Pulling up in front of the warehouse, Venetus got out of his rented black Mustang, ocean blue hues surveying the scene in front of him. A trail of dried blood passed from underneath the wooden doors and stopped right in front of his polished shoes, he shook his head, fully aware of what was waiting for him inside. A part of him wanted to drive back to the small apartment he had spent the last few months in, mostly in isolation apart from the occasional women he picked up at bars but that was a habit not limited to the 3 months he had spent in this country but something he had been practicing since he left Evermore.

Some would say Venetus was running away from the heartbreak and pain a certain angel-child had caused him but the Aspect's official reason for being away from his family was the fact that he wanted to take care of the rise of rogues in central Europe. So it came as no surprise when Erythreus assigned to him the tracking down of a certain Niveis that was causing mayhem where he was. But what was surprising was when he did manage to track her down, the Niveis turned out to be Leona d'Fierro, the once phoenix leader who had kept the Ailwards on their toes.

Walking through the wooden doors, Venetus stepped inside the warehouse and found the scene to be just as he had anticipated - blood and guts everywhere, bodies strewn along the floor like sprinkles on a birthday cake. But at the end of the room was a familiar figure sitting against a wall and for a second Venetus wasn't sure if someone that looked so broken could be capable of something as sinister as massacring over a dozen people. 

"If you keep this up, I'm going to have a hard time explaining to the rest of the Ailwards why you're not a threat." His voice was gentle despite the words he spoke, approaching her almost warily. He had so many questions but he wasn't sure if she was in the right frame of mind to answer any of them. 

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She stared at her hands, her copper skin masked with red gloves of blood and guts. Her double scythes and various dagger were strewn on the ground not too far from her hands, everything from the hilt to the blade caked with the same red that covered her body. Her full lips were pressed together, and she could still feel the remains of the poisonous tears that coursed their way down her angled features. The lump in her throat hadn't disappeared yet; she still wanted to sob more over the pain that still ached in her chest, but her body was numb. All she could do was sit by the wall, eyes wide, wings of ice extended and wrapped around her lithe form. One memory alone flashed through her mind, leaving her breathing somewhat strained: the memory of the love of her life, dying from his wounds in her arms.

If he could see her now...

The sound of the wooden doors of the warehouse creaking as they opened reached her attention, the woman glitching just slightly as her olive-green optics flickered towards the figure that approached her. Could I have missed one?" she thought to herself. No, I knew exactly how many there were---they're all gone. Sure enough, the man that walked towards the end of the room didn't wear the face of an enemy, but had the familiar one of an longtime ally. She looked away from the man as he moved closer, her gaze returning to her hands that rested atop of her bent knees, propped up close to her chest.

His words brought a twitch to the corners of her lips, the pain of the scene that still played in her mind stopping a pained laugh from sounding from her. Instead, she simply let her gaze rest on him once more as he approached somewhat cautiously, an eyebrow raise just slightly. "You insult me by not considering me a threat with every waking moment I walk on this earth," she uttered dryly. She let out a heavy breath then, narrowed hues scanning their surroundings of dead, mangled bodies strewn about the warehouse. "It's the last of them, anyway," she assured. "I won't be killing anyone else, at least anytime soon." 

Leona looked back at the Aspect, not attempting to hide the pain in her voice and her eyes---she had no energy to even attempt it. "What are you doing here, Venetus?" she asked, her tone devoid of emotion. "If you've come to throw me in a hole, I can promise you that these fools deserved everything that came to them." She paused then, not meeting his gaze. Leo had once told the Aspects and their Guard that her days of mass murder were over,  but recent events had changed things. She knew that in order for the Aspect of the Realms to defend her to his siblings, she'd have to admit what sparked off her recent trail of death. It probably wouldn't justify in their eyes, but it was no secret what Leona d'Fierro would do to those who harmed her family. It'd be the first time she uttered the words aloud since it happened, and she was nowhere ready to hear them. "They killed my husband."

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