Name: Abel Quinn
Age: Looks - 40's Really - 112
Species: Instar Diviner - Light 
Family: N/A
Face Claim: Idris Elba 

Necromancers and Fae have long since lived a life of unease and distrust, the two being separate sides of a single coin, one unable to exist without the other. Abel was the first born of his family, born of the union of both a Necromancer and a Fae which was highly unusual. His parents truly loving one another and in turn loving him for being a product of them both. Where as many were taught distrust and pushed towards either light or dark by their families, Abel was raised to be neutral, a produce of both. Both light and dark had their strengths and weaknesses but if you understood both it was a whole other world. However Abel and his parents knew he could only be chosen by one side.

From a young age he was very outgoing and social, it was easy for him to make friends with nearly anyone. He was the sort to easily forgive but never forget and if you crossed him more than once there was no turning back. It was an interesting time in the world, automobiles having come into the production around his birth.
And before he was ten, the First World War had started which was something no one had ever seen coming. It was around this time when his younger sister Mira was born and he took his responsibilities as a big brother very seriously. When she would cry no matter the hour he would always rush to her area of their small home, sometimes getting there before their Mother and soothing her back to sleep.

Unknown to Abel, since his father was at war Mira was only his half sister since his mother had not been faithful. It was a fact that would have broken his father’s heart, but a year before the end of the war he was killed in action. It had a heavy impact on Abel more so then on his mother and baby sister. Things quickly began to change in their lives though since his mother had no job up to this point and now she was rushing to find work anywhere she could from cleaning houses to factory work. At that point Abel was pulled from schooling in order to look after his sister while his mother worked. One of his Aunt’s could have been asked but instead his mother told him that his sister was his responsibility.

Instead his Aunt’s began to visit while his mother was out and taught him of his magic, herbs and the power of crystals and gemstones. They also gave him the social interactions he was sorely in need of since he wasn’t in school with children his own age. It was clear to him early on that he didn’t live in the way that many others in London did, it was due to both class and birth, his mother barely able to make ends meet but doing the best that she could. When he was fourteen he began to work as help in a shop moving items and cleaning the store until he was accused of stealing with no proof and sent to jail. His mother didn’t have the money or connections to make it easy for him to get out and so he spent three years locked up before he was released due to overcrowding and inhumane conditions. Many would have lost faith in humanity but he refused to give into the hate and small mindedness which got him to his current position.

During his time in prison his mother had fallen ill and ended up passing away, one of his Aunts taking care of his sister. When Abel was released the only jobs he could find were manual labor which was back breaking work for very little pay. However it did at least put food on the table and in his sister’s stomach even if he didn’t eat as much as he needed. Mira always came first and Abel placed himself second so it was of no surprise the night of his claiming ceremony that the sky began to lighten since despite his ups and downs, light and dark, his qualities mostly leaned towards the lighter side.
Despite continuing to be taken advantage of for his strength and ease of labor, Abel was pretty happy with life and in tune with the lighter side of magic, one of his Aunts helping him to learn what he needed. Even though not everything was sunshine and roses, Abel always made the best of it and tried to see the best in humanity even with it weighed heavily and painfully on his soul. Never had he believed that he would lose faith in humanity until the night his Aunt who had taken care of his sister Mira was brutally murdered and his sister beaten. The authorities would do nothing despite Mira telling them who had attacked them as she went in and out of consciousness. Rage had never over taken him until that day as he looked at his badly beaten little sister knowing his Aunt had died to protect her. It was cruel and unfair, especially when he was informed that no one was going to pay for what had been done.

Channeling his rage and his younger sister’s magic which was still both light and dark since she’s yet to be claimed he was able to use dark magic to curse the families of the men who had destroyed his own. It had taken its toll both mentally and physically and after he felt such guilt over what he had done but he knew it couldn’t be undone. That single event had not only changed him but had changed his sister as well and though he was able to slowly return to the man he had once been, his sister never truly recovered, holding on to the anger and hatred for those who judged them by nothing more than the color of their skin. Maybe harsh things were spoken to them both but only Mira took them to heart.

After almost losing Mira though he used his own light magic to cast a spell of protection on Mira, one which would cling to her until his inevitable death. It at least gave Abel a small piece of mind when his sister was away from him but he always worried over her regardless since she was his entire life. So when she turned eighteen and had her own claiming ceremony he was in no way surprised that the sky darkened much like her outlook on humanity along with her heart. It was hard for Abel to watch but he knew what had caused such a drastic turn in the one sweet and understanding girl. There were somethings in life that he couldn’t save her from and likewise, there were paths that were hers to follow that he could not go. Though he fought against it, Mira being claimed as a Necromancer caused a rift between them since there was a natural unease and distrust neither had felt with one another before. Abel worrying constantly on what might happen if someone pushed his sister too far and in worrying he inadvertently pushed her away.

