Name : Makhai Soloman

Species : Dhampir

Age -  Looks 35 / Real 47

Weapon affinity - Double set of crystal daggers

Colour Affinity: Basil Green

Occupation - Detective 

Current Place of Residency - Evermore City - Dhampir territory

FC: Aldis Hodge

Makhai Soloman was to a very rich and influential family. His parents brought him up among wealth and popularity, so it wasn’t a surprise that Makhai walked the hallways at school with his head held high. But, the older Makhai  got, the more he seemed to rebel against his parents wishes. They didn’t spend a single day without training him, making him fight as hard as he could, and giving him as much information as they themselves had gotten when they were his age.

Makhai was tired of training and overworking himself daily with his father, he was tired of hearing that it would prepare him for the life he will soon live, wanting to live his own life and make his own choices, but that’s not how the Jackson’s done things. Emanuel’s parents made sure that he’d never grow up living in the shadows and clueless to what he was. Marlene Soloman, his mother, was opposite of Jared his father, instead, his mother taught Makhai l everything there was to know about the history of what they were, not pushing him to fight and train like his father had.

Stories of Hana and Valkyries loomed all around Makhai’s mother, how Hana had given them gifts and a chance at surviving those who couldn’t see them as normal people, only seeing them as an abomination . How Hana had given them all a gift and that it wasn’t to be taken granted for. Makhai’s sixteenth birthday rolled around, and his parents had planned a huge party for him, having emailing all of his friends from school the night before. But, Makhai  had plans of his own. Makhai had fallen in love with Reign, someone he’d met at school, and the feelings were mutual on her side. Reign and Makhai had became some-what serious, and Makhai wasn’t going to go to some childish party over spending time with Reign.

6:00 had rolled around and Makhai had done waited for Reign for over an hour. He wasn’t mad that she was late to their date, on his birthday of all days, but knowing she was exactly what he was, he was scared that something had happened to his highschool sweetheart. And, after a weeks time had went by with no word from her, Emanuel went to her house, arriving to a crime scene. Reign’s parents screaming and crying, while the only thing Makhai’s eyes darted to was his lover being rolled away in a body bag.

Makhai’s birthday was simply the worse day of his life, with grief, came self destruction. Makhai didn’t really click with the other kids in school, he was truly lost without Reign, and had lost his way when he discovered how good alcohol made him feel. For two years, Makhai’s parents watched him derail his life, go to one party after the next, and often bring home random girls to sleep with. It was a week’s time before his 18th birthday. His parents had began nagging at him constantly, they wanted him to prepare, both mentally and psychically, which led to old habits with his father training him, but training and fighting, perfecting his skills, proved to keep his mind off of Reign.

With that, Makhai  began fighting all hours of the day, even into the late night becoming better than even his father. It worried his parents to see him fight the anger and sorrow away. They knew what an impact losing Reign had had on him. They helped him cope as best as they could, but nothing would ever take that image from Makhai’s mind, seeing them roll her away in a body bag. The night before his 18th birthday had fallen finally and his parents were extremely excited. Way more excited than Makhai  was himself. But that morning, Makhai woke up feeling stronger, and for the first time, he had smiled. It was a smile of knowing, and a smile of acceptance. He’d never forget Reign, but he decided that every day he was granted with another breath of air, a chance to live that he’d fight for her, and those like her, who were hunted by narrow minded species.

Many people scattered throughout Makhai’s home, people just like him, friends, and family, for his weapon claiming ceremony. The ceremony went on for hours, and Makhai  had handled every weapon there, almost feeling as though his ceremony would be seen as failure in the eyes of everyone watching, since he hadn’t connected to any, until the very last weapon that he touched. A double set of daggers, with a beautiful red crystal at the ends of the handles. When the basil green runes appeared, everyone celebrated, cheers and clapping heard all around the room, especially Makhai’s father.

“That’s my boy. The same weapon chose me, honor it son” his father said loudly and proudly. His mother was equally happy for Makhai  and the weapon that had chosen him. The day after the ceremony, an emptiness loomed in Makhai’s heart. Even though he was happy after how the ceremony went, he still mourned the loss of Reign, given it had been two years, there wasn’t much talk about it. But Makhai  wanted answers, and so he went on with researching that day to the point he’d became obsessed with it. Makhai had finished school, and was now able to go to college; with wanting to find answers and solve crimes, he told his parents he was leaving to go to college, that his interest was becoming a detective.

A disapproving look danced on their faces. Why were they so unhappy? That question was shortly answered though before another word could be said. They had explained to Makhai  that they needed to stick together But in Makhai’s mind, sticking together only meant holding him back from his true calling in life. They had disclosed Reigns death as a suicide, and that didn’t sit well with Makhai . So he was going to do all that it took to uncover the truth,There was nothing holding him in his hometown anymore and  he knew becoming a detective was a legit way to go about it. With tears of goodbyes, Makhai left, heading to Colorado, a place his parents had raised him knowing about. They’d told him as a child, it was a place that they could someday all move to and co-exist with others like them, and different species that Makhai didn’t have much knowledge about.

With him knowing that there were other species, he thought without a doubt, that’s what had happened to Reign. Another immortal creature killed his high school sweetheart, and he wanted justice for her, since it seemed as though her parents didn’t even do so much as mourn their daughters death. It wasn’t long after the tears flowed and the sad goodbyes were had between his parents, and other relatives before Makhai  booked his flight and headed for Colorado. It was a journey he wasn’t ready to start, because his parents stayed behind, making it so that Makhai would have to start this new life all by himself, not knowing a single person or thing that was of the so called Supernatural haven; Evermore city.

During his flight, Makhai had fallen asleep, waking to see a huge sign that read “Welcome to Colorado; Evermore City, Where dreams come true” He couldn’t help but chuckle and shake his head. If all these other supernaturals lived among each other, he had to imagine that it was a pretty intense place to live, and much different from Sweden where his hometown was. Makhai  used his credit card to sleep in a hotel for his first few weeks of living in the city. After being accepted into a college, he then began living in a dorm, completing his college courses with just enough credit to start the job that called his name when he longed for answers about Reigns death years ago.

He, initially desired to live alone, but a chance meeting with some dhampirs at a club convinced him to stay along with the other faction members. He spent his days oscillating between training in the dojo and working as a detective in the city.

Makhai became closer than ever to his own kind and for the first time living his life the way he had always wanted to, but being a pessimistic, he feels that the peace won’t last, and that the silence between all the species is just the calm before the storm.

- Personality -

Positive : Protective, Loyal, Quick learner, Selfless

Negative: Short tempered, Vengeful, Closed off, Pesimisstic

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