Name: Rowan James McKenzie
Age: 28 (Looks) 56 (Actual)
Species: Initia
Element: Electric
Rank: Electric Master
Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien

| Personality: Up to player's preference |

Rowan was an only child, born into a family in Edinburgh, Scotland. His parents were respected members of the Initia tribe there, his father being a master in water and his mother being a well respected diversified Initia. He lived a fairly normal life in the tribe, being taught from a young age the many supernatural species that roamed the earth. He was raised as all Initia children tended to be, surrounded by others and well-disciplined.

As an only child of a master, Rowan was never not stressed, even as a young boy. He was pressured to be strong, to be a leader, to rationalise arguments with a calm tone, to never show a sign of weakness. But he never could--he wasn’t a leader, like his father, and didn’t think he ever would be. But his parents wouldn’t see that: no, they continued to push at his limits, unknowing that they were driving their son away at such a young age. They never knew how alone he felt, how he knew he could never live up to their expectations.

Around the age of ten, he found someone whom he could talk to; to relate to: his father’s brother and his own uncle, Samuel. Sam McKenzie was the only other sibling of Grand Master Richard McKenzie, older by only two years. One day, he found the young Rowan out by himself in the neighbourhood playground, unease apparent in his expression. He spoke to his nephew, telling him his stories about how after his brother had excelled to become one of the youngest masters the tribe has seen, he was living in his shadows. How before he was claimed, everyone expected the most out of Sam. But he wasn’t a teacher or a leader, not by far. And so began a very close-knit relationship with his uncle for Rowan, as since that day, whenever he had a problem or worries, Sam was the first the young boy went to.

By the time that Rowan was 12 and ready for his initiation ceremony, it became evident that his affinity element was electricity. At first, he hadn’t really realized the connection, but his interest in new technology such as old black and white TVs and how they worked should have been a pretty good clue. The young Scot finally felt his connection to his identity as an Initia through his element which made everything made sense. He was never interested in the more traditional elements and there wasn’t an electric master in his tribe so it didn’t occur to him or his parents to begin with.

Because of the lack of master in their tribe who could properly guide Rowan, even after his initiation he found himself floundering, not really feeling connected to the people he was alongside as they didn’t really understand him or the talent that had chosen him. For this reason, he threw himself into school and technology studies, hoping that the teachings, even from human professors could give him a better understanding of the person he was supposed to be. He knew he needed something to fall back on. And so, he was determined to do well in high school. He proved to be a brilliant student, acing all his academic classes without fail. He figured if he couldn’t make his parents proud in the supernatural sense, he’d do it this way. And he never felt happier, especially when he saw his parents and uncle's reactions to the commendations and awards he gained.

After graduating valedictorian of his class, Rowan still wasn’t sure what path he wanted to take . He was angry, because deep down he knew he would never live up to the perfect picture his parents had painted for his life, without a master, he could never truly understand his element and excel in the way they wanted. Rowan however, did have scholarship offers from not only around the country, but also around the globe following his applications to study engineering, which he always excelled in. For this reason, Rowan chose not to diversify at his age 18 initiation and instead chose to leave that life behind for now, until he could find the life he wanted to lead.

Despite his parent’s disappointment which followed him wherever he went, he didn’t mind living a human life. He was a brilliant individual, and he knew it. After months of considering universities and discussing it with his parents, he decided to attend an electronic design degree course in England. He left for England after the summer, settled into his dormitory, and was prepared to live a rather normal life.

The night just before school started for Rowan, he’d been invited to a start of year party, as were all new freshmen in the university. He was just finishing up a bit of work when the power cut, the lights in his room going off, just like everything else in the building. Except, however, his desk lamp. He was confused, if the power was off in the entire building, how could the lamp still be on? Noticing that he was leaning against one of the wires he hesitantly pulled his hand away and the light immediately went off.

He jumped back, only to catch a glance in the mirror: his eyes, unlike their usual sky-blue hue, were a rich, sharp electric blue, the color moving in his eyes. He knew this was his element finally manifesting to him but he was surprised, why had this never happened before? That was when the lights started to flash as his emotions went on a frenzy. The fluorescent lights beamed strong above him, and that was when he felt a tingling sensation along his lower back, just like how the elders told him it would feel. Doubtful, he slowly pulled up the hem of his shirt and turned around, and that was when he saw what he’d been waiting for, his element mark.

He tested his theory that very moment, eyeing the light switches on the far end of the room. Surely enough, the lights flickered almost uncontrollably, everything he did was choppy and sent sparks flying but his element was finally responding to him. Excited, he pulled open his door and pressed his hand against the cool surface of the wall outside. He realized he could feel the current beneath his fingers, and trying his luck, he tried to bring the power back into the building--at which point he was interrupted by a teacher out in the hallway, who immediately recognized what was happening.

The professor, who Rowan would come to know as Iain Raymond, eventually revealed to Rowan that he was an Initia, not just an Initia but an electric element master and the proximity between them seemed to have triggered Rowan’s affinity element. It was everything that Rowan had wanted, to be able to study and pursue his interests in the engineering field and to finally have someone to guide him and teach him the part of him he always felt buzzing inside. Because Rowan never diversified, he instead became a trainee of Iain, allowing him to travel down the path of element mastery in quiet while he continued his academic journey.

