His return to Evermore came with more than just reconnecting to the few people he considered his family. It came with the return to his place in leadership, and returning to his club to see how it was thriving under the managers he had left in place. As he walked through the crowd that evening he felt the large grin on his face. It seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves which made him enjoy himself.

“Are you going to perform.” He heard from Alicia as he got closer to the bar. “Been a long time since you graced that stage.” She chuckled as she poured him a drink, placing it in front of him. 

“I was thinking about it. Been a long time since I warmed my pipes alone.” Donovan spoke honestly picking up the liquid courage and downing it in one shot. Before tossing a friendly smile to Alicia. “Here's to either remembering my talents or making a fool of myself.” With that he moved towards the stage picking up one of the guitars slinging it over his shoulder and moving to the Microphone. 

“Hello all Eternal Blue goers. How are you guys doing tonight.” Hearing the various cheers from the crowd made him chuckle as he took hold of the guitar neck and started to string out one of the many songs he wrote. Leaning into the microphone he began to sing his eyes scanning the crowd for a reaction when they landed on someone that seemed to glow brighter than the rest of the crowd. 

It caused him to fumble over his strings and words for a moment before correcting himself. Once he finished a few songs he finally made his way off the stage and back to the bar as his eyes scanned for the glowing.

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If there was one thing Ophelia didn't really do, it was spend time alone at bars. It had never been her style and while she liked a drink and knew how to handle her liquor, she preferred to either spend time with friends or stay home alone. So today you could say was a strange day for her. She had been passing the other night when she had heard singing from one of the local bars she walked past on the way home from her shop and felt curious. She had always adored jazz music and was lucky enough to live through the era that defined it, it was a nostalgic sensation that washed over her for a few brief moments and she decided she wanted it back.

So here she was, a few nights later with the evening all to herself. She'd thought about inviting someone along but honestly she just wanted to sit for a while and soak in the music, she'd always loved music, it was one of the things that made her feel calm and like tension was lifting off of her chest. She'd been here about an hour so far and she was feeling more confident than she thought she would, the Wayfinder was a naturally wary person, especially when alone but for the most part, people kept to themselves. Not to mention the food here was amazing and she had been through more small plates than she cared to admit.

When she heard the sound of a male's voice come out from the stage she looked up curiously before setting down everything on the table so she could listen, she got the feeling just from the way he talked that he was going to be good. She was right, she thought to herself as a gentle smile appeared on her lips, his voice was powerful but smooth, it was honestly mesmerizing. She was gazing, there was no doubt about that, it was perfectly fine for someone in the crowd to gaze upon an attractive singer right? What she didn't expect was for his eyes to find hers for just a moment, which made her quickly avert her gaze and blush slightly, though she heard the sound of his guitar falter for just a moment before he righted himself. 

She swayed along to the songs for the set, enjoying the music and the peace it brought her and then before long he was finished. She figured that was as good of a time as any to head back for the night so she got to her feet and headed towards the door, walking past the bar as she did so, though she stumbled a little because perhaps she'd had a few more drinks than she should have. 

Something about being able to perform made him forget everything that had unfolded in his life recently. It was his comfort, passion, and his soul. It was what gave his voice the heart it heard as he sang out to the crowd. They could feel his pain, and joy whatever emotion he wanted to portray at that moment. So as he watched the crowd react to his voice he got caught up staring at the woman who seemed brighter then should be possible.  He felt like he was singing to her in that moment till her gaze broke from his. Which made him snapback into what he was doing. After a few more songs He finished his set and handed it back to the band for that evening. 

As he made his way down the stairs that lead around to the back of the bar he met her just as she was making her way towards the door. As she stumbled he was there beside her in that moment. “You okay?” He asked softly as his hand came to rest on her upper arm lightly. He could tell that she was drunk but a quick whiff of the air cleared the fact she had any fogein substance in her system. That quickly put him at ease that she wasn’t in trouble from someone messing with her cognitive state. He put on his easy smile that he always seemed to wear, it even touched his eyes for the first time in a while. “How about you let me help you through the crowd. I would rather you not be walked over in my club.” He chuckled lightly towards her.

He placed her arm through his softly and started to lead her through the loud crowd. Once they managed to make their way out of the door, he paused at the spring night. “Always have to say the night seems brighter in Evermore than in Africa.” He mused to himself before looking at the woman whose arm was circled around his. “You are very bright.” He said softly as his eyes took in the faint glow she gave off. He was sure she was not human just looking at her with a gentle smile on his face. “You are a very beautiful woman. It would be a pleasure if you let me make sure you get home safe.” He reached up to tuck back some of her hair that fell in her face from her stumble earlier. “I am Donovan by the way. Owner of Eternal Blue.”

She definitely enjoyed the evening more than she thought she was going to, people were always telling her she should get out more and experience the world and this seemed like a good place to start. It was kinda peaceful to just while away some time listening to the music around her and soaking up the atmosphere. Still, it was a little lonely sitting here all evening by herself, she wondered if she should have brought a friend with her but honestly she didn’t want to be a bother and drag people along. Maybe that was a flaw of hers.

She was in her own little world as she headed towards the door, she was buzzed but certainly not out of control, the stumble was more down to her not paying enough attention than anything. When she felt a hand against her arm she blinked for turning towards the male that caught her and her lips parted in surprise as she tried to straighten herself up a little “Sorry I’m hopeless when it comes to seeing everything around me” she murmured, scolding herself a little for doing something so embarrassing in front of him. Ophelia had been raised in a time much more formal than this period so it felt natural to place her arm in his and allow him to guide her “It’s more crowded than I thought...I guess everything looked further away from the back” she pondered in a curious voice.

After they made it outside her head naturally tipped up to look at the sky and she smiled when he said the night seemed bright “I like to think they’re looking out for those of us in the city” she responded before widening her eyes when he said she looked bright. If it wasn’t for her Wayfinder senses that warned her of danger, that might have been a concerning comment to hear but his tone implied curiosity “Not everyone can see how bright I am, which makes you special too” she commented raised her brow slightly. She was wondering why it was her of all people he was helping.

He was charming though, that much she would admit as a light blush rested on her cheeks when he righted her hair “Ophelia” she responded in a gentle voice. She paused for a moment before smiling softly “Your voice is amazing” she complimented “I swear I can feel every emotion you put into those songs” and perhaps she could relate too, since they touched on topics she knew well, like heartbreak and loss.

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