Kicking off the pebbles on the pavement using his feet, Hanseol kept staring out in the distance with a rueful look. Sometimes he looked as if he was constipated or in pain, other times, he looked like he was blank. It was all the side effects of not being able to find the person he wished to find so bad. Ever since that day with Sunmin, he hasn’t been able to forget about the other Celestial that had a big possibility of being his brother, if not twin, considering where the mark was located at. A Gemini twin for a Celestial? Judging from the Gemini constellation alone, he wasn’t surprised that was possible because it’s a jointed constellation, to begin with too. If everyone else had siblings; namely the Braelynd siblings and Belangers… it shouldn’t be a surprising thing to find out that he had one too, right? Only it wasn’t normal to find a sibling after spending decades alone. And most siblings fell on the same day, making them the same age as one another. 

There had been plenty of questions bombarding Hanseol’s head ever since that day. His days were quite dull and systematic so to say, he would often stay up late at nights to pinpoint the last location Sunmin may be seen at, or if he didn’t want to wallow in his sense of failure, he would stay back to work overtime while studying at the clinic. His evaluation tests would be taking place in a few weeks and he needed to ace them if he had any intentions of maintaining his position in the sector but with everything that was happening? It feels like that’s not going to happen soon. It wasn’t until two days ago that he was reminded to hit Ophelia up regarding their plans; ones that were made a while ago. He felt guilty that he had almost forgotten all about it amidst his busy schedule but made time to spend his day with her today. 

It was why he was currently waiting for the Wayfinder at the mall, having promised that he would bring her to the bowling alley later in their conversation a few months ago. Well, he intends to keep his word. As always. While waiting for the raven-haired female to make her appearance, Han mulled over his decisions over the past few weeks, to which he found himself grimacing because he had also neglected his significant other a considerable amount. Again. Running his hands over his hair, Han groaned in response to the recap he just did in his head, surely this search for one person wouldn’t be bringing a detrimental side effect to his life right now. Is it? He hated that he’s always doing that, yet Jae never said much about it which made him even guiltier because that wasn’t supposed to happen. That wasn’t how things were supposed to go down, no. 

Dressed in his windbreaker and jeans, he tucked his hands into his pockets and pressed his lips together while staring into the distance once again. At this point, the earthquake can erupt and still, he wouldn’t be bothered as much as someone should. Though he was still looking forward to spending time with Ophelia, he needed that time off too and after seeing his boyfriend sleeping soundly after a late night’s studying session, he didn’t want to interrupt whatever’s left of his blissful time in la-la land. Han made sure to sneak out without waking him up and had to bribe Byul and Yeontan so they wouldn’t bark as loud too. A part of him reminded himself to bring something back for the dhampir because bringing back gifts had been a norm for him, whether it be flowers or new journals for him to write into. Thankfully, it’s only been about 10 minutes since he sat on the bench in front of the bowling alley, waiting for Ophelia, it gave him a small duration to be thinking of what he’s been doing.

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Things had been somewhat hectic but also eerily quiet for the Wayfinder, a strange combination to consider she was sure but since her breakup and trying to figure her life out again, somehow the busyness of being an ambassador didn’t weigh on her so badly anymore, if anything she looked forward to the busy because it was a good distraction. There had been a lot to deal with too, considering the whole journey to get the Celestials onto the peace treaty which had taken months of negotiation but they had finally achieved it and she finally felt like she could breathe for just a moment.

And it was only after that treaty was signed that she remembered all the promises she had been making to be more sociable, all kinda faded away when duty came first, the way it always did with her. But she had slowly been getting back in touch with everyone, putting on more training sessions, encouraging the stars to get out in the city and start to build lives of their own. They had the protection of the city now and while that didn’t make them invincible by any means, it did give her confidence that things were starting to go in the right direction and perhaps they did have a shot at an actual life here, something she had been searching for the longest time.

And Hanseol was one of the stars she hadn’t managed to catch up with in a while, he didn’t live in the castle so it wasn’t like she would pass him in the hallways during the days so she tried to make the effort to message him and check up on him every so often. They’d been talking about that bowling match for a while and now today was the day. She knew she was going to be terrible at it but it was more about catching up with her friend and making sure he was okay than anything. Plus the excuse to get out and have fun didn’t hurt either.

