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Heartaches and Massacres (Venetus and Leona)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro Apr 15, 2021. 1 Reply

Pulling up in front of the warehouse, Venetus got out of his rented black…Continue

★ Gone Dark [Open to all Ailward Guards and Aspects]

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"Here's what I don't understand." Venetus finally spoke as one of the members of the rescue team…Continue


Work In Progress

Age of Appearance: 30 | Date of Birth: 4th September, 725 AD | Actual Age: 1292 

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Born: Present North-Western America 

Nickname/Alias: Too many over the years |  Residence: Ailward Manor

Sexuality: Heterosexual | Gender: Male | Relationship Status: Single

Former Species: Lycanthrope |  Status: Immortal | Current Species: Aspect of Realms

Occupation: Ailward Council Leader and Ambassador

Faceclaim: Ian Somerhalder

Height: 5'10" feet (1.77m) | Build: Tall, muscular and athletic | Weight: 156lbs

Hair colour: Dark brown | Eye colour: Bold icy blue 

Ethnicity: English, Cajun, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Distinguishing marks: Scars from his werewolf days | Tattoo

Venetus Braithwaite was born a lycanthrope to a pack in north-west America, he was raised within the pack as an equal and he cherished and cared for his family deeply, he had a kind mother and 2 beautiful sisters and his childhood was fairly carefree.  Venetus’ father had always been distant from the family directly, he was their pack leader which meant that his duties to the pack tended to take precedence over his family commitments but more than that, Venetus felt that his father never really cared for him, not like he did for his two sisters. It wasn’t until Venetus turned 23 that he would discover the truth.

Venetus had been a member of the pack for the entire of his life; it was all he had ever known and understood, he cared for his pack and wanted nothing more than to take the role of alpha but upon breaching the discussion with his father he was met with distaste and cruelty. “You will never be fit to stand as alpha, you’re nothing but a half breed waste of space” his father had spat in the young man’s face and in that moment the truth sank in, the man standing before him had never been his father, his mother had been unfaithful and the reason his father had never tried to bond with him was because he wasn’t his. Hurt Venetus yelled at the man before him, demanding for answers, why he had been lied to and deceived and in a moment of blind rage he raised a hand to his pack leader.

Venetus’ act of aggression was taken as a challenge for the role of the alpha within the pack and Venetus knew what that would mean, it would mean a fight to the death. Faced with the man who had raised him, Venetus began to fight. Ven was young and strong and it didn’t take him long to gain the upper hand on the other male and before long he had him down on his back with victory in sight, but as Ven looked down at the man who had lead him for every single year of his life, he hesitated, he had never wanted to take the life of another, especially someone who he had looked up to his entire life. His pack however branded him a coward, unable to lead them and no longer fit to stay a member of their group.

After this Venetus was ousted from his pack and left in solitary, he was forced to cut connections with his family and those he had cared for all of his life and he was left alone in the world to fend for himself. Venetus however was strong, he wouldn’t let the intolerance of others be the death of him and he held onto a new hope. With that he travelled across the country alone searching for others like him, those who had been ousted from their homes and needed a place to belong and upon eventually bringing together a group of 7 like him he created a group named the Ailwards (Protectors), devoted to making the future one where everyone had a place where they belonged, a place to call their home.

With time the Ailward group gained a large following, all those who had been searching for a day where it didn’t matter what species, gender, age or status you were followed the group and they soon became a well talked about name. To some the group was considered rebellious and unruly but most who felt this actually felt envy towards the group. None more than a king named Mitus whom saw many of his subjects in his kingdom turning to the Ailwards rather than him for loyalty. Mitus had devised a plan to get rid of the Ailwards once and for all, he sent in a group of his guards as spies whom pledged their loyalty to the group so that they could spy on them.

Venetus had been speaking with one of the guards the night before a full moon, Venetus knew he would have to get away so that he could turn into his wolf form for the night so he excused himself and headed out of the Ailward quarters, however unknown to him, the human had followed him out into the night and had seen him as he had shifted into his new form. The guard, with his newly found information rushed back to the king to speak of his new findings. Shortly after that night him and all 7 of the other members of the Ailwards were called before the king where they all were branded abominations of nature and the king ordered for all of their executions.

