Name: Francesca Matthews
Age: Looks 29, Real 45
Weapon Affinity: Twin Short Swords
Colour Affinity: Burgundy Red
Face Claim: Alexandra Park

Francesca Matthews was the usual Dhampir child. From the moment she was able to walk and talk, was also the moment her parents plunged her into Dhampir training, wanting their daughter to be able to protect herself from any possible threats in the future. Most days would be the same. Her mother teaching her the Dhampir history of how the Dhampirs first came to be as well as the horrid events that followed, leading them to how the Dhampirs were today. This would be followed by her father training her, teaching Francesca to defend herself incase of any possible threats in the future.

At the age of five, Francesca’s parents made a big decision in moving from their home in the Dhampir Community in California all the way to Evermore City and the Dhampir Community there. Fran, still being young, didn’t really mind the fact of moving across the country. Her young childlike mind thought of it as an adventure by going to a new place with new people. She was excited and eager to be able to see new places and experience new things.

Upon reaching Evermore City, the Matthews were welcomed into the Dhampir faction. They quickly grew accustomed to their surroundings and the people in the faction as well as those in the city. Francesca loved her new home and hoped that they would stay there for years to come. She continued with her learning of the Dhampirs, her mother occasionally teaching her the human basics like maths or sometimes about the other species. Francesca was eager to learn, wanting to know as much as she could for when she was older and had her own claiming ceremony on her eighteenth birthday.

For years, Francesca trained as much as she could in her free time with others in the Dhampir Dojo of Evermore City. The young Dhampir often switched what she would be doing daily, mixing up her routine so it was all different from what she did the previous weeks. Fran took a wide variety of lessons, ranging from maths and english to languages and the humanity subjects such as geography and history. She also frequently ran and meditated, often joining a yoga or tai chi session with the rest of the Dhampirs.

The years passed quickly from when Francesca first arrived to Evermore with her parents and soon enough, it was her birthday. Her eighteenth birthday; the day of the weapon claiming ceremony. As soon as the ceremony had started, Fran was full of nerves as she went around the room, picking up all different kinds of weapons with her parent’s stare on her. The young Dhampir went through many weapons, picking them up before putting them down in their original place before moving on to the next. Daggers, a bow and sheath of arrows, nunchucks, swords of many types were picked up by Francesca’s hands in that room and not any of those times did the runes appear.

Francesca was near enough about ready to give up when she picked up the twin short swords, at first her grasp was weak but it only tightened as the runes encased the metal of both swords in a burgundy red glow. She had smiled at the choice of weapon that had been picked for her and when she looked to her parents, she could see how proud they were of her in their eyes. It was after the weapon choosing ceremony that Fran made her decision. She would continue her training with the Dhampirs in the Dojo, she’d come too far with her training and teachings to just stop now to chase after a different life. To her, it seemed pointless to do that after years of training and working for that moment.

While she stayed back, her parents moved to explore more of the world and strangely enough she never felt the urge though a part of her was unhappy at the fact that her parents rarely visited her. But beneath her cheerful exterior, Fran hid the secret heartbreak of her first love, a human who had been killed in a car accident. His death had left a deep scar in her heart, making her feel powerless despite being someone with exceptional healing power. The only person she had confided about her emotional turmoil had been the previous ambassador Maximilian, but when he too left due to a family emergency, she closed herself off. 

Fran was still friendly, though a little skeptical when the new ambassador Valeria arrived and though their relationship did not start off on the right foot, over the past few months, they started becoming close to the point that now Fran considers her one of her really good friends. Her life continues on in Evermore, despite the past hurt, but she is still hopeful of a better future. 


Positive Traits: Calm, Intelligent, Friendly.

Negative Traits: Cautious, Reserved, Awkward

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