Isaac Albert
Faceclaim: Robert Downey Jr
Species: Nephilim
Age: Looks 35 | Real 42
Status: Creator; In the community
Family: None

Curiosity killed the cat. It’s a very common proverb, using to deter curious nosey individuals from diving too deep into the metaphorical ocean of shit. This proverb never truly dug too deep into Isaac Albert, however. Isaac was a rather gifted individual, however, often excelling academically, particularly in the field of experimental science. The young man, born in the heart of the United Kingdom, spent most of his time buried in the depths of his own experimentation. Using anything from bits of old technology to the mythological tears of a Phoenix. Of course, we cannot forget that our curious Isaac is in fact a Nephilim; being descended from Angels themselves, Isaac being born from his father, a Nephilim, and his mother, a human. At the age of eight years old, Isaac came across a rune like mark on his body. the meaning of the mark was unknown to Isaac and to his parents - yet they did know that it would be the direction Isaac would take in life. After a little digging around, they found that their son had fallen under The Angel Nanael; angel who governs the sciences, and philosophy - which is was truly fitting for their boy.

Bangs, pops and booms could be heard coming from his laboratory, aka his parents basement, day in and day out. His parents were surprisingly supportive of his experiments, even helping him further his work by funding it, it definitely pays (Literally) to have both Mum and Dad working for the government, earning hefty salaries. Many successful, and unsuccessful, experiments came out of his laboratory, some being technological and others being of a more magical nature. As he got older the experiments became increasingly hazardous, often creating dangerous explosions and on one occasion even flooding the basement, I mean laboratory, with toxic fumes. The Albert family had to find a hotel for several nights after that particular incident to allow the house to be properly aired out.

However, due to these instances his parents frequently warned Isaac about the dangers of tampering with supernatural objects, his mother would often rant about how he would one day blow up the entire house. But nevertheless, his parents remained supportive through thick and thin, they saw the happiness that science gave Isaac, as parents that is all you can hope for your children. One average day, our young scientist came home from school and begun his normal routine; Throw jacket and bag on the floor at the front door, grab a snack, run for the basement door.

While he raided the pantry his parents interrupted, his father spoke to him from the hallway entrance, “Isaac, can we have a talk with you before you disappear into your lab?”, he asked, sounding comical in his words but even for a young adult, Isaac could hear the lingering sorrow in his tone. Without wanting to ask, he followed his father into the living room where his mother sat waiting on the 3 seater lounge, where his father chose to sit beside her, “Have a seat, my little angel”, his mother said with a somewhat defeated smile, gesturing to one of the recliners opposite the 3 seater. Feeling something of a panic growing in his chest, Isaac chose to stand, a frown appearing upon his lips as he looked between his parents with a sense of curiosity in his following question, “What’s going on?”.

The answer to his question would be to shatter his world, his parents knew this, but couldn’t keep it from him for any longer, “Son.. Your Mum.. She..”, his father began, gulping down what seemed like suppressed tears that began to swell in his eyes, “She’s been diagnosed with cancer and the doctors say she’s got until the end of the year…”. Silence now sat in the room for several moments as both his parents looked to Isaac for any sort of response, but he just stood there, his eyes not moving from his mother, his dying mother. The words repeated over and over in his thoughts; She has cancer.. She has cancer.. Your Mum is going to die.

Without thinking, without even wanting to look at them for another second, Isaac turned from them and sprinted as fast as he could towards his laboratory. He heard his father try and shout at him to come back, that everything is going to be okay. But Isaac knew better, he knew once she was gone there was no coming back, there was nothing he could do to prevent it from happening, his Mum was as good as dead. Or was she? If there was one thing he could do it was try and invent a cure. Of course, modern medicine was still centuries away from inventing one, but Isaac thought that if he could apply modern medicine to supernatural means, he could find a solution. It was all he had left.

It was normal for Isaac to spend all of his spare time in the basement laboratory, but now it also consumed his school and sleep hours. He stopped attending school most days and barely slept a couple hours each night, dedicating his time to finding a cure. Using anything from Phoenix tears to his own blood to synthesize a probable antidote. The only time he had spoken to his parents since that fateful afternoon was when he asked for a few samples of his mothers blood, to test how the cancer cells would react to his many experiments.

After several months Isaac believed he had almost reached his goal, he was in the process of mixing his own Nephilim blood, the blood of a Vampire and many other chemicals in an erlenmeyer flask. Once he had combined the proposed ingredients, he poured a small amount into a test tube, placing the tube in a holster above a bunsen burner, as past experiments told him that heating this mixture to exactly 45°C would enhance the chemical compounds of both his own blood and the vampiric blood.

However, as he began heating this mixture he received an e-mail from one of his friends from school, only having three friends in total. A scientist need not many friends, only many test subjects, as Isaac frequently told himself. He read through the message, which consisted of worries and questions about where he had been. It wasn’t the first of course, he hadn’t replied to a single one thus far. But with his positivity going into his current experiment, he also gained a somewhat positive outlook when he read through this, so he began typing a response, all the while forgetting the mixture he was heating only feet away.

