Name: Thaddeus Ufford
Age: 50 (actual), 25 (looks)
Species: Valkyr
Rank: Newborn
Faceclaim: Chance Perdomo

Selfless || Affable || Powerful || Playful
Addictive || Blunt || Easily Vexed || Territorial

Thaddeus was born in a rough neighborhood it was the kind of place that you spent your whole life fighting weather it was to survive or to get out. Thaddeus was no exception especially due to being given up at birth. Bouncing from foster home to foster home never staying still was part of his life. He was placed in a foster home at the age of ten, with a woman named Beth who was the foster mother, the pair created a bond. She stated he had magic in his blood.
Thaddeus being ten believed her but it became more real as she took him under her wing, teaching him spells and how to connect with stones. When the time came he was to move Foster homes Beth gifted him his very first Grimoire with the basics. It was the first and last place that felt like a home through his youth. The more he studied magic the stronger he grew. It made fighting his way to the top easy.
Thaddeus felt invincible to the world around him, but with the high of being able to use magic he started to show off to people he thought were his friends. Things turned dark for Thaddeus on a Friday night, he was invited to what he thought was a party. Yet when he showed up he was attacked by the very people he tried to impress. He did his best to try and fight them off but he was overpowered, and left for dead in the middle of the woods.
He wasn’t sure how much time had passed when he woke up covered in bruises and cuts.Thaddeus knew he couldn’t return back to the city, so at the age of Sixteen he began his life on the run. Bouncing around the states and shelters while trying to practice magic in solitude. When his eighteenth birthday came he was sleeping on a bench in the middle of a park when the bright light woke him up, as he was claimed by the Fae. It was a surge of power through him, that gave him hope.
Once he was claimed he found himself stumbling upon a coven of Fae. Who took him in and trained him in the ways of Light magic. The last time he felt this kind of connection was with Beth the woman who told him, he could wield magic at all. Being accepted with open arms into a place he could call home after a long time of not having a true home was truly overwhelming.
Through the years Thad found himself to be the muscle of the female driven coven, he became protective over them not wanting anyone to harm them. He began to train his body to be in peak physical condition, along with finding a new passion in life boxing. He found himself training during the day and cleaning the gym at night to be able to train. It was when a man named Sal took interest in Thad.
Sal approached him about being his manager stating he could be the next great boxer. Thad was on the fence but agreed to one fight since there was a small cash prize. After weeks of training under Sal’s guidance the match came. It was the most nerve wracking night for the twenty something year old boxer, as he got into the ring the fight was a blur. All he knew was it was over and his hand was in the air for the win while his eye was swollen shut. That was the first of many fights for him. He gave his winnings to the Coven who were more than thankful for the extra money but wished for Thad to return to his studies.
Thad’s downfall was his need to take care of those who gave him a home. He refused to give up now having a taste of winning. He took on more training, practicing his magic when he could mainly using it to heal himself faster, taking on more fights then was suggested. Each win built up his ego of being invincible filled the young magic user once again. For five years he was undefeated gaining small fame in his weight class until he was approached with a million dollar offer.
Take a dive get the cash or else. It was a threat that didn’t scare him, because he knew the manager of the boxer offer knew that Thad could win. It was a heavy choice for Thad, one lost wasn’t so bad and the money could help the coven. So he took the dive after the match he waited but no money showed up. Angry the Fae met the manager of the other boxer outside of the arena. Using his magic in anger he began to take the air away from the man. Yet the man pulled out a gun letting off a few shots.
Thad’s eyes went wide looking down to himself as the blood poured out of him, falling to his knees face down in a pool of his own blood. His breathing was shallow when he felt Sal’s heavy hand on his back. The man soothed him as he died on the floor of the gym that had given him a purpose in life all over money he was never going to see. As the Fae took his last breath he said the prayer that he was taught to him over the years. Accepting the warm embrace of death, yet the moment his heart stopped beating Sal got to work.
Sal rolled over Thaddeus’s body and cut open his own wrist placing it to Thad’s lips forcing the dead male to swallow his blood infused with shadow energy. After he was sure there was more than enough to resurrect the male he picked him up tossing him over his shoulder and returned to his home leaving a puddle of blood there on the gym floor.
Thaddeus had been lost in what felt like a fever dream as his body was overrun with the shadows as they turned the cells in his body that use to be filled with light magic to that of shadow abilities. When he awoke he took in the bachelor pad that he was laying in the middle of. He felt a body crawling over him when his eyes met that of the woman who called out that he was awake. She offered the newborn Valkyr her neck.
