspect probably was fine, with getting one outfit a bit messy, due to decorating.

Maddison prepped what they would need for putting up the wallpaper on the walls. It seemed like Argent had a good idea, what vision Maddison was trying to achieve. “Yeah, I don’t want it to be too overly bright,but bright enough that it looks tasteful.” She had seen a few decorating disasters where colors were too bright, or did not match what people were going for. It was chaos.

The Aurazin nodded. “If you want some coffee, whilst we work. Help yourself...there’s a fresh batch in the kitchen.” Maddie offered, knowing the two would need to keep up their energy. Maddison looked at the walls. “Let’s start with the hallway.” Since the hallway was a main wallpaper zone, and they were standing here right now, it was as good a place as any to start. Getting out the wall paper knife and a long ruler. Maddison began to measure out the pieces of wall-paper; so it would fit on the wall. This was one of the more tedious bits of using wallpaper. Getting all the measurements right, before applying it to the wall.

“How’s everything at the Mansion, since we’ve moved out?” Maddison asked, curious. It was probably a bit more quieter for the Aspects and Guards, with the Aurazins living here.

She couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of wallpaper having a mind of its own and staging an uprising because it didn’t want to sit right on the walls but her words about feeling out of touch because she died made Argent go quiet for a moment and then grimace slightly “Well then there’s plenty for you to get to experience and learn now you’re here, right?” Argent didn’t see the point in dwelling on the past and staying wrapped up in bad memories and so she tried to find the light in everything, which was probably ironically why they chose her particular element for her.

“Oh for sure, take it from someone who moved from a home that was destroyed to a brand new city, it’s definitely crazy” you could say their situation was pretty similar in some respects but in others she was sure it was entirely different “I’m sure it has been challenging to get into a new routine, considering you now need to figure out where to fit sleeping and eating into everything” she remembered finding it strange that Aurazin didn’t need to rest at all in the veil and she noticed the way they had all seemed to struggle with finding a new rhythm.

“Yeah...I really need to get out and donate some of the ones I haven’t worn” she tended to enjoy spending her free time shopping and it wasn’t like she could come back empty-handed, usually she picked something she had ideas about what to wear but the more new things she got the more old ones no longer got to see the light of day. She nodded slightly as she inspected the wallpaper, she liked the pattern she had chosen for it and it clearly matched with the general color scheme she was going for in the hallway “Something to make it feel less...dark” she nodded slightly, the walls were currently pretty dark which made the cabin look quite gloomy.

“Ooooh you know I never say no to coffee” she responded, essentially being a whirlwind of red hair as she headed into the kitchen and located the pot of coffee before pouring some out into one of the mugs from up on the shelf, she was sipping it by the time she came back into the hallway and she set it down on the little table near the entrance. While Maddie was measuring out the wallpaper sheets, Argent read through the instructions on how to correctly mix the right consistency of paste and then started working on making a batch “Busy, we’re still trying to get some kind of clue when it comes to the magic used to close the doors to the veils but so far all we know is that it’s really dark magic which fights us back every time we try to look deeper” which meant that it was definitely something related to the dark magic they had already seen spreading in Evermore.

The Aurazin noticed Argent’s grimace, from the corner of her eyes. But the Aspect of Light, had a point.”That’s true, I guess le-learning how to eat and sleep wasn't exactly on my to-do list, a few months ago.” But, she couldn’t complain. Maddison had actually missed food. But her brother tempting her with sugary treats, wasn’t a win win situation, as sugar tended to make her kind weaker; no matter how good it tasted. If she didn’t find things to keep herself busy and occupied with, bad memories would linger in her mind. Hence, why she always liked to do something, to take her mind off of it. Maddison didn’t like to linger on her tragic past; even if some bad memories always creeped back into her thoughts; especially at night.

She could only hope that nothing had actually destroyed the Veil. As some of their kind was still stuck there, with no way to communicate between the worlds. “How long, did it take you to settle in Evermore?” she asked gently. Maddison knew a little bit about the Isle of Skye, from Argent’s stories of her their former home. But she was always careful in asking questions; not wanting to stir up bad memories for the Aspect. “Yeah, for a while, I think everyone just felt lost and confused about our purpose, now that we can’t return to the veil, or save souls from the void.” It made a lot of them question their purpose as an Aurazin, not being able to do their job; especially the Shepherds.”I think for me, sleeping has been one of the few things, I struggled with at first. I haven’t slept in like 7 years, so finding a new sleeping schedule has been interesting. But I have always been one to keep busy, so I suppose working at the gift shop, has given me some stability, now living in Evermore.” Maddison knew, it surprised anyone who knew of her past career as a nurse and 9-1-1 responder. But she had needed a change.

