Name: Eliza Washington

Faceclaim: Anna Kendrick

Species: Kitsune

Age: 30

Family: None


Honest - Flirtatious - Playful

Demanding - Intimidating - Cold


Have you ever been betrayed? Not just had someone turn their back on you, or lie to you,  to have them push you down, trample on your soul and wash away all hope of living like you have before. Eliza had experienced this exact feeling of betrayal, it carved herself from a fun loving teenager to an unloving formidable woman, someone that you could never know has a bad side to her until it was all but too late. Though as you already know, Eliza was not always this way, as every dark ending to a story there is a light hearted beginning.

It all began decades ago, when a man met a woman. The woman was a simple person, working nine to five like most others, the man however was something no one could have seen coming; A Kitsune. They both fell for one another within weeks, it started as small meaningful dates and flourished into romantic weekends away from home -- He never told her what he was, too afraid of the collateral it would cause upon their relationship. Over time they moved in together, no longer needing to escape their lives to spend time together.

After years of love, a marriage proposal and a newborn baby girl, the time had finally come when his past caught up to him. The male Kitsune had been running from his past for years, believing he had finally found a place to call home, where no one would find him, he settled down. But his previous pack, a group of pure Kitsunes that shunned him once they found out that he had been turned, rather than have the gene in his blood; They hunted him.

It was the very last thing he wanted to do, but it seemed with the looming full moon he would have no choice. He knew they were closing in, simply stalking him before they came in for the kill. The night before the full moon he left a note for his wife and child, a letter full of lies; It explained that he had to leave for unrelated reasons, a complete story of bullshit. But he was forced to leave them, if he had stayed there they would have been killed. Before he left, however, he held his baby girl in his arms for the last time, his own tears wetting her covers as she slept.

Eliza never saw her father again after that night, nor did her mother bother to mention him anymore than saying that he was a scumbag nobody that doesn’t deserve a family. In truth, her mother was just far too heartbroken to talk about him. Deep down Eliza suspected this, but her mother refused to speak of the time she spent with her father. Unfortunately, her mother barely spoke to her at all since he left. She saw the child of the man that left her as a burden, a sad reminder of her past life and love.

The backlash of being seen as a burden in your mother's eyes caused a childhood of hardships, often getting mistreated whenever she was in a bad mood or during the many nights she spent drinking. Eliza grew up with this treatment, it was everything she could remember from the day she was born, so she never thought that it was wrong or out of line. It was when she finally went to school, which her mother had debated for a while whether or not Eliza would ever attend at all, that things began to change.

When you are different to everyone around you, it is an easy thing to realize that you may not be the same as them, that the way you have grown up might not be right. Her friendships were very limited, as she found trouble sparking up conversations with the other children, even relating to them on a basic level was an impossible task for her. Through these experiences more and more questions began to rise up in her thoughts when she lay awake at night, wondering if the way she lived was okay, if her mother was allowed to treat her this way.

As Eliza crept into her teenage years these thoughts became stronger, eventually she even questioned her Mum personally about how she was treated. But, these inquiries were only met with swift punishment, being taught to never question the way her mother raised her. She didn’t dare mention it again from that day forward. With her teenage years also came the added dynamic of meeting and talking to boys.

Though she knew that the rest of the girls her age were gossiping about the popular “cute” boys around the school, Eliza often found herself looking at the girls more often. Not that she ignored the boys, she couldn’t deny her attraction for both genders, perhaps it was the uncommon attraction to women that made it that much more attractive. One night, she got the opportunity to see how much she really did like them, inviting one of her few friends over to stay the night, shocked that her mother even allowed it.

Late that night, while her mother slept, the two curious girls spent their night cuddling, telling stories about each other's lives, simple back and forth for hours. They were close for the entire period, simply looking at one another with their faces inches apart. Eliza knew that they both wanted to just lean in and snatch a kiss, but both were just as scared as the other. Eventually, after many hours of intimacy, their lips touched and it felt as if the world was suddenly opened up.

At that moment not only did new possibilities open up but so did the door, flushing Eliza’s bedroom with light from the hall, next moment she could hear her mother shouting in anger, the words practically inaudible but it was clear she was in big, big trouble. Her friend simply cowered in the corner as Eliza sat there, her mother yelling curses and nonsensical nonsense in her face. After about ten minutes of this, Eliza’s friend was being driven home and after that they seemed to be driving for miles, she sat in the passenger seat not daring to say a word.