Dressing casually was getting more and more common for Ophelia and yet she still couldn’t bring herself to feel all that comfortable in modern clothes, jeans that hugged her figure well and a pretty blouse which was formal enough to feel like herself while still blending in with all the people around her. She hadn’t known the area all that well so the Uber had dropped her off in the wrong place and it took her about 15 minutes of walking around the building aimlessly until she eventually found Hanseol sitting on a bench outside and gave him a slightly sheepish wave of her hand “Things I am absolutely terrible at, dressing for modern times and following directions in a big city” she laughed softly and grinned, though her expression softened a little when she noticed the dark circles around his eyes which told her he hadn’t been sleeping properly but she decided to let him come to her with anything instead of prying “So what’s the plan?” she asked rubbing her hands together because it was cold out here.

He had been playing with the helm of his shirt ever since he took a seat at the bench in front of the bowling alley, and hasn't stopped once. His nerves were practically taking over him right now. His head had been feeling so worried lately after Sunmin's appearance and he was hoping that today's outing he had planned out for both Ophelia and him would get things out of his head, or at least settled somewhere for a brief while. Too much would make him feel infuriated and annoyed, anyway. When the raven-haired Wayfinder finally arrived, the Celestial didn't even realize that she was there already because he was busy staring in the blank space, had it not been to her voice breaking him out of his daze, he probably wouldn't have said anything back to her. 

"Thank god for Uber rides, right?" he chuckled softly, even if he didn't look as radiant or happy as he usually look like, it wouldn't stop him from trying to cheer up. He understood the imminent importance of it. "How well did you get here? Did you get lost or anything?" he quipped curiously and took a few looks here and there, despite her saying she wasn't good at dressing up in a modernized version, Ophelia cleaned up quite decently. "And I think you look good, Phe." Judging from the way she had been rubbing her hands together, Han realized it's quite cold outside and got up from his seat, beckoning for her to follow him as his feet carried him inside the bowling center, all the way straight to the counter where he had picked the time slot and paid earlier after booking it yesterday. 

"The plan is to beat you at bowling after I teach you, of course" he grinned playfully and went over to where they were supposed to take their shoes, "Pick your shoe size and come meet me at the 4th lane" he instructed and hopped over to the lane so he could examine the bowling balls first. As he took a seat nearby after fastening his shoelaces properly, he had a frown etched on his unusually blank expression while his hand traced the balls gently, it really does seem like he was totally out of it. Even when he was wiping one of the balls, Han still looked like he was not focusing at all, and if the ball had fallen on his feet, he still didn't look like he would realize the pain.

“Right” she agreed with him, a low laugh escaping her lips because she literally had no idea what she would do if she didn’t have services which took her to places in the city she had never been before, while she had learned to drive she tended to avoid doing so at all costs “Well I wasn’t really sure where I was supposed to go so the driver dropped me off around back and I went the long way around” she laughed gently “But no matter because I found it in the end” and it didn’t seem like he had minded waiting too much, in fact, it kinda seemed like he barely noticed she was there at all. “Thanks” she spoke softly though now she had noticed that something was off with him she couldn’t shake the thought from her mind, she was especially worried because she knew he had been attacked several months ago.

She followed him inside of the entertainment complex, grateful for the warmth the moment the heating fan hit her, she sighed out in relief, so much better. “Oh I see how it is” she commented back playfully when he said he was going to beat her, she didn’t doubt he would considering she had never played before but the smack talk had been unexpected. She headed up to the desk with the shoes and looked around a little lost before they asked her what size and then asked her to hand over her own shoes. She frowned for a moment but did as she was asked, telling them 5 and then handing over her boots. They gave her back a pair of shoes which were funny colors but seemed pretty comfortable and she slipped them on.

She didn’t want to keep Han waiting any further so she hurried on to lane 4 where she spotted him standing there, eyes staring into space like he was completely unaware of the world around him. She didn’t want to spook him so she came up slowly towards him, making sure to get in his eyeline to make sure he saw her before she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder “Are you okay? Kinda seems like you’re somewhere else” she didn’t want to pry too much but she was a little worried and she didn’t want to see him hurt himself because he was caught up in thought and she didn’t like seeing her friend down in general. “You know you can talk to me right? I’m not just your leader, I’m your friend too” she looked down to the balls he had been inspecting and picked one up just to get a feel for it before almost dropping it because it was far heavier than she had expected it to be, she stumbled a little before just about managing to put it back on the rack looking a little concerned because there was no way she would be able to throw them if they were all like that.