As Venetus stood before his killer he was not afraid, he did not say a word, just hoped in the back of his mind that one day there would exist a world where the supernatural and humans could peacefully co-exist. Upon waking he found himself surrounded by unfamiliar faces and something told him that these beings were of large importance. He respectfully bowed before the Gods and listened to their words, they told him that they were sending him and all 7 of the others back to earth, not as they were before but as new beings capable of changing the future for the supernatural. Venetus was named the aspect of realms, he was the only one who was able to reach back out to the realm of the Gods for guidance and he was tasked with protecting the other aspects from harm allowing them to fulfil their duties.

Venetus graciously accepted their proposal and in the moments before his resurrection was presented with a blue staff capable of allowing him to turn into the form of a dragon. Upon awakening in his new body, now an aspect, he and the other 7 aspects fled from America to a safer land, where they found the Isle of sky. Upon entering the isle Venetus lead the aspects to creating a home for themselves and using their combined power they created a spell which surrounded the entire of the island, it allowed only those with pure intentions to enter the island which allowed the aspects to know who was of true loyalty to them.

Through the years Venetus served as the lead of the aspect council, together they made the decision to allow outsiders to join the council and become part of the guard and slowly their following began to grow again, however this time they kept their efforts quiet, while each aspect served the world, only those of supernatural nature ever really knew of their existence. Venetus found a new family in his fellow aspects, they supported and stayed with him like his pack had refused to and for that he would forever be loyal. His main goal was to allow the rest of the world to think like he did, that there was no need for war and hatred so long as everyone was treated with the same respect and he was more than happy to guide the way of those who believed in those same values.


"You didn't even look back."
The Betrayer
Wilhelmina Constantine - A Piece from the past

Venetus and Willa met centuries ago when she needed refuge and he had readily provided to her. From there they connected on a level Venetus never had before, feelings he had never felt being stirred. But she left and betrayed him. He had completely opened himself to her and all she did was run away.

Video credit: Wilhelmina Constantine

"There was a time when I thought I cared about her. But I broke her trust."
The Wronged
Ophelia Dreyvalian - The one wrong decision

Ophelia and Venetus became close during her time on the Isle, but when he agreed with Aureus's decision, he betrayed her. She gave him a part of her and all he did was hold it in his grip and crush it like it had meant nothing. But it did. And now he has to face the consequences for it.

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"She stared at her hands, her copper skin masked with red gloves of blood and guts. Her double scythes and various dagger were strewn on the ground not too far from her hands, everything from the hilt to the blade caked with the same red that covered…"
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Heartaches and Massacres (Venetus and Leona)

Pulling up in front of the warehouse, Venetus got out of his rented black Mustang, ocean blue hues surveying the scene in front of him. A trail of dried blood passed from underneath the wooden doors and stopped right in front of his polished shoes, he shook his head, fully aware of what was waiting for him inside. A part of him wanted to drive back to the small apartment he…See More
Apr 7, 2021

Ailward Aspect
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Apr 7, 2021

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At 3:21 on March 6, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

Flashback to better days. Before everything was going to shit *chuckles*

At 15:49 on December 26, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward

Merry Christmas brother~~ It's late but seriously, nevermind xD I'll take this moment to thank you on how much of an amazing person you are~ Yes person not brother.

A few books in your own colour so you can write down your thoughts and whatnot. We always have so much to think of, it all got jumbled up. Writing it down helps, I think.

It's a bracelet, yeah. I just thought it matched your eyes..sooo

Just because.

- Love, Mally -

At 21:31 on November 9, 2018,
✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

Since I am a very gracious, wonderful person LINK

At 20:07 on June 5, 2018,
✓ Valentine Dimitreu

So I was doing a gif search for a reply and discovered these were a thing, then decided that I should bless you with said things because I like sharing...

At 23:57 on March 25, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

Ok. And no worries about the late reply.

At 17:50 on March 19, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~

See how lazy I am? Just realized ive used the same gif in your comments twice now lmao xD

Your favorite brother



At 17:30 on March 19, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~

Ah right .... must remind myself to update it to the lovely Ian <./p>

I was just having a moment ... a lazy one xD

But, right away sir! -nods and chuckles-

Also.. ill have a reply to forum this evening.. if it's still my turn -is a full blown slacker- xP

At 3:28 on March 19, 2018,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

Thank you for the add! I would love to discuss a roleplay sometime. 

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Sapphire Rizzoli

At 22:18 on February 13, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Erythreus Ailward ~Admin~

Okay.. here it is xD


If anything needs changed, like I said.. just let me know x)


At 23:02 on January 14, 2018,
✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

Cant wait to RP x)



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