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To The Moon and Back (Open to Jaesung, Sangeun and Hanseol)

The topic of his family and when he was going to tell them the truth about the life he now lived in Evermore had been on the forefront of J…

Started by ✓ Jaesung Moon

35 on Sunday
Reply by ✓ Jaesung Moon


Approaching Red [Scorpios & Valeria]

The passing months had been somewhat of a blur for the Italian; it was as if all that he had worked towards in Evermore was cruelly taken a…

Started by ✓ Scorpios D'Angelo

7 on Saturday
Reply by ✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~


★ Chaotic Reunion (Elle + Nikolas Only)

With her years of travelling; some places Elle had visited left more of an impact on the young Therian. Evermore was one of those. It was a…

Started by ✓ Elle-Mae Vivienne Lovett

0 on Friday


Here We Go Again (Eden and Nate)

Upon arriving in Evermore, Eden had moved into a motel. She'd only had just enough money to get herself through the first two weeks, which…

Started by ✓ Eden Shaw

1 on Friday
Reply by ✓ Nathaniel Leight


Group Meetings and Bad Behavior (Nate and Svetlana)

Lana wasn't at all stable, most of the time she'd woke up in a clammy sweat, shaking all over. But being held captive by a bunch of Therian…

Started by ✓ Svetlana Vasilyev

11 on Thursday
Reply by ✓ Nathaniel Leight

Ailward Guard

Baking Lessons? (OPen to Sapphire Rizzoli and Valentin St. Claire.)

It was starting to get to Fall like weather which was Sapphire's favorite time of year as she would always wear sweaters and other fall lik…

Started by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

2 Oct 14
Reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli


Show Me Something Different (Eleanora & Ash)

With the dawn of light approaching; Ash knew he'd be clocking out soon. Thrilled with that realization, he gave his computer chair a quick…

Started by ✓ Ash Dunford

7 Oct 10
Reply by ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem


Walking The Line (Argent and Donovan)

~Some Time Later~ Dawn tended to drive them around as she claimed that Donovan drove as  an immortal, reckless. Though this tended to cause…

Started by ✓ Donovan Hendrix

17 Oct 9
Reply by ✓ Argent Kara Ailward


Operation out of town(Nikolas & Nate)

“Relax Darlin, if you tense that much anyone could push you over including the wind” Nathaniel instructed as he watched the stiff postures…

Started by ✓ Nathaniel Leight

1 Oct 8
Reply by ✓ Nikolas Peralta


Sweet Tooth (Ezra x Temperance)

Ever since she had opened her Bakery, Temperance had gotten quite the boom of business from Humans to the other supernaturals in town. To a…

Started by ✓ Temperance Moanoke

3 Sep 6
Reply by ✓ Ezra D’Clermont


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