Despite being a bit down earlier from the lack of enthusiasm that the Celestial initially thought he would have in him, Han found the humor in Ophelia's small mishap prior to arrival. It was funny, even he had to admit that. He couldn't stop the smile from emerging when she told him of her experience. "Thankfully, you found it in the end. You should've told me if you were lost, though… I could've fetched you there" he offered, Han didn't go out that much but with Jae in his life, he does frequent himself to the bakery located near the mall and went shopping for a few times. In a way, he ventured around the eternal city a bit more than usual, which meant he knew his way around enough. He had a smile on him still, even when he challenged her for a possible bowling match later on after she's gotten ahold of how things are supposed to go. 

Unfortunately, Han didn't get the chance to witness the whole shoe fitting part between the Wayfinder and the staff working at the counter, or else he would've found another thing today to laugh about. The doe-eyed Celestial was too busy focusing on the matters surrounding his head while he cleaned the balls gently. It was evident that whatever it was, it was bothering him judging from the way he sighed heavily every few minutes. When she finally arrived and placed a hand over his shoulder, Han shook his head as if he was trying to get back to the land of reality and sighed, his eyes staring back at Phe's dark ones, mirroring his distress, "I want to say I'm okay but I don't think I am." He said nothing at first and only pursed his lips when she told him he could talk to her about it. Her words kept ringing in his head. I'm not just your leader, I'm your friend too, she said.

Han parted his lips as if he was going to say something but the sight of the Wayfinder stumbling against the rack after lifting one of the heavy balls caused him to go into concern mode. "Be careful… are you okay? You should opt for the lighter ones first. The one you held earlier is like the second heaviest." His eyes raked over the balls and spotted a pink one, which is usually the lightest, so he went over to retrieve it before offering it to Phe, "This one should be the lightest if I recall correctly." After giving her the ball, he sighed again and sat on the seat provided, "I met someone some time ago. And I haven't been able to get him out of my head ever since."

She shook her head a little and smiled “I’ll never learn if I don’t go through the pain of getting lost and figure it out” she nodded slightly, she needed to get out into the city more and actually see the things it had to offer, it occurred to her that she spent far too much time alone in the castle. This area was quite busy she noticed, cars constantly rushing by, though she supposed they were pretty close to the mall and people would be shopping for the holidays by now. She didn’t mind it being busy, busy meant people going about their days and where they needed to go without too much thought for others, though she would be the first to admit she felt a little overwhelmed when she was in a big crowd.

Ophelia had been able to sense something was off with Han since he got here, he was distant and the moment she stopped talking or stepped away for a short while he got himself lost in himself for a moment. The younger star was always so optimistic and bright, that was the impression she had gotten from him in the time they had spent together so far so she could tell enough to know something was wrong. As she found her way to the bowling lane they were using her concerned hues were focused on Han, wondering what is was that was weighing on him “Well it’s okay not to be okay Han” she spoke softly to ensure him he could tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge, she had been through a lot of rough patches in her long life, after all, perhaps she could even relate.

She had to admit she had no idea that bowling balls were quite so heavy, whenever she saw videos of people bowling they seemed to be able to throw these things with no trouble and yet this was like a giant weight she was struggling to even lift “How do people throw these?” she almost cursed out the words in her surprise as she eyed them for a moment. Turns out there was a massive range of weights and she’d picked a really heavy one “Well I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know that” she grumbled but smiled as she took the one he offered out which was much easier for her to hold onto “Oh that’s so much better” she nodded a few times before she scooted along the bench to sit next to him. She listened to his words and furrowed her brow a little “Oh” she spoke softly “Are you and Jae not together anymore?” she asked curiously “Or...going through a hard time?” she pursed her lips a little confused, he seemed so smitten by the guy he told her about before and now he was caught up by someone else?

Ophelia did have a point, they'll never learn if they didn't go through failure first and he found the irony in that. "You're right, at least you got lost in Evermore though. Anywhere else, I would've been worried. And it's always better to get lost somewhere you're familiar with. By the very least, it can minimize your chances of running around a maze forever" To Han, he knew the area pretty well because going out on cute little dates with his boyfriend was always a Saturday tradition if neither of them had any work holding them up. He was glad he could finally show the ropes to Phe when it comes to bowling though, but perhaps today wasn't the best day for him to be thinking about it. Not when his head is way too occupied with Sunmin altogether. Any other day, perhaps he'd be fine but today was not one of it. Han knew it wasn't going to last very long, his off behavior. Of course, the female could detect his antsy and troubled state. 