Isaac was about three quarters of the way through his reply, when he heard shattering of glass. Spinning around he saw the shards of glass that remained of the test tube laying around the burning bunsen burner, which now had flames reaching the ceiling. The chemicals had heated to an unstable level, causing the flames to be doused in them once the glass had smashed, the few drops that did reach the counter quickly burned away as well. Quickly he rushed to the other side of the room where he had a fire extinguisher, grabbing it before he rushed back over, spraying the flames with the extinguishers foam.

Unfortunately, whatever he had created with his experiment seemed to be heavily resistant to his attempts, instead doing the opposite; The foam burst into bright green flames as the chemical fire rose to an outstanding level, already engulfing the corner of the basement that he been conducting his experiment in. Next second the ceiling sprinklers burst into action, somewhat downing the flames for a brief moment, the next moment saw the flames fight back, like it was adapting to new threats. Giving up all hope of stopping the raging fire, Isaac turned from the scene and fled upstairs as the flames chased him, licking at his heels as he ran.

He barely had enough time to make it onto the front lawn before the fire spread to the first floor of his house. Down on his hands and knees, breathing heavily and coughing up some smoke every few moments, Isaacs brain began to kick back in. His parents were upstairs, asleep. He got to his feet, rushing back to the front porch of his home, grabbing the door handle he had shut moments ago during his escape. But it was too late, the oxygen inside had already been eaten up by the wildfire he himself created. Upon pulling open the door even by the slightest millimeter, the entire house erupted in an explosion, caused by what is known as backdraft.

Isaac was blown several meters back, his entire front scorched from the fire now engulfing his home, his parents surely perishing along with it. It took the Fire Department minutes to arrive on the scene, but it was too late. His parents died in that fire. It was Isaacs fault, he knew that. He would live with that guilt forever, which is why he spent the next few years of his life dedicating even more time to his science, becoming something of a mad scientist in the process. Mad, indeed, but he still remained a genius. His parents deaths, caused by his own actions, is what drove him to become better than he was yesterday, everyday.

The silver lining of his parents deaths was the inheritance, he had gained an eight figure bank account before he was 18. Isaac used his new found wealth and independence to fund his very own place, a rather fancy loft in the closest city, as well as turning that loft into his own personal laboratory; Almost appearing exactly as it had done when it existed in his parents basement. And so life went on, Isaac used his inheritance to conduct new, bigger, better experiments. Of course, he never checked his e-mails again.

One day, while enjoying his new lifestyle of never leaving his lab, blowing stuff up and living off microwavable food, there came a knock on his door, the first knock he had on his door since he had moved in. With some suspicion, Isaac did something of a silent tiptoe to the front door, slinking along the walls as if the slightest hint of movement would give away his position to a looming predator. Once he silently arrived at the door he peered through the peephole, seeing what could only be described as the definition of beauty standing on his doormat.

Retreating from the door somewhat, Isaac straightened himself up, dusted off his lab coat, neatened his dorky-looking bow tie and ran his fingers through his messy hair, which didn’t help the untidiness at all. After doing all of the above, the rather hesitant scientist reached forward and grasped the door handle, turning it with a faint click, before swinging open the door, “Good evening, miss, what can I do for you?”, he asked calmly. “Mr. Isaac Albert, I presume?”, the woman asked him, with a grin on her face, clearly caused by his outward appearance.

Isaac grinned back, only now fully taking in her appearance. Striking red hair, blue eyes, what one would call the perfect physique, complimented with her attire; A wine coloured dress shirt and formal skirt to match, a pair of high heels and a business bag slung from her shoulder. “Mr. Albert?”, she repeated, as words seemingly failed Isaac for a brief moment. “Yes, indeed, but please, just Isaac, Mr. Albert was my father”, he responded quickly, holding out his hand for her to shake, which she did, with a surprisingly firm grip. “What is it you are here for?”, Isaac asked, taking his hand back and slipping both inside his jacket pockets.

“Well, my name is Allison, I’ve been sent here today by my supervisor, I work for the Government”, Allison explained simply, “I’m here to offer you a job”. For a moment, the two remained silent as the woman waited for him to respond and Isaac stood there, staring at her, a little dumbfound at her sudden approach to telling him this, “A-A job? For the government? Yeah, no thanks, I would sooner work for the dogs on Wall Street”, Isaac responded, a tone of offense in his words, “I’m above such drone-like labor”.

Allison appeared to expect this, as she did no seem too unsettled by his rejection, “They thought you would say something like that, that’s why they sent me to deliver the details in person”, she said, handing him a folder that she had hidden away in her business-like purse that was slung over her arm, almost forcing it into his hands, “I have a feeling that you would be interesting in having your experiments fully funded”. At these words Isaac quickly looked from the folder in his hands to the woman before him, eyebrows raised inquisitively, “Oh? My experiments? What experiments?”.