After roughly an hour of driving they arrived at what appeared to be an old mansion, seemingly having been built prior to the modern age. As they drove through the large wrought iron gates, Eliza peered out the window at a frayed sign just inside the fence line:

Avalon Asylum

Home for the Mentally Unstable & Insane

A large lump rose up in her throat, her stomach plummeting as she whipped around to her mother, the teenage girls mouth wide open, “A-An Asylum?!”, she finally gasped, only to be told to shut up almost immediately. Afraid of what could happen if she did indeed speak up again, she remained silent as the gravel crackled against the weight of the vehicle pulling up to the front of the establishment, a couple men in white coats and one in a dark suit.

Eliza was told to remain in the car when her Mum got out, she was speaking to the man in the dark suit, the other two men glancing over at Eliza every so often. After a few minutes her passenger door opened and one of the white coat men offered their hand, but Eliza swatted it away defiantly, crossing her arms. Moments later she was being manhandled from the vehicle, her struggles not phasing the men as they carried her forcefully, her literal kicking and screaming causing them to just hold her tighter and move her faster.

As they carried her inside the front doors Eliza caught a glimpse of her mother before she got into the car, a look of hatred and disgust, a mix of relief in her eyes as well. This was the last time she ever saw her mother, this was the betrayal that Eliza would live with throughout the rest of her life. After a minute she stopped struggling, her body going limp as the men dragged her feet along the porcelain tiled floor. Several corners later she was being laid down upon a lumpy mattress, her wrists and ankles being strapped to the bed.

That night was one of the worst she had ever experienced, that’s after she had spent her childhood living with her mother. They injected her with several narcotics that induced heavy drowsiness, near paralysis and it made her feel like vomiting the entire time. Luckily for Eliza, most of that night was drowned out with the electroshock therapy they began after hours of trying to drug her into “sanity”. On paper it said that Eliza was experiencing psychotic behavior and violent tendencies, her mother had clearly done some bribing to get her admitted, whatever this place was.. It felt like a nightmare.

Years went by and Eliza lost track of the days, sometimes unsure if it was night or day. Most of the time she would be confined to a plain cushioned room with no windows, she was let out twice a day to use the bathroom and have something to eat. She was determined not to lose herself, constantly struggling to hold on to what sanity remained. Each day they pumped her with pills and injections, using electro shock therapy whenever she was defiant, no matter the severity.

It was one night after that her life would change once again, while sleeping quietly in her padded room a sharp pain in her ribs awoke her suddenly, though the pain persisted further, the sharp pain spreading over her skin like fire. It felt as if her bones were literally snapping with every heartbeat, she began to scream as the pain engulfed her senses, her body morphing, bones changing shape as her body grew. Her clothing shredded with the added mass, fur growing from her skin as her nails turned to claws, hands to paws.

After what felt like hours of pain it finally stopped, her body was numb from it all and Eliza decided to just lay there, panting profusely. It was after she laid there for a few minutes that she noticed a difference with herself, she felt different, her vision was the first hint. After inspecting her new form for a moment, panic rising and settling every few seconds, trying to calm herself. During her inspection she noticed her tail was.. Very sharp. Almost like she had been doing it her entire life, she flicked her rear and her tail sliced the padded wall with ease, the fluffy inside bursting out.

What she did next was obvious, she slashed at the door until she broke through, scampering through the halls at high speeds, her tail slashing at the walls behind beside her as it flicked around. Eliza bound past shocked guards and scared psychiatrists, running right out the front doors before anyone had a chance to stop her. As she ran towards the tall wrought iron fence, an instinct told her to jump. With ease the fox leaped over the fence, her form disappearing into the darkness of the night.

Eliza ran for miles upon miles, never bothering to look back, the greatest feeling flooded her senses, a feeling she had not felt in many years; Freedom. After a while, she found a large city, this place was called Evermore. Despite the betrayal and hatred she had experienced, Evermore breed a new way of life into Eliza, she found her true home here. The woman she once was is gone, now she lived a fulfilling life apart of a loving community, a strong and independent stride in her walk; She was who she should have been from the very beginning, a Kitsunes daughter.

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