Name: Delilah Clearwater
Age: 28
Species: Initia (Diversified)
Family: N/A
Elements: Water and Air
Face Claim: Virginia Gardner

Delilah was born in Avalon, California in early spring to a mother and father who had high standings in her town, she grew up alongside an elder sister who was older than her by 10 years and moved out of town the instant she was old enough. From a young age, Delilah knew the meaning of being alone, her father was the mayor of the town and spent most of his time managing official town business and her mother was a lawyer who spent more time in the office than she did at home. Despite being raised in upper-class life, Delilah's childhood was by no means one to envy and she had to constantly battle for the attention of her parents.

Regardless of her home troubles, Delilah generally did well at school, logic came easily to her and she could easily remember things that others struggled to learn, she did however sometimes shirk her work and choose to spend her time in the mall rather than the classroom. Throughout high school, Delilah was popular and always surrounded by friends and acquaintances, she loved to surround herself with people, in those situations she found herself most at ease. As she grew older Delilah would often get herself into trouble, generally for small infractions such as missing a few classes here or there or staying out after her curfew. The teen found that the easiest way to get her parents attention was to force them, else she would be the 10th thing down on their list.

Delilah also had a long string of different boyfriends, she would get bored of them before long, she didn't have time for people who were immature and wanted to play everything by the books. It wasn't until her 17th Birthday when she would meet Oliver Braxton. Delilah had managed to get her parents out of town for the weekend and she had promised them she'd only have a few friends over, of course, it was a lie. Delilah had decided to throw the party of the year, all of her friends and their friends were invited and she had opened up her pool and deck to the partygoers. The party overall went without a hitch and she had expected nothing less, Delilah had always been able to organize with ease, it came naturally to her.

About halfway through the party, Delilah had heard the rumble of motorcycles as they pulled up outside the house. It seemed that the upperclassmen had gotten wind of the party and found their way in. Delilah took it all in her stride and figured the more the merrier, as long as they didn't wreck the house she didn't care all that much. Oliver had been the kind of guy whom most girls swooned over, tall, dark and handsome, he was the guy you knew you shouldn't want and yet you did anyway and so when Delilah found herself capturing some of his attention she took the most of the situation shutting out the rest of the room to be with him. Unlike the other boys she had dated, Oliver seemed to have a real perspective of the world, he hadn't been sheltered from the horrors of the world and the stories he told fascinated her, there was more than just a pretty face to him too. The two of them spent the whole remainder of the party together, talking amongst other things and Delilah felt like she had finally found someone who understood her, not to mention her parents would hate the idea of her dating an older boy.

With time Delilah and Oliver became the school’s power couple, his mystery paired with her popularity made for a deadly combination. The two spent a lot of time together at both secret locations and in her home when her parents were asleep, together they managed to keep their relationship a secret for a long time. One day however Delilah’s father came home with his signature look of disappointment on his face, it seemed a good thing couldn’t stay a secret forever. Delilah’s father insisted she stopped seeing Oliver at once and to cut ties with him, she was lectured about how someone like him could negatively affect her family's reputation and hurt her father’s mayoral campaign. Delilah told her father she would stop seeing Oliver and had every intention to follow her promise, but there was something about Oliver that kept drawing her in.

Delilah called Oliver to meet her at their usual meeting spot and she had prepared everything she was going to say, she was going to break up with him and end everything then and there but as if he had read her words before she even said them he leaned forward and kissed her, kissed her in a way she had never been kissed before and suddenly all those words disappeared and she was back under his spell. A night that was supposed to be the end became so much more as that kiss lead to another and another and later to a hotel room where she gave him a part of herself she could never take back. Delilah knew she was falling in love with him, she didn’t want to let him go for anyone or anything and she decided that she wasn’t going to let her parents get between them.

The next day Delilah stood before her parents and told them that she wouldn’t stop seeing Oliver, even if it meant that they decided to disown her and after some deliberation, it was decided that she could continue to be with him so long as he wasn’t bringing negative attention the family. Delilah spent the summer with Oliver in Miami, just the two of them and the whole world at their feet, she helped him to pay to go, she knew he didn’t have the money she had at her disposal but she didn’t mind, growing up with money she always felt like it was there to burn when she needed. After returning from the summer of her dreams Delilah knew things would have to change, Oliver had now graduated from school and she still had a year to go with her studies.

Despite the change in their lives Oliver and Delilah stayed together through the fall and just before Christmas Delilah finally worked up the courage to tell Oliver she loved him before presenting him with a key to her porch window so he could visit her whenever she wanted. Oliver never told her he loved her too, she figured that he didn’t want to admit his feelings, he had never been the kind of person to wear his heart on his sleeve, she was content with him, he made her feel safe and he challenged her to be a different person, to break free of the expectations of her and she trusted him, she valued his opinions and she had thought he had felt the same.

