Full Name : Seolhwa Min
Korean Name : Min Seol Hwa (민설화)
Age : 21 (Looks) 1021 (Real)
Date/Place of Birth : 4th August 998 (Gungnae, Goguryeo)
Species : Korean Ailward Guard - Valkyr (currently) Human (formerly)
Face Claim : Lee Jieun


It’s not everyday you see the world for what it really is. 

That’s precisely what the girl felt.

What did she felt?

Seolhwa was not just your regular valkyr. Of course the resentment will always be there, she hated life. Instead of enjoying her immortal life, she was so persistent in trying to find a way to kill the time given. Before she even adopted the name she wears nowadays, she was like everyone, a person with identity. An identity she both loved and hated. Before she was a vampire who lives off blood, she was a living person. Before she was the person she is today, she was Min Seol Hwa. 

It was around midnight which held the date, 4th of August 998, when the cries of a newborn baby was heard throughout the neighborhood. That was the day where Min Hae Do and Ha Min Soo welcomed a baby girl. The girl who was given the name, Min Seol Hwa. Seol which meant a new start and beginning, was such a blessed name. Little did the baby girl knew. The name will only prove to be a burden for her in the future. Like many noble girls her age, as she grew up to be a fair maiden, she was spoiled by her household, whether it was the servants or her friends. She was widely known for her intelligence and wisdom that she acquired at such a young age. Due to her being the only child of the highest ranking official, Min Hae Do, she had quite a reputation to keep. Her entire family line had something to uphold; her father was one of the most trusted advisors the current King of Goryeo while her mother was descended from Tang Dynasty, a previous dynasty that ruled China centuries ago. People either loved or hated her from the moment of her birth. 

Many would think that given such a name and roots, she would be the perfect wife or daughter-in-law for the noble families. But she was far from being gentle and humble. That was also one of the reasons to why she only had a few friends who could tolerate her behavior. She knew all the ethics and knowledge every noble girl should knew, but that alone was not enough. She was known to be the person who scared the sons of many noble families. Basically she did that for two reasons. One of which states she didn’t want her life to be tied down by marriage because she knew she could not do the things she wanted had it been that way. The latter being her personality. She liked the idea of her cold exterior making others question themselves before even talking to her. Until she met the person that made her heart flutter comes time. Kim Jaehyun, the personal guard of the crown prince Hwan. They met while they both were arguing after taking the wrong books. Who knew it sparked into more than friendship in a few years. 

He wasn’t someone that will make the cut to be one of  her suitors unfortunately due to his lineage and that was bothering both sides. She was 17, the age where most women were married off already. She might have sworn to celibacy but couldn’t since it was in no way something that could work since she remained an only child of her family, but the least she could do is stall the time. But as the feelings for Jaehyun bloomed throughout the years of friendship, knowing the feelings were mutual, she was ready for marriage if it meant being together with him. It was the standard mindset of a teenage girl. It was the day where her father was to send her to be one of the candidates for the crown prince’s wife who was also the same raw age of 17, that time. Seolhwa refused but her words never made it anywhere when her father forced her to attend the choosing ceremony. All the stubborn girl could think of was how the only good outcome was that she could meet Jaehyun who rarely goes out of the palace due to him guarding the Crown Prince. She tried to fail herself at every stage given but much to her dismay, her father had warned her had she done what she was thinking, he would marry her straight off with the second highest official’s son whom she despised. Would she rather become of the crown prince’s concubines if she wasn’t crown princess? Yes, if it meant she can escape the fate of being married to her nemesis. 

She could take it as a chance to see Jaehyun as well. Things didn’t go as well as she had planned. She was not chosen to be the crown princess due to her brash way of thinking when she was questioned where she often projected how she felt women should not be condemned to work only at their household as the wife. But she did make it to the final round with the other 3 more candidates where the 4 of them ultimately became candidates for the Crown Prince’s concubines if he needed. She was left to live out the remaining days of her free life but that soon changed when the Crown Princess was said to be infertile only a few months after the wedding and coronation. She wasn’t afraid that the now King would choose her as a concubine because she was sure her behavior will disgust him. But no, her ferocity only increased his curiosity.

 He picked her as his candidate as the next Queen to dethrone the current one. It wasn’t easy for the young ruler since his grandmother, the Dowager Queen deemed her inappropriate. But the longer he saw how she refused his affection, the more determined he became to dethrone the current Queen, which succeeded after he used her infertile state as an excuse to depose her. It wasn’t as if she had a say in it. Her dreams to elope with Jaehyun was crushed. The day before Seolhwa’s coronation and wedding, she was wandering around the forest to calm herself down. Was she ready to step out and live out the rest of her life tied down by someone who will probably take concubines if she didn’t bore him a son or if he was bored with her? Was she ready to live her life according to the rules of the palace that limited her freedom? No. The dark-haired female couldn’t dare to kill herself because it would show how shallow she was, not to mention upset her parents deeply. While she resented his father at times for his decisions, she still loved and cared for him deeply because she knew he only wanted the best for her. 

