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Ice Ice Baby

Anivia Lumi Frostbourne

Nivia, Via, Ani, Frosty, Ice Queen, Queenie Lady Frostburn

Pure Blood Niveis

Chief Of The Tribe

Ambassador to Nivies


Looks: 45 | Real: 150

November 8th


Single; Emotionless

Birth Location:


Current Location:

Evermore City, Colorado (mountian tops)

Layer of Ice
Face Claim: Ming-Na Wen

Hair: Raven locks, some times her tips look frosted due to her ice element.

Body: Five Foot Four, One hundered and seven pounds, athletic build

Eyes: Depending on their light either brown or black.

Niveis Eyes: When angry or using her power her eyes will glow Icy Blue.

Wings: Icy blue wings extend from Icy blue tattoos on her back; they can be covered in ice.

Distinguishing Marks: Icy Blue Phoenix around her navel, Icy blue tribal markings along her wrist, ankles, and spine, Icy blue tattooed wings on her back

Inner Frost
The Yin: Secretive, Reserved, Rage filled

The Yang: Level Headed, Resilient, open minded

Chief Powers:

Niveis Linked: The Chief of the tribe is linked to all of her tribe members, she can call them to her or find them when needed.

Blood Bending: Anivia can use her own blood as a weapon.

Niveis Powers:

Water and Ice: Niveis can generate water from the environment around them and manipulate it either by freezing it, using it in water form, or turning it into gas. Users can shape, generate and manipulate ice into various objects. They are also able to freeze water into a solid state and make them appear as snow, ice spikes, hail etc. Experienced Niveis can also temporarily freeze an object, surface or person, however, it takes a lot of practice and concentration and usually freezing a person leaves the Niveis weak. and depending on the current state could result in Niveis death.

Water Breathing: Niveis are able to breathe underwater for as long as required.

Weather Manipulation: Users can temporarily change the weather of a place and replace it with a cold atmosphere, usually followed by ice-storms, snowfall, hail etc. Niveis are trained in making the environments fit for their needs when fighting.

Shattering: Can freeze an object and then shatter them into pieces of ice

Flight: Niveis grow wings from their back that allow them to fly, with training comes speed.

Niveis Tears: Their tears are extremely poisonous to other species. If poisoned with Niveis tears you must reverse it with Phoenix tears, or Nephilim blood within eight hours.

Immortality: When a Phoenix dies in water or ice they enter what is known as the cold fire, the phoenix will rebirth into a Niveis and gain immortality. If a Niveis is killed they will not rebirth.
Lucia Aspen Oakley
Pure Blooded Niveis
Born the only daughter of Anivia Frostbourn and Caspian Oakley, she was the apple of her fathers eye even though he traveled a lot leaving her with her mother. Anivia loved her daughter deeply, she was the only person she felt she could love after losing so much in her life. Anivia love came with life lessons and training. Anivia taught Lucia to be not only be a strong Niveis but a logical one.
Kaldre Frostbourn
Pure Blooded Niveis
Kaldre and Anivia are half siblings due to the fact they share the same father, the former chief of the tribe. The two have never been overly close as they both come from different worlds. Kal is a free spirit and Anivia to most people comes off cold. While she loves her brother she envied his strength to be able to get up and leave the tribe after the fall of their father and her being named chief. She envied his free spirit when all she has and ever will know is duty to the tribe. The pair are now in Evermore but only time will tell who makes the first move.
Caspian Oakley
Turn Blooded Niveis
Father to her daughter - Ex Lover
Caspian is an outsider of the tribe who was welcomed into the Tribe with open arms from everyone but Anivia. Caspian came into Anivia life as she was at a breaking point, the tribe had gone through a civil war and their tribe was going through major changes and she was under massive pressure from the elders not to be like her father. Anivia was about to explode when Caspian calmed her. He was everything she was not and he was what she needed. Fear of loving and judgement caused the Cheif to break off what they had even though they where to have a child together. Anivia believes to keep the ones she loves safe she needs to keep them at arms lenght.
Rhydian Snow
Turn Blooded Niveis
Right Hand
Rhydian came was brought to the isle by Caspian. The outsider found a way to impress Anivia. He was a silver tongued man who had prespectives she admired. She asked him to be her right hand and after that with an understanding that if he needed to leave he could. Anivia grew to rely on his input for the tribe and that only grew more after the tribe left the isle and traveled the world befoe settling in Evermore.
How Her Heart Turned To Ice

Anivia was the first pure blooded Niveis born in known history. She was born to Colden Frostbourne who was chief of the tribe of Phoenixes that rebirthed into what he renamed Niveis. A few weeks past before her father learned that he could control an element that neither the Initia or the phoenixes possessed. Something about the power he could now wield sparked a dark idea within the chief, he wished to use these new powers to freeze over the world. At last he would need an army to achieve such a goal, so he took it upon himself to make the whole tribe Niveis. Killing his people one by one.