Maddison was sure,some charity shops would be more than willing to take Argents clothes that she no longer wore. At least, they’d go to a good cause. “That’s not a bad idea. Charity shops always take more things.” She had a few customers try to donate, some things at the gift shop she worked at; as they had mistaken it for a charity shop. So Maddison had to point them in the right direction, having seen a few charity shops near where she worked.

A light giggle escaped her, as Argent practically ran into the kitchen for coffee. And to think, Maddison always thought her brother was like that, when it came to coffee. “Oh, I do remember your love for coffee.” A coffee was a must, even for Maddison, on a long day. By the time, Argent returned with her coffee. Maddison was making some progress with the measuring. Leaving the measured and cut pieces of wallpaper on one pile. “If it’s as bad as the chaos I keep hearing about on the news; then it really sounds stressful.” Maddie spoke, as she glanced over at Argent. Wondering what sort of dark magic was behind all of this. “Not to mention dangerous.” Until Maddison had died; she had been oblivious to the supernatural world. Not much of a believer really. So it was still taking her some time to adjust, with so many supernaturals in the city, and hearing about dark magic causing havoc. After all the wallpaper was measured out; they were all set to start, putting it onto the walls. “For the sake of everyone, I just hope whatever dark magic is messing with everything, that no one gets seriously hurt.” It was why Maddison had worried, when her brother had been missing for a few weeks; being stuck in England, trying to find his way to Evermore. Maddison feared something bad had happened to him.

“How’s the glue coming along?” Maddison knew it took a while to mix together. The smell always makes her nose itch.

She nodded slightly, the experience of being an Aurazin seemed to be completely unlike any other supernatural species, they quite literally were from a different realm and being on earth probably felt somewhat like a vacation and also foreign to them. She was sure they wanted answers about why the door was locked and no doubt wanted to return to the place they belonged “Must be strange for you being back here and not having any idea what’s going on there” she spoke it softly and empathetically, she couldn’t imagine how hard that was to process. “A few months to feel like things weren’t completely insane but” she shrugged slightly as she thought about it “You never really forget the place you called home for so long and I think there’s always going to be a part of me that misses it” but she couldn’t go back, there was nothing to return to.

She nodded thoughtfully “I definitely don’t do well with sleeping, whenever there is light my body seems to just naturally wake up, probably something to do with the turtle” she pressed her lips together for a moment “Stability is good, though it must be weird to be living a human life” but then they didn’t have many other choices, they couldn’t go back to the way things were until they managed to unlock the door to the veil. If it was even still there. “Yeah, I think I saw an animal rescue store that was looking for donations, I’ll have to have a sort through and decide what I can part with” she gave a dramatic sigh, that was easier said than done for her because she was somewhat of a fashionista and every time she tried to get rid of something she would come up with an idea of an outfit it could be used in.

“Anyone who doesn’t love coffee either gets caffeine another way or is lying to themselves” she responded as she looked up from taking a long sip from the mug, it had taken her a while to get used to the bitter taste of it but now she had, she couldn’t get enough of it. Though she did prefer it when it was full of cream like they did in the fancy coffee shops “Stressful is my life, I don’t even question it anymore” there was never really a break for the aspects and she supposed she should be glad about that in some ways because if they weren’t needed anymore then it would be time for them to retire “But someone has to figure out what’s happening before more people get hurt” and if her people couldn’t do so then she wasn’t sure that anyone could honestly.

She grimaced slightly when Maddison expressed her hopes that no one else would get hurt “Me too” she spoke softly, they had lost too many people and experienced too much grief and she just needed it to end. All she wished for was that things could go back to a place where their priority was hunting down rogues and bringing them in to face justice, it felt much easier than trying to face up against this unknown threat. She had just about finished mixing up the paste and it seemed to have turned out okay. She glanced up to Maddie and smiled “Only one way to find out” she responded as she reached for one of the wallpaper strips she had measured out and then started applying a thin layer of the paste equally over the back, when she was done she went to lift one end “Okay if you grab the other end we’ll try putting it onto the wall” she guided it slowly towards the spot they needed it to go.

