Name: Liyanna Moretti

Age: 25 ~ Looks 22 Years Old

Birthday: 19th July, 1994

Species: Nephilim

Angelic Rune Mark: Up to the Player

Location of Rune Mark: Up to the Player

Family: Isabella and Giovanni Moretti (Parents ~ Divorced)

Marcos Moretti (Elder Brother)

Nationality: Italian/English

Home Town: Verona, Italy

Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado

F.C Astrid Berges Frisbey


Head-Strong ~ Compassionate ~ (Rest Up to the Player)

Reserved ~ Stubborn ~(Rest Up The Player)

By now, you know the story if Isabella and Giovanni Moretti and their eldest son Marcos. But this Liyanna’s story. The youngest of the Moretti Family.

Isabella and Giovanni were a young married couple, deeply in love and treasured their son Marcos. The Apple of their eye. Shortly before Marcos’ 6th birthday, it was announced that he was going to be a big brother. His mother was pregnant once more. Marcos couldn’t help but feel excited, that he’d have a little brother or a sister to look after. The next 9 months, were filled with anxiety and excitement. Everyone wondering, what the new addition to the family would be. For the first 7 months, his mother’s pregnancy was going smoothly. Shortly after that, complications began to arise. And his mother spent 3 weeks in hospital. To try and save, the babies life. Marco’s mother, Isabella went through induced labour. It was a worrying time. The child was born pre-maturely. A small, fragile baby girl. The young child was monitored,carefully. Everyone worrying. Young Marco, often speaking to the baby-girl, that was laying in an incubator with each visit to the hospital. Asking and praying, for her to be strong; so she could come home with him and their parents. It was clear, from those early moments; that he was protective and loving towards his baby sister. For a few weeks, the small child; remained without a name. As everyone was concerned about her health. Until, 6 weeks later. Young Marco came to his parents with the Liyana. Somehow, it seemed to be a perfect fit for their precious, tender baby girl.

With undeveloped lungs and born prematurely; Liyanna was prone to fluid build up on the lungs and asthma once she would be older. Life in the Morett life-house was unsettled. For the next 3-4 years; the young couple were at the hospital, what felt almost constantly. For check-up’s, as the doctors were keeping a close eye on Liyana. Liyanna suffered from health issues, at her poor young age. But Liyanna was a little fighter; her lungs slowly starting to get stronger; by the age of 4. She was doing much better, than the first 3 years. Some people considered it a miracle. The visits to the hospital were less frequent, after that point.

Liyanna was doted on by everyone in the family. But she was the closest to her big brother; whom she looked up to. Just like Marcos’ was taught about his Nephilim heritage from their grand-parents; he was the one teaching his baby sister, what he had learned so far. Telling her legends and stories of the Angelic Children, that their grand-parents told him. Marco loved being a big brother and looking out for his sister, when he could. The pair would always tease each other-in their own sibling loving way.

Just like her brother, Liyana gained her Angelic mark, not long after she turned 8 years old. Confused by the mark and it’s meaning; Liyana asked her elder brother what it meant. But Marcos had no idea either. Since her big brother, was also still trying to figure out the meaning of his own mark.

Unlike her brother, whom turned out to be a bit of a rebel. Liyanna was a well behaved young child with a promising future. Deep inside; she feared going against the word of her parents and grand-parents; having high respect for them both. But deep inside, she knew her brother had more courage, for trying to go on his own path; instead of the one that the rest of the Moretti family had carved out for him. But seeing the downward spiral he was going on; was heart-breaking. Liyanna knew her brother was highly intelligent and one day could make their entire family proud, but she couldn’t help but worry about him. Especially due to all the constant arguments; he ended up having with their parents. Whom were starting to see him as a failure, for his grades dropping, for getting into the bad crowd ect.

Liyanna always tried to plead with everyone, to go easy on her beloved elder brother. But no one listened to her. As far as they were concerned, she was still a child and she didn’t know better.

But when she was nearing 12 years old; Marco coming up to 18, things would turn rapidly for the family. It was one during heated argument, that her elder brother had enough.  The last words that Marcos had spoken to his family were. “I’ve had enough! I can’t stay in this family any longer, all you do is suffocate me! I am leaving, for good.” Everyone in his family was shocked. His baby sister, was the only one that was in tears, pleading with him not to go. The siblings having a strong bond; so Marcos felt sorry for leaving his sister, but he knew it was for the best. Not wanting his rebellious behavior to affect her; she could and would have a better and brighter future than him. Or so he thought at the time. Marco kissed her forehead softly, saying silent goodbyes to his baby sister. With the money he made for himself,and a bag of his things. He left.