As the tribe members rebirthed in the blue flames Coldren expressed just as he shedded his skin they all should do the same and embrace their new life as Niveis. Announcing his new name to the tribe the Frostbourne name would become the royal bloodline in Niveis history. The Chief took his pick of the woman of the tribe. Starting with Aspen Olwen who had been the daughter of the healer of the tribe.

Aspen was the first to bare the chief a child, though with the child they were not sure what to expect. So Aspen and Coldren were welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the tribe who carried the icy blue phoenix mark around her navel; along with strange icy blue markings along her wrist, ankle, and spine. Coldren while please to have a child he wished to have a male heirs to lead armies under his command, he figured his daughter would end up a healer like her mother and moved on to his next lover as Aspen refused him for she need to heal after the birth of their daughter. Aspen saw greatness in the baby girl naming her Anivia which means Heavenly.

With the joy that came of having a newborn, came the fear of the unknown. She was worried the infant would get sick in the cold, but with time they learned that the children born within the tribe were immune to the cold just as their turned Niveis parents. From the moment the children could walk warrior training began for them, starting with Anivia herself. Anivia for an early age showed not only strength but wisdom, growing stronger daily as she learned each fighting style the different members of the tribe.

Coldren while impressed by Anivia aptitude to learn such skill he never held his focus for long on her. He chose to focus on the male heirs he had conceived with other tribes woman. This caused a jealousy in Anivia she did not understand. The way her father ignored her made a switch in her flip, she would never be fathers favorite so why even try. To him she was a woman and not good enough to bed a tribal leader though all she ever heard from the tribe and her mother was otherwise.

It was when Anivia was seven that her wings activated and she gained her powers, along with the gaining of her powers she felt an overwhelming swell of emotions and psychic tethers that not only made her feel the life forces of the tribe in the camp but other Niveis outside of the tribe. When she went to her mother explain the best she could about how she could feel others outside of the tribe, her mother made her swear that she would never tell anyone else. That no one else was like her. Aspen asked Anivia to show her some of her abilities if she could, when she started to cast her ability over ice Aspen knew that she was special and going to be a quick learner  if not a teacher to the tribe.

As Anivia was the eldest in the tribe gaining her abilities before the other children she had a few years to receive one on one training from each of the skilled generals of her fathers current army; and for a brief moment she was the apple to her father's eyes until the other children started gaining their powers. Training grew more intense for the children as they were forced to use their powers on one another. It was around the time Anivia was twelve she has surpassed most of her teachers at that point, and Quilo was about nine and they were training together that Anivia in a fit of rage cut her brother down his chest with ice talons that covered her finger tips.

She looked to her blood covered hands, and her younger brother laying on the ground crying doubled over in pain when she realized what she had done. She carried her brother from the training fields to the healers hut which happened to be where her and her mother lived. Laying her brother on the woven rug she and Aspen got to work covering his open wounds in hopes to heal them. Though her mother assured her that he would rebirth if anything serious happened to him after all that is what they use to do was rebirth.

For a week Anivia stayed by Quilo side as he healed, the two bounded it was the first time that the two siblings had spent so much time together outside of the training grounds. She liked having a connection with her younger brother, her time with Quilo made her want to connect to Kaldre also. Though her time healing Quilo made Anivia make a choice she expected her father to hate. She wanted to be a Healer like her mother and her mother before her. When she told her father this he told her, that was all she ever was going to be anyways to him.

It was like any hope she had left in her for her father to notice her and cherish her was stripped away that day. She was dismissed from further training though out of spite she trained in private with some of the elders help. She knew that the tribe was only as strong as its weakest member and she was going to make damned sure that the weakest member was not her.

After leaving the daily training Anivia suddenly had free time on her hands, so her mother Aspen began to tell her stories of the world the tribe had come from. Of the Initia and the Phoenixes. She thought her how to read and write and as much knowledge as her mother could throw at her. Along with teaching her how to be a healer. Using their element along with herbs and other things to keep the Niveis healthy.