The younger Celestial had always tried to make people around him as cheerful with his secret exuberant energy, and he's showcased plenty of those around Ophelia. So when he only responded word by word and sentence by sentence, someone was bound to figure something was up with him and Phe was as attentive as she looked. He also knew there was no way he could brush it off as nothing because he was a terrible liar and the last thing he wanted to do was to have Ophelia questioning him. When she said it was fine not to be okay, he let our a heaved sigh and whimpered slightly, "I know... " She wasn't the first person to tell him that, in fact, even his dhampir said the same. He was allowed to have emotions; allowed to have good days and bad ones. A chuckle did escape him when he heard Phe mutter about the bowling ball, "They swing it" he quipped coyly in response to her remark on how people throw it. 

After giving her one of the lighter ones, he slumped up against the bench and soon enough, the Wayfinder was quick by his side already. Surely, he'd feel much better telling someone about this, right? Though he had to admit that her question about whether he and Jae are not together anymore made him scrunch his nose up and frown in confusion, "What? What do you mean by are we not together anymore?" Clearly Han was very true to his words when he said he can be quite oblivious. "But… I am going through a period of complication right now though" If only he knew how badly he had worded it in response to their relationship. But Han sometimes had questionable skills when it comes to talking. For instance, right now. "I can't get him out of my head, Phe. I kept thinking about him. I even drew him because I could still recall his features. It was just a brief meeting but it was significant enough for me to remember. I don't think Jae knows either… I haven't told him much about it. Not everything, at least."

It wasn’t hard for Ophelia to tell when one of her kind was down, having been in Celestial presence pretty much constantly for her life she knew exactly how to see when someone was emotional or even when their glow seemed to have dulled a little. She could sense something had happened to Han which had knocked his spirit a little which was a shame because this was supposed to be a fun outing for the two of them. His whimper made her heart clench a little in her chest because she hated seeing someone so downhearted and she worried about his state of mind. When he said they swing the ball she pressed her lips together “Oh” she spoke looking around and seeing other people in the lanes swinging the ball before it went rolling down the alley “Well that makes more sense, though I still think I’d break my arm on the heavy ones”.

As she sat beside him on the bench she watched him, attempting to read his expressions to understand where his mind was at, Han wasn’t exactly the most open of people and while she didn’t want to pry to the point he felt uncomfortable or pressures she could tell that perhaps he needed someone to talk to about this “Well said that..” she trailed off a little, equally confused about what he meant by this. She went quiet as he continued to talk about the situation he was in, Han didn’t seem like the type to be manipulative or even unfaithful to her though which is what confused her so much. “So you’re going through complications because of someone you met and you don’t know what to do?” she pressed her lips together.

“Do you have...feelings for this other person?” she ran a hand through her hair “Han you’re being a little vague and it’s kinda sounding like you aren’t uh….happy with your current relationship if you’re thinking about someone else” as embarrassing as it might be, she kinda hoped she was wrong and that this was nothing about Jae because Han had honestly lit up when he talked about the Dhampir before and perhaps it had even filled her with a sense of hope for love. She wanted to sympathize with him but it was hard to do so when he was talking about this ‘he’ like he was a ghost “Does this he have a name?”

Despite being a bit down by the current arrangement of things, Han still tried his best not to let his sadness take over. At least not while he was supposed to be spending a good time today with the Wayfinder. But the crestfallen expression he wore made it increasingly hard for the Celestial to maintain a cool posture, especially when every emotion he seemed to feel were displayed in his unusually expressive hues. However, he didn't completely tune out the atmosphere around him, he still paid attention to what Phe said so when she came to a realization that the bowling ball was meant to be swung, he chuckled in amusement, "Yeah, you swing it. Most people test their weight level by starting with the lightest one first. Then you gradually move to the heavier ones and opt until you stop at a certain scale where your wrist will be comfortable with. The trick is not to strain your wrist, basically." Okay, maybe he did have a certain liking towards the particular sport but it tested his upper body strength so he didn't see the wrong in practice. 

He nodded gently when Phe asked him if that's what he was dealing with, "Mhmm… I met him a while ago and now I can't get him out of my head no matter how hard I try… it's confusing the hell out of me, especially when I don't know what I'm supposed to do" he grumbled and proceeded with covering his face with both hands. "Feelings? Of course, I have feelings for him… or else I wouldn't feel so conflicted?" Honestly, he was also quite confused about where the conversation is taking them, but widened his eyes tenfold when she implied that his relationship with Jae was on the rocks, to which he shook his head profusely, "What? No!" How did that even come to be?