After his discovery, Rowan he excelled in his courses. He practiced his element day and night whenever he wasn’t studying, but everything somehow made sense to him whenever he attended a lecture, looked through an article, or looked over his textbooks. His professors called him a genius when it came to understanding the theories and habits of electricity. His inventions were almost too perfect in design, although he did admittedly did use his abilities to explore their function on a whole new level to ensure they worked. He graduated top of his class in his degree, bachelors, masters, and soon Ph.D. courses. He was a prodigy, they all said.

Rowan also developed a liking for computing and later in the years, coding and hacking, and being a young adult man, he and his friends did enjoy having a on some of their peers whenever one got on their nerves. He discovered he could control all computers and devices as long as he’d touched them once before, having memorized their system preferences and inner functions. Rowan made a lot of friends during his university years, not just from those in his classes but also those he had shared dorms with over the years.

A particularly memorable friend he made was Sofi Zahara, there was something about her from the moment they met which told Rowan she was different. Not just your average student walking the halls and even after he discovered that she was an Initia after catching he practicing her element one night, she still felt unique to him. They were fast friends, though unexpected friends, having quite different personalities and thoughts, it seemed likely they would argue often but instead, the two of them were known for having interesting and sometimes pretty heated debates which explored both of their intellectual talents.

Rowan and Sofi had similar stories, both trying to find the truths in themselves after their tribes had let them down and found solace in one another, they were roommates in university for a few years and generally kept good company of one another, saw each other through the ups and downs. Sofi gave him the belief that if she could go from no element at all to a metal master then perhaps there was hope for him yet, even if he wasn’t the perfect student that Iain wanted him to be and often found himself getting in disagreements with his tutor.

He definitely felt like his extended studies and learning from a well-established master gave him a greater sense of who he was, but Rowan did always tend on whatever was easiest, Iain always told him he wasn’t giving quite enough, instead of understanding and working with the electricity he was always looking for ways to shortcut work and make his life easier. He could be impatient and sometimes impulsive which often met disregard from his teacher who tended much more on traditional approaches. Eventually, it came to a disagreement between the two, Iain telling Rowan that he didn’t think he would ever be a master because of his lack of willingness to understand and respect the Initia heritage he was raised in. Something which hit a nerve with the Scot given that his father had told him something similar when he was young, about how he was never going to amount to his potential because he didn’t approach his training how he should.

Eventually, it led to a break down in their relationship and the end of his training, Rowan, unable to admit to his parents that he had found and later been completely dropped by his master continued about his life separate from Initia culture. Instead, putting himself out into the human world and putting all the academic qualifications he earned to use. That brought him to America, where he worked in many important start-up companies that saw technology rise and develop rapidly through the years. He made instrumental work towards the invention of smart computing and understanding the true power of technology. With every invention and development, Rowan felt proud, seeing how computers increased in capability and power and also decreased in size was fascinating to him.

The Scot, however, always had a knack for getting himself into trouble and living in the grey areas of life, especially when it came to the online space. He got himself into an elite group of computer hackers who immediately recognized his talents and recruited him. While Rowan’s intentions were always to use his skills to fight injustice and to make statements using the digital space, he was completely unaware that those in the group had less pure intentions and often used the backdoors Rowan created and the schematics he discovered to do things he would never approve of if he knew. At the time though, he felt like he was making a difference, protesting student loans and exposing government fraud, taking down dangerous cybercriminals, it became addictive and exhilarating for him.

This went on for many years, Rowan becoming one of the most respected and notorious hackers on the group while also working across many tech companies, eventually settling for a role as an engineer at Maddox Industries a startup tech company specializing in AI systems and robotics development. This brought Rowan to Evermore city, a place notorious for its supernatural population and in the Initia community, the only city known to have an Initia tribe with a master in every element. For a while Rowan kept his distance, continuing his human studies, using his affinity element and going about his life but before long curiosity got the better of him and he sought out the Initia elders.

He remained a distant member of the community for a long time but he took a liking to the electric master at the time, an older guy named Samuel, the name immediately reminding him of the uncle who had advised him so many years ago. Samuel believed in the fluidity of the electric element and unlike his previous master, seemed willing to move with the times and incorporate the idea of modern technology into his teachings. This sparked the student in Rowan once more and he resumed his study under Samuel for many years. The man became a close friend, confidant and role model figure for Rowan, always reminding the Scot he could be better and being patient and kind with him.

While in his training under Samuel, Rowan was reunited with his long friend Sofi, who he had kept in touch with for many years since he left university. Their friendship was the kind that stood the test of time and distance and the moment they were reunited it was as though no time had passed at all. He learned that Sofi had managed to figure out her answers on why she felt different and was surprised to find out she was a master of not one but two elements. With his friend in the community, he found more and more reasons to continue his training and to become more and more involved in the Initia tribe. Things were in a good place for Rowan and he finally felt like the mastery of his element was in sight again, he got stronger, understood his element better and even started to disconnect himself from his online endeavors as he felt like he could finally make a difference in his community the way his parents always wanted him to.

It was a very sad day for Rowan when he came into the training area only to be greeted with the sad eyes of his friend, she revealed to him that Samuel had passed away the night before which left them in a tricky situation. Rowan was Samuel’s only master protege but he hadn’t passed his mastery trials yet. He wasn’t sure he was ready to take on such a role, he felt apprehensive to fill Samuel’s shoes and for the first time felt some shame for the person he was. He doubted himself but Sofi didn’t, so he agreed to do the trials and to his surprise more than anyone, he passed them. Rowan still wasn’t sure he had the patience nor the experience to teach others but here he was, Electric Master of the Evermore Initia tribe.

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