The older Anivia got she proved herself useful to the tribe in healing along with herbal learning, and hunting to feed the tribe. Being the eldest child of the tribe she was often seen as a figure the others looked up to for advice when they could not talk to the generation before. Decades passed and the tribe grew gradually. Coldren only ever showed little interest in Anivia over the years. The times he showed interest where the times he tried to marry her off to the strongest warriors, in order to make stronger soldiers. More times then she could count but she refused each prospective union, stating she could not have a child with someone she did not feel a connection with. Her father eventually gave up on marrying her off and focusing back on his efforts of making her brothers generals of separate armies.

Every day that had past Anivia began to notice how often their were children injured in the trainings. Being the daughter of the chief was pointless as her words held no weight with her father are anyone loyal to him. Anivia grew vastly unsettled by the amount of people that were becoming harmed in her fathers reckless warmongering nature. So out of spite she began to preach the opposite of her father. Using the stories of the phoenixes of old to put weight in her words. When she tired to connect with her brothers but being part of two different worlds in the same tribe was hard on them, it gave little time for them to reach out to one another.

Anivia carried on in the tribe being a healer, practicing her fighting and element control in private. She chose to focus her energy on preaching peace in the tribe to help in efforts to counteract the actions of her father. Everyone in the tribe could see that the chief was losing his mind like the phoenix of old, that he plotting to start an invasion on the Initia and phoenixes alike.

The night that caused the deepest fraction in the tribe was the night that Coldren and Quilo stepped into the battle arena. Something in her father's eyes held a look of blood thirst in it. As the fight began it was clear that Quilo had speed but Coldren had an untap rage that helped him get the upper hand. The tribe watched as the blade was sunk into Quilo chest and watched his body crumble to the ground.

Screaming out herself she watched Kaldre pick up their fallen brother. All Anivia could feel was emptiness as she could no longer feel the psychic tether that use to be there.  She felt so much rage as the link was broken that she turned her sights on her father, her hands trembling in rage as she planned to attack him. It was her mother that took her hands to stop her from letting the rage take hold of her fully, whispering in her ear that it would be stupid to attack him that he would just kill her as well. The rage that filled her scared even herself after it left her, she knew she had to keep it under control or she would hurt someone.

While others in the tribe were convinced that he would be rebirthed in the blue flame just as they had been Anivia knew differently. After some time when the tribe accepted that the blue flame was never to come. Anivia and Kaldre buried their brother together. They had never been the closest out of the Frostbourne siblings by any means but that day they let the emotions get the better of them. She embraced her younger brother holding him while he cried, she in return crying on him it was the first time she could remember Kal crying in front of her, she remember crying in front of him randomly through the years.

Anivia felt lost with her own life after the lost of her brother one of the stronger psychic tethers she had. She took time to try and process the lost but in a tribe where the chief had become mad with power, Anivia still try to advocate for peace in the tribe hoping that if she reached enough people that things with the chief could be deesculated. She tried daily to live a passive lifestyle in hopes to keep her own rage in check, losing control was not an option for her. She was going to express to Kal her fear of losing control but just as quickly as the siblings grew close there was a wall placed back up. One that Anivia didn’t break back down.

Time had passed, no one had been able to talk to Coldren but a select few people of his army. It only made Anivia work easier when it came to her expressing a more passive way of life, that Quilo death had been a calling card to them all.

Like any other night Aspen and Anivia were settling in to eat, Anivia had no idea that that evening everything was going to be torn apart in the tribe. Aspen was expressed she was worried about Coldren and feared the rumors may be right about him. That he was going to send her brother into the world and start a war. Anivia wanted to sooth her mother's worry that the tribe wouldn’t follow Coldren in battle, something in the tribe had shifted again. She felt another tether was broken, before she had time to process the lost  her father entered on a rampage twisting his fingers into her mother's dark locks dragging her out of the tent to the center of the village.

Anivia following behind begging him to let her go. Her hands shaking violently as she tried to keep the rage at bay wanting to logic with her father on why what he was doing was senseless. He turned his icy blue gaze from his daughter spitting insults to the woman he once claimed as a lover. Telling Aspen that it was her fault the tribe was turning against him, that she had always been the poison in the Niveis well. What happened next took Anivia off guard as she tried to plead with the madman.