"Of course, I'm happy with Jae… why wouldn't I be?" What was she on about? Why would things be rocky between him and Jae? "Yeah, he has a name… he told me it's Sunmin. Just that. Which doesn't give me a lot to start with... " Still, Han stared at Phe with a confused expression, wondering why the topic of his relationship was surfacing, "Why are we talking about my relationship with Jae? Jae knows about this… in fact, he had no problem with it? I wanted he didn't protest... " If only he knew how badly he was making it sound. "Can I not think of him while I'm in a committed relationship?"

While they were talking Ophelia was watching the people on the alley’s bowling and it made her smile a little, mostly it was groups of friends or families and when a person got a good score then they all cheered and laughed, one of the kids in one of the lanes was using a ramp which she was rolling the ball down which was incredibly endearing to watch “And how exactly are you supposed to know which ones are heavy and which ones are not?” she asked curiously as she turned to study the balls on the racks, they were all the same size so she wasn’t certain what the answer was, though she was happy with this pink one he’d given her “Okay we should set up the scoring thingy” she pointed to the screen above them and then looked at the controls for it with a slightly confused expression and pushed the green button that the screen told her to.

There was definitely something about Hanseol and talking vague, he could be describing something entirely different from what you thought but it could be really confusing at times “Well have you tried to meet him again?” she asked trying to figure out who this person that he said he couldn’t forget might be and why they were significant to him. When he said he had feelings for them she pressed her lips together only to later be confused when he widened his eyes like she had just suggested the world was going to end when she asked if there were problems with him and Jae.

Sunmin, she didn't recognize that name and yet the moment that he said it, something felt familiar inside her, like the feeling in the pit of her chest was trying to tell her he was significant which in turn helped her to understand what Han might be talking about “That name...uhh” she paused for a moment “Is it possible that Sunmin is a Celestial?” she’d only ever had that feeling before when she sensed another Celestial, part of her Wayfinder instincts which helped her find them, though it felt very odd that she wouldn’t have sensed his light before hearing his name if that was the case.

“I think I misunderstood...when you said you couldn’t stop thinking about someone and that you have feelings for them, that kinda know, that you’re romantically interested in them” she spoke it softly because it definitely seemed like she might have read the situation wrong after all “Who is this guy to you Han?” she asked him to clarify because it seemed the vague approach had left them both completely confused.

Han still paid enough attention to Ophelia who asked how people would calculate their weights for the bowling balls, a question he was more than happy to answer since he did promise to teach her, after all. Even if he wasn't the best teacher there is. "You can't guard it from the size because it's the same. The only thing that differentiated them are the colors and weight. They usually have a certain color to mark how heavy they are but I'm guessing people don't do that everywhere so you test it out by holding it near the rack, with both hands so you won't drop it and end up hurting your feet" It was one of the only word of advice he could actually give. He gave her a proud grin with a thumbs up when she prepared the score sheet, "Well, that is another step done. You're doing better than I thought you would" he teased, because what's a competitive game without a few witty remarks? 

When she asked if he's tried to see him again, the Celestial nodded, "I tried. In fact, I searched for him for weeks, Phe. And nothing." Dead end. No other clues. It was not a surprise to see him like this. Sunmin is a big part of his life and he wants to know why he wasn't aware of his existence all these years. It couldn't have been the captivity blocking their connection, no. He had to admit that he was a bit confused when she suddenly asked about her relationship, everything was fine with Jae, did he imply that things were bad? When Ophelia asked him if Sunmin is a Celestial, he nodded vigorously, did she know something? She's the Wayfinder, surely she would know, right? She is their leader, after all, Han was positive she could sense him. 

"Yes he is, do you know something? Do you know him? Unfortunately, he doesn't glow, though… not like us. But I'm confident he's a Celestial." The look of realization appeared shortly when she said that, it made Hanseol frown in response to it, "Wait… no, I mean I do have feelings for Sunmin but not that of romantic ones. Not like I love Jae. What Jae and I have is different, we love each other, romantically. Whereas this… it's like a familial love" The look on his face when he realized he may have implied that he was falling for someone else while he was happy with his boyfriend made the doe-eyed male cringe and it was funny. "He's someone special to me, Phe. I think he may be my brother. But… you would know that if he is, right?"