Allison gave him a surprised sort of look, using her blue orbs to gesture at his very obvious attire, “Ahh, yes, of course..”, Isaac spoke slowly, speaking as if he was simply cracking a joke of sorts, “I was merely testing your attent to detail, dear Allison!”. The woman rolled her eyes, a smile growing once more upon her lips, “Anyway.. We want to offer you a job as an assistant, your responsibilities are reasonably close to what you are already doing for free in your own home, Isaac, we want you to continue conducting your experiments except we want you to do so for a greater cause than your own”, Allison explained further, her eyes flashing purple as she completely her sentence.

Isaac’s brow raised once more, his own eyes flashing the same violet shade as her own, “You’re a Nephilim, then?”, he asked, his tone somewhat changing from before, it become comfortable. “Indeed”, Allison replied, “So are some of the people you will be working beside, there are of course many supernatural beings in the government, you surely knew that?”, she mused, “Just read through the file, you will find how to contact us when you make your decision”. At this, Allison turned from him and began walking away, only to have Isaac yell after her, his head hanging out the door, “Wait a second, I already said I won’t do it!”, he reminded her, but all he received was a small wave from her, without even looking back at him.

Over the next couple days a Yes or No decision was waged in his thoughts during all of his experiments, he had read through the folder and it it practically described his duties as all the things he was already looking into; Ways of improving everyday life, human or no. However long it had taken him to decide, at the back of his mind he somehow knew he would take the position all along.

And so he did, he began working for the United Kingdom Government as the same mad scientist he had always been, only now his experimentation was being funded by a third party and he was helping more than just himself. Isaac gained new friends, knowledge and skills from his position, as well as a growing adoration for the woman that came to his door and gave him this opportunity in the first place. It took what felt like all the courage in his body to ask this girl on a date, but it had definitely paid off.

So it began, a series of romantic dates that eventually led up to the two moving in with one another, soon after came the “L” word. It only took Isaac several energy drinks and self pep talks in the bathroom mirror to work up to saying the words, “I love you”, but when he finally had said them, their relationship changed forever. Allison felt the same way, of course, from that moment onwards their partnership became increasingly passionate. Which leads to another happy event; Popping the question.

Isaac had booked the entire restaurant for the night, the same place he had taken Allison on their first date, he was just poetic that way. The couple spent the night enjoying a classy five course candlelit dinner, accompanied only by the waiter and a small band consisting of a few people, playing romantic melodies throughout the dinner. Once desert came, after hours of conversation and laughter, Isaac had planned it to be the perfect time to ask the sweetest question of the night.

As he bent down on one knee, scooping the ring box from his suit jacket pocket, popping it open to reveal a gorgeous ruby encrusted ring, a large sparkling diamond sitting atop the masterpiece, “Will you, Allison, marry me?”. Allison already had tears streaming down her face, hands covering her lips that were spread into the widest grin imaginable, “Yes, of course, yes!’, she squealed. Jumping forward and squeezing the love of her life as hard as she possibly could, almost breaking his ribs in the process.

The two lived happily married, of course not without its ups and downs, like every relationship. The main argument coming from Isaacs obsession with his work. The same argument would prop up several times a month, resulting a yelling match between the two. Other than that, however, the two were perfect for one another. Love is always about accepting one another's flaws, rather than trying to change those flaws. For the better part of a year they lived married together in the UK, when one day Isaac was offered a job away from their home; All the way down in USA. Colorado, to be exact, in a city called Evermore.

His superiors explained to him the details of the position, reflecting almost exactly what he was doing here, except that Evermore was rather desperate for someone of his talents. Thinking of the people in need, Isaac accepted the offer, his wife however was not all too happy with his decision, claiming he should have at least consulted her before making any sort of choice. This erupted into an argument far worse than any they had before now. Allison ended up packing her bags that night, leaving Isaac because of his selfish decision, as well as claiming that he was always more in love with his work than herself; Unfortunately for Isaac, he couldn’t argue with her over that, he believed it too.

Isaac left the UK, taking up his position as a Creator for the Nephilim faction in Evermore city, settling in nicely in another place he set up as his own personal laboratory. He now spent everyday working on new ways to assist his faction, as well as a rather intriguing set of experiments he deemed appropriate after the comet landed. Once learning of the changes that were made to their genetic code, Isaac had the need to know exactly how their immortality worked. After acquiring several Nephilim test subjects, conducting controlled tests on how their immortality would affect them, he concluded that their bodies would no longer age once they had reached their pique maturity.

It was not all bad, despite losing what he believed to be the love of his life, he had gained something else in return. Now he was helping the population of Evermore with new innovative medicines for the supernatural, conducting experiments in hopes of furthering the strengths and diminishing the weaknesses of the Nephilims as well as being an important role in the faction. All of this gave him a sense of pride; He felt as if he would finally be making his parents proud of his accomplishments. And thus, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

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