Full Name : Andersen ‘Anders’ Willem Dietrich

Nicknames / Alias : Anders

Face Claim : Hayden Christensen

Age : 27 / 642

Date of Birth : 13th October, 1377

Place of Birth : Copenhagen, Denmark

Sexuality : Heterosexual (up to player’s preference)

Nationality/Species : German-Danish Niveis

Occupation : Chemical Engineer (formerly)

Distinguishing marks : Former tribal marks on his right shoulder / Niveis mark on his ankle

Status : Not within the community yet

Personality :

Positive - Adventurous, Aspiring, Intuitive, Precise | Negative - Indecisive, Impassive, Reserved, Stubborn

Having to follow up the standards being placed on you is never an enjoyable thing to follow through. That’s exactly how Anders lived his entire childhood. Andersen ‘Anders’ Dietrich was born at the first light of 13th October 1377 in their modest home at the base of the mountains in Copenhagen. His birth was not expected by the couple, but was celebrated much like his older brother’s. Unlike Andrew, Anders was given his name that was similarly equipped to bring the meaning “manly” and “strong”, but still held a small distinction as his name was derived from Scandinavian roots. His middle name was Willem, which meant “resolute protector”. This made him to be second version of his older brother, Andrew; who was known to be the future of the tribe, who at the moment of his birth, was already 7 years old.

Anders was taught to be respectful and disciplined at a young age. It was the main factor contributing to his mannerisms of precision and intuition for the young Initia. Much like his his older brother, Anders followed his father’s Germanic looks, but opted to follow more of his mother’s Danish ones since they were based there. As he grew up, he was often surrounded by happiness and positivity, resulting his rather cheerful demeanor. He had friends, both humans and Initias alike, in the tribe. He was resolute in making his parents proud, as the lad gave them a reason to smile again. However, as he grew into a young male, he was one of the few that noticed the changes in his brother, who preferred solitary above everything, which was a direct contrast to his light. Unfortunately, every time young Anders would try to get close to Andrew, he would be pushed away, rendering his attempts futile.

By the time he reached 7 years old, he had shown exceptional control over the element, fire. Whilst his older brother reverted to the confinements and company of their uncle, Anders grew more popular amongst everyone else in the tribe, with his rather optimistic energy exuding every positivity there was to offer. His outgoing persona made everyone else prefer his company. But even when the others praised his outstanding progress, his mother did not. Anders, who grew up being closer to his mother, was disheartened and discouraged by the air she oozes whenever everyone else complimented him, He was a rather attention loving child, and was devastated by the lack of interaction Andrew was not giving him.

One day, just a few days before his 7th birthday, he confronted his mother and asked why she seemed upset by his progressive state, and Freja told him that he feared he would end up being the same like his older brother; who changed his persona entirely by the sudden interference. Anders prompted his mother to tell him more about the rare deviant species, Phoenix, so he would be able to help his brother overcome every obstacle he faced. Despite being met by opposition by the hard-headed woman, she gave in and began to teach him the history of phoenixes, up to how their abilities manifested and how they posed a danger and threat towards their kind. He was an attentive child who often infer every single argument that was met by a heaved sigh by his mother, knowing fully well she could not avoid the topic nor could she tell him to drop it.

He was 9 years old when Andrew fled their home. Anders was highly upsetted by the sudden event and tried to go and search for his brother. Unbeknownst to Andrew, Anders already knew of his identity as he too, was a phoenix. He’s been surrounded by books on phoenixes since 7, so it wasn’t a weird occurrence to see him gain insight on the particular topic. Vowing to find his brother one day, when he could, he focused on his studies and practiced his element to the best of his abilities. Up until he accidentally scorched one of his friends while they were joking around, because they kept poking into him regarding Andrew’s absence. He didn’t even think much about it but the rage suppressed in him just burst out that day, and the next thing he knew, he had burned his friend’s cloak. Luckily, people were there to put it out before it could spread further. Everyone was staring at him like he just grew two heads overnight, and backed away when he tried to come forward and apologize for his actions earlier. Upon finding out that everyone else became distant because of what happened, Anders closed himself off for an amount of time and only talked to his mother, who by then, was already pregnant with another child; one that would eventually became his baby sister.

His mother would chastise him every night to keep a better hold on his abilities for one day, one might notice his differences, especially after pulling such a stunt today. Whenever he asked her why he would not give Andrew a chance, she seldom replies and only kept a silent treatment. It was for reasons he could not comprehend through, but as time gradually flies by, he dropped it. Nine months later, his sister, Josefine, was born when the moon was at the brightest on Christmas Eve. He found it easier to direct everything else in training while also thinking of becoming a good example to his sister. He did not forget the oath and vow he made to himself, to find his brother. Exactly like how his mother had warned him before, a day came where they discovered that he wasn’t a Fire Initia or even an Initia, at all. He was the deviant species they were against in every nature; a Phoenix.