For the next twenty years neither saw one another, Abel went back to school and was far behind but so where most since education wasn’t seen as important to those with the color of his skin. It was a struggle but he put all of his focus into learning and found that once he had started to understand, he excelled. And along with that came a new found idea which wasn’t really acceptable at the time, Abel wanted to be a lawyer, he wanted to help people in the right and legal way. As he petitioned to go to law school he was turned down time and time again for countless different reasons since there were no actual laws for segregation or discrimination it still happened. Finally he was told that if he was able to get enough money for his first year he would allowed to study. However he was working small manual labor jobs which didn’t pay much so saving beyond what was necessary to live was close to impossible but he refused to give up.

It took him five years to save enough for his first year and he felt that far more weight was placed on him than on anyone else in his class but he saw it as just another obstacle to overcome to get to where he needed to be. Unfortunately, around this time the second World War broke out and the economy of all countries involved took a dive. Which left Abel with very little and though he knew that most men his age were joining the military that was something he couldn’t do as he thought of his father who had never returned home. It was selfish, especially with everything going on in the world but he wasn’t a man of war even though he was large in stature and intimidating to those who didn’t know him. The first year of education in law was all he was able to get even after the war ended, at that point there were so many returning home looking for jobs and the job force was over saturated already men literally fighting over employment. Which was exactly how Abel died, over a petty squabble he wanted nothing to do with for a job he had already told the men they could have since it obviously meant more to them than to him. Believing he was instigating a fight broke out and there were four of them and one of him and he wasn’t the sort to use his magic in such a way.

Blackness and death wrapped around him and fourteen hours later, Abel awoke to the face of his sister staring down at him, her eyes a deep gun metal grey as they faded back to there deep mocha color. Given the people she ran around with, it was of no surprise how quick she had heard about his death but he was still grateful for the second chance. Without knowing the economic growth that was about to come to Britain, Abel decided to leave for the United States, he didn’t have much but it seemed like the kind of change that would do him well. Of course, he hadn’t taken into account that fact that within the Stated segregation was legally allowed and enforced by the government so instead of a new start, he had entered himself into a new form of hell.

The only thing he could find was a shake in the Louisiana Bayou and living that far South was a very dangerous route to take. There were a few who were very kind to him, including a man named Beachamp Deveraux who was a white lawyer who fought for civil rights. Despite the harsh, cruel and cold reception he got from most in the area he refused to give into hate or ignorance and kept his compassionate nature. He became very protective of those in the community he lived in and had no issue standing in the way of those who wished to harm him. Abel never gave into violence but when push came to shove he stood his ground. Deciding to get back into law Beachamp agreed to help Abel and go against the segregated education system so that Abel could study law. It was another three year endeavor and in that timeframe Abel was beaten more than one, Beachamp’s law office was burned down, his home was vandalized and his family threatened but neither backed down.

Finally winning the right that came easy to some, he began to attend law school but was still met with a lot of hate. One man in particular was named Carson Maclean and he tried to mentally and emotionally break Abel down everyday but the Fae refused to give in. Until the day he found out his sister had been killed during a protest, it was a hard pill to swallow as he realized the protection spell he had placed on her had ended the day he had died all those years ago. Hatred and anger began to seep in and Beachamp kept telling him not to give in. That night Maclean and his buddies came after Abel and he didn’t even fight back, he told them to do their worst because he already lost the only person who mattered to him in his life. For some reason this sentiment softened Maclean, he had never seen a man pushed for far and hurt so much without lashing out. From that day forward Maclean became Abel’s friend. That was also the day he realized that there was a way to overcome hate and it was with understanding.

Finishing law school he passed the exams to become a lawyer and Beachamp hired him on full time. The Civil Rights movement was still marching on and Abel began to become involved with protests and being the legal representation for those imprisoned. It was a long process and he met many amazing and influential people who were a reminder that he was on the right path and staying true to himself and the vision he had of an equal world. After fifteen years in Louisiana he knew he needed to move on, his slow aging was being noticed and there were talks of a place in Colorado which was a supernatural city, it wasn’t equal necessarily in the ways of the species themselves and there was unrest with some but he took a chance.

Finding a job with a lawyer firm that did a lot of pro bono and charity work he applied and interviewed well. They liked him and gave him a position at the law firm and for a time it was usually pretty busy. After ten years of working there though he had leave, once more his age was coming into question. But being part of the Fae community he had some connections and got a job with a law firm of supernaturals who catered to supernatural clients. But he’s not all work and no play, having gone to a club with some of the younger lawyers he became entranced with the music and DJ. It became a hobby and then soon his second job since it was amazing to see so many give into the music and vibes of the place.

Abel had finally found his foot and felt like he was truly living when the comet hit Evermore city and once more, things changed. Pain had ripples through him as he passed out in the club most believing it to be dehydration but he felt something different when he woke. Two separate species fusing into one as years of unnecessary distrust began to disappear. No longer Fae or Necromancers but Instar Diviners. It was more than he had ever believed would happen in his life since that had been the second greatest divide in his life. Abel is a pillar in the Diviner community and is known for being just and respectful as well as head strong. He’s the sort many would go to for advice and wisdom if they weren’t intimidated by his appearance.

Positive: Just, compassionate, humorous, respectful

Negative: head-strong, compulsive, egocentric, rowdy

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