Name: Sydney Campbell
Age: 29
Family: None
Species: Half blood Therianthrope (Lycanthrope)
Faceclaim: Nathalie Emmanuel

Good: Determined, mature, independent, extroverted

Bad: Feisty, temperamental, untrusting, perfectionist

For generations, the Campbell family had been renowned for their impeccable ability of tracking, in the mortal world, they were often called upon for tracking those on the run; particularly from law enforcement. However, there was a hidden to life of the Campbells, there always has - not only did they participate in the hunt in the mortal world, but they too hunted werewolves and other supernatural creatures which lurked within the shadows of civilisation. They were firm believers that the supernatural were nothing more than freaks of nature and should be taken out before they were able to poison the mortal world, anymore than they already had done. For many years, it was only the males in the Campbell family which had the privilege of the hunt, particularly for those of the supernatural kind - they were the only ones to feel the satisfaction of watching an abomination die at their hand; however, when it came to tracking the human, criminals, the Campbell women, had a particularly high success rate.

However, the gender split between roles soon changed when Zachary and Isobel Campbell were born; the first set of twins to have been born into the Campbell family. It was at their birth that their family decided that things needed to change, purely because they saw the twins as an asset, a weapon even; they believed, as twins they would have a connection like no other, and would become the perfect hunters. As soon as the twins could walk, they started their training; at first, it simply started with the history of their family and the supernatural before being made aware as to where they stood in the grand scheme of things. It was implied that they would both be the heir of the family business, and when they were of age, they would run the company as one. In their parents words, the company needed brains and brute. The twins soon became two of the best hunters that their family had ever seen, and in no time they were being sent out on missions alone; for both mortal and immortal beings alike.

At the age of eighteen, to have an attempt at a somewhat normal life, Zachary decided that he needed to go to University; he wished to learn history which didn’t surround his family and what they did - if he were to protect humans, much like himself, then he also needed to be able to truly think like one and not that of a machine. After much discussion, his parents finally allowed him to attend, only if Isobel joined him and with dismay, the twins took themselves to university. It was in their first year, that Zachary met Sophie Matthews who attended most of the same classes as himself; the two hit it off, and shared many of the same hobbies. Isobel slowly started to feel left out, she had always been the only woman in his life that made that much of an impact but she was more concerned about Sophie finding out their secret. Yet when the day came and Zachary proposed, he opened Sophie’s world up and much to their surprise, she handled the idea of the supernatural world a lot better than they had expected; and agreed to help the Campbell family with their mission to keep mankind safe.

After graduation, the two got married and along with Isobel, they moved back into The Campbell mansion, to return to their inherited work - especially now that their own parents were aging and not as mobile as before. Sophie proposed that they were to get pregnant quickly, to keep the bloodline going, even though there were cousins on their Father’s side which often helped out; it was a true family affair. Although it was not their priority, Sophie fell pregnant rather quickly and was delighted to find out that she was to have a girl; a girl that could inherited both the brains and brute in one. Sydney Campbell was born on a full moon on December 21st 1992, the winter solstice and was truly the apple to the family’s eye; she was showered with love and gifts. In fact, she had the life of luxury, surrounded by successful family members, money,  power - a lifestyle that many were jealous of when she got to the age of attending school; however, she was never bullied, she was indeed, the girl that people hated to love.

Sydney was top of all her classes and had high hopes of attending The University of Oxford, with an interest in law; if she were to become the deadliest weapon The Campbells had ever seen, then she needed to know, not only strength but also how to outwit someone with her brains. She was a perfectionist, a workaholic and often found herself tiring out, both Zachary and Isobel in the training room, and her mother when it came to learning the books. When she wasn’t in the training field, nor in her own history glasses, Sydney enjoyed to read at her own leisure, and often found herself reading what other young teens were reading; which was truly of no interest of hers, considering it was a human falling in love with both, a vampire and werewolf. At the age of sixteen, she begged her Father and Aunt to allow her to accompany them on one of their supernatural missions, and continuously got shut down; yet that did not stop her from sneaking into their truck with their weapons on many occasions to see what it was like in the line of fire.