Delilah had always known she was an Initia and trained under the masters of her tribe but it was never a major part of her life, her affinity element came to her at the age of 7, water, which she continued to learn much like she learned everything else, diligently. When she eventually reached her 18th birthday it was an easy decision for her to choose to diversify. She started her study under the air master in Avalon and enjoyed learning a new element and become proficient in her control.

But then came January 7th. If Delilah could pinpoint the worst day of her life to one single day it would have been that day. Her family had planned a camping trip out in the country but she had come down with the flu the morning of the trip, not wanting to ruin the trip for her parents she insisted they go without her and stayed home on the sofa all day. Delilah slept most of the day away and had no idea what was happening whilst she slept. Delilah didn’t awaken until the smoke was filling her lungs, the smoke alarms blaring through the room. She coughed and spluttered and climbed to her feet. In the kitchen she saw the shadow of a man who was looking in her direction a sack full of valuables over his shoulder, she never saw his face but the image of his shadow still haunts her dreams to this day.

Delilah tried to make her way through the flames but all of the exits were sealed off with fire and the smoke combined with her flu was making it impossible to breathe and after several attempts to escape she passed out into darkness. Delilah woke up days later in the hospital, she was pulled from the fire before it could kill her but her legs had been badly burned and the doctors were unsure she would be able to walk. Not only did Delilah have physical scars from the attack on her home but she also had to swallow the news that her house had been burned down beyond repair and all of her family's valuables and accounts emptied.

In tears Delilah would read that Oliver had been arrested for the attack after the police found evidence of his guilt and the pain would go on through a series of court hearings where Delilah would learn of how Oliver had targeted Delilah’s family directly for their wealth, wormed his way into their trust and then used their trust to ultimately betray them. She couldn’t hold back the tears as she sat in her wheelchair in the courtroom and heard how a key for the porch had been used to gain entry to the house and how the attacker had in-depth knowledge of the house. Her heart was shattered as she watched him from across the room, unable to comprehend how she had been so utterly blinded by her love for him that she never saw what he was planning all along.

Oliver was sentenced to _ years in prison for his actions and Delilah was left to pick up the pieces of her now tattered life, with time she gained the strength and healing she needed to walk again but the injuries had a permanent effect on her balance, she couldn’t run and she could no longer participate in any activities requiring a high level of balance such as ice skating and surfing. At first, her disability brought her down but with time Delilah learned to come to terms with it and found other hobbies to fill her time which didn’t limit her.

When the family eventually received a payout from their insurance company Delilah was more than happy to accept her parent’s proposal to leave Avalon and move to the city, wanting to study business Delilah researched her options and found that the University of Evermore offered the perfect opportunity for her. With nothing left for her in Avalon, Delilah and her parents moved to Evermore just 6 months after the attack. The next semester Delilah started her business study at Evermore University and settled into her new life in the city. It was this year she would learn that of the supernatural, her father despite not being supernatural himself was a carrier of the Initia gene which lay not so dormant for Delilah, she would learn that she was able to control the element of air.

Delilah didn’t tell many about what she was, she wanted to live as normal life as she could without getting involved in the squabbles of the supernatural, she had enough to deal with in handling her disability and finishing her degree. Without all the distractions from home, Delilah did well on her studies and finished her degree before the expected completion date, she was naturally intuitive when it came to business and the idea of bringing new ideas to the world excited her. A few months after graduating from college she started her own business, a tech company who specialized in aiding those with disabilities with everyday life.

Clearwater Industries took it’s time to take off but with time Delilah found herself one of the highest-profile businesswomen in Evermore city and the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, her parents had minor involvement in the company too and despite all they had been through, she felt that their experiences had brought them closer, she was no longer the spoiled child who needed to sap her parent’s attention, she was her own person now and she didn’t need anyone to tell her who she needed to be. Delilah shut herself from the idea of love, Oliver had been the only man she had ever loved, a part of her still wanted to love the person she thought he was but he had betrayed her in the worst way, she wasn’t going to let anyone have that power over her again.

Through the years Delilah stayed strong in the field of business making sure to lead her company to success and care for the staff who worked for her, despite becoming somewhat closed off from people she kept a few close friends and acquaintances throughout the city who she knew she could fall back on should her or her company ever need them. It had been had a hard life but it had been one she had earned instead of being given and in a way that made everything worth it, life in Evermore had been Delilah’s salvation, a fresh start after all the heartache and a way to move on from the past.

Good: Intelligent, Logical Minded, Kind
Bad: Overly Serious, Distrusting, Closed

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