Inara Nahas
Faceclaim: Summer Bishil
Species: Half-Blood Nephilim
Age: Looks: 25 | Real: 28
Status: Archivist, in the community | Rank: Ex- Spy
Family: Jordan Castell-Laveau (Unknown Half - Sister)

Inara was born to a single mother who had a fling with a famous drug dealer in New Orleans. Inara mother was obsessed with this man explaining to Inara that she was the last link she had to him. Due to this Inara was fawned over by her Nephilim mother. Inara mother was a spy who went rogue the moment she met that famous drug dealer in New Orleans, she was sent in to take him down, learn the ins and outs of his business and yet the moment she laid eyes on him she fell in love.

The fling with him was felting as the two were only together for a few short months before she learned that she was pregnant with Inara. Knowing that he didn’t want another child she left him behind in New Orleans abandoning her mission to take him and his drug ring down. It was the first time she had fail, but the moment Inara was born she no longer looked at her mission as a failure but rather a happy accident in her life.

Inara and her mother had a gypsy lifestyle roaming from one place to the next never settling in for more then two years before her mother would began to freak out that her father was coming for her, though all her spy training said otherwise. The older Inara got the more resentment she had towards her mother for never settling into one place for too long. Inara longed for a sense of home, one evening she pressed her mother for answers about her birth father and why she had never meet him.

That night Inara mother told her what she use to be one of the top ranking spies for a secret Nephilim organization (SNO) that was created to defeat organized crime around the world. How she was assigned to a drug dealer who was world famous at that point to wiggle her way into his good graces and
make him trust her fully so that she could turn him over in hopes to cut off the drug supply to New Orleans which was growing over run more each day.

Her mother explained how she fell madly head over heels in love with the man and how she couldn’t turn him in. For months they were together her using the mission as an excuse to why she could stay there with him. It wasn’t until she learned she was pregnant with Inara did she leave. She only left him to keep her unborn daughter safe from not only her father but his family and the Secret Nephilim Organization (SNO).

Inara had felt anger towards her mother for keeping all of this from her for the last eighteen years of her life. While her mother trained her to be a Nephilim, along with fighting, and choosing her favored weapon a katana to fight with. Inara hated that she could have grown up in a community of Nephilim like her mother and yet was forced to live as a gypsy with no roots. That night she packed her things and traveled to Egypt where her mother stated that was were she was first recruited into the SNO.

It didn’t take long for the SNO to track down the daughter of a traitor, when she was taken in for questioning she expressed interest in joining their ranks. They told her the only way for her to show her loyalty was for her to give up her mother's location. Inara did this willingly without a second thought sure her mother had already moved on the moment she left. When the search party returned they told her that her mother was gone just as Inara assumed but she could join their ranks.

So Inara began her training, her skills grew far beyond anything her mother could ever teach her. Soon she became one of the highest-ranking Nephilim spies going undercover on missions that could tilt the balance one way or the other. It wasn’t until she was tasked with following up on her mother's old mission did she began to wonder about her mother. She had not heard from her at all and even though Inara herself had not reached out towards her mother, it wasn’t like her mother not to reach out to her.

Inara mission was to confirm that the famous drug dealer that she secretly knew as her father was actually dead. Inara wasn’t sure if she could handle seeing her father either he was dead or alive. But this was the mission they tasked her with so it was a mission she knew she need to complete, she felt as if the SNO was testing her and her loyalty to them. She traveled to New Orleans and had learned that he passed.

It wasn’t her father that peaked her interest it was the man who was her half-brother. Taking his name, and personal information Inara learned as much of him as she could. Growing up as an only child Inara never knew she could have family out there, even after her mother told her that her father had a family. She never thought she would come face to face with her half brother.

Jordan was leaving a store in New Orleans with his mother and Inara sat in her car and took a photo of him. When the shutter went off and Jordan looked her way she wondered if he was supernatural himself. She had learned of other species working for the SNO. She lowered her camera their eyes locked for a single moment before she turned over her car and took off. She didn’t stop till she was a state way and out of gas.

She exited her car and began a long fight to meet up with the director of the SNO, to confirm that her father was dead. When she met at the director at the New York field office the atmosphere felt dark, very dark. It seen Inara fight or flight instinct into overdrive. As she entered the office she was placed in a chair in front of a monitor. A voice spoke to her “Hello Inara, My name is Henry. I am the director of the SNO, I have been watching you and to know you are loyal to us we must admit something to you.” A video began to roll across the screen and her eyes grew large as she watched her mother being murdered. “Your mother chose to cross us, do I make it clear that if you cross us the same will happen to you.” Tears welled in Inara eyes as she watched the male Nephilim strangle her mother taking what looked like pleasure out of it. “Do you understand?”

Inara just nodded towards the screen. “Good.” The voice said, “Welcome to the SNO officially.” The door opened behind her and she moved through the door into a room was a massive crowd of Nephilim’s who were clapping for her as if she had just graduated form high school. She plastered on a smile and pretend to enjoy the party. Once her welcome party was over Inara returned to her apartment with her next list of assignment. She was so terrified that if she didn’t do what they wanted.

For the next five years Inara murdered for the SNO, and did what ever assignments they assigned to her, but through the years she kept tabs on Jordan to make sure he was never a target of the SNO. He was the only family she had left now.

One stormy night as she returned from a mission she checked the list of targets seeing his name had came up on the list. It made her heart sink, Looking at the new large list it looked like the SNO was going to attack Evermore. So Inara left behind her life she no longer wanted anyways with the SNO burning everything she had and traveled to Evermore, Colorado. She found herself looking for him, trying to find ways to meet him while placing herself in the Nephilim community there knowing that when the SNO came for Evermore, She could reveal what she knows, if it wasn’t found out before then.

Personality Traits

Positive: Powerful - Skilled - Confident - Willing
Negative: Secretive - Loner - Silver Tongue - Unfriendly

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