She pursed her lips still a little confused why they wouldn’t just label the balls by how heavy they were to prevent people from almost dropping them but she supposed if this was some time-old tradition when she shouldn’t question it too much. She rolled the ball she held a little glad that there were lighter ones than the first she picked up because that had practically snapped her arm like it was a twig. “Okay, so basically keep hold of the pink ball for dear life because everything else will probably break my arms” she made a thumbs up before she continued following the instructions on the screen, she started typing her full first name but when she realized how difficult it was to navigate she settled for putting Han and Phe as the names “I haven’t thrown…” she stopped herself and corrected “I haven’t rolled any balls yet, don’t get ahead of yourself on the praise” she gave him an amused look.

She felt for him when he said he had tried to find this mysterious male and yet had not been able to find anything at all, she sighed softly and raised a hand to press against his shoulder in an attempt to comfort to him, while it wasn’t clear to her what all of this was over, she did know that it was clearly upsetting him and she could tell he hadn’t been sleeping properly from the dark circles under his eyes. She lowered her hand to rub his back gently as she considered for a moment what it could all mean if there was a Celestial out there she hadn’t been able to sense before. But when Han mentioned he didn’t glow that seemed to explain it a little. She pursed her lips for a moment “Well I didn’t know anything before but when I heard that name…” she nodded “I think you’re right, he has to be a Celestial or I wouldn’t feel like this at the mention of his name” but if he didn’t glow that meant something was blocking his Celestial energy.

“The only way I’ve ever seen a Celestial able to stop their glow is when a very powerful Diviner casts a spell on them” she commented softly thinking if that was possible, Atticus had managed to stay hidden from the Ailward Guard using Diviners which temporarily suppressed his light but to take someone’s light entirely away? She’d never seen someone do that but she supposed it wasn’t impossible. She took a long breath of relief when Han explained that the feelings and love he had for Sunmin were platonic and like a family member “Okay, that makes a lot more sense” she pressed a hand to her temple because he had really confused her for a while there “I…” she bit her lip softly “Can help you figure it out?” she offered with a raise of her brows “You said you were sure he was a Celestial, did you see proof, did you see one of our marks?” she held out her arm so show her Ursus Major mark to show what she meant.

Judging from the reaction she wore, he had a feeling that perhaps she was just questioning why humans insist on being the complicated bunch they are. Which was actually quite funny when you think about it. "Hey, pink ball suits you but I can say it doesn't suit everyone no matter how light it is. Some people just can't swing the lightest if they can take more, it's a very… complicated physics law, I don't know. Humans like to make things complicated" he grinned sheepishly. He saw the way she tried to put their full names but before he could do anything to correct her and tell her it wasn't needed, the Wayfinder seemingly knew what it meant and opted for their nicknames only, "I'm just giving you some mojo to hold onto" he quipped and cleaned his own ball with the cloth placed on the side. "Don't worry, most people don't score on their first tries... " No pressure. 

Searching for Sunmin without any information aside from how the male looks like was like finding a needle in a haystack. A lot of those. He's been failing and Han still couldn't believe that this was the end to his search, he will find him very soon. That was all he could do to assure himself right now seeing as there was nothing else he could've done, at the moment. So when Phe suddenly told him that she had a feeling about Sunmin, he was excited to hear more of it, he literally turned to face her as fast as he could, "This only proves my theory even more... " he murmured, Sunmin had to be a Celestial, if he wasn't, then how could he have had the same mark Hanseol had? He hardly doubted someone would get a tattoo at the same place with the same constellation mark, anyway. And the other male did tell him he could recall nothing of his past.

 "I don't think he had any connections with any diviner… well, I don't really know anything about it. He left before I could ask anything more" A part of him was really worried that something had befallen Sunmin and the paranoia wasn't easy to be rid off. Phe wanted to help, he told himself. This was even better than he expected. He was so desperate for answers while dealing with this loose end, he needed all the help he could get. When asked if he saw anything that could prove Sunmin was a Celestial, he nodded and eyed the mark of Ursus Major on her arm, "Yeah he had a constellation mark, like mine. A Gemini constellation mark. Right here at the same place" he pointed to his left chest where his mark lies at. "I saw that mark with my own two eyes... I know Celestial siblings are possible, but they don't exactly have them at the same spot, right? But if he's related to me, how come I don't know about him?"

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