“It’s weird. I only been dead 7 years, but feel like the world has changed in that time. I can’t even imagine how it must be for the other Aurazin, who’ve been dead far longer.” Even if they visited Earth on missions, it wasn’t exactly the same, as now they were stuck here...maybe permanently. But Maddison coped how she always did. Keeping herself busy and trying to find a sense of purpose.  “Maybe everyone getting a fresh start, is a good thing.” Something good had to come out of this, surely? At least, she’d like to think so. Maddison felt the same way about the Veil. Hopefully the darkness wouldn’t destroy it. One could hope.

Nodding at what Argent said about sleep. “Funny, I am trying to get my body into a somewhat natural sleep brother on the other hand...could sleep the centuries away, if no one wakes him up.” Laughing at the sheer contrast. Much like when he was human. Maddison or their parents had to rouse him, awake. Almost like they were reliving their past to a degree, with old habits returning. Nodding at what Argent said, about the pet shelter. “I am sure, they’ll make something for the pets with old clothes.” Probably some sort of blankets and coats for the pets to help keep warm. Giggling at her very dramatic sigh, that followed.

She knew how much her brother loved coffee. It was his weakness. Maddison had a habit of using it as a bribe. He  in turn used baked goodies as a way to bribe her back. Sibling love, huh?  “I suppose that's a correct statement of the century.” she agreed. Sipping on her own coffee, that was cooler;having been left out between her working on things. Maddison wished there was something she could do, to make the job on the Ailwards bit easier. But no one knew any wiser, than the Ailwards about the situation. Everyone was a loss when it came to answers. “I am sure you guys, will figure it out sooner or later.” Hopefully. Keeping optimistic might help, right?

Letting Argent apply the paste to the wallpaper, Maddison just hoped that they wouldn’t end up sticking themselves to the wall. “Hopefully, we won’t get stuck with it.” she joked. Carefully lifting the other end. The girls carefully guided both ends of the wallpaper against the right spot. Applying pressure onto the wallpaper, carefully. To help it stick against the wall. With joined effort, the first one was slowly starting to stick to the wall, with a rather tight grip too. Doing this in two was much easier than one. And one by one, they carried on with the other pieces of wallpaper. Making sure to keep it even as possible.

She nodded thoughtfully, she was sure there was a sense of displacement for all of them given that the world they knew would have changed, even in a short time “With the modern technology nowadays, it’s very easy to get left behind, even within a year” she nodded slightly, she constantly had to keep watch of what was happening in the world in order to ensure she could remain hidden. “Something about this doesn’t seem like it’s a good thing to me” she confessed and shrugged, Argent was usually an optimist but it didn’t take a genius to realize that the Aurazin being here couldn’t have been an accident “Don’t lose that hope though, you’re going to need it I’m sure” she nodded a few times.

She raised her brows a little when she spoke about her brother being able to sleep so easily “I feel like I might need to bribe him for his secrets” she admitted with a chuckle, she knew that aurazin didn’t need to sleep in the veil so she was sure it was strange to suddenly be limited to a much more human routine and experiencing fatigue. She nodded slightly when she said they would probably be able to repurpose her old clothes into things for the pets, otherwise she was sure they could sell them on for a small profit and use that to feed the animals or buy them toys “Hopefully, seems like a waste to have so many things tucked in my closet just wasting away you know?” given how long she lived she did tend to go through a lot of material things.

She laughed as she took a long drink of her coffee, it was nice to be able to have somewhat normal friends who she could come visit and spend time with, it felt like for so long she had been limited to the isle and the guards who lived there and while she loved them all and saw them as her family, it did feel like an element of normality had been missing from her life for a while now. She nodded when she expressed her optimism for finding the cause of what happened too “Me too, I don’t need more things that happen to give me the heebie-jeebies” she responding laughing as she made a somewhat dramatic shiver. They had managed to figure out everything that happened before today, there was nothing to say they wouldn’t do that again right?

She shook her head slightly when Maddison joked about getting stuck to the wall “Don’t say that! Knowing me it’ll actually happen” she giggled as they guided the wallpaper towards the wall and pushed it down against the surface and then when it was holding she slowly backed away to get a flat applicator so that she could smooth out any of the bubbles “This design is really nice” she commented looking at it now on the wall and imaging how it would look once they manage to cover all the empty space. Before long they were getting the next piece and laying it out “This is strangely therapeutic” she commented with an amused shake of her head “Do you have any other future plans for the place? Seems like you’re planning to put some roots down here after all” she nodded thoughtfully.

