Name: Tobias Hargrave

Nicknames/Alias: Toby

Species: Human

Age: 35

Family: None

Status: Aware of Supernatural & Works for the Organisation

FC: Joseph Morgan

Most believe that those with money are apart of some sort of privileged group that makes them untouchable to the usual hardships that the rest of the world deal with everyday, Tobias grew up believing this to be a fact, he himself being on the privileged end of the society spectrum. Toby was born to James and Helena Hargrave, a couple that loved their child more than one another. However, due to their responsibilities of running a multi-million dollar company, they did not have enough time to express their love to their son, who grew up thinking that his parents would rather be working than spending their time with himself.

Tobias’ family founded and owned Hargrave Technologies in Evermore city, their company managing upgrades for technological upgrades in Evermore as well as being the prime manufacturer for computer systems throughout the world; Resulting in a rather large income. While his parents attended whatever business meetings and arrangements they had, Toby spent most of his childhood being raised by the nanny that his parents hired full time, Miss Granger.

Miss Granger did everything for Toby, she fed him, bathed him, put him to bed and even went on to be his tutor in multiple subjects once he started school. His education was a major part of his life, Tobias excelled in many subjects, though he particularly shined in Physical Education. He was always an active kid, often running around the mansion he lived in, playing tag and hide and seek with his Miss Granger. Toby flew through school, even skipping several years and completing secondary at the age of 14.

As per his parents wishes, Tobias went off to college right after this and he began his degrees in Business Management, Psychology and Philosophy, these being the “ideal” pathways to taking over the company one day. He often tried telling his parents, the few chances he had to talk to them, that he would rather be doing something else, something that helped the people. Each and every time he told them this they quickly shut him down, often using the phrase, “Help yourself to help others”.

“And what does that even mean?!”, He retorted.

“It means to keep your nose in a book, Toby, it’ll make sense once day”, his father told him.

Toby had never truly trusted his parents’ judgement. They would question their opinions and their actions, as most children do, but he had always felt that there was something his mother and father had been purposely hiding from him. Upon completing a total of three bachelor's degrees at the age of 20, Tobias returned home from college to a party his parents had thrown him in celebration of his success. They had simply invited everyone, it turned into a massive house party rather quickly.

Usually Tobias would avoid getting too drunk, but after all the work he had put into making his parents happy, the 6 years he spent at college doing what THEY wanted him to do, he needed an escape from for just one night. Halfway through the night, however, he had just noticed that his parents were nowhere to be found. Once most of the guests had filtered out and returned to wherever they had come from his parents had finally decided to return home, some time past midnight.

“Where the hell have you been? You make up this reason for a party and you decide to never even show up?, Tobias asked angrily as he confronted his father in his study. “Your mother and I had some urgent business to attend to”, he replied, shaking his head in disbelief, “Honestly, you reek of booze and filth, how much did you drink and embarrass us this evening?”. Toby could hear the taunting tone his father held in his words, this caused a rage to build inside of him, throwing the bottle of whiskey had been holding across the room and into the fireplace, causing a shatter of glass and sparks to rise from the hearth.

“You want me to succeed you as some sort of born prodigy, like the only reason I was ever born was to make sure that your work doesn’t stop once you’re dead and gone!”, Tobias screamed at him in a fit of anger and tears, he had never truly forgiven his parents for pushing all of their responsibilities on him, as if he was never going to have a choice whether he continues in their place once they retire.

“Tobias, please, control yourself”, his father scoffed simply, crossing his arms as he leaned against his desk, “You’ve clearly had far too much to drink, do we need to rehire Miss Granger to babysit you again? I thought you had grown out of your childish tantrums”. Toby had had enough, he left the room and went to bed, setting his alarm for early the next morning. When he woke that morning, with tad bit of a hangover, he packed his bags and left home, simply leaving a note for his parents;

Mum & Dad

I know you want me to be perfect in your eyes

But I can’t be who you want me to be

I have been in contact with an army recruiter

I’m beginning training as of today

I fly out to base this morning

I’m sorry

Love, Your Son.