The young Phoenix remembered how he was woken up by his mother who ushered Josefine into his embrace, and told him to hide and be quiet throughout the entire time. Anders, being a obedient child, complied to every demands given by his mother and took his sister to their basement, where they hid behind the cellar. Anders was already at the mature age of 18 with young Josefine who was 9, he knew very well what was happening but refused to believe the day finally came. His eyes never left his mother who gave a knowing look before the current magister delivered a killing blow towards her. The blood trickling down from her chest pooled under her as both his parents laid unmoving on the cold floor. “Find Anders and Josefine, and kill them.” It occurred to Anders, that their identity was finally uncovered by their tribe. As two of his friends advanced closer to the cellar, he clenched his fists together and was more than prepared to run with his sister, knowing he should take his parents’ sacrifice as another chance to live.

And so he did.

He remember burning them with fire that was more hotter than any of the fire Initias had displayed, hotter than his own, until two days ago. That, and running through the woods as fast as his feet could take him, while carrying Josefine on his back. He could hear the people hunting them not far off, and by the time they’ve reached him, they were already at the edge of the cliff. But surrendering was not in his blood. He still has yet to fulfill his promise to himself to find Andrew. “I am Andersen Willem Dietrich, son of Peter and Freja Dietrich. My uncle was Eron Dietrich, your esteemed magister. I won’t go down like this so easily. I will come back and the death of my parents will be your undoing.” He gritted his teeth as he threw himself off the cliff and let his wings carry him, soaring through the skies.

He landed in Kiev, where he searched for a better life to provide for his sister now. There was only the two of them now, the last of the Dietrich family. The moment he saw the red lines trailing down his sister’s back, he was somewhat relieved and worried to see that Josefine would go down the same path both her brothers trudged through. All three of the last legacy being phoenixes, the very species that his family had eradicated from thousands of years ago. It was like karma. For the next few centuries, he built a good life for both him and Josefine, the both of them taking turns in rebirthing every once in a while. Anders nurtured Josefine as his parents would and told her stories about their family and their long lost brother who fled so long ago. The two never stopped searching for Andrew. Their search would turn into a duty instead.

Both siblings had their own expertise in their line of work; Anders working as a chemical engineer and his sister as a clinical psychologist. Josefine became known for her work and research that posed a threat to some groups that dictated their own rules. Josefine got involved with Derek, but broke it off as soon as she found out what his occupation was. It wasn’t until Josefine became a target of her own brother in the year of 1983, who was working as a mercenary, that they were able to find him. Josefine told Andrew that she was his younger sister, who was born during the period when he fled. Despite the elder Dietrich finding it hard to believe and correlate through, the reunion with the second Dietrich gave the confirmation he needed that everything Josefine said was true. It took Anders over 600 years to finally reunite with his brother, but he did it. Unfortunately, the heartfelt reunion did not last long as Andrew’s employer came and decided to finish the job himself.

Everything went too fast and before Anders could drag her sister away from the site, he was rendered weak the moment they delivered a blow against his back, exactly where the wings are located at. Struggling to get up, he saw her sister becoming the first victim to Derek’s cruelty as the man plunged a golden dagger straight into her heart. The fire that was in him was threatening to scorch every single person there but he didn’t get the chance to finish his attempt when he felt the blade piercing his heart from behind. As he descended into the dark, he felt the coldness seeping into him. The phoenix was sure he was drowning, and left his fate to the gods as he released his hold on life.

Anders was the second to wake up, a few hours shortly after his older brother woke. Andrew lets out a relieved sigh and embraced his brother, despite being wet from the water. He felt the ice coursing in his veins and became slightly frightened by whatever that was happening to them. He never learned about this part in the books about phoenixes. It never said anything about this weird transition that was occurring on them. While they waited for Josefine who surprisingly took the longest to wake up regardless her being the first to die. It wasn’t until a few months later that he got a grasp on his newfound abilities. He was able to control the water, and not just that, but he accidentally froze the windows.

When they heard about the eternal city called Evermore during their attendance to the 2019 New Year’s festival in New York, he was the first to agree in accordance. Anders convinced and persuaded both his brother and sister to come with him as they sought out the answers they needed and possibly, even begin a new life where they wouldn’t need to fear anyone else coming after them. After all, he wanted to make sure his family stays together after being separated for so long. As the three of them make their way to the infamous supernatural haven, Anders couldn’t help but to smile because they finally have a moment of closure in their lives.

Family :

Peter Dietrich (father - deceased)

Freja Dietrich (mother - deceased)

Andrew Dietrich (older brother)

Josefine Dietrich (younger sister)

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