Argent always seemed like such a ray of sun-shine. Even in dark moments of stress and chaos. Smiling softly at her assurance, that she’d need to keep positive. “I have a tendency of worrying myself sick...but I’ll try.” For a long while, Maddie didn’t have it in her to be positive, when she was still human; especially after what Dante put her through. So distraction and worrying had been her only techniques. But her brother brought her back, to the lighter side of things. He was always more care-free, than she was. But here’s too hoping, that the Ailwards along with Lucian, might figure out, what was going on, soon enough.

Maddie lightly laughed, shaking her head. “Hudson always claims, it’s because he needs to catch up on years of lost sleep.” She told her. Or her brother’s old lazy tendencies were coming back, now that they were back on Earth. “To be honest, the first time he used that excuse since being here...I was tempted to tell him ‘Sleep when you’re dead.’ but then that realisation hit me...that we are that’d be a pointless comment.” Either way, her brother slept more than she did. Maddison tried to have a normal sleeping routine...and not be in bed all hours of the day, like her brother seemed to enjoy. She could imagine how much clothes Argent had, she only seen a small glimpse of her closet, and just by how big it was...she could imagine it wasn’t the half of it. “I am sure, charities would make good use of it. Especially if it’s something you don’t wear anymore.” she said with a light smile.

Maddison could relate, she had seen a few things that made her stomach twist and churn, back in her human days. So she understood where Argent was coming from. The world was a dark place, when things; bad things happened. But they were still trying to live on, move past them to a degree. As much as possible. “I don’t think anyone wants to experience heebie-jeebie things.” she laughed. Taking a few more sips of her coffee, before she set the cup down again.

Getting stuck to the wall, would be rather amusing. But would defeat the purpose of redecorating the cabin. “Fingers crossed, it won’t.” But she’d tried not to jinx it. “I’ve always liked decorating back in the olden days. Even how messy it gets.” Maddie commented. Smiling when they got the first piece of wall-paper onto the wall successfully. “Thank you...I thought it’d look good here, make it look more warm and open.” That’s why she felt for the color and design. God knows, that it needed to look good, if they’d live here for a long while. “I am not sure. I know Ommin always speaks of making a garden, so we could be a bit self-sufficient.” Maddison spoke, as she put on more glue onto the new piece of wall-paper. Before working with Argent, to stick the next piece on. “I think Lucien is hoping that most of us find some jobs to keep us going, along with keeping up with our Empath duties.” Kind of made it bit easier, that they were on earth; to help those in need.

The redhead nodded in understanding, she definitely recognized the feeling of everything going wrong around you and wondering if things would ever change “Good” she smiled and nodded her head slightly “Despite some people’s belief, nothing good ever really comes from negativity” hate breeds hate and all that, sometimes wishful thinking was what everyone needed to keep their heads above water. She had to laugh at the way Maddison talked about her brother and his love for sleep “Well I guess the real term would be to sleep while you’re alive” she commented and shook her head in amusement, how strange must the life of an aurazin be, she pondered in her head for a moment.

“Must be strange for you, having no idea how long you’re going to be here” she didn’t want to suggest that they might not ever be able to go back but she also recognized that was a real possibility. No one had come through from the realm since it had thrown half of them out, which meant the door was either stuck or destroyed. Sure they could hope for the former option but she also knew it was quite possible that the latter was the case. She pulled a face when Maddie responded how no one wanted to experience the dark magic “And yes somehow we keep getting thrown into the middle of it” Argent kinda signed up for it by becoming an aspect but she was sure the aurazin didn’t specifically choose to go through the things they did and they certainly didn’t want to be thrown out of the place they call home.

She laughed and gave a sheepish smile in agreement when she expressed her hope that Argent wouldn’t get herself stuck to the world “You’d think for someone who has lived as long as I have, I’d be less prone to being clumsy by now” she shocked her head in amusement, it wasn’t the way things worked she was afraid, once a kluz always a klutz. “The mess is always worth the end result and you can always come back and see everything you’ve done when you need a reminder” she nodded, that was one of the reasons she wanted to have her own place one day, so she could decorate it the way she liked and call it hers entirely. Still, that seemed like a bit of a pipe dream for an aspect. She started smoothing down the first piece of wallpaper with the tool while she listened to Maddie talk about her plans for the place.

“A garden would be nice, I love doing research on flowers and all the things they mean” plus it was more beautiful to have a bunch of flowers in your garden rather than killing them just to enjoy them for a few days in a vase “Sounds hard” she commented thoughtfully “You’d think it was easy to get a job in this world but so much of it requires of years of studying, not to mention how crazy the expectations can be” she shook her head. Argent had actually enrolled herself in Evermore University for that exact reason. Something she’d never gotten the chance to do in the past, she was actually quite excited.

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