Thaddeus on instinct leaned in and bit down drinking greedily for a long moment until the realization of what he was doing hit him. He pushed the woman off of him and stumbled back as he looked around for some understanding. He was no longer connected to his magic as he learned while trying to push the woman away from him the closer she crawled. It was in that moment of panic that Sal came into the room and explained that in order to save his best fighter he had to turn him into a Valkyr.
Thaddeus was devastated he had heard of the legends from his coven about the dark beings. His coven refused to associate with them as they believed they were the scum of the earth. This set Thad off as he screamed to the man who he once considered a friend. The man simply took hold of him and pinned him, explaining that he was much older and much more skilled than him and that Thad was now his responsibility and owed him for saving his life at all.
After calming down Sal released Thad and pushed him towards the woman again and told him to finish drinking before he started a whole new way of training. That he was still his champion and he would be doing so in a whole new fighting ring. Thad had no idea what his life was about to become. Sal had him believing that he owed him his life, that he couldn’t return to his coven that they would burn him alive. Yet he still had the urge to help his coven, knowing the money that he was to gain from taking the dive would be enough to give his coven a good life without him.
Thad made a deal with Sal that he would become his champion if he would help him get the money that was owed to him. Sal stated he had no choice but to be his champion but agreed to help. They made a plan, Sal used his control over shadows to get Thad into the man's home. Sal then used the shadows to scare the man along with Thad showing up like a ghost demanding he pay him what he owed or he would be dragging him to the underworld with him.
The threat worked as the man handed over the briefcase full of cash, Thad walked back into the shadows and disappeared. With the briefcase in hand Thad placed a letter inside and left it in the doorway of the coven leaders home. He felt out of place standing among the coven even as they slept but he knew he was going to miss them. After a long moment Sal pulled him back to his home.
For the next fifteen years Thad spent his years being Sal’s underground fight club champion battling many supernatural species one after another. Though the need to move on was always there in the Valkyr. Sal would remind him of how he owed him. Not only for giving him a new life but for allowing him to take care of his coven before disappearing. Sal’s threats of destroying his former coven kept the Valkyr on a leash.
The longer the Valkyr was held in one place that reminded him so much of his past caused Thaddeus’s to slowly became more irritated by everything around him. He began to turn to drinking more and more blood in order to get to a drunken state to forget where he is in those moments. Slowly Thaddeus became addicted to blood it became the only thing he cared about. He began to miss matches that Sal had lined up for him.
Sal showed up after Thaddeus had been on a weeks binge of blood. Frustrated by his creation Sal turned to murder his creation since Thaddeus had become a nucince to him at that point. Yet Sal did not expect the Valkyr he trained to turn against him. Thad manage to overpower Sal and rip his heart out watching him die Ending his master life caused a panic in the Valkyr as he gathered what he could and took off returning to a life on the run.
He didn’t make it far before Gideon found him in a local blood club. Gideon took the addicted Valkyr placing him in captivity while he overcame his addiction and questioning him on why he killed his fellow Valkyr. That was when Thaddeus first told his tale, he wasn’t sure if the look in Gideon’s eyes was a look of pity or understanding but all he knew was that he was given a second chance to have a life of his own.
Gideon let him free but explained he was to stay in Evermore so that he can keep a proper eye on him. As Thad braved a new city a woman appeared out of nowhere beside him, actually scaring the Valkyr himself. Yet she smiled handing him a letter and disappeared once again. Thad opened the letter and it was a location along with a key to a bank in Evermore. Confused but knowing the girl who gave him the letter was a Fae he was placing his trust in that.
Thad made his way to the bank and was directed to the room where there where safety deposit boxes. Once he was left with his box alone he opened the lid to find the briefcase he left for the coven sitting there, with a letter on top.
‘Dear Thaddeus,
You are going through a deep change, you have lost your light. The coven has felt this loss deeply. I know you left this money for us but I know you are going to need it later to find your way. I hope you find happiness and you are able to piece together a new home.’
Thaddeus opened the briefcase having the million dollars staring back to him.The Valkyr picked it up after a long moment and found himself back on the street. Unsure where he was to roam when he came upon a rundown inn just on the outskirts of Evermore. He took all the money he had and placed it into the Inn making Evermore’s first haunted inn that agreed to offer a frightening experience.

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