So Tobias spent the next 8 years of his life serving his country, helping those in need, as he had always hoped he would. While on active duty he learnt many hard lessons, like the reality of life and death, how easy it was to lose your brothers in arms. He saw death first hand,, barely escaping his own deadly fate many times. The entire experienced matured him to a level he would have never achieved under his parents’ teachings. This was something he needed to do.

However, after all the hardships of being in the army, the greatest challenge of all arrived when he awoke one morning at the crack of dawn, making his bunk as per his routine he had kept for the past 8 years; He received the very first piece of mail since he enlisted. It was a letter signed by a detective of the Evermore City Police Department.

To Tobias Hargrave,

I regretfully write this to inform you that your father and mother, James and Helena Hargrave, have sadly passed away. The details of their death are currently unknown as we are still investigating the matter.

My sincerest sympathies,

Det. Cornelia Bradford

It was safe to say that this news rocked him deeply, he immediately sought out his superior Captain and requested a leave of service ASAP. It was lucky that he had something of a special relationship with the Captain or he may not have made it home in time for his parents’ funeral. He flew back to Evermore that same day, spending most of the flight writing down anything he could say at their funeral, as he was sure everyone would be expecting him to do so.

The funeral was unsurprisingly crowded. Every business owner and associate they had ever had dealings with had come to kiss their ass one last time. Tobias looked over the hundreds who attended, a feeling of disgust dwelling in his midsection, he had never met one of them, yet he knew that they were only there for the media, not wanting to appear immoral. Like these businessman cared about anything other than their money.

After sitting through hours of people telling him how sorry they were for his loss, Tobias finally had a moment alone. He stood in his father's study, thinking about the fight he had with him the night before he left for active duty. It was amazing how much time had passed, yet it felt like yesterday that he was standing here, telling his father that he he wouldn’t do as he wanted. Toby was furious with himself… It was now that he realized how much he had regret that fight, wishing he could simply step back in time and change reality.

He began to look through his father's old belongings, sitting at his desk and skimming through notebooks mostly comprised of stock changes and business plans, it was only after he opened the top drawer of the desk did he find anything of note; A letter, addressed to himself. Slowly he peeled apart the paper, the envelope falling to the ground as his eyes began to read the words written in neat cursive, recognising it immediately as his father's handwriting;

My Son,

If you are reading this it means that I am no longer alive. I’m sorry. I should have never forced this life on you. I always hoped that you wouldn’t leave.. I expected it, however. I am glad you found a purpose, I know you wanted to help those who needed it. Now, there is more you can do to help than you could ever know. There are things about Evermore that you do not know, dark, dangerous things. We live amongst monsters, Tobias, monsters that would seek war against humans. I do not expect you to believe me, I should have told you sooner, before you left. Please, our legacy was not the company, it was the cause.

Tobias, we love you. You are perfect, in every way possible, simply because you are our son.

You are exactly who you need to be.

With love,

Your Father & Mother

By the time Toby had reached the last words of the letter he had tears in his eyes. The message had left him dazed and confused. Quickly fumbling for the envelope for anything more, he found a plain business card with an address and a name; Violet Voelkel. The very next day Tobias made his way to the address he found, which led him to a large corporate structure in the centre of the city. Upon arriving it appeared that they had been expecting him.

When he finally met with Violet she explained that his parents had been working for them for decades, practically dedicating their life to the organisation. Violet also briefed him on the current situation in Evermore, the truth about the supernatural presence as well as offering him an opportunity to help the people, right here in Evermore. Of course, learning that monsters exist was quite the shock, but never the less Tobias accepted her offer and began his training as a fighter for the human faction that same day. On top of working for the organisation, Tobias decided that it would be beneficial to continue his parents’ work in their company, becoming the new CEO of Hargrave Technologies in the same week.

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