No per favore, Marco ... torna indietro. Per favore, non lasciarmi caro fratello ... Marcos!” Liyanna cried and screamed out for her big brother, from the house balcony; as she watched her big brother leave behind the family, leave behind Italy. Wishing he would have taken her with him. It seemed like she was the only one grieving, the fact that Marcos had left. Everyone seemed devoid of emotions in that moment. Refusing to talk to her parents or grand-parents. Liyanna was silent for the rest of the day.

That night, she had cried herself to sleep. Losing her big brother like that; would slowly shape her into the young woman, she would soon become. Telling herself, one day she would find her big brother.

Liyanna was left alone; in an unsettled household. Silently going on about her Nephilim studies. But the Moretti family was falling apart. Her parents constantly arguing after Marco was gone. No one was sure, whom to blame anymore. Liyanna could see the family crumbling before her very own eyes. Her father would get into heavy drinking at night; alone in the Moretti Study. Smelling like Whisky or Rum. Whilst her mother could sometimes be gone for days on end, before returning. Liyanna had no idea where she was going. But one evening; she had heard their parents arguing. Her mother had found comfort in the arms of another man; she was unfaithful. Within the next 3 months, her parents filled for divorce. Along with her grand-father, having a sudden Cardiac Arrest. All the stresses; took a toll on the old Nephilim.

Not wanting to be in a broken family unit; Liyanna was trying to find her own ways out of Italy. Find ways to get to her elder brother. Knowing her parents had some friends in high places; the young Nephilim approached them. Asking them for help, in seeking out of her elder brother Marcos. Swearing them to secrecy; as she didn’t want her parents finding out, she was attempting to find the ‘failure’ of the family; at least in their eyes. At first, the detectives were a bit reluctant to try and help Liyanna. Not wanting to deceive her parents. But after her constant begging and pleading; they gave in; knowing how much she loved and adored her big brother.

During that time, Liyanna was stressed, when it came to her studies. More focused on the where-bouts of her brother. For the next few years; they followed as many leads as they could. Before they found out that Marcos was settled in France. Now an elder teenager herself at the age of 16-17. Liyanna left her own home behind too. Pausing her studies; she took some gap time, away from school. The young Nephilim set on towards Versailles, France; in an attempt to find her big brother. Once she reached France; it took her another few weeks, before she found her brother among all the French Residents. Neither of the Moretti Siblings; were the same as they had parted, few years ago. Both had changed.

Despite the bitter-sweet reunion. Liyanna was proud of the man her brother had become. “I’ve always believed in you M, I knew you could do it.” she would praise her big brother. At the time, young Liyanna did not tell, Marcos everything that had happened to their family in his absence; leaving the full truth about their parents; to herself. Mainly because she did not know how to tell him, about the issues and not wanting Marcos to blame himself for their parents divorce; like he too felt guilty for their grand-father’s passing.

The Moretti Siblings, took some time to rekindle their sibling hood. Marcos looking after Liyana, and protecting her once more.Like, back in their younger days. Marcos was quite proud of, the strong young woman she was becoming. With his steady job, it provided enough income, to keep them both going. As Liyana was trying to find her own feet, with the help of his brother. Just like her brother, Liyanna finished off a few of her studies, in France. Finding herself less stressed, than back at home.

At the start of 2014, the siblings had heard of Evermore. A place for all different supernaturals. So they set off, towards a new adventure. After settling down, with her brother. The Moretti siblings, soon became a part of the Nephilim faction, following their way of life; separated into different sections. The Former Ambassador Cornelia, was the one; that helped Marcos and Liyanna. feel the more settled in a new city, and among the faction. Out of the two, Liyanna had more trouble adapting and finding her place in the faction. But it seemed, like both siblings had found a friend in the Nephilim female, feeling grateful for her help.

After the Comet struck, in the early months of 2015. Liyanna gained her Immortality and wings. Unlike her elder brother; she seemed to adjust to the new-found abilities much quicker. Liyanna loved the feeling of spreading her wings, and learning to fly. Feeling a sense of freedom.

With Liyanna slowly feeling more like her true-self in Evermore. She saw how in all the years, she’s lived with her brother; he was never in a long lasting relationship. In order to try and help him him. Liyanna would set him up on blind dates. In her eyes; she thought she was helping him.  Most of them, turning out to be disastrous occasions. Adding some humiliation and amusement into life. The elder Nephilim always dreading, the fact; that his baby sister has not given up on trying to find him, the perfect woman. And what she might be planning next. Marcos, On many occasions, insisting. That romance is not his area; but Liyanna would always strongly keep disagreeing. Telling him; all those failed dates, are good experience. Think of it as good practise. 

After the Death of Cornelia. The Nephilim Faction was Shaken by Loss and Grief of their friend and Ambassador. Cornelia's sister Clarissa has taken over the leader-ship of The Nephilim's. And whilst Liyanna doesn't really know Clarissa well. She like her elder brother, has sworn Loyalty to the other Bradford sister. Hoping to get to know her new leader.

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