He took an iron dagger burying it into her mother's chest. Snap went the psychic tether as her mother’s heart was forced to a stop. Her trembling hands lashed out as the rage took over Anivia, all of her markings glowing bright icy blue, as her dark eyes changed as well. She attacked this time no one to hold her back the bloodshed around her falling on deaf ears as her focus was on her father. Everything that kept her sane felt like it had been ripped from her with her mother's death. Her mother had always been logical and showed her reasoning.

In those moments all she felt was pure hate towards the man he sired her. Using her Ice abilities she trapped her father to the point he could not fight back. Pulling the dagger out of her mother's chest sinking it into her father chest. Letting that Psych tether break along with the others. The overwhelming toll on her body as she felt no only the lost of her parents but many of the other tribes people caused her to scream out in an ear piercing scream as she lowered Coldren body to the ground. The fighting around her seem to stop as she screamed out.

Anivia looked to the lifeless dead bodies of her parents then up Kal who was gone with in seconds of their eyes meeting. The tribe gathered around her bowing to her, she didn’t want their praise for killing her father. None of them knew the toll it had taken on her own body, she blamed herself fully for her mother’s murder, she had been the one to plant doubt in tribes mind about her father. She wanted to close herself away but she knew the needs of the tribe came before her own.

The elders wanted to appoint a new chief right away, they wanted to hold meetings to see who out of Anivia and Kaldre would be best suited for the role. Though the elders already knew that they would place Anivia in the role as the believed from her birth it was her right to lead the tribe. As the elders met with the two siblings to go over the hardships that the tribe was going to face, how they need to build a better community. The meetings her long and while she wanted to rebuild their community she didn’t want to do it alone. So when the Elders named her the new chief it brought fear to her heart, her hands trembled with all the self doubts that filled her, what if she ended up being no better than her father.  Anivia expressed to her brother that she wanted him to stay and be her second in command.

Before Anivia could get an answer she was swept way to be put through the chief ceremony. After being named chief and the tribal members paying their loyalty to her, something she wasn’t even sure she wanted she went looking for her brother. Going to Kal tent finding it bare other than a letter that rested there. Picking it up she read over it feeling jealousy over her brother. Freedom, maybe that was what she had longed for all this time; but freedom was not what she was given. Instead she was given a tribe of people who would be hanging on her every word.

Envious of Kal leaving she did not tell the tribe, she let them make up whatever rumors they wanted about him. Choosing to keep the letter close to her as it was the finally words she was sure she would ever get from him. Something about him leaving was the final straw so to speak for her, after losing so much she didn’t wish to let anyone close enough to her to lose again. She became Emotionless for the most part doing what was best for the tribe itself.

Letting people have a voice but relying on her judgement to make the right calls. Anivia didn’t want to make these calls alone though. Something she did with a bitter taste in her mouth, second guessing her choices asking if her father would have made a certain call, and see herself. She was beginning to get feel that an outside perspective to the tribe would be helpful to her. So she began to form scouting parties and sending them out to find others like them that want wanted to know about the tribe.

Many Niveis came to the tribe though the scouting parties, but a certain one found his way into Anivia emotionless heart.  An Englishman named Caspian who from the moment he joined the tribe on the isle, was deeply interested in her and her story. It was no secret among the tribe that Anivia was always a little different from them. Some of the turned blooded members who still held loyalty to Coldren viewed her as a threat to their kind.

Caspian first introduced himself to her over dinner, to which she welcomed him but brushed him off. Anivia had to talk with the Elders who were strongly disagreeing with her choice staying the need to keep the tribe closed off to the outside world. Anivia and the elders got into a huge argument, her hands starting to tremble like crazy she could feel the rage coursing through her. She stated her word was final and then left the elders before she harmed them as well.

She walked outside of the village in hopes to release the rage that had built inside of her when Caspian interrupted her. She turned to him her eyes blazing blue and her markings lit. Yet he didn’t run from her. He moved closer taking her hands and told her the story of a princess who had been kidnapped and hidden away and how a brave knight saved her, by the time he was done with his story the anger left her. He had been the only other person who had been able to stop her rage rush.

Feeling an overwhelming wave of relief that the rage that took hold of her moments before was gone she invited Caspian back to her tent for tea. The two spent the night together, what was to be an innocent meeting turned into the two becoming lovers, for a few weeks they were able to keep their love affair a secret. It was one of the brief moments in Anivia life she felt a freedom, but those moments don’t get to last when you are the leader of a tribe.