Yet it was not until the age of eighteen, the summer before she was due to graduate and then attend The University of Oxford, that her family allowed her to accompany them. They were on their way to the highlands of Scotland when their car became ambushed; at first, they believed the men were merely mortal by their methods, but as soon as the Campbells began to fight back, it was soon made clear that the men were supernatural; Lycans, as their eyes glowed white. Being her first mission with her family, Sydney was keen to show off, to show her Father and her Aunt that she was capable to keep hunting going when she attended University alone; however, it was her arrogance, and her cockiness which allowed her to make one simple mistake which lead to her being bitten by one of the men. The night air ran cold, and silent as he bit down upon her flesh; she refused to scream out in pain, but the silence was soon broken as shots were fired - causing some of the men to vanish, whilst the others lay dead upon the ground.

Zachary, with all his might attempted to stop the bleeding which oozed out of Sydney’s shoulder and entered a state of denial when Isobel announced it was a full moon. They all knew what that meant, and in Isobel’s mind, there was only one outcome - to kill Sydney; however, nevermind how loyal Zachary was to the code, he could not kill his daughter like that, he wanted her to have a chance at life, even if it were just for a little while. Zachary bargained with Isobel, he knew his only daughter could not live with them, they were too firm in their beliefs and thus, argued that the twins gave her a heads start; to run from them, but warned her - that if they were ever to catch her, they would kill her. Sydney knew that there was no other choice, and simply accepted her fate; of course, she could never, ever come to terms with what she would become, but she too had a craving for life and she couldn’t give that up at the mere age of eighteen.

Sydney ran for miles, slept on the streets, in abandoned houses; even in buses and soon became everything she wasn’t. She started as someone who had everything, and now she had nothing, fearing for her life at every waking moment; she had lost all hope in attending University to get her law degree - she was now a girl with no purpose, she didn’t even have her family business to rely on if everything went south. The time was beginning to tick, she knew her first turn would be in a matter of days, thus, she found herself deep within the belly of countryside in Devon; far enough away from her family’s town in Surrey. It was there, she built herself a small den and waited for the moon to arise. As expected, the first shift was as painful as she had read in all of her textbooks; her screams could be heard for miles and she could feel her humanity slip away from her with every passing second and as another bone cracked into its new shape. Maybe her Aunt should have killed her that evening, to save her from this trouble.

The newly born Lycan, awoke the next day to find blood smeared across her naked body; horrified, she glanced behind her, only to see that she had killed two hikers who were asleep in their tent. With a panic, Sydney stole the woman’s clothing, and dressed herself before vanishing from the scene; she had not attempted to bury them, simply because any normal police officer would assume it to be an animal attack. The first kill mentally traumatized Sydney, reiterating why her family got into this business and on countless occasions, Sydney began to question whether this life was worth it, and even considered taking her own life; after all, no other would die by her hand and her family certainly would not get pleasure out of killing their Lycanthrope daughter and niece. Yet, despite all the negative thoughts which continued to plague her mind days, and weeks on end - Sydney could not bring herself to end it all; despite the fact that the killings continued to happen throughout the first few months.

Over the years, Sydney slowly began to control her wolf; despite how chaotic her mind had become with her new found powers, she slowly began to remember every lesson that her family had taught her since birth. With that, Sydney began to channel her knowledge on the life of a wolf, which consequently made her transition into her new life, slightly easier. Whilst on the run, she came into contact with travelling wolves, who like her, were nomads with no settlement and once she had shared her story, they offered her a place within their own pack yet gave her another option as they understood that although they could provide her protection; a life on the run was not the life a goal orientated girl should have. The pack, not for one second believed that she gave up on her life goals, and thus, explained that there was a supernatural sanctuary, in Colorado; a city which would protect her and offer the learning and job opportunities she, deep down still craved.

Sydney decided to check out the city, because despite the short amount of time she spent with the nomad wolves - they made her realize, that she can be both, a human and a monster; even though they disapproved of her word monster. The young wolf finally found herself in the city, and automatically felt like she was at home, where she belonged; Sydney soon enrolled at the University to follow her dream into criminal law, however, she was not naive enough to believe that her family had stopped hunting her. She knew they would find her one way or another, but other ideas were brewing within her mind - what if she took back what she belonged to her?

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