Graydon Lee

Age: of Appearance: 35| Actual Age: 243

Face Claim: Daniel Henney

Species: Niveis

Personality Traits

Positive: Protective, Forward thinking & optimistic | Negative: Egoistic, brutal & sly.

Graydon was born in a remote mountain area of Japan to a tribe which was like nothing most of the world had seen. His mother was a Phoenix and his Father was an Initia, their tribe and family a mix of both. It was one of the few places that the conflict between the Phoenix and Initia hadn’t touched and when you looked at his parents it was clear the two loved one another no matter their species. They knew of the hatred which existed outside of the village but they all ignored it living within the coexisting bubble they had created.

His father was skilled with the element of water and his mother was a master of her craft when it came to fire both being protectors of their tribe. Graydon was brought up in a strict home, taught to fight and defend at a young age along with lessons of reading and writing which were considered lesser to his family. They were humble beings believing that knowledge could inflate their ego take away from their better nature. Which of course meant that Graydon sought knowledge like not other wanting to know the secrets of the world.

The trek down the mountain took days and the tribe only took that trip once a month for supplies. Graydon begged from the age of seven to be allowed to go and finally at nine he was allowed. The village below held so much wonder to him especially when he found a stall which sold scrolls of knowledge. The boy begged his parents but they refused knowing how dangerous it could be to bring ideas of the outside world into the small mountain village. They believed in time he would forget and life would return to normal but it didn’t as he spent his time gathering things he could trade in turn for scrolls. What he didn’t realize was that his constant trips to the lower village was beginning to raise suspicions and gain attention.

Unrest began in many areas and soon men were being drawn into war and if Grayson’s tribe had been able to survive without needing the lower village they could have remained untouched. However when husbands, brothers and sons were pulled from their lives to join the army from the lower village they quickly spoke of a tribe high up in the mountain. When the village was told their men were being drafted conflict broke out as the Phoenix and Initia alike refused to be a part of any war. The loss of human life that day spawned rumors and soon instead of humans coming to draft them for war. A bitter and hateful tribe of Phoenix came in the dead of night wiping out a huge portion of the tribe. It was chaos when Graydon was awoken by screaming and his mother coming to get his yelling that they needed to go and leave now. The boy was stunned beyond belief and groggily did as instructed.

From that point forward he and his mother were on the run moving from village to village as she trained him with his Phoenix nature and fire until the day came when they could no longer run. Graydon was ripped away from his mother to join the army being told should he fight back she would be killed. The training which was rigorous for most came easily to Graydon as he had already been training his entire life. He was a good soldier and did what was expected of him sending letters back home to his mother often since she was all he had left in the world. After a few years the letters stopped, he would send them but there would never be a response and so he deserted his services in order to find out what had happened to his mother since he was scared for her safety. Along the way he was attacked by his own unit for deserting, they used their gold plated weapons on him not realizing it was the only thing which could truly hurt him and then left him for dead causing him to rebirth in an explosive fashion.

It was days before he was finally able to reach his destination and when he did it was not what he expected to find. Reaching the Oceanside village his eyes trailed over utter destruction the four natural elements had caused, Initia. As soon as the thought crossed his mind he was ambushed since it seemed they had been laying in wait. Rage tore through him knowing if they were still here than his mother was dead and this had all been a trap. Fiery wings emerged from his back as trees, earth and water were all used against him his anger causing his flames to burn at a temperature they never had before his pain coming out in every attack wanting nothing more than to make them pay. His mother had been peaceful and kind and exit from this world had been violent and done by those full of hate. It wasn’t fair nor right.

As Graydon took to the sky one of the air Initia entered combat with him as a distraction, a water Initia taking the opening to send his spiraling to the dock. The air was knocked from his lungs and black spots danced across his vision as he was shoved into a cage and send into the ocean. Panic gripped him as he tried to use his flames and strength to get out of the golden cage he was trapped in but there was no use. Water began to fill his lungs in a painful manner drowning him as he fought to remain conscious before it was all too much.

Eyes slowly opened and for a brief moment as his mind was trying to play catch up he thought someone had saved him, before realizing he was still in the water. There was no pain anymore and he could breath as easily now as he been able to do on land. Both fear and excitement gripped him since he had no clue what had occurred but something felt different. As he tried to use his flames something strange happened, the waters around him began to grow colder and as he pushed forward with his abilities as he would have done with flames shards of ice flew forward piercing the bars. Shocked he slowly moved towards them placing his hands against him feeling a chill seen to go up his spine as he felt the bars freeze, not wasting any time he began to kick at the bars until they gave and he was able to get free.

Having no idea what he was anymore and knowing he couldn’t stay in Japan he swam until he couldn’t anymore ending up in the Philippines. With nothing but the soaking wet clothes in his back he was forced to try and start a new life and figure out what had happened to him. There were legends of beings who could breathe under water but none of them spoke of any association with Phoenix. He lead a humble life as a fisherman and eventually married a fisherman’s daughter but when the conversation turned to their future and children he began afraid since he had been labeled an abomination before his death and now he was something else entirely. His hesitancy to commit in such a way began to divide them and in the end they two separated since he wanted her to have the life and family she dreamed of.

As the years passed he began to fully learn his new abilities and the fact that he still wasn’t aging was good. However the fear of being found again was always present in his mind and those fears finally came true one night when Initia came into the village. They attempted to use the water element against him and it seemed to surprise them all when the water froze and he was able to use their own element against them. It was the first time since his change that he had tried to use his wings and when they lifted from his back they were different but much like a loyal friend they carried him up into the air and away from the shocked and frozen Initia.

Making it to North America he started a new life once more and stayed off the radar not allowing people close since he didn’t want to get them hurt. Connections and relationships being something he couldn’t afford until he knew what he was. Moving every few years it wasn’t until recent years when he was approached by a man while living in Toronto who happened upon Graydon by chance that he finally found out what he was. By that point he had it big on the MMA scene doing fights in multiple countries and the idea of giving that all up and moving to an island in the middle of nowhere Alaska was far from appealing. So he thanked the man for his knowledge but refused the offer to become part of a tribe remembering what had happened to his own all the years ago. The last thing he wanted was to feel contained or ruled and the idea of a chief was not something that set well with him even if was explained to him that it wasn’t a dictatorship.

For the next few years he continued his career in MMA before retiring after a title fight knowing it was best to get out of the eye of the public. Moving once more he lives in New York for a short time and then Seattle, keeping his head down before heading of a place called Evermore City following some rumors of a supernatural city. Since he didn’t have that many usable skills but a lot of money he decided to take a different path going to the police academy and having to fight harder than anyone else to be taken seriously and get them to see him as more than a brutal fighter.

The conflict in the city of Phoenix and Initia by this point was boiling over and he was doing his best to stay out of it and keep civilians safe by whatever means necessary. After the conflict finally came to a head the Ambassador coming together and agreeing on the peace treaty he was surprised when one night it seems like almost all of the Phoenix disappeared from Evermore and not long ever the Niveis tribe he had rejected took up residence in the mountains causing him to question. For the first time he actually went to meet the tribe and the chief Anivia who in no way blamed him for his decision. Graydon was after all from the outside world and to be contained on an island living in the past was something no one would truly want. Though she seemed impressed with his abilities to have survived and blended with humanity especially while spending so long having no idea what he was.

Taking up residence on the mountain with the tribe he helped them to adapt to a world which was far different than what they were used to. Especially with Evermore being so unique and those in the city who had wondered what exactly he was were finally given an answer.

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