It didn’t take long before the rumors of the chief and her lover spread like wildfire through the village. Soon Anivia was being asked when she was to union with the man from the tribe. She explained many times that she was not going to start a union with a man she barely knew. That he was just a lover much like her father did. This didn’t sit well with some of the tribe though as they thought the more signs she showed as her father the more likely she was to go mad.

Taking her tribe into account she chose to end her affair with Caspian. She knew he could find someone to love him the way he needed as he was an honorable loving man. Caspian was unhappy with the end of their affair but understood with time she was doing what was best for the tribe to help ease unsettlement. Caspian spent time among the tribe learning their ways, to help Anivia know how to bring them off the island like she wished. Anivia enjoyed having him among the tribe showing them things of the world outside of them. Caspian brought peace to the Chief.

A few weeks past and Anivia came to learn she was with child, Caspian and Anivia were overjoyed at the the fact they would bring a child into the world. One evening Caspian asked Anivia is she would marry him now that they were to have a child. Still Anivia refused to union with him, she could feel Caspian hurt when she rejected him. Though Anivia had her reasons for refusing the union.

She could feel Caspian free spirited nature longed to roam where he wished, he had stayed among the tribe over half a year by that point. While Anivia was a leader of a tribe and had many people depending on her. She didn’t want Caspian to feel as if he was caged to her when this was not a life he would normally chose for himself. So with the rejection of her previous lover she vowed to keep her heart her own, and put the tribe needs before her own, hoping to be better then her father. What was a beautiful wild free romance, seem to turn to a calm and understanding co-parenting relationship.

When Anivia gave birth to their beautiful daughter, looking upon the baby girls face Anivia knew that there was no one in the world who would get close enough to harm their child. Anivia would give her own life for her daughter, her father was fearless, and a Tribe of Niveis who would keep her safe. Caspian looking upon their child asked if she could be named after his mother who had died in the Phoenix and Initia war, That is how Lucia Aspen Oakley gained her name, from two strong female warriors before her time.

After Lucia turned five Caspian started to join the scouting missions, as Anivia could tell he was being to itch for freedom away from the mountains and the tribe. Caspian became someone she could rely on always, but she knew that he could never be her second in command as they had to much bias in their hearts for one another. For many years Caspian came and went as he pleased bringing Lucia tales of the world as he did so. On one of Caspian trips back he brought a man named Rhydian Snow back with him.

Rhydian showed the traits of a Phoenix and the silver tongue of a Niveis that made her drawn to him. He was opinionated and not afraid to claim she was making mistakes and explain to her why he thought that way. Stating she need to pull them from the isle to join the world before it was to late, that the longer she spent trying to prepare them was going to be useless unless she put her actions into play. He was the first Niveis she meet that had been a Phoenix who had been drowned and left in the water. The story of his death brought the Niveis to tears.

A few in her tribe told her she was crazy for allowing this kind of outsider to become her second in command, he was arrogant at times, and didn’t click well with most but she saw him for who he was. An honest open person who wouldn’t sugar coat things. Though when she first offered Rhydian the job he told her she was crazy, but she explained she needed someone not of the tribe world if she was going to successfully move the tribe for hiding, and giving them their best chance.

With Rhydian on her side she began to send larger groups of scouts out to find a place that could be home to them all, that would give them freedom like they had never known. It was Rhydian who returned with news of the Ailwards and the City of Evermore. Months passed as they waited for all the scouting parties to return only sending Rhydian and a small group out to find Caspian to inform him of where they were going to relocate.

With that and after much preparation the Niveis began their travel around the world. Learning how it was vastly more different than any of them could have imagined until they found their home on top of the mountain in Evermore. Choosing to build homes instead of tents.  The tribe seem to flourish where they were, and Anivia knew it was time to make themselves known to the city.

Anivia found her way into the town spending time among the city people getting a feel of how their kind would be accepted. With time she came before the other species ambassadors pleading the case of her kind, for a chance to join the city and live in harmony. Anivia insured that the actions of her kind and tribe would reflect directly on her and she would handle any issues that arose in the appropriate manner. They were accepted into the city on a trail bases, knowing that all of the ambassadors would be keeping a close eye on them.

Bringing the Niveis to Evermore was not the most selfish act of Anivia. Her psychic link to Kaldre grew stronger the closer she got to Evermore. She wondered if her bound with her brother would grow or being ruined with her arrival in Evermore. Not only was she going to have to keep a tribe safe, build a relationship with the Evermore citizens,  and keep her rage under control she wanted to find her brother and see where they stand.

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