While she was thinking alone by the cliff late in the night, she was greeted by another presence. The dark aura surrounded the person and till this day, she had no idea who was with her that night. All she remembered was yelling out in pain before having her vision completely cut off that night. The next day, she woke up with a searing pain on the back of her head. She felt suffocated like she was in a small room where friends would tease her about it but the moment she fluttered her eyes open, she was in someone else’s living quarters. She was feeling weak and disoriented that made her eyesight became hazy. She knocked endlessly on the door, begging for someone to let her out when her prayers were accepted because a guard opened it. Not just any guard too, it was Jaehyun. He was shocked to see her conscious even though news travelled around regarding the sudden disappearance of the candidate for the future queen. The soft-spoken guard told her that he found her lying against a tree that night and brought her back with him while he was patrolling but couldn’t bring her back to her home straight away due to the current situation. Seolhwa stayed for another day and they talked about the things they daydreamed before, how a life together would be like but understood that things weren’t in their favor and both had respective responsibilities to carry out. 

The next thing she knew, she was already on a palanquin heading back to her home, only to come out in the same thing a few weeks later but dressed prettily for her wedding instead. She was guilt ridden when she saw how happy her father was, it was worth it, she said. She changed everything. Once she left, so did the thoughts of being with Jae Hyun. Her life after being a Queen was a period of her life that she never wanted to remember, it was horrific. Her years giving service as one flew by as she still rejected the affection the King bore for her which resulted in plenty of other concubines but no one could fill up the gap in his heart after trying so hard to win her over. Jaehyun still stayed by the King’s side but always managed to keep his presence unknown by anyone else. Much to her surprise, she wasn’t terrible at being a Queen, she handled the affairs of the people and handled the Inner Court smoothly, it even earned her the posthumous title that would follow her even after death. Unfortunately, her death wasn’t exactly an actual death because she never died. 

Jaehyun saw the way she was suffering internally as a lonely Queen and offered to secure her a safe passageway for her to escape to Luoyang, where her mother originated from. Her heart felt heavy to leave everything she’s worked for behind just like that but the idea of freedom without being followed by anyone in order to keep the peace with the Chinese. Seolhwa took that chance to make a new life for herself, the transfer to Luoyang wasn’t as secure as she thought it would be because her husband wasn’t about to let her go so easily, the obsession was slowly taking over him and left her a reminder she would never forget. The moment she settled in Luoyang as a merchant, she heard the news of Jaehyun being executed for treason, she wasn’t sure if her heart had shriveled up and became cold since all she told herself was not to let his death go to vain. Her years in Luoyang remained peaceful, until one day she desired to travel the world. 

Life as a merchant was difficult at first because she had to start from nothing in order not to draw any attention to herself being the daughter of Ha Minsoo, one of the last living relative of the Tang Dynasty imperial family. After hiring a ship to take her across the world, Seolhwa heard about a mysterious island while she was at an inn having her dinner. It piqued her interest and seeing as she had nothing to lose other than her own direction to find this island, she set her journey to go and find it. It took her months to find it, the voyage wasn’t easy for her who came only with a few crews aiding her. Not wanting to give them any more false hope, Seolhwa gave them their last payment and embarked on the journey to seek that island out one last time alone. Third time’s a charm, right? She found it one fine evening, and it was magnificent. The island opened itself to her as if it was welcoming her and that was the day she knew, she finally found something to rekindle the spark that she thought died long ago. 

Upon finding the fascination in everything, she stayed there with the inhabitants there for a few weeks and met the owners of the island; a family of 8. Leaving wasn’t an option she wanted to reconsider and she was glad to know she wouldn’t have to when she was offered the chance to join the guard despite being a regular human. Seolhwa was granted an immortality amulet to keep her from withering away in age while being in the Guard. For as long as it felt like, almost a century had passed. Everything was fine until it wasn’t. She was sent out in a mission, tasked to bring back a few stolen artifacts back to the Isle since people were misusing them. No matter how skillful Seolhwa could be with a sword after training with one of the finest guards, she was still just a human at the end of the day. One stab to one of her vital organs was all that it takes for her to fall. She wasn’t angry that she died like that because she died doing what she believed in, rather she was actually upset she didn’t know how she would return the artifacts back home and how she would miss the others dearly. 

Waking up to see a hut above her wasn’t what she expected, throbbing at the back of her head was counted but not at how she had no stab wounds or any injuries on her physical body. She felt different but had no idea what was so different about her. Regardless of still being in a state of shock since she was still alive even after suffering from a stab to the back, she rushed to return to the Isle of Skye. Her maker was nowhere to be found even until today, she remembered hearing the words ringing out from Aurelia’s mouth, saying she’s a valkyr and no longer a human. There was no resentment in being one, however, it didn't help that people look at her oddly and she genuinely wished to find out who her maker was and why they chose to help her; a complete nobody.

 The fall of the Isle was forever embedded in her head, the way her heart felt crushed upon hearing the news of the tragedy didn’t waver her mission. It’s been a while since she came back to meet with the others, always known as the nomad of the Guards, hopping from one to another mission every time an opportunity was presented. The disappearance of Vladimir and Octavia’s shaken return was what drove her to come back to Evermore. It’s been a while since she’s met the others, she went by centuries in and out, only the Aspects had contact with her. But now it was time to go back to her family.

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